AHousewives private sex club: Part 5


AHousewives private sex club: Part 5
I so enjoy going to the private club that I was introduced to a while ago. It allows me as a bored housewife to indulge myself in whatever sexual fantasy i like, it is perfect for customising my sex needs as a bored housewife. But my needs are getting a little bit more extreme every time now. I have been fantasising about five randy young gentlemen around me while I stand fully naked with my arms up in the air. One of them would be licking my arse while another one is round the front sucking my cunny. I would also have one holding a tit each and drawing the nipples out and sucking them. The fifth one would be standing in front of me licking my armpits while my arms are up in the air going from one to the other occasionally stopping to kiss my face. I called the club ahead and spoke to the woman who organises these events for me she assured me it would be no problem at all. She even had the young men in mind who would be able to perform such a task. When I got to the room the canlı bahis şirketleri handsome young men were already in there as requested. They were all sitting on the end of the bed all five of them looking me up and down knowing what they were going to do. I felt very confident and told them all to watch as I took my clothes off. I am a fairly large lady and have chunky thighs, 44 double D tits and a chubby bottom. Apparently, the lads who had been chosen all like larger women. The two lads who had been assigned to suck my titties were straight onto them both holding a tit each in two hands and licking and sucking and rolling their tongues round the nipples and then drawing the nipple out. They were making obsene sucking noises, it was amazingly sexy for me. That was amazing, but when another lad started licking me from behind it was tremendous for me and I was sticking my arse out as far as I could but still allowing the one at the front to suck my cunt. I was in that position with my arms up canlı casino siteleri in the air being licked and sucked for almost 20 minutes and I had the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. My legs were trembling. Then it was the turn of the lads to enjoy themselves. I knelt up on the bed with my arse up in the air and told them to form a queue behind me because i wanted to be used and abused. They were to take it in turns fucking me from behind and all of them were ordered to spunk into me. Without them knowing I had already chosen one of the young men who was going to lick it all back out again. I felt each of the lads cumming hard inside me holding onto my large womanly hips and banging me really hard from behind. I had to smile to myself when I thought of what my husband was doing right then, probably working in his office completely unaware that his wife was being gangbanged by five young men under the age of 25 queuing up to shag me. When they had shot their loads into me I closed my kaçak casino legs tight so none of the spunk would run down my legs and ordered one of the men to lie on the bed quickly. As soon as he did that I squatted over his face and performed little circles with my cunny completely covered him in all the love juice and the spunk from the five studs. I ordered him to keep licking until he gave me an orgasm and told the other young men to watch. I came really hard on his lapping tongue and finished off by grinding my wet pussy on his face. For a grand finale I got the five young men to kneel up on the bed with their arses sticking out and I went from one to the other licking their balls from behind and sucking their arses. I went up and down their arses and round and round underneath their balls feeling like such a slut. I then lay down on the bed and told them to masturbate over me. I lay on the bed and watched as the 5 young men masturbated for my pleasure. I told them that they must announce when they were about to cum. Each one spurted over me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I ordered them to lick it all off and they did so eagerly. I love this place. Oh well, I must go and make some dinner for my husband, I can’t have him thinking I am not a good housewife can I?

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