The New Apartment


The New ApartmentDave stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by boxes to be unpacked and some furniture, looking out the floor to ceiling windows at the view. He could not believe he had won the auction. He had moved the sparse amount of furniture he had in to the relevant spaces. As he walked in to the kitchen with a box marked kitchen there was a knock at the door. Dave opened the door to see the Real Estate agent standing there with a bottle of wine. Vicky had been most helpful she had opened his eyes to apartment living, the gym, the 25m lap pool, the view, and close to the city. The attractive young woman was ambitious, professional, and well spoken but her eyes were always looking down when she spoke to him. Usually dressed in a professional manner of white blouse, mid thigh length skirt, and high heels. She stood 5′ 6″ tall small pert breasts and a great ass with long legs. Vicky had seen Dave standing outside the Real Estate Agency looking at photos of the houses for sale. He was overly tall like a basketball player, muscular broad shoulders, a little chubby around the waist, and a large crotch. Well the big bulge in his trouser pants she could not take her eyes off it. She had wanted to see what that bulge looked like, up close in her mouth, felt like ramming in to her slutty wet cunt, maybe stretching her virgin asshole.”Hi Dave” Vicky greeted him. Holding a bottle of wine. “Merlot from the Barossa” she said holding it up. Dave looked down the low cut halter neck sundress Vicky wore at her small pert breasts. “Come in. I’ll see if I can find the box that has some glasses” he said stepping aside so Vicky could walk passed. He watched her walk down the hallway, her ass cheeks move under the clinging fabric. No lines. No underwear. As she approached the floor to ceiling windows she headed to the sliding door mechanism switch, pushed the button, and the doors started to move opening up the space. The sun shone through her dress. His cock was aroused. She stood at the handrail of the apartment on the 32 floor she felt his hands on her waist, his bulge in her back, his hands moved up cupping her pert young breasts. “What …””Don’t speak” his big strong hands picked her up and turned her upside down. She undid his belt , licked her lips, unzipped his trousers which fell down around his ankles, stroked his massive erection through his underpants, then pushed them down to be hit in the face by his huge fucking cock. Christ! It’s bigger than my forearm she thought. She put her little hand on it. Try as she might she could not wrap her hand around the girth of this monster. She opened her mouth and could barely get the swollen circumcised head in her mouth. Dave stood at ease, legs shoulder width apart his hands on her waist holding her as she sucked the head of his big dick. Her hand massaged canlı bahis siteleri his big balls. Without any warning a big load of cum filled her mouth and dribbled out on to the floor. Vicky desperately wanted to please this wealthy mature gentle man she tried to swallow all his cum to no avail. He put her face down on the floor. Her face only inches from the pool of cum on the wooden floor. She licked it up. She loved the taste of cum. His hands were on her ass cheeks fingers probing her clean shaved cunt. She loved that word. Her last lover had called her a cum bucket. They had cruised the skateboard parks and she had sucked all the teenage boys cocks as he watched filming swallowing litres of cum. Afterwards he would fuck her cunt filling it with cum until he had no more to give. Dave watched as this slut licked his cum off the floor. He roughly pushed two big fingers in to her pussy. He found her pussy was wet and juicy. His fingers slid in easily. Kneeling behind her he grabbed her hips and moved her slit towards the swollen head of his big erection. Dave hadn’t had any sex for a long time. He was glad she had given him a blow job now he could fuck this little cock tease long and slow demolish her pussy with his big cock.Vicky felt her body being picked up and his cock stabbing at her gaping wet slit. After a few goes she became impatient reached between her legs and guided that fuck stick to split her wide open. Fuck me she thought as his cock spread her pussy lips and filled her up.” I’m about halfway ” Dave groaned as her tight pussy gripped his cock.Halfway Vicky thought, Christ he’s gonna rip me my cunt apart. Dave continued to roughly pump his cock in and out slowly more of his cock disappeared inside her young cunt. He really wanted to bury his shaft up to the hilt feel his big hairy balls slapping against her tight slit. He wondered how much commission she made on selling a $1.9million dollar apartment. Say 4% that’s $76000 that’s a lot of fucking!The doorbell rang through the large apartment. “OOOOOOHHH FUCK.. ” moaned Vicky although she was glad for the break, the big cock had slid out of her stretched pussy leaving a big gaping hole she reached back and her whole hand slid in up to the wrist easy. Dave looked on amazed at this slut with her face in cum on the floor, her ass in the air with whole hand fisting her own cunt. Fucking unbelievable. He went to the door and opened it enough to hide behind but enough to see who was there. A woman not unlike Rosamind Pike stood there in a full length fur coat and … nothing else.”Uh Can I help you” he askedShe opened the fur coat to reveal her sexy naked body underneath.”Fuck!” he uttered.”Exactly ” she said pushing the door open and walking in. She hung the fur coat on the hanger by the door and carried on down the hall and in tipobet güvenilir mi to the living area where the petite naked slut was still fist fucking her pussy. Vicky looked up cum glistened on her face and perky little tits. The blonde woman put a foot on Vicky’s head then firmly spanked the sluts ass cheeks repeatedly until they were rosy red. Dave stood watching this spectacle his cock now pointed at the ceiling.”Do you happen to have any rope” the blonde asked in a matter of fact manner. Like asking to pass the salt. She looked around an open box that had his ties on top. “Pass me an old tie please” as she looked from Dave to the box. Dave followed her eyes and did as she asked. The blonde woman looked at home as proceeded to hogtie Vicky the Real Estate Agent . After Vicky began to protest. To silence her the blonde picked up the dirty shit stained underwear lying on top of the Hugo Boss trousers and stuffed them in between Vickys red gloss lipstick lips. The blonde turned to dave.”Hi I’m Christine and I would like to welcome you to St Kilda Beach Tower. Now is a good time to show you all the facilities.” She grabbed Dave by the dick and led him to the elevator. “Only three apartments on this floor. Yours , mine and some Chinese guy who is never here.” The elevator arrived and she pushed the button for the fitness floor. “Going down” Christine said as she squatted and took him in her mouth.”I love the taste of pussy too but I like cum better” she massaged Dave’s balls as she swirled her tongue around the swollen head. As he cock began to twitch she pushed a finger up his asshole. He came quickly. The elevator door opened and they walked around the gym until she found the bench press.”Lay down on here ” Christine asked . As he did so she moved up standing beside his chest then lifted a leg over straddling his face, lowering her trimmed bush on to his eager mouth.” I believe in equality. I hope a man of your maturity knows what to do.”Dave had never licked a woman before as his ex wife was very conservative. However Dave liked to watch porn on the internet. His favourite website provided a lot of close ups of girls pleasing mature women and vice versa. He began hesitantly at first but encouraged by Christine’s moaning and hands on his head pulling his face hard against her pussy. His mouth clamped on her pussy, his long tongue deep in her wet juicy cunt. He didn’t know that her body convulsions were her orgasming but her squirting in his mouth, on his face and chest was a new experience.Christine sat on his chest recovering. He was in shock but had a big grin on his face. Next they went to the showers where Christine backed up against a wall spread her legs “Fuck me big man” he impaled her lifting her off the floor, she wrapped her legs around his waist tipobet giriş and arms around his neck as he rammed his cock in to her welcoming juicy pussy. Dave could not believe what was happening. A young woman barely in her twenties tied up and gagged was naked in his apartment and … here in the gym a sexy lady in her prime was asking him to fuck her and fuck her there. Christine could not believe the size of this mature gents dick. It was like that guy Danny D in those Brazzer porn movies she had caught her daughter watching with her friends on the smart tv in the media room. The girls were 17 of various shapes and sizes all were spread legged and rubbing their pussies. Her face reddened as she recalled the moment. His mouth suckled on a hard nipple, his big hands under her ass, her back pressed against the cold tiles as she felt his fucking big cock split her apart. Her orgasms started small, ripples in the sea until a few minutes later they gathered and like a big wave crashing on the beach, her body shook and trembled her eyes rolled back in her head. Fuck she had never cum like that before. He was still pumping her wet cunt as her juices flowed down his legs. “Un-fuckin–believable” she said as he pulled out his hard dick still waving around in the air. “One more stop ” she said as she pushed the button for the garage. Her hand slid up and down his dick. He had his arm over her shoulder a hand massaging her big breast. The door opened and they walked over to the bonnet of a 65 Chevrolet Impala she bent over placing her upper torso and outstretched hands on the bonnet of the big classic car. Dave stood and looked amazed at gaping pussy hole he had made. Above that her asshole was opening and closing. “Never done that” he said allowed.”What?”Dave’s middle finger rested against her asshole.”You’re too big” she whimpered as his finger disappeared up her ass. “Is that right” Dave pushed another finger in, moved the two fingers in and out.”Mmm oh god yes” Dave now had three big long fingers pumping in out of her butthole.”Yes ?””Fuck yeah!” Dave had the head of his cock pressing against her gaping butthole.”Hurry up Butt Fucker Before I change my….”Dave thrust in half way down his bareback thick shaft”OH MY FUCK…” He’s gonna fucking split me in two. Butt it feels so goodDave grabbed her love handles and roughly rammed his cock in. His big hairy balls slapped against her pussy as he pumped his cock in her butthole. Her ass gripped his cock tight. They could here the garage door opening and a car come down the ramp it parked on the top floor.”Relax” he said as he violently pulled her head back while thrusting his cock deep in her bowels. It didn’t take long for her tightness to milk his cock. She could feel his warm seed filling her bowels. After he took her over to the hose used for washing the cars and he inserted the nozzle up her ass and gently let the water fill her bowels. She squatted over the drain and let the water spray out. She washed his dick then they went back to her apartment. “What about..””Tomorrow ” she said as they fell asleep on her bed.

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