First time high school senior (part 1)


First time high school senior (part 1)
First time story writer. My real first time male on male experience with a long time guy friend.

It was my senior year in high school and I couldn’t wait for all the parties, girls, and crazy times. I was an active athletic guy who took part in many athletic teams. But my main sport was soccer. I played soccer for a long time with my very close friend Roy. He was our teams goalie.

We would often have practice 2-4 times a week depending on the season. Since I was in the process of getting my first car I would often ask Roy for a ride to practice and games. He was very understanding guy and since we were close friends he happily agreed to the arrangement. Unfortunately our high school had limited parking for high school seniors so we would take the bus to his house, get ready for practice and then drive his car to the fields.

After getting off the bus each day we would arrive to his house and have about an hour or so before needing to leave for practice. Since Roy’s parents worked, we had the house to ourselves. Roy would often take a shower while I watched tv, played video games in his room.

Roy would often come back to his room with just a towel on. Roy was a pretty athletic guy but was a bit stockier type build. By no means was he fat but he was a solid muscular guy with a few extra pounds. Roy would routinely take his towel off and hang it on his closet door. The first time this happened I was pretty shocked since he could have easily got changed in the bathroom before coming back to his room.

I would often keep my eyes on the tv since I didnt want him to think I was a creep, weirdo, or gay. But day after day the routine continued. Roy was not shy about exposing him manly meat lol. He had a pretty sizable hairy bush around his above avg cock and balls. I later found out that he was just about 8 inches. Roy had a very very THICK cock even when he was limp. Again above avg girth lol. This might have been a factor with why he was so comfortable changing in front of me completely naked.

After about 5 times seeing him naked I found my self checking out my friends body more and more. I never looked at myself as gay or even interested in guys but the way Roy was so open with being naked, and the fact that he was well endowed made for an interesting sight.

Most of all though, I would often wait for him to go over to his closet and bend over and grab his cleats. I really started to enjoy seeing his manly big butt bend over. His butt cheeks would spread just enough to expose his super hairy ass crack and his pink asshole all while his big bushy balls hanging between his legs. Since his cleats and other gear were at the back of his closet I would have about 10-15 seconds to take in the view. We would both then get changed and go to practice.

The thrill of trying to sneak a peek of my close friends dick, balls and his butt cheeks spread open without him noticing was very exciting each and every time.

But one day, the thrill of seeing him naked all changed.

The normal routine of him taking a shower, coming back to his room naked and getting changed for practice all took place. But once we both changed, we had about 45mins before we needed to leave for practice.

My friend Roy said “do you want to play truth or dare?” I was a bit reluctant bahis siteleri at first but agreed to play.

The game was pretty normal and tame at first with alot of stupid truth questions like What girls do you like? whats your biggest secret?… etc to stupid dares.

After playing for about 15mins things changed and I was up. I took a truth.

Roy asked if I looked/checked him out while he got changed for soccer?

I was so embarrassed, nervous and didnt know what to say. I could tell my face was blushing and showing the real “truth” Since I was a pretty prude innocent k** at the time I just tried to play it off and said no.

Roy immediately said “dude just be honest. Have you checked me out when I am naked?”

After an awkward 2mins of just trying to ignore the question and move on he asked me again its truth of dare… you have to tell the truth!

So I said yeah I have looked at you before…

He said I knew it. I catch you all the time checking me out. You always pretend not to look but I catch your eyes looking down at my cock. He laughed so hard and kept going. I also catch you looking at my ass. I said no you dont and then he walked over to his closet and said “so when I look in this mirror and see you staring at my ass when I bend over is a lie” He went back to laughing…

I was so nervous and embarrassed that Roy noticed me checking him out. I started to think about how I was not gay and how i am not into guys but no words came out. Roy was a pretty popular guy in our high school and I started to worry about who he would tell and how that would change things.

But after a little while things calmed down and we played some video games for some time.

I had to say something before we went to practice…. If we go to practice and see our friends he might tell them and then everyone will find out… i had to say something…

So I said “Roy, can you promise not to tell anyone?” He chuckled and said maybe maybe not. I then said it in a more firm tone. Roy seriously! Dont tell anyone! He said I donno dude how do i know you dont tell other people who i like, and my secrets from the truth or dare game. I said I promise I wont say anything and you cant either.

He said only if you really tell me the truth and not just “yeah i looked before” There was an awkward moment when I contemplated my response. As i did he said again, you have to tell me the “real truth”.

I said fine i will tell you as long as what is said is never told to anyone… We shook on it.

He said well…. tell me the truth….

I said well I would often check out your dick and balls and when you bend over to get your cleats I would look at your butt cheeks ok! I said it.

Then he said. I always caught you checking me out.. you should have just been honest. I wont say anything to anyone. And while we are being honest…. I kinda got changed naked on purpose to catch you checking me out. He explained that it was like an unspoken game lol. He would be in the shower and think about how to extend the amount of time he was naked without making it obvious to me. He told me he would put his clothing in different parts of his room so he would walk by me naked as many times as possible.

I was shocked and he could tell. I then said so this whole time you knew I was checking you out? He said yeah. It was funny watching bahis şirketleri you pretend not to look but you ALWAYS looked lol.

Then he went on to tell me that he moved his mirror to get a better angle today of my face and he showed me how he angled it. He told me my face was priceless when he bent over yesterday. He told me he planned to get on all fours and let his dick and balls hang between his legs and really arch his ass up. He told me he wanted to see if i was really interested in seeing his ass crack spread wide open with “everything exposed”. And sure enough you watched as i wiggled, bent over, and swung my dick and nuts from left to right. He told me he didnt think I would be into his hairy ass but after seeing me stare he knew i liked it!

I was now even more embarrassed!

He then said to be honest is was pretty fun planning all this stuff out. I wouldn’t have done this with anyone else. He told me he really trusted me and knew i was trustworthy. He then said that he wanted to say more but he didnt want things to get weird between us. At the time I really liked that he thought i was trustworthy and that he didnt do this with anyone else but at the same time I had no idea what he wanted to talk about…Again i was a pretty prude, innocent, inexperienced guy at the time. But something felt different after what he told me.

He told me again he really trusted me. I said i trust me too. Then he said well…. it was really fun planning all this stuff by I kinda want to… he paused…. for a long time…..

You kinda want to what? I was lost.

He said well I get horny a lot and I wanted to see if you would be interested in helping me out.. I was confused help you out?

He said yeah I am only asking you since i trust you to help me get off….. I said sorry dude but I am not gay!

He said He knows but he thought since I was checking him out that I might be willing to help him get off. He went on to say he knows i am not gay but he also knows we are really close and also how he can trust me and thats huge!

I said I trust him to but I am not helping you get off.

Then his cocky, jerk, stereotypical jock side came back out… Well if you dont then I will tell Andrea that you like her. I said you better not.. He then replied you never know if I only tell her that or that you check me out when I am naked.

I was pissed that he went there. He could tell I was angry but also in a not so good spot to negotiate since what he told me in the truth or dare game was far less juicy

So after more back and forth about trust, helping him out, checking him out, not telling anyone if I helped him out.

I caved and said Fine I will help you out only if you promise never to tell anyone about this stuff! I said I dont want things to change between us. He told me he didn’t want anyone else to find out either. I then said well how do u want me to help you out? i assumed jerking his cock? He told me how his X gf Jen suck him off twice and how he has been craving a bj ever since. It was like 9 months since they broke up so needless to say he was craving a bj lol.

I started to notice during the last part of our conversation/agreement that his bulge in his sweatpants was getting bigger.

I told him fine i will help you out by giving you a bj but i have no idea what to do… canlı bahis He took that agreement and told me not to worry just listen to his directions. I said ok.

He stood up and dropped his pants to the floor exposing his semi hard meaty THICK hairy cock. I was so nervous when he told me kneel and he pointed to in front of him. I was in the moment and didn’t say anything…. I just listened to him.

He told me to grab his dick in one hand and his ball in the other and start jerking and massaging them. So without thinking i touched my friends cock and balls for the first time. He started to get harder and harder. Then he told me now open your mouth and wrap your lips around my dick head. So I opened my mouth and looked up at him for assurance i was doing this right. He smiled back and said “yeah just like that” it was crazy the amount of thoughts going through my head… from omg i cant believe i am doing this, to Holy shit his dick is so big, to his balls are sooo hairy, to am i doing this right?, to I hope noone ever finds out I am sucking Roy off!

It was exhilarating, nerve racking, kinky and fun all at the same time.

He told me to start going up and down on his cock, he told me to suck on his head more, twirl my tongue around his head. He was so relaxed and confident the whole time. I liked how he knew what he wanted and told me exactly what to do. He then told me that he wanted me to lick his balls while he jerked his cock. I was iffy about doing that since he was so hairy but i slid his cock out of my mouth and did as I was told. Licking his hairy nuts was actually pretty fun and made me feel pretty dirty doing it for him especially after looking up at him while having one of his hairy nuts in my mouth and Roy telling me ” I knew you were into sucking dick and licking balls”

After about 2 mins licking his balls he told me to start sucking again. He started to push his cock in and out of my mouth as i knelt in front of him. Every so often he would pull his cock out of my mouth and slap is on my lips, tongue for face. I didnt know how to react so i just took it. He was in control and he knew it!

Another 2 mins or so of sucking him off before suddenly he pulled his big thick cock out of my mouth. I thought he wanted his balls licked again so i went to lick. All of a sudden he busted his nut all over my face and eyes. I was in shock! I was on my knees with cum in my eyes, cum dripping down my face and the taste of dick and balls in my mouth. I felt used, degraded, and vulnerable. I couldn’t see anything but I heard him sit on his bed and release a sigh.

My friend Roy just cummed in my face… Holy shit!

I couldn’t move. I just stayed kneeling there for a min or two and then I woke up and said give me something to clean my face and he just laughed.

After begging him to give me something he eventually handed me a towel to clean up. Again I felt so used. It was hard to find enjoyment in my first time since it was so new and exhilarating but I knew deep down that I wanted to do it again… but i didnt tell him that.

After cleaning up we left for soccer practice and everything kinda went back to normal. After practice he took me home and on the way home I asked him to promise me again never to say anything to anyone about what happened. The jerk he was he replied “I wont say anything if you keep helping me out” followed by laughter.

I was embarrassed that I let my good friend use me, but I also knew that I needed to take his bus to his house for practice the next day. Would it happen again?

To be continued….

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