My Neighbor (continued)


My Neighbor (continued)
“Did that really just happen?” I asked myself as I tried to clean Matt’s cum out of my facial hair. It was not going easy, I had just sucked off my neighbor and agreed to be his regular fuck buddy, and to be honest I was looking forward to it. In the past, after a roll in the sheets with another man I was filled with shame, and guilt. I couldn’t get out fast enough. But today I was calm, and relaxed, I was looking forward to another round, and since the cum I had let spill out of my mouth was stuck in my beard I resolved to see if Matt was down for another round.
As if he heard my thoughts Matt poked his head in the bathroom where I was trying to clean up and asked if I’d like to go again. I smiled and said “You just read my mind.” We went back to the bedroom and I laid down on the bed, Matt knelt between my legs and started kissing my waist. His hands moved gently up my thighs and cupped my balls and wrapped around my cock as kaçak casino he continued to tease me. I moaned with pleasure and soon he took me in his mouth, wrapping his tongue around the head and parting his lips to take me as deep into his mouth as he could. My cock swelled as with each bob of Matt’s head he went slightly deeper. He managed to get deep enough that I felt his nose touch my body. He held there for a moment before coming up for air, Matt smiled as he stroked my dick. Then he asked if I would use his phone to take some pictures of him sucking my dick. I agreed, and he handed me his phone with the camera on, I snapped a few pics with Matt looking up at me, and a few more of him taking as much of my dick as he could. I asked if I could send myself the picture he took of me, and he nodded, saying nothing, only sucking.
Matt sucked my dick for over an hour before finally stopping. He asked how I managed not to cum, and I told him casino oyna I’ve always had a lot of endurance for blowjobs. He asked if I’d like to suck him off again, and I eagerly nodded.
As soon as I was between his legs again, smelling that familiar old spice scent mixed with his natural odor, he told me that this time he would talk me through swallowing his cum. It was amazing, I was worked up from my blowjob, and excited for the prize I would get at the end. I had licked up his cum off my hand and yearned for more. It took a longer to suck him off than the first time, but once he was near Matt grabbed the sides of my head and grunted, his cock twitched and shot that now familiar liquid into my mouth. This time he told me to breath and swallow as quickly as possible. I obeyed and just as he promised his cum went down easy, so easy that I sucked every drop out. After a few minutes of content silence Matt asked if I’d like to stay the night. canlı casino siteleri He didn’t have to work tomorrow and we could spend it together. I thanked him and told him I felt more comfortable in my own bed, but that I would come over as soon as I woke up. “Sounds like a plan.” he said as he kissed me. We ended up kissing for longer than I meant to, but eventually I got dressed and walked back to my apartment.
I met with Matt at least once a week (or up to 4 times a week) for the next several months until he moved out of state. I was sad when he left, but our time together had scratched a serious itch. We also did a lot more than trade blowjobs during our time together. Matt showed me how to eat ass, and bought me a few toys that we got a lot of use out of. He was also the first to make me cum by fucking me in the ass. We role-played a lot too. He had access to an office building that we had sex in once to fulfill a sexy fantasy of his. And one long weekend we rented a cabin up in the mountains and two of Matt’s friends (a daddy-boy couple he knew) joined us for a weekend of amazing gay sex. Maybe if I can remember that weekend without masturbating I’ll share it here someday…

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