Tricked into meeting BBC Gay


Tricked into meeting BBC Gay
I had been on line all day long looking for someone to hook up with. Just when I though it would be another wasted Saturday I received four messages in a row from four different guys who had read my on line ad: “Husky Bear Seeks To Drain You Dry. Recently divorced 52 year old man looking to come to you, drop to my knees and do anything I’m told to orally to please you.”

I opened the first response. It contained three photos of a very large, in-shape black man, 39 years old and only about 10 miles away from me. I shot a message back to him immediately. “Thanks for your note. I’ve never had the pleasure of sucking a black cock and it’s always been a fantasy of mine. I need to remind you, I’m a big guy, not exactly in good shape. But I do love to suck!”

His message came back saying he’d love to meet me and it would only cost me $200. I immediately hit the delete key.

The next message showed a man in his 40’s, husky like me with a great looking cock picture, but I noticed his nipples had been pierced, he had a number of tattoos, and the look in his eyes told me he might trouble. Delete!

The next message was from a young Asian college student, also looking for some help with his college expenses and he was sporting a five inch cock. Delete!

The fourth message said he was 41 years old, in shape and his wife no longer enjoys sucking cock. He said he was 7 inches long and loved the feeling of someone sucking his cock and balls and loved to blast off in a woman’s mouth but he had never tried a man before.

He used the same internet service as I did and I was able to locate him on line and send him an instant message that started an online chat. He sounded perfect. He needed a blow job and I wanted to taste a man’s cock in my mouth again. After 6 months it was time to be humble and suck anything as I was told to suck.

I told him I would do anything to please him orally but he couldn’t ask me, he really needed to tell me what to do.

He asked me if I would suck his balls. I reminded him I would do ANYTHING oral as long as he told me to do it.

Minutes later I was on my way to his house to enjoy sucking a nice hard safe seven-inch cock while his wife was out of town for the weekend.

Imagine my surprise when he opened the door, wearing only a white robe with apparently nothing underneath it. Surprise, maybe shock. Before me stood a handsome 6’3″ black man who was in perfect shape.

“Hey man, I’ve never done this before with a guy and I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you I was black. Is that okay with you?” He sounded sincere and a bit shy in asking me this.

Here it was finally. One of my five unfulfilled fantasies was standing before me, apologizing for being black. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, and said, “Where would you like me sir?”

“So my being black isn’t a turn off?,” he asked.

I rarely talk with someone in this situation. I’m there to blow and go after he cums. But this guy had no idea the power he had over me and over a number of other white men. “Listen,” I said. “I’ve never been with a black guy. Black guys or guys in general don’t turn me on, women do. I get the need for the taste of cock now and then and I will do anything to please the guy I’m with. Well, anything orally that is. But your being black is one of my fantasies. You have no idea of the power of black cock do you?”

“Why do I turn you on?”

“Well, it’s not size. You told me you were seven inches, which I think is a perfect mouthful and more. kaçak casino It’s more the fact that I am crossing one more line, one more barrier in life that is not considered normal. The thought that you can do anything you want with me and I’ll do it for you. I guess it’s a reversal of olden day rules, where the black man was a slave doing as the white man ordered. I guess it’s a bit of pay back. And right now you have no idea how much power you have over me, or any white man you may want.”

He slowly turned and showed me back to his master bedroom. I saw the photographs of his wife around the room. She was a stunning 29 year old white woman (I learned her age later) who was a model and currently away on assignment. I was very impressed.

He turned around and told me with authority in his voice to get on my knees.

I was on my knees in an instant and he moved forward without saying a word. I slowly opened his robe and saw the most beautiful black cock and huge balls I had ever seen. WTF 7 inches it was already at 7 inches and still soft. I stuck out my tongue to lick the head, then kissed it. He pushed forward slightly and I knew he wanted me to start to suck it and I did. It began to harden, getting even bigger and thicker making it difficult to get it all into my mouth.

I pull his large cock from my mouth and he give me a dixie cup with some liquid in it, gurgle with this and swallow it will make it easier . I later learn it was some dry mouth mouthwash. Now get back to sucking my cock you should not have any trouble now, man he was right as my mouth start dripping with salvia running down to his huge black balls.

I’ve sucked about 10 cocks and this was the first one that was getting beyond my gag reflex enough to get into my throat. He knew what he wanted and so did I. The one thing I noticed was the color contract was a huge turn on. His cock tasted no different than a white cock, but his black skin did something to me that I still can’t explain.

“I’ve always wanted to be in someone’s throat,” he said. My wife used to suck my dick but she doesn’t any more. Now that she’s a recognized model it’s been hell living with her. I’m glad you came over boy.”

He kept pumping my face, slowly and carefully, but enough to let me know he was in charge and he was fucking my face for his pleasure, not mine. After about five minutes he pulled out and lay back on his bed.

“Lick them black balls boy,” he said.

I moved closer to him and took one of his hairy black balls into my mouth, licking it very slowly. He smelled faintly of soap from a recent shower, and his skin was a bit rougher than I was used to. But his hairy ball tasted great. After a couple of minutes I backed it out of my mouth and took his other ball into my mouth and sucked it.

“That’s right boy, you love my balls don’t you? You love servicing a black man’s cock and balls, don’t you?”

I struggled to say yes with his ball in my mouth.

“Good. Now, lick my ass very slowly and I want to feel your tongue all the way up inside of it boy.”

I hesitated for an instant. Licking a mans ass is one of the most disgusting things I can think of, but I’ve had women lick my ass and I had told him I would do anything oral. Plus his black skin was turning me on like nothing I had ever experienced.

I started licking around his ass hole and then slowly, moved my tongue up inside of it. Backing it in and out trying to get more and more of my tongue inside like he wanted.

“Wait, let me turn over.”

He was casino oyna on his bed, doggy style now and I started licking his asshole again, getting deeper and deeper inside. Like I said, I don’t like licking a man’s ass but he would never know that, because I wasn’t going to let this man down.

After about five minutes he told me to stop.

He had me lie down on the bed and straddled my face, feeding me his balls. “Enjoy those bags boy,” he said. “I have always wanted to tea bag a mouth, and you are the first for me.”

My fantasy was in full swing, and I was enjoying my first black experience as much as I thought I would. His balls were huge and I loved sucking on them this way.

He pulled away and pushed his rock hard black cock into my mouth next. Mmmm, I love the taste of cock and this one really turned me on. He slowly fucked my face for a few more minutes and suddenly started to pick up speed, forcing my head back into the pillow more and more with each thrust. Then his body stiffened and without warning I felt my mouth fill up with his cum. I had forgotten how hot cum is. Then a second shot of cum forced me to swallow what I had in my mouth. It was salty, slimy, with a taste like bleach, but I still considered it to be delicious. Another blast, and then another. In all, I would say seven or eight blasts of cum filled my mouth and I swallowed four times then licked his softening cock clean.

What a great experience, but now it was time for me to go.

“Wait a minute boy,” said my new friend. “I’m not done with your worthless fat white body.”

I must have had a shocked expression on my face when he shoved his soft cock back into my mouth.

“Come on boy, suck it, but carefully because it’s still sensitive there.”

I slowly sucked his cock and ever so slowly it began to harden again.

He rolled me over and told me to get on the bed like he had been earlier. He said he wanted to lick my ass like I had done his. I love it when my wife sucks my ass, so I thought why not…

I felt what I thought was his tongue and felt my ass getting wet and it was driving me crazy. Then I felt something enter my ass and realized he was finger fucking me with his spit wet finger. I wasn’t sure where this was going but I was not ready to loose my ass cherry tonight.

“Relax boy, I’m just loosening up this tight ass of yours. Feels like you haven’t had something in this ass for a very long time.”

I told him the only thing that had ever been in that ass was a few women’s tongues and my doctor’s fingers during exams.

“Well boy, I believe I was fair to you in fulfilling your fantasy with a black man, wasn’t I?”

I had to agree with him. “Yes, thank you. I hope we can meet again.”

“Oh, we will, and sooner than you may think. I mean you said you usually only meet up with a guy once or twice year. My dick needs to be drained on a regular basis and your cock sucking lips are the best that have ever been around this black man’s dick.”

“Thank you.”

I had almost forgotten he was finger fucking me and had noticed he had by now three fingers slowly working my ass. I guess I was getting used to it.

He moved above me and started rubbing my back, giving me one hell of a back massage. I stretched out as I relaxed and suddenly he was on top of me, clicking each of my wrists into some handcuffs that were hiding under his pillows. I was trapped, and unsure of what was going to happen next.

“Well, since I fulfilled your fantasy it’s time for you to satisfy mine. So lie there and canlı casino siteleri do everything I tell you to and you won’t get hurt. Do you understand?”

“Listen,” I said as I tried to struggle free. “I don’t mind sucking you but I’m done here. Now, let me go.”

“Let you go? Or what? You’ll tell on me? You’ll leave on your own? Ha! I don’t think you know what I have here. I’ve got a white married bitch who just sucked my black dick, my black balls, and swallowed my three day black load of cum. And I didn’t force you to do any of that, did I boy?”

“No sir, you didn’t. But I just want to leave.”

“You told me that black dick turns you on. That you felt the black man was superior to you white boy’s. That this was payback for past slavery. That’s why I allowed you to suck my dick and swallow my black cum. You’ve had your fun, not it’s time for me to show you the power of black dick boy. And I owe it all to you for showing me my place in life boy.”

He moved between my legs, spreading them effortlessly. I felt his cock up against my ass and felt it try to invade my asshole. My doctor just last week had told me I had the tightest ass he had ever stuck his finger in and I was not looking forward to this attack. And that’s what it was. Slowly, back and forth, and even with the lube he had applied it was taking forever and burning every time he made headway.

After a few minutes I felt the black head of his cock enter my ass and from there it was two more pushes and he was half way in and I was biting my tongue, screaming inside and moaning outside. He held it there, not moving. Then he slowly moved back and again, slowly forward. A few more minutes he was deep inside of my ass slowly fucking me.

“That’s it boy. I have always wanted to fuck a nice fat ass and you have the fattest ass I have ever seen. I didn’t know you were going to be cherry, but that’s my fantasy, to fuck a cherry white boy. Now, relax while I fuck you boy. I can’t wait to cum in your hairy fat ass boy.”

Those words scared me more than getting fucked by this man. What if he’s not safe? But I had no choice, my arms were secured to the bed and he was quickly fucking my ass. The pain either went away or I became used to it.

It seemed like an hour but about five minutes later he came again, deep inside of me. He stiffened and I felt his cock twitch four or five times, so I knew he was cumming inside of me.

As he lifted off of my body he unlocked one of my wrists and rolled me over. He straddled my face again and stuck his softening cock in my mouth. I had not expected this and tried to fight it but he just pushed forward, and I was being forced to lick his cum and ass juice cock clean.

He left the room and came back a few minutes later handing me a beer.

“You know, I have never been with a guy before, but have always heard how much better men suck dick than women do. You proved that to be true today. Then when I saw your fat white ass I knew I needed to have it. I knew it even more when you told me you viewed black men as the superior human. You built up my ego to the point of knowing it’s true. So now your fat white ass belongs to me.

He moved closer to me again, and slipped his soft, sticky cock into my mouth one more time. As he did so he began telling me . . . “Yes, you really put me in my place. Now, tomorrow night I want you here at 7:30 PM. It’s my poker night and I think some of my brothas need to meet up with you.”

I left his house, sore, feeling empty inside but knowing I was full of his cum.

And what was I going to do about tomorrow night? Good thing he didn’t know how to get in touch with me. Just my phone got a text with a picture of me sucking his huge black cock, with the message don’t be late 7:30 sharp!

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