My First Spanking


My First Spanking
The first time I got spanked, I was in college. I was 20 years old at the time. Typical Miami party girl, didn’t take class too seriously, didn’t really have a direction in life. All I knew was that I was hot and I was going to take advantage of it! I had a big butt (still do) and a fit body and I was going to enjoy it. Deep down though, I knew this wasn’t the way to be doing things. I had been into spanking since I was a teenager. I’d always fantasize about a big, strong man putting me in my place or an imposing woman taking me over her lap. I’m taller than the typical woman, about 5’10 so I always knew I wanted a really tall and physically dominant person.

Me and my friends at the time were all experimenting with our sexuality and even though most of them were straight, they were all heterocurious while I was fully bi and knew I liked men and women. I’d spank my friends for fun sometimes and they let me just for the experience but it was nothing serious and didn’t last long either. I wanted more and that’s when my friend introduced me to a local mistress. She had heard about her from another kinky friend of hers and knew I liked spanking, so she thought she’d tell me. After debating whether or not to go, I decided to show some courage and go meet this woman.

I walked into her place and she immediately introduced herself to me. Since I don’t want to say her kaçak iddaa real name, we’ll just call her Mistress K. She was very friendly and we sat and had a nice conversation about what I wanted by going there. I told her I was really into spanking as both a punishment and a reward. I also told her I was a pretty big slacker and party girl who could use a firm hand. She was really understanding and was honestly the perfect match for me. She was tall, really tall. Even without her heels on she towered over me and with them, I basically looked like a little girl next to her which honestly turned me on. In addition she was busty and had some killer curves. Needless to say I was instantly attracted to her sexually and on a disciplinary level. I could see she was very strong and could probably toss me around like a ragdoll if she wanted. We decided on a session and I gave her my phone number.

I showed up a few days later for my first spanking. Mistress K was wearing a full latex bodysuit that hugged her body in all the right places and I was instantly aroused. I had just shown up in a blouse and the shortest pair of denim shorts I could find. She instantly took a liking to my ass and figure, giving me a few compliments about my body which just made me even more hot for her. I guess my Cuban genes came in handy. We both agreed that if we both enjoyed this, we could work out a perabet daily schedule. Anyway I finally got over her lap and I literally felt like a small c***d. I fit perfectly over her knee to the point where my feet weren’t even touching the ground. I wrapped my arms around her leg and braced myself for my punishment. Instead she teased me, groping both of my cheeks, rubbing firm circles into my ass, pulling my shorts up my bum in a wedgie. All of this was making me restless and I couldn’t help but squirm and buck over her knee in anticipation for the spanking.

Laying there, helplessly dangling off the floor over this woman’s lap, holding no power or control, turned me on so much. Despite being only teased, I was wet and the spanking hadn’t even started. Then when I wasn’t expecting it, she started spanking me. This woman had hands like shovels and the sound of her latex glove hitting my flesh over and over quickly overwhelmed me. I was turned on but my butt was on fire. I could feel my skin getting hot to the touch as my ass was getting set on fire. She spanked hard and with so much force my legs were shaking and I was just sliding around helplessly over her knee. Things would get even more intense when she quite literally lifted me off her lap, yanked down my shorts and panties before yanking me over again. The added contact of my bare pussy and thighs rubbing perabet güvenilir mi up against her latex got me even more wet.

I was helpless as she kept on smacking my ass like clockwork as I could only weakly kick my legs and try not to struggle too much and incur further wrath. I was also trying my best not to make a mess on her lap but it was hard when she made me spread my legs apart as she spanked me, revealing my bare pussy and ass. She landed some blows on my bare pussy which got me really worked up and spread my cheeks open to punish the sensitive spots she didn’t have access to. After about 20 minutes or so she let me up and my ass was bright red. When I looked at it in the mirror, it looked like it was glowing. After making me stand in the corner, she took me over her knee again to rub lotion into my ass and we both decided that I would be getting daily maintenance spankings every two weeks. The severity would depend on my behavior and if I was especially good, I would get a good girl spanking with a happy ending. If I was bad she warned me that mu punishment would be more severe than what I had just received.

We kept this going for the rest of my college days and it worked very well on me. I got my grades up, took responsibility and graduated on time thanks to this new check on me. I ended up getting spanked in some very interesting and humiliating positions due to Mistress K’s size and strength and I honestly needed it. Not saying this would’ve been effective for all but it sure worked for me and this first spanking shaped my view of spanking now and got me further into this main kink of mine.

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