The House Warming Party- Part 1


The House Warming Party- Part 1deletedI was standing on the balcony, leaning on the railing, gazing out into the horizon. I was at a housewarming ceremony in our apartment complex. As usual, my mom was out of town and I had nothing better to do. So, I had decided to attend the function. But it was getting boring too.I had met the new household. I also met and greeted all the known faces in the complex and had a chit-chat with them as much as I could not stand. Bored again, I had come over on the balcony, thinking whether to take me to leave or just linger on for some more time. As I had nothing better to do at home, I decided to stay a little bit more.My hair was left open at the back. I was wearing a pink colored top and blue denim short. My top was short sleeved and was collarless. It had a v cut open at the front with no buttons. It was a little bit on the loose side. It was covered in floral designed white stitches.My shorts were a low waist one. It was tight and reached to the mid of my thighs. I was wearing a pair of studs on ears with small heart-shaped hangings on them. A small and thin necklace was around my neck. As I was not a big fan of bangles, I was wearing a thin bracelet on my right wrist.There was a very thin plain anklet on my left ankle. All my jewelry was in gold. I was barefooted as I had left my pink slippers outside before entering the flat. Suddenly, I felt some movement behind me. I turned sideways and saw that a grandma was sitting behind me, looking at me.She had a distinguished air about her. She was sitting with her feet on the coffee table. Her sandals were by her side. She was wearing a dark brown ankle length gown with abstract pink designs. Her hair was pure white and was cut very short. Her skin was wrinkled all over and had speckles on them.She was looking intently at me as if reading me. I was a little short. But I was very fair and had a milky white smooth skin complexion. I was not plump nor thin. But had the right curves and bulges on my body to keep people interested. She was staring intently at my bare legs.I could almost feel her eyes on my skin. I turned my head straight back again completely ignoring her. “My son and daughter in law bought this house,” the grandma said. “So how do you find the new house?” I asked turning around and facing her. “Looks pretty good so far,” she güvenilir bahis said, with a twinkle in her eyes.She stopped talking and had started staring at my legs again. I turned my back to her and stood with my back to her. I was leaning on the railing with my elbows and my back was arched. Suddenly, I heard her get up and come up behind me. I held my breath as I sensed some action was about to happen.She crouched on the ground and with both her hands she lifted my right foot behind me. “What are you doing?” I asked as I stood on one leg while other was bent at the knee with my foot in her palms. She leaned forward and kissed the sole of my foot.I felt her warm lips on the bare sole of my foot, almost tickling me. “Somebody might see,” I said, pulling my leg free and placing it on the ground. She got up and stood near me. “Your feet are so soft and fresh,” she said. She was standing with her back on the railing, right beside me.My right foot was placed on the low railing unintentionally. She slowly placed her hand on my knee. “You have such soft skin,” she said, as her hand slowly moved upwards. I felt her wrinkled skin on my legs as she went on. “You have such beautiful figure. What a cute little body. So young, so fresh. Just like a ripe fruit, ready to be plucked.”I looked over my shoulders to check if anybody was watching. Everybody looked busy chit-chatting and gossiping. My heartbeat had started to race as her fingers slowly moved over to my thighs. “Such soft skin. So smooth. So fair. So beautiful. You are so beautiful dear,” she said, looking at me.“Somebody might see,” I said, pushing her hand away from my body. She stood close to me with her back on the railing. I was still standing in the same position with my bare feet on the floor this time. “You are so beautiful, dear. So pretty. Such a cute little thing,” she said, without touching me.“I want to slowly pull off that top and enjoy the sight of your small beautiful boobs,” she was talking dirty now. “I would then slowly pull down your shorts. I want to see that beautiful tiny round ass. I would strip you completely naked and slowly run my hands over your naked body.”I was getting turned on by all this dirty talk as she went on and on. “I will squeeze your little boobies until it turns red. I will smack your little ass cheeks until you squeal perabet with pleasure. I will kiss each and every part of your naked body. I will lick your pussy dry and won’t stop even if you beg me to. I am going to enjoy you like hell, my sweet little darling.”I almost wet myself hearing all this. Grandma slowly placed her right hand over my stomach. I did not push her hand away this time. I just said, “Somebody might see us.”“Don’t worry dear. Nobody is looking. Even if somebody sees us, they won’t be able to see what my hand is doing right? All they will see is us talking,” she said softly. Her hand began to slowly move under my top. I caught my breath as I felt her wrinkled hand on the bare skin of my stomach.“You have such a soft body. It feels so good,” she said, as her palm slowly rubbed over my navel under my top. I stood straight and held on to the railing as she slowly played with my navel. “ No movements. You don’t want others to notice us, do you?” she smiled as she slowly placed her finger on my navel, playing with it, teasing me.I was finding it hard to breathe. Her hand slowly moved down to my shorts and tried to unbutton it. I stood patiently as she fumbled with the button with just one hand. “Shit. You should have worn a skirt instead of this tight thing,” she cursed. I slowly unbuttoned my shorts for her and placed my hands back on the railing.“Good girl,” she said, bending down and kissing me on the cheek. I just smiled as her hand slowly unzipped my zipper. Her hand slowly glided into my shorts and inside my panties. I let out a small moan in anticipation, as her fingers touched just above my clit. “Sh. Sh. No sounds please,” she hushed me.But I was finding it hard as she slowly reached inside and touched my pussy. I let out a small moan as I felt her wrinkled skin on the most sensitive part of my body. “Oh! You are such a moaner,” she said, taking out her hand from my shorts. “I am sorry,” I was disappointed.“You are so sensitive down there,” she said, brushing my cheek with her lips. She held my hand and led me to the far corner of the balcony, away from the door. Now it was impossible for anybody to see us unless they entered into the balcony. “Show me your boobies,” grandma ordered.“What? No. Someone will walk in and see us,” I replied. She made me lean on the railing at the perabet giriş corner and stood to face me. “See, now even if somebody walks in on us, they won’t see you. You are perfectly safe,” she said. She was standing in front of me covering the doorway.I did not say anything and just stood there leaning on the railing. Seeing no response from me, she slowly placed her hand on my hips and caught hold of my top. I sensed the excitement building in me as I knew what she was about to do. I was a little scared too, as there were some 20- 25 guests inside the house.But I did not stop her. I wanted her to continue and that she did. She lifted my top and took a good look at my breasts. I was not wearing any bra inside. “What a cute pair of breasts. Small and round. Your nipples are actually pink,” she said, holding my top.She held the top with one hand and placed her other hand on my breast. I moaned slightly and this time she did not seem to care. “Your breasts are so soft,” she was so engrossed in my boobs. She slowly squeezed them one by one, as I tried hard not make a sound.She squeezed my small nipples, making them hard and erect. I was completely horny now. If she would have asked I would have stripped myself naked then and there, without a care about the people inside the house. She left my top as it fell back into place. Slowly she unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped it.She lowered it a little bit, down to the mid of my thighs. She slowly bent down and kissed me full on the lips. I responded to her kiss with my own. Her hand slowly slid inside my panties and touched my already wet pussy. The sound that escaped from my lips was muffled as her own mouth was sucking my lips harder and harder.She slowly began to rub my pussy. I felt the wetness on my pussy as her hand slowly massaged my pussy lips. I was unable to control myself and leaned on the railings on my elbows. I felt my legs go weak as she continued on kissing me and teasing my pussy at the same time.Suddenly, I got tensed as I saw someone standing behind grandma, looking at us. Seeing my shock, grandma turned her head and looked back. I quickly pushed grandma’s hand away and pulled up my shorts. Grandma turned around to face her. She was in her late twenties. She had a dark complexion.She was thin and tall. She was wearing the navy-blue uniform, the maintenance staff. Her tag read ‘Simi’ and mentioned her as ‘Maintenance’ below her name. “Yes?” grandma asked her casually. I zipped up my shorts and tidied up behind grandma. I was not sure if Simi had seen us in a compromising position or not.

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