Good Neighbors – Chapter 1


Good Neighbors – Chapter 1
Todd lived alone in a modest neighborhood. He was in his late thirties, had tried marriage once, but that did not last long. A couple of girlfriends later and he had decided he was the problem and should give up on long term relationships. He was, in his mind, a pretty ordinary guy. He was about six foot tall, brown hair and eyes, medium build, decent shape, but nothing about him stood out. He had decent guy-next-door good looks – the kind of looks that a woman would be proud to take home to meet daddy, but not leading man good looks. In a crowd, he would blend in and not draw much attention. He was reserved, but not shy. You could describe him as an introvert, but he also enjoyed the presence of others at times. In some ways he missed the contact. He had successfully started his own online business and made a good living without having to leave his house every morning and fight the rat race. The downside was that sometimes he realized that he would go several days without leaving the house other than to walk to the mailbox or take a walk around the neighborhood. The result was that he really did not know many of his neighbors very well even though he had lived there several years.

He had gotten married when he was in his mid twenties. She was a beautiful woman and he liked taking her out to dinner and other places and have men look at her with barely concealed lust in their eyes. He had fantasies of sharing her with other men, but left them at just fantasies. He didn’t really want to share her, but the thought of it turned him on. He also had fantasies of he and his wife watching other people fuck or fucking in the same room with another couple. No swapping, just public fucking of sorts. His wife did not share his fantasies, but would occasionally role play with him to appease him while they fucked in the privacy of their own home.

Todd was searching a popular website for personals related to voyeurs and posted by couples who were willing to let strangers come over and watch them fuck. Those ads were few and far between, but when one did pop up, he always replied and on two or three occasions, he was invited over. He found it to be a guilty pleasure and usually, the couples were reasonably decent looking and knew what they were doing. He would behave himself, sitting nearby in their room of choice while they fucked in front of him. He would pull out his cock and jack off while they fucked. On a couple of occasions, the couple even allowed him to cum on the woman’s tits or ass when he was ready to shoot his load.

He answered one ad and they agreed to allow him to come over only if he would bring his female companion. It took him three full days of nearly begging his wife to go with him before she finally relented and even then was not really a willing participant. She had no interest in porn and no interest in watching anyone else fuck. She thoroughly enjoyed sex herself, but she had no interest in making a spectator sport of the activity. They arrived at the couple’s home. They were told to walk on in. No one would be answering the door. They were told to turn to the room on the left as they entered and the couple would start their show as soon as they entered the room. When done, Todd and his companion would simply get up and leave. They had promised something nearly like a porn movie in real life and Todd was hard from the time they left the house until they arrived.

His wife could not believe they were doing this and he practically had to drag her up the sidewalk and to the door. He finally got her inside and they followed the instructions. It was a disaster. Both of the participants were 30-40 pounds overweight and as soon as they walked in, the man got on top of his wife and started fucking her. In three minutes, he grunted, came inside her and rolled off, announcing they were finished. Todd and his wife left. She was crying and he was pissed. Not long after that, she left him. He had not learned his lesson from that fiasco. He tried similar ideas with a couple of girlfriends and they all dumped him like a bag of trash. He finally decided that his kinky streak was an indication that he needed to just be alone and maybe find a little sex here and there by accident. It also caused him to withdraw a bit from the world around him and he found it increasingly difficult to interact with women.

One day, Todd stepped out for a walk. It was a beautiful spring day and it felt good to him to get out in the sunshine. He realized as he was walking that a couple of the houses had been painted since the last time he had paid any attention, but that several more needed it than he recalled seeing. As he paid more attention, he noticed that the neighborhood in general seemed on the decline. He met up with one of the few men in the neighborhood that he talked to on a regular basis. The man updated him on the state of things when Todd mentioned his observations. Three of the houses were occupied by single women whose husbands had left or had been thrown out for indiscretions. At least two were occupied by women living with other women, presumably to make ends meet and were single by choice or still looking for the right guy, or maybe they were lesbians – that was all speculation. Two of the houses were occupied by couples that were dealing with unemployment and struggling to make ends meet and probably couldn’t afford to keep up the repairs as well as they would like. And then bahis siteleri there was his neighbor right across the street. The husband had broken his back in a job accident was now wheelchair bound. Todd was not aware of most of what his buddy was telling him until now and he felt the flush of shame come over him for being so oblivious to the problems around him in his own neighborhood.

About a week later, Todd walked the neighborhood again and on his way back into the house, stopped at his mailbox. Coming across the street to do the same was his neighbor, Julie. He could see that she had clearly been crying and his heart melted at the sight. He greeted her with concern and asked her what was wrong.

She ran her hand across her nose and wiped her eyes, “It’s just the last straw. Nothing serious actually. It’s just that the shower is leaking and making a mess. It is one of many things not working in our house and Zach can’t fix those things anymore. And since he can’t work, we don’t have the money on his disability to fix it all. I am worn out and beginning to fear that we will have to sell the house because we can’t afford to take care of it.” It all just spilled out of Julie in a stream, overwhelming Todd as she spoke.

“Well, let’s hold on a moment. Julie, I am sorry. I had no idea things were so tough for you. I have to admit I have been a really shitty neighbor to you and Zach. Tell you what, I can be pretty handy at some things, so how about I grab some tools and I will take a look at your shower. I promise that if I can’t fix it, I certainly won’t make it worse. Let’s start there.”

Julie gave him a grateful smile and suggested he just walk in when he was ready. Todd grabbed some tools from the basement and walked over and through their front door. Zach was sitting in his chair in the living room watching TV when Todd entered. Zach was grateful that Todd was willing to help but Todd could also tell it was aggravating Zach to not be able to do it himself. Julie took him to the bathroom and showed him the shower and the source of the leak. Fortunately, it was a difficult fix. The faucet just needed a new stem, so Todd headed for the hardware store, got the parts and had it fixed in less than an hour.

Julie and Zach were both very grateful and Julie walked Todd out the door and talked to him for a couple of minutes in the front yard. Todd left her with a suggestion, “Julie, I would like for you to go through the house with Zach and make a list of the things you need to have fixed and then prioritize them as to either what is most badly needed or is driving you the most crazy. I will come over an hour or two each afternoon until I either have them fixed or have a name for someone who can do it if I can’t.”

Julie stopped him and reminded him that they couldn’t afford to pay him and right now could barely afford the price of the parts if needed. “Don’t worry about the cost of the materials. Consider that and my time as a gift for the two of you being good neighbors and repayment for me being such a lousy one.” Todd walked off and promised he would be back the next day around 2 pm.

Each day for the first three days, Todd went to their home and began working through the list of things either in bad need of repair or ones that simply drove Julie crazier than others. By Friday, Todd was halfway through the list and he had spent less than $50 on materials and wouldn’t even tell the couple how much any of this had cost. He finally felt reasonably decent about himself and realized he was doing it as much for himself as for them. That was hard for him to admit, but he knew it was way past time for him to start being honest with himself. On that Friday, Julie was out grocery shopping and he was talking with Zach while he replaced a light fixture that had shorted out in their entryway. He and Zach talked about nearly everything, but then Zach got quiet all of a sudden. Todd noticed and asked if something was wrong with what he was doing for them.

“No, no,” Zach reassured him, “you are fantastic for helping us. But Julie needs something else and I can’t do it for her. I am afraid I am going to lose her because I can’t do one fucking thing for her, including fucking, and she has nearly worn herself to nothing taking care of me. I have a question, Todd. Do you find Julie attractive?”

Todd looked Zach in the eyes to see if he could figure out where this was going. Jealousy? Fear? A secret hate for any man who might pose a threat to Zach and take Julie from him? Todd decided to be honest and answer it in more detail than just a yes or no. “Zach, Julie is your wife and I haven’t thought about her looks one way or the other. Now that you ask, yes, I think she is attractive. But thinking that and trying to take it somewhere has never crossed my mind. I respect both of you too much to be THAT shitty. I haven’t been much of a neighbor, but I would never take advantage of either of you like that.”

“Oh fuck, Todd! That is not what I meant. Holy shit! Do you think my opinion, or our opinion of you is so low that I would accuse you of trying to screw my wife while I sit here unable to move?”

“More than one man on this earth has been shot by a jealous husband whether he was innocent or guilty, Zach. Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I just didn’t think I could give you a simple yes or no answer.”

“Yeah, I get it. Actually, the reason I ask is this. I have mentioned several times to Julie that, since bahis şirketleri I can’t satisfy her anymore, I want her to find someone to see now and then for her physical needs as long as it doesn’t lead to love and her leaving me. She keeps telling me that I shouldn’t talk like that and that she is fine without it, but i can tell she is lying and desperately needs a good fucking from someone she trusts and respects. She finally confessed to me the other night that it would feel good to have sex again and she said you were the first man who made her think of it again. She also said that she would never consider making the first move, but if I was okay with it and you made the first move, she might go for it.”

Todd was stunned. He never considered bedding Julie before, but it had been a long time since he had gotten laid and he instantly started getting that old familiar feeling between his legs.

“There is just one catch, Todd. I told Julie that if it should happen, I want to be there and watch the first time at least. That way, I would know and so would she, that we could handle it going forward without killing our marriage. I know I can’t just wonder if she is out fucking around. I have to know and sanction it and let it go. Who knows, I might even enjoy watching her with another man.”

Little did Zach know, but he was playing right into Todd’s own kinky fetish of being watched or watching others fucking. “Zach, when would you want me to attempt a pass at Julie?”

“How about this evening? She was planning to ask you to stay for dinner. That’s the least we can do for all of your help this week. And there is plenty more to be done.”

Todd returned to his work and finished the job shortly after Julie returned home with the groceries. Zach made the formal invitation to Todd to stay for dinner and Todd accepted. He excused himself to go home and shower and said he would return in about thirty minutes.

Todd returned later, cleaned up and in a clean shirt and jeans, all the while trying to figure out how he would make a pass at his neighbor’s wife without it looking like he and Zach had discussed it. He surprised them with a bottle of wine and Julie lit up with a big smile and got glasses for the three of them. When the meal was finished, Zach said he was going into the living room to read a bit while Julie cleaned up from dinner. Zach winked at Todd as he wheeled away. Todd took the cue and told Julie he would help her with the dishes. Julie and Todd finished the bottle of wine while they cleaned up and Julie was continually thanking him for all of his help and how she had no idea of how she could repay him. That was his moment. He walked up behind her and said, “I can think of one way you could repay me. That makes me a lousy neighbor still, but neither of us are getting any action, so maybe you and I could pay each other a little attention.” With that, he ran his hands over her nice, round ass as she stood at the sink. Her eyes closed as she slipped into the fantasy land of a housewife wanting to be taken right then, right there, by the handyman.

Then her eyes popped open and she turned to him. “I would love to, but you have to understand that if I say yes, we have to do this in Zach’s presence. I promised him.”

Todd put his hands on her hips, kissed her forehead and looked her in the eyes, “If that is what it takes, you are worth it and I will do whatever is necessary.”

It was music to Julie’s ears. She left the dishes in the sink and excused herself, asking him to wait there for her. Todd continued washing the dishes and finished up the task as she walked back into the room.

“Zach is already heading for the bedroom and agreed wholeheartedly with my choice. Do you still want to go for it? I don’t blame you if you say no. I am not sure I can go through with it, but I do want to feel a man inside me again. Please say yes.”

Todd simply nodded and followed her to the bedroom. Zach looked at his wife with all the love a man ever felt and simply said, “Julie, do everything to him and with him that you would do for me if I still could. I will not be interfering or giving instructions. Try to pretend I am not here.”

Julie began to undress, revealing to Todd her modest physique. She was a female version of Todd’s own self description: medium build, average size tits and ass, good looks as in the girl next door looks, not cover girl looks. Todd just looked at her with a hunger of a man who had not seen a woman like this in forever. By the time his clothes were off, his cock was hard and he walked up to her and put his arms around her, pressing his stiff cock against her belly. He felt her ass in his hands and kissed her, running his hands up and down her back and over her ass some more.

“If has been a long time for you, let me take care of the first time this way. I want you to last longer later.” With that she dropped to her knees, wrapped her hand around his cock and took it to her lips and began sucking on it. Zach sat in the corner watching his wife give his neighbor a fascinating blow job, remembering what it was like to feel her lips wrapped around his own cock. Julie’s head bobbed back and forth on Todd’s rigid cock and he simply stood there, taking in the visual and tactile sensations that only a blowjob can provide. As much as he wanted to cum in her warm mouth, he gave some consideration to Zach, and to his own fantasy, and decided to pull out and cum on her face.

He let illegal bahis her, and Zach, know his intentions and she just nodded that she understood as she continued to suck with her own hungry passion. Todd pulled out and rested his cock against the cheek facing Zach and came in a torrent of hot cum down her cheek and onto her neck and shoulder. The entire side of her face was coated in his cum by the time he finished. Julie got a towel and wiped off as much as she could. Todd leaned her back on the bed and spread her legs facing Zach so that he could see as Todd knelt between her legs and began eating her pussy. That much Zach could have done, but had lost interest given his condition. Todd ate her out to a massive orgasm that came over her in waves until she seemed exhausted from the exertion. Todd was far from done with this woman. His needs were nearly as great as hers. His cock was rock hard again and keeping her in the same place and position, he stood up and positioned his cock at her opening and pushed all the way into her in one stroke. He hammered away and she begged him to fuck her harder and faster. Todd pummeled her tight pussy, tight from months of neglect. He leaned over and squeezed her tits while he fucked her in front of her husband and could almost detect Zach’s own heavy breathing in the corner as he watched his wife fuck another man.

“Cum inside my pussy, Todd. I want to feel you cum inside me!”

Todd was at the breaking point already and her words finished him off. He gushed shot after shot of cum deep in her cunt until he was completely spent. He stayed inside her for several minutes after he came and felt his cock grow hard again. She squeezed her pussy around his shaft knowing what he was trying to do. Slowly he started fucking her all over again, more slowly at first and then faster until she shuddered in another mind blowing orgasm of her own. By the time she reached a second one on his cock, Todd shot into her again. There was now a puddle of mingled fluid from both of them on the sheets beneath her as Todd finally pulled his cock from inside her.

Julie lay there breathless for a few minutes and Todd lay beside her catching his own breath. Finally, Todd sat up and said to Zach, “You are not getting off this easy my friend. Wheel your ass over here and eat her pussy. You can do that much for her.” Zach started to protest, but at the same time, and for the first time in ages, he actually wanted to. In fact, he was feeling a tingling sensation he had not felt in two years. He had never told Julie, but the doctors had said there was a very small chance that he would get back some or even possibly all feeling again. They reiterated that the odds were very slim, but still possible. He wheeled over to her and leaned forward and began licking and sucking on her wet, cum soaked clit and put his hands under her to feel her ass in a way he had not done in months. Julie closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of her husband giving her one of her favorite pleasures – an excellent tongue fucking. Meanwhile, she resumed her attention to Todd’s cock by giving him another well-deserved blowjob, this time swallowing his cum when he shot it in her mouth.

Shortly thereafter, Julie came on her husband’s face, now shiny from the mixture of her pussy juice and Todd’s cum. Zach had a big smile on his face and not just because he had made his wife cum. He looked at her and said, “I want to show you something. I have a surprise. Don’t get your hopes up too much but…”

He rolled back to reveal that he had undone his pants and pulled out his cock, now three quarters erect. Julie looked elated and confused all at the same time. “I don’t understand. That isn’t supposed to be possible. What is happening?”

“Julie,” he began, “the doctors didn’t hold out much hope but said occasionally there can be enough healing – even complete healing, from my type of injury. I thought they were just trying to keep me from giving up. But watching you and Todd fuck and then eating you myself, I began to feel this tingling I hadn’t ever felt since the accident. Maybe they were being honest with me after all. I never told you before because I never believed it myself.”

“But Zach, I just spent the evening fucking another man – in front of you, I might add – because I didn’t think we could ever do this again. How do you think I feel now?!”

“I hope you feel well fucked, sweetie,” he said with a big grin. “In fact, I suggest you fuck the rest of the night if you two are up to it. I am going to sit over here and watch and play with my cock and see if I continue to get more feeling in it and can get it harder. Probably won’t happen tonight, but even if it does come back, I think we can continue this type of party among the three of us. I found it pretty stimulating and you can’t say you didn’t. I know a real climax when it hits a woman and you had some beauties.”

Julie lay on the bed on her belly and asked Todd to take her from behind while she watched Zach stroke himself and play with his cock. She was now more at peace than at any other time in the past two years. As she came several more times, Zach found his own cock to be getting a little harder with each passing hour the three of them played. He was close to a full erection when Julie came over to him, knelt in front of him and tried to coax a full blown erection out of him by sucking on it for him. Todd quietly got dressed and went home, not knowing if she got Zach off that night or not. But at least things were looking up – including his own sex life. Then he realized after several hours of fucking and several loads spent in the process, his cock was still looking up too.

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