THE JOB (Part I)


THE JOB (Part I)
Some time ago, I received an offer for a trade show job. The fair went from Wednesday to Sunday. For the first three days, the fair was open to trade visitors only and was open to the public on weekends. A well-known production company for erotic films had advertised the job. It had been implied that they were willing to pay double the usual salary. However, a dress code was to be observed. This would be based on the new productions to be presented and was not yet determined. On demand from me you did not want to commit yourself, otherwise details of new productions could be known in advance. There was just so much that it could possibly be a frivolous outfit, but you’re ready to pay in addition to the double salary also 500 per day in addition. I was content and wanted to discuss this with my husband first. In the evening I told him about the job at home. We looked at the website of the company. We were particularly interested in the film announcements. A movie in the series “half nude” was announced. These were everyday events, except that the women were down below. Then a movie titled „fuck motor race” was announced. A car race of women with vehicles that had installed technical devices for the long-term penetration of the riders while driving. The women sat on an open platform, so that everything was visible to the audience. Then there was a quiz series. Here groups were started and the men of the group had to guess the women of the group by palpation. The women stood unclothed behind a wall in which there were openings in the areas of face, tits and pussy. The production company was characterized by imaginative pendik escort productions that lay apart from the usual porn film productions. My husband and I found the ideas treated there appealing. Especially the movies of the “half-nude” series had done to both of us. Some time ago I bought a new costume for business purposes in gray. Since the skirt was too long, I had to shorten it by about 10 cm. My husband had provided this strip with Velcro at the ends so that it could be worn as an ultrashort miniskirt. It was very cool to wear this “skirt” and to have no panties on. My black-haired pussy was almost completely visible and out of my dense bush my pussy lips shone out. My husband said that this is a cool outfit for my fair use. On the one hand, I found it embarrassing to do so professionally, but on the other hand, the idea of ??showing me so in public created an exciting feeling in me. Together, we decided that I would commit to the job the next day. At the same time I was aware that I basically agreed to work in every outfit requested by the customer. Secretly, I wished for the “half nude” outfit. After I had made the commitment, I got the employment contract after two days. I was told that it was not decided which films would be promoted. As soon as this is confirmed, I would like to be informed, so that I can get the right outfit in time if not available. Costs for procuring outfit I should charge separately. About a week before the fair began, the program was set for every five days. The first three days from Wednesday to Friday, the fair was open only to trade visitors. Saturday and Sunday everyone was kurtköy escort allowed. During the first three days the outfit was “half nude”, my wish outfit. I did not need to buy anything because I was equipped with the right outfit. I put on a costume with the extremely short skirt, which left my bare, tight hairy cunt almost completely visible. So I wanted to surprise my husband, who should tell me his opinion. When he came home, he acted as if everything about me was normal. He asked if we should go for a walk. I said yes. When we left, though warm, I pulled on an old overcoat to cover my cunt. He said that it was so warm that I did not need a coat and certainly not this old unsightly thing, but I pulled it on anyway, as I was embarrassed to walk around in public with an openly visible cunt. So we went to the car and drove to the forest to go for a walk there. During our walk, it began to dawn. My coat was getting warm. I said this and my husband said I should take off my coat. He said directly that it was too warm in the coat. I hesitated. We passed a parking lot where some old clothes containers stood. “Go on, finally take off the coat and throw it in the container,” he said to me. Now I took off my coat, put it in the flap of the container and pushed it into the container. Due to the safety mechanism of the flap you could not reach into the collection container. Thus, the coat was no longer reachable for me and I was forced to go the long way to the car with a visible cunt. Since it was getting dark, the darkness brought some privacy. My husband took a detour with me, which was well lit and said that this was a good kaynarca escort workout to avoid my awe. An elderly man came to meet us with his dog. I wanted to go behind my husband to cover me up, but he pushed me to his side. So I was forced to approach the man head-on. When he came closer and saw me in my frivolous outfit, he pretended that everything was normal, but looked at my cunt and smiled at me, and then to go past us. “You see, it was not that hard,” my husband told me. Excitement rose in me. It was a great feeling to be exposed to voluptuous looks. Next, I saw a group of four or five young men approaching. I wanted to go down a byway with my husband, but he pulled me back to the original path to keep going at the men. When they saw me, they whistled and joked. One even asked if he could touch. We just walked past them without paying any attention to them. Then our car came in sight. My husband said it was only 20 minutes walk home and the exercise would be fine. I should go on foot and he would bring the car home alone. I wanted to argue, but he had already got in the car, locked the doors, and drove off. He waved to me and smiled. I now had to go home alone and had no way to hide my shame. When I arrived home, my husband was waiting for me and asked me if the “training” had helped me to shun my shyness. I replied that on the way back I had met some people who had reacted differently. Two guys had taken pictures of me with their phones. I had to expect to be online like this. That aroused me on the one hand and scared me on the other hand. My husband calmed down and said that I had nothing to hide in my appearance. He found the idea of ??a wife and web slut sexy. He said that from now on, in order to get used to it, I should always be “downstairs” dressed in the house. And so the two weeks to the fair were filled with „training”.

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