SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- volume 10


SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- volume 10
SHORT PIECES (Lesbian Tales)- volume 10


Hazel had been a Boston policewoman for 10 years now. One of the first, and at 40 she could hold her own against any bar bouncer. She usually had a bite to eat before her midnight shift. She always ate at the Rooster, which was a strange name for a joint that opened late in the morning and closed late at night. The usual waitress was Carla who had worked there even before Hazel was a cop. She was probably in her early 50s but still quite a looker.
‘I like the red hair”, said Hazel when she sat on one of the many empty stools.
‘Thanks. I was getting tired of being a blonde, plus it attracted more mosquitoes than girls’, admitted Carla who made no bones about being a dyke.
‘You’re cruising me again, are you ?, laughed the policewoman
‘Is it against the law ?, asked the waitress
‘I’ll arrest you when you STOP cruising me”, joked Hazel, who already had a female companion but was working on having Carla join them for a 3-way.
‘Did you see the new girl ?” whispered Hazel as she leaned towards the policeman who was looking at the menu.
‘Oh yeah…didn’t notice her at first’ lied the policewoman who spotted all good-looking women in a few seconds.
‘She’s the right age and cute…does she have the right attitude ?’ asked Hazel
‘I”ve been brushing my gorgeous body against her ass and tits and she excuses herself every time and walks away, so I think she’s a no go. ‘ answered the waitress, showing a deep disappointment.
‘I’m so fucking horny. Hadn’t had any in months”, confessed the waitress
‘Have you …(she looked around before she continued)…ever tried a lesbian hooker ?”, asked the policewoman
‘Ah…no….never crossed my mind…but at this point I can’t be picky. Do you know any ?, asked Carla
‘Yes of course, but you want one who does only women and who’s not bisexual. “ suggested Hazel.
‘Is it expensive ?”, asked the waitress making a face
‘Don’t worry about that….a few owe me favors,” answered the cop.
Hazel usually joined her patrol car partner in front of the restaurant about 11PM when the restaurant closed. They patrolled a pretty quiet part of town which was made up of closed factories and deserted alleyways.
Carla got into the back of the cop car after being told to put her underwear in her handbag.
‘The dyke hookers stand between two streets while the regular ones stand at the street corners. That’s the way to tell them apart” instructed Hazel
‘So we’ll drive around and you tell me if you see someone you like’, said Hazel while her partner Marilyn laughed.
‘Just look at it like you’re in a supermarket”, joked Marilyn
‘And what’s your angle ?” asked the waitress looking at Marilyn.
‘I’ve got a nice quiet kitten at home who gives me what I want’, answered Marilyn
‘How about her ?’, suddenly yelled Carla as she pointed to a slim black woman around 30.
‘That’s Luscious and she is sweet and creamy’’ answered Hazel who seemed to know what she was talking about. ‘You want her ?”
‘Yeah..if she’s available’, squealed Carla like a teenager
Marilyn stopped the police car and Hazel lowered her window.
‘Hey baby…? What have I done now ?…I’ll make up for it…promise…’drawled the beautiful hooker
‘You can start by getting in the back seat’, answered Hazel smiling
Luscious was wearing bracelets and earrings which made a lot of noise when she moved. It was meant that way. She had a mini miniskirt with a hemline about an inch below her cunt crack. She had a small bubbly ass which put a lot of pressure on that poor skirt.
‘Oh my…what do we have here ?” squealed Luscious
‘She chose you…you should thank her…”answered Marilyn
Luscious was no dummy and she knew what was expected of her in order to clear up the fact she had been given a warning about loitering. Hazel would get that to disappear.
Luscious and Carla kissed while they unbuttoned their blouse.
‘You’re not getting married here’ warned Hazel, ‘I can’t park here forever so get to the main part”
Both women got their skirts up and got butt naked. They flipped around so they found themselves head to toe. When they started sucking each other, Marilyn opened the door and walked away from the car, taking the attention from it and pretending to investigate something.
There was no light in the car so the girls could suck without being seen. Luscious was generous and took Carla’s hand and put it on her ass. The waitress didn’t waste time in sliding a finger between those gorgeous black asscheeks. Carla was so horny she came quickly. Luscious turned around kaçak iddaa again and mounted the waitress who played kitten and opened her legs wide, while the slim butch rubbed cunts with her. More kissing which Hazel, who was watching the whole thing, figured was the beginning of an affair between the two lonely lesbians.
After Carla had had her second orgasm, Luscious put her clothes together and slipped a card in Carla’s handbag. Kiss, kiss and the hooker was back on the street.
Marilyn came back from her walk.
‘Nothing to declare, Officer’, said Marilyn.
‘All quiet here, Officer’, said Hazel who turned off the ignition and looked at the back seat with a smile.
‘I’ll keep my eyes peeled”, said Marilyn
Hazel was already on the back seat with half her clothes off.


Jessie was ambling along the sidewalk carrying her leather bag full of piano music. Jessie had taken piano lessons for years now and was quite good but her last teacher, a man, had fallen ill and was not expected to work again. At work, Erica, one of the girls who was quite new, had suggested a Ms Anne-Marie Lange who was originally from Paris, and had played in a quartet in that city. She was in her early 50s, same age as Jessie, and was supposed to be very good.
After they had left the lunch room, an older lady from the office approached Jessie and winked.
‘If Erica recommends her, she must be very very sweet to ladies’, said the lady with another wink and a smile.
Jessie didn’t pay much attention to the meaning of the remark. Later that day Erica approached Jessie and warned her that Anne-Marie being French was very friendly and not to get upset if at first Jessie, who quite shy, was a bit taken aback by the affectionate manners.
On the contrary, although Jessie was shy with men, she could be quite affectionate with women, especially women her age. She looked forward to meeting the teacher. She was an attractive woman who wore rather conservative clothes. She chose a matching skirt and jacket of brown tweed, a white blouse with a red bow around her neck, her black pearl necklace. She slipped on her nylons and walking shoes which were more comfortable for pedal-work on the piano.
Madame Lange quickly became Anne-Marie, even before they had reached the living-room.
The piano was a small grand and brought gushes of compliments from Jessie who had never played on one. Anne-Marie told her it was the only precious thing she brought from France. The French woman looked younger than her age and was quite striking in a simple straight blue cotton dress which hugged her slim waist by a thin white chain. Her hair, like Jessie’s, was down to her shoulders and black with a few white hairs here and there.
Jessie liked her immediately. She loved her French accent which made her perfect English so pleasant to listen to. Anne-Marie put her hand on Jessie’s back to lead her to the piano and grabbed her arm gently as she sat down next to her on the wide bench. Anne-Marie smelled nice, she smelled like a French salon. Jessie’s head was spinning.
After Anne-Marie had hung Jessie’s jacket, they started the lesson which lasted an hour and went very well. Jessie seemed inspired by her teacher and by the grand piano. Anne-Marie congratulating her on her playing and asked her a few questions about her past experience, in piano and in life in general, including if she had husband (which Jessie never had). Shy Jessie didn’t mind, and she felt totally at ease with the French woman who delighted her by playing the last movement of a Chopin mazurka. Jessie took her jacket and had already put it on while listening to the piano piece. Anne-Marie protested and asked her to stay a bit longer because she liked her conversation and was feeling quite lonely. The French woman put her hands on the button-lined opening of the jacket and pushed it gently off Jessie’s shoulders. She was inches from Jessie and Jessie could feel Anne-Marie naked breasts, covered by a layer of silk, touch her blouse-covered bra. An immediate and intense shiver went through her body.
Anne-Marie suggested they retire to a special room , she called a boudoir, where they could have tea. Jessie accepted with enthusiasm. The room was a little dark with a small lamp shining over each of three older paintings. They sat next to each other on the love seat. Anne-Marie went to prepare tea and invited her guest to walk around wherever she wanted.
Jessie had never seen such beautiful furniture.
‘Most of them are 19th perabet güvenilir mi century copies of Louis XVI furniture which I certainly cannot afford”, whispered the French woman. Anne-Marie slid her arm slowly around Jessie’s shoulders, but it mainly touched the back of the loveseat. Jessie couldn’t feel it but she knew it was there. She looked straight ahead and took a sip of her tea. Anne-Marie gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.
Jessie turned towards her hostess and smiled.
‘I guess that’s an old French custom’, said Jessie, her voice quivering a little
Anne-Marie made her move quickly enough so that she didn’t miss Jessie’s lips and with a most natural gesture that the woman next to her did not panic.
Their lips just touched at first. Sticking together for an instant as lipstick touched lipstick. When she felt Jessie was not going to run away, Anne-Marie made another contact and pushed her tongue between Jessie’s lips which opened slowly but happily. They kissed, both tongues twirling around each other’s mouth. Anne-Marie’s hand was already on her student’s leg, between her knee and the hem of her skirt.
Jessie was numb as if she had been d**gged. She lay down on the loveseat, resting her head on the armrest. Anne-Marie slid both arms under the skirt, grabbed the elastic band of the panties and pulled them off while Jessie was lifting her ass to make the procedure easier. Anne-Marie just pushed up the skirt and was facing Jessie’s naked curly snatch. Jessie moaned as the French lesbian’s tongue touched her pink cunt lips, her piss slit and finally her erect clit. Jessie had been wet for some time. Anne-Marie liked licking a woman’s cunt while she was still dressed. It was one of her fetishes.
Jessie opened her eyes wide when she felt her orgasm mounting. She had rubbed herself occasionally but had never been sucked by anyone. As an experienced lesbian, Anne-Marie knew when to change the pace of her tongue work. When she sensed that Jessie was ready, she flicked her tongue on her lover’s clit and Jessie exploded. Her hips moved up and down with such vigor that she slammed her cunt against Anne-Marie face.
Anne-Marie got up and pushed the table against the nearest wall and began to undress. Jessie was still sitting recuperating from her orgasm but managed to get her blouse and bra off. Anne-Marie pulled off Jessie’s wet skirt and pulled her own dress over her head. Her small silk triangle was thrown against the wall and fell amongst the tea cups. The two naked women rolled on the floor kissing, grabbing tits and asscheeks, getting each other ready for another sex session. Anne-Marie got on top of Jessie in the 69 position and the two women began to eat each other with vigor. For someone who had never done that, Jessie was very good and licked and sucked on all fleshy parts and holes. But maybe she was not as innocent as everyone believed. Anne-Marie squirted in her face and Jessie had her second orgasm. As they turned again to face each other, the lesbians rubbed each other’s body with their cunt juices.
They fell into each other’s arms and lay on the floor for a long time.
When Jessie returned to work on the Monday. Erica asked her how she liked her new piano teacher. Jessie blushed a little and smiled.
‘She was just fine. Actually she is very interesting and, as you said, very affectionate. “
‘Do you have a piano at home ?” asked Erica
‘Yes I do…an ordinary one…’, answered Jessie
‘Then maybe we should play’, answered Erica with a large grin
‘Maybe we should. I know a number of pieces one can play with four hands’, winked Jessie


Amber had always been Naomi’s favorite niece. She had no c***dren herself but came from a large family and her siblings had a total of ten girls between them. Amber was the smartest one of the lot and her oldest sister Janine’s only c***d. Amber was a sophomore at a private school for girls in upper New York state. Naomi and Amber had always been close, and Janine had always been appreciative of the attention her sister was giving Amber. As Amber got older – she was now 19 – Janine was suddenly aware that Naomi’s influence on the girl, including her studies, her friends, her clothing – was beginning to be a little overwhelming to the mother that she was. Janine had been naïve at first but with all the fuss about gay marriages, etc..she became aware that Naomi was probably tipobet leading a lifestyle of her own which might not be appropriate for a girl of 19 to get close to.
On the other hand, Amber was way ahead of her mother. The private school for girls was a nest of lesbians, including the staff. She knew of Naomi’s attraction to girls and she was herself experimenting with different students and even one teacher. Amber was working in New York during the summer but often took holidays. Naomi suspected that her favorite niece was ripe and that’s why she had invited her for a week at her summer place in Connecticut.
At 50 or so, Naomi was quite an attractive lady. She was always well-dressed since she was a real-estate agent for a leading company in the neighboring state. She was regular height, about the same as Amber, blonde like Janine, and was blessed with a beautiful smiling face. Naomi was slim and had small breasts and asscheeks. Her niece was very similar in appearance but of course her skin colour and hair were quite different. Amber had full pear-shaped breasts and an ass every lesbian would want to discover.
‘I think you need a new dress for your New York outings’, said Naomi
‘Anything will be better than the uniform I have been living in for months now’, answered the niece joyfully.
Surprisingly for a small town, there were four- or five-women’s clothing store. Naomi had her favorite which catered to middle-aged woman but had some nice pieces for younger ones.
The store was her favorite not only for the clothes but for a particular saleswoman named Allie. Allie was a middle-age black beauty who made heads turn but was only interested in women. She hid it quite well and shared her secret and assets with only a few chosen customers, and that included Naomi. She hired some college girls during the summer and that’s when Naomi loved to visit and get an eyeful.
‘Hi sweetie”, welcomed Allie when she saw the two ladies walk into the store
‘I bet that’s Amber’, said Allie with a broad grin which showed her perfect white teeth
‘I warned them ahead of time that you were coming” , joked Naomi
Introductions were made with the two summer students who immediately buzzed around Amber. One could immediately feel the sexual tension between the young ladies and the older women.
The three young women squealed together as they went through the hundreds of dresses hung on different stands. Some were taken out by the salesgirls and pushed against Amber’s body to search for a fit. The procedure also allowed hands to touch cloth-covered breasts, press against blouses, and even touch asscheeks with legs or thighs. Naomi and Allie were having fun watching the three girls tease each other. They were getting hornier by the minute. Allie looked at Naomi and figured it was time to get into the changing room setting.
The store was empty except for the staff, Naomi and Amber. Allie could smell something was cooking and put up the ‘Opening at Noon today” sign. By the time the two older women walked into the large changing room, Amber was naked except for her thong and one salesgirl was putting a dress over Amber’s head and letting it fall over her body.
‘That’s nice, but let’s try the blue one’, said the other salesgirl who had been stopped by the visitors in her willingness to unbutton her blouse.
Naomi decided to change the mood. Ignoring the three young ladies, she walked to the end of a table, reached under her skirt and pulled down her thong which she threw at Allie. The black woman pulled down her own thong and sent it airmail to Naomi. The three young women were watching this and stood motionless. Naomi lay on the wooden table, lifter her skirt to her waist and started to sniff Allie’s thong. For the first time, Amber was catching a glimpse of her aunt’s cunt. Allie joined her customer in 69 and the two women began to frantically lick and suck on each other’s cunt. Suddenly all hell broke loose. The three young women finished undressing and got into a three-way daisy chain on the carpeted floor.
The lesbian sex session continued for the next hour with Amber licking Allie’s bubble ass, Naomi rubbing cunts with one of the salesgirls while Allie was licking the last salesgirl. Naomi made a point of staying away from Amber but both women got a good look at the other’s naked body.
‘Did you get your dress after all ?”, asked Naomi as they got into the car
‘Yes…but they need to adjust it and I have to come back before I leave’, shyly answered Amber
‘That’s nice’, said Naomi smiling and putting a hand on Amber’s knee
‘I guess we’ll have the whole week to catch up”, said Amber
‘Oh, we’ll catch up allright…don’t worry…we’ll catch up’, blushed Naomi

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