How Slutwife Terry Webb deflowers virgins and fulf


How Slutwife Terry Webb deflowers virgins and fulf

I enjoy fulfilling all fantasies but most importantly to me are all the FIRSTS my partners have experienced with me. A lot of my partners get to finally fulfill a long desired fantasy with me that their spouses won’t fulfill for them. I love fulfilling fantasies and being “THE FIRST” for so many partners. One example is how many guys finally get to try anal sex or group sex with me. A lot of guys have never had oral sex either giving or receiving. , Those who have a willing spouse I’ve found a lot of times I’m the first willing to swallow. I know these partners will always look back and remember their time with me because I fulfilled a first time for them even if I wasn’t their first fuck. I know I’ve been the first woman on woman sexual partner for a lot of women. Usually it is a married woman wanting to explore that side of their sexuality either güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri by their own choice or with the encouragement of their husband. I have NO IDEA how many firsts I have fulfilled or how many virgins I have fucked over the years but I have NO DOUBT they all remember that first time with me. I am just happy I could fulfill those fantasies and be a special memory they can recall even years later. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
One of my favorite “FIRSTS” adventures I still recall with a smile wasn’t planned. I was the first experience for several young adolescent boys. Again I don’t condone nor encourage u******e sex of any kind nor will I ever knowingly engage in it. I was sunbathing topless on a public beach. My very small string bikini bottoms barely covering my lady parts and thanks to my husband would occasionally have a “wardrobe malfunction” güvenilir bahis şirketleri fully exposing my smooth pussy to anyone walking the beach.I had a towel over my face taking a nap in the bright sun laying on my back getting plenty of sun on all my special lady parts. My hubby was some distance away near the surf watching as a small group of young boys kept walking past me, each pass they made was a few feet closer to me than their last. Im sure they were getting an eyeful and most likely seeing their first female nudity ever.
Finally they encircled me whispering such things as “no you do it” or “don’t you will wake her”. All this whispering did wake me and without moving I listened to their comments. It was all I could do NOT to smile or laugh. The towel was thin enough I could see thru it and watch them as they were looking me over. Finally they made a deal that the canlı bahis şirketleri leader would count to 3 and all of them would get a touch before running away. I heard him count as quietly as he could and when he said 3 they all quickly grabbed a breast or rubbed my slightly exposed pussy lips. They immediately took off running laughing and bragging to each other about who touched what. I sat up and watched them running away occasionally looking over their shoulders to see what I was doing. I could only laugh and smile knowing that was one memory that they would always remember and even brag about for years to come. I was even pleased that my hubby had arranged a wardrobe malfunction so these guys got the full deal. After the boys had disappeared into the crowd far down the beach, I readjusted my bottoms to recover my lady parts, layed back down on my back, covered my face in the towel and soaked up more sun. So to answer the question of how many virgins I deflowered or how many firsts I’ve fulfilled I have no clue. I just know I’m a wonderful memory for a huge number of past partners including those I never met who have seen my nudity as I continue my exciting hobby of exposing myself in public places.

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