Family Discount


Family Discount
Family Discount

I put down the wrench and stretched my arm, looking to the clock up on the wall. It was 10 minutes to closing time so I sighed and turned to my co-worker.

“Coby, you can go on home. I’ll close up shop.”

I received a nod in response from my friend as he pulled down the hood of the car he was working on and began walking towards the changing room. I grabbed my box of tools and walked over to the messy work-bench, setting it down on a somewhat clean space. As I looked into the mirror close by, I removed my gloves, stretching my fingers to limber them up again. I had to chuckle as I looked at my reflection. I looked a right mess, my dirt-blonde hair now with streaks of black from god knows what and a smudge or two along my cheeks. The coverall that had originally been blue was now stained black in places but I didn’t mind. Actually wearing clothes that showed you got into your work gave the customers a good impression. I looked out over my little auto-repair shop and smiled, content. I liked this place. Ever since I was a k**, I enjoyed tinkering with things, and the happiest memory I can recall was getting my first car. It was all downhill from there.

As I was getting to place all the tools in their right places, I heard a knock from the door-frame. I sighed, closing the tool-box.

“We’re about to close, return tomorrow.”

“Is that a way to treat your little sister?”

I turned around, eyebrow raised. And sure enough, there she was, my younger sister, Helen. She was 5 years my junior, which made her 20? It had been a while since I saw her, since I’m usually busy in my shop and she goes to college. She walked up towards me, her arms stretched out.

“Come on, big brother, give me a hug.”

I hesitated since I was still dressed in my coveralls but she didn’t seem to mind so I shrugged and embraced her. She was nearly a head shorter than I was, with the same red hair like our mother, curled down to her shoulders. As she broke the hug, she smiled at me with her bright green eyes.

“That’s better. How are you doing, big bro?”

I shrugged. “Like always. People will always drive cars, and they will always need repairs or service. I get by.”

She gave me a bright smile. “Glad to hear it. Actually, I have a favour to ask of you.”

I raised my eyebrow again. “Oh? So, this is not just a friendly visit?”

She giggled softly. “No, I’m afraid not. As much as I want to say it is, there’s a reason I came here.” She gestured towards the door. “I think it’s better I show you.”

I looked at the clock again and sighed. “Alright, I can give it a quick look. But I’m closing up shop in a few minutes.”

She grinned widely. “Thanks, big bro! Come on, it’s out here.”

I walked with her outside to the parking lot, noticing that Coby’s Harley was already gone. The only vehicles outside was my own lovely Mercedes, and a yellow Datsun. I walked up to the car and gave it a once-over.

“So, I take it there’s a problem?”

Helen nodded to me, leaning against the hood. “The brakes. I’m afraid they’re about to snap.”

I sighed, kneeling down so I could get a better look at the inner workings. After a cursory investigation I came back up and nodded.

“Yup, seems like it. I can’t be sure until I actually get under and inside it but I would advise you to not take risks. Better leave it here, I can put it on the queue.”

My sister smiled widely at me and walked over to throw me into another hug. “Thank you, big bro! You’re the best!”

I answered the hug, patting her on the back. “Think nothing of it, but I need to see how my schedule looks. It may be a few days, I have to check my calendar.”

Helen frowned but nodded. “Alright, I don’t need it immediately anyway.”

“Good, cause that would not be possible. I’ll just get it marked in my calendar inside, you can leave it with me. I’m sure you have places to be.”

She shook her head and walked up to me as I began to return inside. “Not really, and isn’t it better if I’m there so I can offer my input on when I can come pick it up?”

I stroked my chin but nodded. “Sounds wise enough. In that case, I’ll just bring it inside. You can go ahead and wait in my office.”

Helen smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you!”

With that she walked back in ahead of me, almost skipping in her steps. I brought up my hand to my cheek where she had planted a kiss. She had always liked to hang around me, but she had never done anything like this güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri before. I shook my head, getting into the yellow car to bring it inside.

As I stepped into my office, I could see that my sister had taken of her coat and hung it on the chair across from my desk. Underneath it she was wearing a cute red blouse with a checkered skirt below it. As I walked in I saw her put away her little makeup-kit, apparently having been observing herself in the small mirror.

As I sat down, she smiled at me. “Quite the decoration, big bro. I knew you liked cars, but damn.”

I chuckled, turning my head towards the wall behind me that was covered in pictures of me with both my own cars and cars from museums around the country.

“It’s a curse, blame dad.”

Helen giggled and leaned back in the chair. “Can it be a curse if you enjoy it?”

I shrugged, booting up the computer from sleep mode to access my calendar. “It is what it is. Now, let’s see here…” I brought up the simple document I kept for these purposes, beginning to look through it.

“So, big bro, how’s single life?”

I froze, accidentally double-clicking a field causing the program to generate another tab. After deleting it I sighed.

“Who told you?”

“Mom did. She said she wasn’t surprised, she didn’t like her.”

I sighed deeply again. She was referring to my ex-girlfriend, Holly. After having a good relationship, or at least I thought so, for 2 years she suddenly dumped me. Said she wanted someone with more ambition. To me it had come out of nowhere and I had pleaded for her to stay. Any begging had fallen on deaf ears, and she had simply moved out, leaving me alone. That was 4 months ago.

“Well, in retrospect, it seems mom was right in a way. Like usual.”

Helen smiled sadly and put a hand over mine. “It wasn’t your fault, Andrew.” She looked into my eyes. “You miss her, don’t you?”

I squirmed a bit in my chair, trying to focus on the screen in front of me. “I’ve moved on, but I miss some parts…” I nearly slammed my head into the desk, what the hell was I saying? Of course my sister wouldn’t want to hear about my sex life, or lack of one in this case.

To my surprise, Helen just smiled. “You miss the sex, don’t you? Was she good in bed?”

I could barely fathom that I was having this conversation with my cute younger sister but I nodded. “She was. If a bit selfish at times.”

Helen raised an eyebrow. “Selfish? I thought that was something mostly said about guys?”

I sighed deeply. “Well, a guy can only go so long. And she pretty much demanded two orgasms of her own for every one of mine.” I didn’t even care anymore about the impropriety of the situation, she was the one that had brought it up. Better to just be honest.

“That doesn’t sound very fair. I feel bad for you, big bro.”

I shrugged. “It is what it is. I just don’t feel like I’m ready to get back in the dating game yet. And my work keeps me busy for the most part.”

Helen nodded, moving back her hand. “So, how much would this cost?”

I looked over my rates and scratched my chin. “Not too much, about 120. I would throw in an extra service round with it.”

I wasn’t looking at my sister at this point, focused on the screen, which was why her tone of voice caught me off-guard.

“That’s quite a lot… I’m just a poor college student… is there any way I could pay you… a different way?”

I swallowed, not expecting that smooth, husky tone of voice to come from my sister. Hesitant, I raised my head to look back at her. She was sitting with her legs crossed, leaning back as much as she could so her chest would be in focus. I hadn’t really looked at my younger sister that closely, but she was a very attractive young woman. Her breasts were likely larger than my ex-girlfriend’s even if Holly had not been a particularly busty woman. She had a mischievous smirk on her lips as she looked back at me.

“Helen, what are you trying to do here?”

Her smirk widened as she leaned forward, flaunting her cleavage to me. Had she unbuttoned a few buttons when I wasn’t looking?

“Trying to get a better deal from my big brother. How about it?”

“Helen, look, you’re a very beautiful woman, but this is inappropriate. You’re my sister.”

She sighed and grasped my hand. “Let me make this easier for you. I’ve had a crush on you for a while, even when we grew up. We’re both adults, no one would know, or care. You’re in desperate need, aren’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri you?”

I swallowed, trying not to look at her. “Helen, this is bad…” I said as much, but for every single second that passed my sister became more attractive in my eyes. Her sparkling eyes, her red lips, those full breasts…

Seeing that she had me right where she wanted she leaned forward over the desk and grasped my cheeks, planting a big kiss on my lips. As she broke away, she smiled widely at me. “Just enjoy it, big bro.”

I was still stunned as she laid across my desk, pushing away the papers and pens that littered it, putting her stomach against the wood. She looked up at me and grinned.

“Stand up.”

As if in a trance, I nodded and got up, putting my waist at eye-level for my sister. She licked her lips and brought her fingers closer, rubbing my now growing erection through the coveralls.

“Let’s get those pesky clothes off, big bro…”

Her voice was breathy and low as she brought her own hands to her blouse, beginning to unbutton it further. With shaking fingers, I grasped the zipper at my neck and pulled it down, moving my arms out of the sleeves as I pulled the coveralls down, revealing my white shirt and work-shorts underneath. Once I had only my legs left clothed, Helen grinned at me, leaning up so she could tear off her blouse, tossing it back to the chair where her feet were still supporting her. Her bra was a cute one, made of black lace. She grabbed my hands and put them at her breasts, smiling widely the whole time.

“Go ahead, feel them. They’re bigger than hers, aren’t they?”

I didn’t answer, my hands already cupping her tits, rolling them around in my hands. Helen let out a small moan, letting me explore.

“That’s good, big bro… more…”

As she said that she brought her hand to my bulge again, rubbing against it with the palm of her hand, her fingers tracing the outline of my shaft. I shivered from the attention, kneading her breasts in my hands, staring at them. Helen giggled and used her free hand to unclasp her bra, letting the garment fall into my hands as her tits came free. I was entranced, staring at the shapely mountains in front of me. I felt a hand at the back of my head, and the next moment my face was buried in between her tits, pressed against her flesh.

“Go wild, big bro… I know you want to…”

I don’t know exactly what did it, her tone of voice, her willingness, or just my face being buried in between her breasts, but I did as asked. I leaned in closer, bringing her tits as close to my mouth as possible as I began to suck on her nipples while I massaged her full boobs, encouraged by the soft moans that escaped her mouth.

“Mmm, that’s it, big bro, let yourself go…”

I kept at it, beginning to motorboat her breasts, sending small vibrations through her skin as I sucked and kneaded her tits. As I feasted on her boobs she kept rubbing my erection, after a short while yanking down my shorts and underwear to let me stiff shaft fly free. When she wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke it I moaned into her chest, losing my focus for a moment.

“That’s enough for now, big bro… now let me take care of you…”

She pushed my head away from her jiggling breasts as she laid back down on the desk, stroking my erection as she brought her face closer.

“Let me show you what I can do…”

With that said she dove onto my shaft as if trying to devour it, her full lips engulfing me and her wonderful tongue starting to lick all around my length as she bobbed on my cock. I moaned louder, bringing my hand down to her head and stroking her hair as she treated my rod like a treasure. And good lord could she give head! The experience couldn’t even compare to my ex as my sister treated my member with reverence, taking me deep into her throat almost immediately. I gasped as my head went past her barrier into her needy throat and as a reflex I bucked into her face.

Helen moaned around my shaft, looking up at me with hungry eyes as she continued to bob on my hard shaft. I began to thrust at a steady pace into her face, giving both of us what we wanted. She began to knead my balls, massaging them roughly, sending surges of something akin to pain through me. Since I had not gotten laid in more than 4 months I couldn’t last long, and I knew it. Reluctantly I looked down at my wonderful sister, seeing her smile happily canlı bahis şirketleri as her mouth was filled with my manhood.

“Helen, I can’t last much longer…”

Helen immediately let go of my cock and pushed away, leaving my twitching erection in the cold air, coated in her saliva. With desperation I looked at her, but she only smiled.

“Not yet, big bro. First, you need to prepare me…” She tossed herself onto the desk entirely, turning herself around so her lower body was turned towards me as she unzipped her skirt.

“Please, eat your little sister…”

My cock twitched again but I could see where this was going. Eager now, I pulled down her skirt, revealing her cute panties, black lace just like her bra. The fabric was already wet with her juices and as I pulled them down her legs, I saw my baby sister’s pussy for the first time. It was beautiful, the pink folds glistening with her fluids, her mound covered in her red pubic hair, with her cute little clit demanding attention. I brought my face closer, smelling her nethers, finding the aroma intoxicating. As horny as I was now there was no stopping.

I began to lick her wet lips as I brought my hands up to her legs, pushing my face into her muff. With hunger I lapped up her juices, alternating between circling her velvet flesh and licking or flicking her clit. Every time I focused on her clit or pierced her with my tongue I was rewarded with loud moans from my sister as she kneaded her own breasts or tweaked her nipples.

“That’s good, big bro… more…”

I responded by letting my tongue reach into her further, scr****g her inside walls as I buried my face in her snatch. I ate her out with hunger and greed, my shaft still rock-hard from her earlier blowjob. As I continued my oral ministrations I at last heard her say those words I had been waiting for.

“Enough… take me, big bro… give it to me…”

I let go of her legs and stood up, my cock aligning with her slit without much effort. With my last shreds of restraint, I ran my head up and down her wet snatch, teasing her. Helen squirmed, trying to push against my manhood.

“Please, no teasing… I need it…”

I could not wait any longer either, so with a strong stroke I entered her, letting her insides wrap around me completely as I pushed. A loud gasp came from my sister as she looked at me, her eyes glazed with desire.

“No need to go slow… I want it…”

I pushed further in, feeling her legs wrap around my back as I at last bottomed out inside her, the feeling sensational. I was still very revved up so it didn’t take long for me to pull out halfway and then thrust back in, her inner walls massaging my length every inch of the way. Finally finding my words again I looked at her, taking in the sight of my beautiful younger sister.

“You’re beautiful, Helen…”

She actually blushed a little and clamped her legs around me tighter.

“Thank you, big bro. But enough sweet words, fuck me.”

In response I pumped into her hard, soon finding a comfortable pace that seemed to please us both. She was far tighter than my ex had been, and she squeezed back on me intensely, barely letting me pull back as I pounded her. I shook my head, trying to get Holly out of my head and focus on the lovely woman in front of me. I grabbed her waist, lifting her up a few inches so I could reach a different angle, spearing her and reaching new spots.

“Oh god, that’s good… don’t you dare stop!”

The fact that I was making my sister feel this good filled me with a sense of pride and I increased my pace, our lovemaking now far more passionate. With every thrust we moaned loudly as I felt her quivering body lock onto mine with every fibre of her being. Sadly, due to the fact that I was so worked up I felt my release approaching rapidly. A bit sadly I looked into her eyes, my pace still hard and steady.

“Helen, I can’t…”

She clamped her legs as tight as she could, meeting my gaze as we locked eyes.

“Inside… I want you inside…”

I felt my shaft twitching and I looked at her nervously.

“B-but Helen, if I…”

I was interrupted as she stared into my very soul, her words more gasps than anything else.

“On the pill. It’s safe. Do it!”

I could not hold it for a second longer and with a primal roar I erupted inside her, filling her womb with my seed as her own climax hit. My eyes fluttered as I came harder than any time I could recall, the sensation of flooding my baby sister with my load so intense. I don’t know how long I kept thrusting but once the last few shots had exited my member, I pulled out slowly, Helen’s snatch milking me until the moment I was outside. As we both panted and gasped, she looked up at me, a big smile on her face.

“So, how about that family discount?”

The End

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