Leaving Party part 2


Leaving Party part 2
Part two…

Leading the guys to my office I quickly dropped the blinds, it was the best place to play as in the unlikely event anyone walked past they would think I was still working.
The atmosphere was electric.
They stood looking me over, clearly aroused and waiting to see what I would do next.

Stepping between them I kicked off my shoes and simply said, ‘Take off my clothes’

Their smiles let me know how special tonight was for them as my lovely guys gently stripped me.

First, my blouse was unbuttoned and slipped off
I was kissed along my jaw and neck as they unfastened my bra nipping and nibbling my nipples as they each cupped and caressed my naked breasts.
Then my skirt was unzipped and pulled down, Dan and Phil kissing and caressing every inch of legs.

Stepping out of it I slipped a hand down the front of my wet panties gently touching a finger to my clit and for a while stood there in just my panties and stockings as they kissed and caressed my neck, my breasts, my belly, my thighs, and ass.
I was so wet.
It was time to move things along.

Dan’s friend had been the first to bring me to orgasm and I intended to repay them each in turn, he had watched as the other two had enjoyed taking off my skirt and now stood behind me nibbling my neck while cupping a breast, so close I could feel his erection pressed to my buttock, turning my head I whispered in his ear,
‘please take my panties off.’

The other guys obviously heard because they stepped out of the way as he knelt, hooked his fingers in the waistband and began to remove my panties.
They offered little resistance as he pulled them over my hips and lower belly but both my pussy and the panties were so wet they clung to me slightly pulling on my smooth puffy lips as he peeled them away, slowly exposing my most private place.
I kicked them off casting them aside.

As soon as my feet were released from the garment I sat back on the edge of the desk moving my knees slowly apart, fully opening my thighs exposing everything to them.
Running a finger between my legs I cheekily said,
‘Enjoying the view’?

Obviously, they were enjoying every minute of it, they started to move towards me but I swung my legs around and stood to the side of the desk saying.
‘Remember this is my game guys’.
Pointing at the leather sofa to the far side of the room I said to Dan’s friend,
‘take a seat’.

As he sat down I leaned over him, my breasts brushing his chest.
Reaching down I put the palm of my hand against the lump in his trousers, applying pressure and rubbing gently, making him gasp and jump a little as I made contact with his cock.
In a husky voice, I said,
‘take off your shirt and trousers then sit back with your hands behind your head’.

To encourage him, (as if he needed any) I slowly, teasingly pulled his zip down then stood, giving him room to slip his things off.
As he settled back I leaned forward steadying myself with a hand on his leg, reached down and rubbed his penis through his boxers, keeping up a slow gentle rhythm. enjoying the sensation of him growing to full hardness. watching as a large damp patch of pre-cum appeared.
He was breathing heavily.

Carefully easing the boxers over his cock I positioned myself over his lap straddling him, leaned forward with my hands on his shoulders and carefully positioned myself so that his shaft was trapped between us.
He looked deep in my eyes.
Smiling I whispered,
‘If you move or touch I get off, ok’?
He nodded, burning desire and lust written all over his face.

Slowly I moved my hips, rubbing against his length using a tiny up and down motion, the tip of his penis twitched and pre-cum damped my lower belly, ran down his shaft and dribbled between my thighs lubricating my already very wet pussy lips, their soft silkiness opening slightly over his shaft as I switched position.

Leaning back slightly, steadying myself I pressed a little harder against him as I slowly and steadily ground myself against his cock, his breath hissing out between clenched teeth with each swing of my hips.
He breathed hard, sucking in air as I glided my slit over his shaft a little faster, enjoying the sensation each time his cock brushed my clit.
The poor guy was obviously getting close and gasped in frustration as I stopped moving against him and eased up, catching my breath for a second.

Reaching between us I grabbed his slick shaft just under the head, pinching it tight until it stopped pulsing and his breathing had slowed.
Pre-cum dribbled over my fingers as I raised myself up positioning his cock so that it pointed straight between my legs.
Looking him in the eye I lowered myself until my pussy gently brushed the slick tip.

He groaned as I moved his cock back and forth, dragging it across my silky flesh, the outer lips spreading as I lowered myself just a tiny fraction tilting my hips back and forth until I could feel the very tip at my opening, lingered right at the entrance of my pussy.
Again he groaned as I paused then gasped as my lips spread over the tip of his penis, güvenilir bahis I worked my hips back and forth, slowly, briefly lowering myself completely over the head as I gripped his penis hard in my hand and worked the shaft, leaning against him pressing my breasts to his mouth, his lips immediately seeking out and teasing a nipple.

His head suddenly jerked back in surprise and he let out a gasp as I suddenly lowered myself down hard taking his full length inside my sopping pussy, squeezing his cock as I moved my hips back and forth until I could feel it start to swell and pulse.

He stiffened trying to thrust forward as I reached between us grabbing his cock pulling it free from inside me but not quite quick enough as the head popped out the first short hard spurts of cum unloaded all over the outer edges of my pussy and thighs.
Taking control I clamped my hand hard around him pumping and squeezing it furiously over the glistening pulsing head causing him to gasp and shake as stringy streams of cum hit my belly and breasts.
Working him until the very last drop was discharged and he was gasping for breath.

He looked to be in a daze as I stood back, a little cramped in the legs and a little sticky, I walked around my desk and retrieved some wet wipes and tissues from my draw, as I cleaned up I noticed the other guys for the first time, they were stood either side of the sofa grinning wildly and from the state of their trousers they had both enjoyed the show.

Smiling I motioned to my office chair and simply said to Phil, ‘sit’.
He did as I asked and I knelt in front of him.

Reaching out I unbuttoned his shirt then unfastened his trousers, making sure to tease him by running my fingers over his cock as I unzipped them then tugged at both his trousers and his boxers, indicating that he should lift his ass so I could pull them down.
His cock sprang free and slapped against his belly I stared at it for a moment, taking in the thick vein and swollen circumcised head before pushing his knees apart against the arms of the leather chair, his movement restricted by his trousers and underwear pushed down to his dark socks.

Gripping his cock with one hand I leaned in and brought his cock to my mouth, just touching the tip of my tongue to him flicking it back and forth. then gently licked and nibbled his shaft with my lips, making him shudder as I reached the sensitive head.

He let out a soft moan so I pumped his shaft a little, cupping his balls in my other hand, massaging them gently, his cock began leaking lots of precum, wetting my lips as I moved them slowly over the head of his cock gently sucking.

Wrapping my fingers around his swollen shaft at the root so as to hold it firm I bobbed my head up and down taking more and more of his cock into my mouth, teasing him by using my tongue to swirl around the sensitive head then encasing it in my soft lips and sucking it hard.

I suppose all the touching and fun we’d had so far had gotten to the guys more than I realized as Phil was twitching and gasping, getting close much quicker than I thought he would, as had Dan’s friend.
Maybe I wasn’t the only one who had been sex-starved over the past few weeks.

Sensing Phil was going to cum teasing and technique went out the window and I simply mouth fucked and masturbated Phil’s cock, moving my hand faster and faster over the now slick shaft, the head of his cock encased in my soft lips as I lashed my tongue over the tip, driven by pure lust and instinct.
His cock actually felt and tasted good and I couldn’t help but briefly touch a finger between my own legs as I kissed and sucked and licked until he was on the edge.

He stiffened, arching his back slightly and without missing a beat, I kept my mouth closed over him right up to the point he started to shoot his load, sucking the head of his cock hard as I moved my hand furiously back and forth over the shaft.
The few first spurts hit my tongue, I swallowed then pulled back wanting to watch him cum, his seed splattering my lips and chin as I did so.

Sitting back on my heels I pumped my hand as stream after stream of goo shot out all over my breasts, great gobs running between them and down my belly.
As the spurts became a dribble I rubbed the head of his cock through the mess on my breasts and over my nipples enjoying the sensation, his cock growing softer but still twitching until he eventually grabbed my wrist, stilling my hand and quietly gasped,
‘please enough’.

Again I needed to clean up but this time wet wipes were not going to be enough so stood and walked over to the door saying to the guys,
‘just going to freshen up in the ladies’.

Phil was just wiping himself off with my wet wipes and stopped, looking shocked,
‘like that’? He said,
‘what if someones about’?
I shrugged and laughed.
‘Then they will either have a shock or a treat, depends on who they are and what they like.’

It was only a short walk to the ladies and back but the risk of walking the corridor naked but for my stocking, still sticky with cum was türkçe bahis as exciting as ever but, (disappointingly) uneventful.
When I came back to the office both Dan’s friend and Phil were sitting on the sofa, while Dan lounged against the desk.
I walked over to him and said.
‘Your turn, take off your trousers and lie down.’

He did as I asked and I knelt beside him stroking his cock gently, teasing by running my nails along the length but avoiding the glistening tip.
He was soon rock hard, a steady flow of precum oozing from the tip as I swung my leg over and straddled his lap.
Scooting forward I positioned myself so that his cock poked up between my legs.

Despite several delicious orgasms courtesy of the guys earlier, the cock play and teasing while making good on my promise to return the favor was making me incredibly horny.
My pussy was more than a little damp and I’d even needed a little ‘play’ in the toilets while cleaning myself up to ease the tension. I was really hoping this time I could get off before Dan blew his load but, with the show I had put on so far I wasn’t holding my breath.

Taking his wrists I guided his hands to my breasts where he immediately squeezed them, pinching and rubbing a thumb over my stiff nipples, I looked down at his impressively large engorged cock resting against his flat toned belly and inched forward until my now very moist pussy lips rested very gently against the base of his shaft.

Leaning forward so that I squashed against it, dampening his meat with my juices I whispered in his ear.
‘Have you ever had a cameltoe slide?’
He shook his head and said,
‘not sure what that is.’
His cock twitched against me as I sat back pushing my hips slightly forward.
My pussy pressed hard against his shaft, trapping it against him as he gasped,
‘wow, that’s nice.’

‘That’s’ nothing’ I said as I began to rock my hips slightly back and forth.

His cock felt delicious against me, my juices making his shaft slick as I worked my hips back and forth crushing my pussy against him, the outer lips spreading and dragging against him, I was soon feeling the first stirrings of an orgasm so reaching down pressing a finger to my sensitive clit as we both groaned in pleasure.

I loved the sensation of my slick pussy rubbing against his hard shaft and applied more pressure forcing my lips further apart, teasingly sliding further forward, dragging my sopping lips so they just touched the head of his cock making him twitch, breaking contact as he moved his hips,

‘Stay still’ I said and paused a moment, a dribble of our combined juices dripped down, stringing off my pussy to his cock, I reached between us spreading it gently over his shaft with a finger before settling back down.
I loved this position looking down on his penis, it pulsed against me, swollen and damp, twitching against his belly.

He’d got the message and stayed still as I settled my weight back down on him, although he sucked air through his teeth and pushed his head back at the teasing sensation of my pussy rubbing against him as I started grinding my hips back and forth in a slow tiny rhythmic movement.
Enjoying both the sensation between my legs and the guys watching I pressed a finger to my clit, making a show of rubbing the sensitive nub in small firm circles then placed the finger to Dan’s lips so he could taste me.

Leaning forward with my hands on Dan’s chest I shifted my weight so that my pussy pressed hard against him I moved my hips back and forth along the full length of his cock from the base to the head, my lips spreading around the slick shaft and he gave a small gasp each time they caressed the swollen sensitive head.
Copious amounts of pre-cum mingling with my own juices, my breath was coming quicker and I could feel my orgasm nearing but all too soon Phil was breathing hard as he began to approach his own climax.
But I wasen’t done with him yet.

Easing up and sitting back he groaned at the sudden loss of contact then gasped as I grabbed his shaft, pressed his cock between my legs and rubbed it hard back and forth between my lips before sitting down in one swift movement causing an ‘oomph’ of air to escape his lips.

Pausing for just a second to adjust position I again leaned forward taking my weight on my palms and gently ground my ass back and forth enjoying the sensation of holding the full length of his cock deep inside my cunt.
He groaned and I could tell from his breathing and the way his cock pulsed he was really close.

Wanting to cum I sat back on my heels and rode his cock, my breasts bouncing firmly with each stroke until he reached up and grabbed them roughly adding to my excitement as I moved up and down his full length, almost letting the head spill out before sinking down to the thick base, however too soon his body began to shake and I felt his cock begin to pulse and spasm.
Frustratingly I was so close to reaching my own orgasm.

I pulled away and his cock slipped out just in time slapping back against his belly as sperm erupted, spilling out over his güvenilir bahis siteleri tight abs, I held it tight and he let out a moan of pleasure as I pumped my hand back and forth kneeling beside him while working my fingers between my legs in a desperate need to cum.

As the final spurts dribbled out of Dan’s cock I shuddered in pleasure as fingers suddenly rubbed between my legs from behind displacing my own, dipping into my pussy and circling my clit while hands caressed my ass, my breasts, the other guys now kneeling either side of me bringing me to orgasm.
Then, as I was still gasping in a haze of desire I was stood up and gently guided forwards until my hands were on the desk and I felt one of the guys grasp my hips.
A cock pressed against my pussy.

This wasn’t part of my plan.
But I was so turned on.
Without hesitation I pushed back and, whichever of the guys it was thrust forwards, parting my very wet, very sensitive lips with ease his cock immediately filling me up, I let out a little moan of pleasure feeling his balls slap against me as he settled into a rhythm and picked up the pace.

Up until now, I had been in charge but my need was such that lust drove away any sense other than the need to orgasm, this was lust, passion, and raw a****l sex.
He grabbed my hips and pulled me hard into him, I was so aroused and almost on the point of a second orgasm but again to be left disapointed as his movements became more urgent, more intense reaching a climax when mine was so, so close.
As I felt him tense I flopped forward over the desk causing him to spill out of me, his cock twitched against my cheeks cum spattering between my buttocks as he continued to move his hips, rubbing against my ass.

He moved off me but before I had a chance to take back control Dan’s friend moved in kissing me on the neck while taking a hold of my hips, lifting me up onto the desk, he positioned me on the edge and parted my knees making my legs splay wide, running his hands over my damp thighs he used his thumbs on my slit.
Parting my lips he displayed me to the whole room, making me gasp as he rubbed a thumb over my clit while burying his fingers deep in my pussy sending me over the edge in a shuddering orgasm.

As I caught my breath I looked at the guys with a slightly wicked smile, I’d always been an exhibitionist often getting as much pleasure from being watched as from being fucked.

As I made to move off the desk it was obviouse that Dan’s friend wasn’t done.

He gripped me firmly by the hips and thrust forward making me gasp as his cock pushed between my still sensitive lips, pushing part of the way into me before bringing it back so that the head gently brushed back and forth over my sopping entrance, teasing me in much the same way I had teased the guys.
Suddenly he pounded back inside making our bodies slap together taking my breath.

He began to pump into me with full strokes of his swollen cock, fucking firmly but steadily, the tingling sensation of another orgasm made me gasp and roll my hips.
He drew back until the tip of his penis just rested between my lips waiting until my breathing had calmed a little then just as my orgasm had subsided he lifted my legs pulling me back to the very edge of the desk and without hesitation pounded back inside me making our bodies slap together in an ever quickening frantic rhythm.

My pussy was hyper sensitive, each thrust caused a little muscle to tremble in my inner thigh, my head was swimming and after the first few minutes I was again cumming hard, gasping and pushing my hips into him as my orgasm rippled through my lower belly, my juices running out over my thighs and buttocks.
I was lost in ecstacy.

Nearing his own orgasm he tried to pull out, but I said,
‘No not this time’.
‘I want to feel you cum.’

This seemed to send him over the edge and his cock twitched and swelled feeling deliscious inside me, gripping my hips tight he pumped his load into my pussy leaving me gasping.
Still feeling light headed from my own orgasm I enjoyed the sensation as his cock flexed for a final time and slipped from my sopping lips.
It’s not often I let a guy cum in me, prefering to watch as he cums on me but it had been so long and it was such a turn on that two of the guys had just taken me like he had I wanted to feel everything.

Feeling really naughty I laid back getting my breath and let my thighs slip wide apart so all the guys could have one last lingering look between my legs as cum oozed out of my pussy dribbling down pooling under my ass cheeks.

‘Hmm that felt so good, I haven’t been done like this in a long time, thank’s guy’s’ I said before stretching and sitting up.
Looking down at the sopping glistening mess between my legs I added.
‘Looks like another trip to the ladies while you clean up here.’

When I got back the guys were once again dressed and the office wasn’t in too much dissaray.
I gave them each a naked hug before dresssing, although my panties were too wet to wear so I left both those and my bra off much to the delight of the guys as my nipples were clearly visible through my blouse

It had been a fun farewell on my last evening and as I left the building butterflies tickled my stomach as I wondered where my next job would take me and what adventures I might have next

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