How my virginity was sold


How my virginity was sold
Last time I told you how having got a part time job in a car salesroom to fund going to college during 1979 and that my boss Steve, tried to have sex with me in his car but I stopped him just before he penetrated me by me jerking him off. It was a close run thing but my virginity remained intact. You may recall that he paid me £20.00p to keep my mouth shut about the incident. As I also mentioned my family was not well off and that going to college was going to be a financial struggle for me but I was determined to make a go of it. I couldn’t afford to lose my job so I carried on all the time worrying about money. Then an idea hit me; if Steve was prepared to cough up twenty quid to keep me quiet he would likely pay me to jerk him off occasionally.

I decided to approach him the next Saturday that I was working as Steve was always the last to leave in the evening. To get his interest I wore a particularly short mini skirt and tight white sweater and black tights. That idea worked a treat as he could barely take his eyes off me every time I passed through the salesroom. I hung back in the evening pretending to file documents until everyone but Steve had gone home, then I made him a coffee and took it into his office where he was sat at his desk completing the days sales documents. He looked surprised when I entered and placed the coffee on his desk but said thanks whilst looking straight at my tits. ‘Is there anything else I can do for you?’ I asked. He looked up at me and grinned. ‘Well come to think of it there is something’ he said leering. ‘And what might that be I asked?’ ‘I think you know damn well what that might be’ he said and laughed. ‘No I don’t’ I said ‘why don’t you tell me’. For a moment he was non-plussed but then his face grew dark and he said ‘ After last time, you know damn well what I want is to fuck you, that’s what you can do for me. Now stop prick teasing and fuck off!,

I stood my ground, my stomach churning but I said ”Look Steve I’m a virgin and I want to keep it that way but I’ll give you what I gave you last time for the same amount of money’. Time seemed to stand still as he just stared at me for what seemed an eternity and then he said ‘Is that true? No spotty faced teenager has popped your cherry. Your intact. Truthfully?
‘Yes, it’s true’ I said. He stared at me for a few moments and said ‘I’m a salesman, and a bloody good one so I know the value of things. If you’re telling the truth you’ve got a valuable commodity between your legs. That is if you’ve got the sense to make the most of it’. Again there canlı bahis şirketleri was a silence and I thought he was going to make me an offer to take my virginity, but instead he said ‘Ok I’ll buy from you but this time twenty gets me a blow job’.

I had never sucked a cock but I knew what the expression meant. A couple of my boyfriends had suggested I do it to them but I had refused being slightly revolved by the idea although at the same intrigued. ‘Thirty’ I said almost without thinking. ‘Thirty pounds gets you a blow job’. By now I was so tense I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Steve rocked back in his chair and grinned at me. ‘OK, thirty, but you get your tits out as well. Deal?’ I nodded my ascent. Steve pointed at the window blinds and told me to close them which I did. When I turned he said ‘Get undressed then’.

I pulled my sweater over my head and undid my bra putting the clothes on a chair and stood facing him with my arms folded over my chest. ‘Take your arms away and strip off the rest of your kit’. ‘You said just my tits out’ I protested. ‘Well, I meant all of you on show, so either strip off or fuck off! Your choice’. Angered I obeyed and stripped naked, the first time I had ever appear so in front of a man in my life. He gave me a long appraising look over and said ‘ Stand with your legs apart’. I obeyed but he wasn’t satisfied and demanded that I widen my stance, which I did. He stood up and walked around his desk and stood immediately in front of me. ‘Very nice, very nice indeed. Your tits are a bit small but they will mature with time. nice nipples though’. Standing back slightly he said’ I’m going to put my hand between your legs I won’t hurt you’. I felt his fingers move over my pubic mound and trace a line down between my legs and between my pussy lips easing them apart as his hand moved lower. I stepped back away from his touch. ‘None of this is part of the deal. You want more, you pay for it!’ He just laughed and unzipped his fly. ‘Take it out and get to work’. He demanded.

I put my hand inside his trousers and found his hard cock and pulled it out. It was about 7 inches or so long and thick and I remembered how I had felt it pushing into me when he had tried to fuck me in his car. It was a circumcised cock and dark brown in color with a pale pink tip wet with pre-cum juices. ‘On your knees then’ he demanded.

I dropped to my knees and he took hold of my hair, held my head back slightly and guided his member into my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and only just managed to take it in. He kept pushing canlı casino siteleri it in until it hit the back of my throat and I gagged. ‘You’ve never sucked cock before?’ have you he stated. I shook my head slightly. ‘Then let me give you a lesson’. Taking the shaft of his cock he moved it in and out of my mouth so it rubbed along the inside of my left cheek and then he commenced to pump it in and out moving faster as time went by whilst shifting it from side to side of the inside of my mouth. He tasted acrid and salty and I gagged several times but he continued for quite a while before pausing. ‘Now you suck it and move it in and out of your mouth as you suck. Get a good grip with your lips and use your tongue to lick the tip and the shaft’. I did as I was told and after a while, I found a rhythm and he started to grunt and make a moaning sound. Once again he took over and started to move his cock back and forth faster and faster when, all of a sudden he gasped and thrust his cock deep into my throat that made me gag and struggle to get away but he held me tight and suddenly his cock started to throb and he shot his load. His hot cum shot into my throat causing me to gag over and over as I tried to clear it away by swallowing as fast as I could. He held me in place so long and he came for so long I thought I was going to choke to death but after what seemed an eternity he gasped and stood back splattering my face and tits with cum as he withdrew his cock. ‘God, that was fucking great!!’ he exclaimed as he stepped back.

I gasped for air choking and coughing all at the same time with cum dribbling from my mouth and on to the carpet as I bent forward trying to get air into my lungs. I don’t know what I had expected but I hadn’t expected what he had just pumped into me! Eventually, I got myself sorted out and stood up before slumping into a chair. Steve stood across the room from me grinning and holding his cock in his right hand. ‘You’re a fucking natural, Paula, you really are! That was the best blow job I’ve had and I’ve had a few. You swallowed the lot apart from a few drops. thata girl!

I stared at him growing angry ‘I didn’t have any choice you bastard you had me pinned with your cock down my throat, I could’ve choked to death!’ He just laughed. ‘Don’t be so dramatic, you just need practice, and believe me if you want the business I’ll give you plenty of that!’ He walked over to his desk and picked up the three ten pound notes and handed them to me.

Having dressed he took out a bottle of whiskey and poured some into two glasses handing kaçak casino me one. ‘I need to go to the toilet and wash up’ I said turning away and walking out the door. In the toilet, I washed my face and hands and drank copious amounts of water whilst swilling my mouth out. The salty acrid taste of his cum clung to my taste buds as a constant reminder of him inside me. Back in his office, he handed me the whiskey which I drank, not because I liked it although I did need it to calm my nerves, but because it helped mask the taste of him.

Steve sat on the edge of his desk and looked at me. ‘So what made you decide to make me an offer?’ he asked with a grin. I sipped at my drink and said ‘I want money to go to college’.

‘Fair enough’ he said, ‘So you’ve decided to take up whoring to get it then?’ I shrank back somewhat at that statement as I hadn’t looked at that way at all. ‘No!’ I said vehemently. ‘I just thought that giving you a hand job now and then would help me save some money’.

‘Christ! How far do you think a few thirty quid tricks with me is going to get you?’ Steve laughed. ‘ You’re going to need a bloody sight more than that to fund your way!’ I just stared at him, knowing him to be right and I felt stupid and used.

Steve shook his head and then looked at me. ‘You remember what I said about you having a valuable commodity between your legs, you being a virgin an’ all? Well, I know guys who’d pay well to take your cherry hon, if you know what I mean?’

I looked at him hard and then said ‘What you are saying is that I could be paid a large amount to allow a guy to fuck me and take my virginity?’ ‘

‘That’s exactly what I mean’

‘Like you for instance?’ I scoffed.

His face remained serious. ‘I wish babe, I really do, but I haven’t got the kinda dough that you could get’. I looked at him shocked.

‘You’re serious aren’t you?’

‘Look at this way’, he said staring intently at me. ‘Why spread your legs and give the once in a lifetime experience to some spotty faced teenager for nothing when you can sell it and get a big part of what you need. Think like a salesman babe and get your hands on a wadge of cash’.

‘How much?’ I asked my mind whirling. ‘I don’t know for sure, but we are talking at least several hundred pounds’ Steve responded that made me gasp.

‘How do you arrange it. I mean who do you ask?’

,’My thoughts are’ it goes up for private auction. Guys I choose and I know have the cash will bid by writing the amount they will pay on a piece of paper placed in an envelope. The highest offer wins.’

I stood for a long while thinking about it. After considering the pro’s and con’s I decided that, yes, I would go for it.
‘Alright,’ I said ‘I’ll do it’. Steve grinned and the went serious, ‘Look, if I set the ball rolling you can’t get cold feet and change your mind, right?.

‘I won’t’ I said.

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