Adventure with Friends


Adventure with Friends
Fifi and I met at her house at noon. Her family was gone for the day to the beach, she pretended to be sick. We had a date set with some cool guys to listen to music and party. We showered and took out our girliest lingerie. We wanted the fellows to come on to us. We both work panties, bras and a garter belt. Along with Hanes Silk Sensation Stockings and pointy toe pumps. Short slips completed our lingerie. We made each other up, glam and sexy with scarlet nail polish and lipstick. As a boi, I tucked little clitty well, making sure my pantyline looked all girl. Fifi wore a wrap-around dress with a sash that tied in a big bow above her bottom. I wore a twirly skirt, also with an attached satin belt for tying a sweet bow, plus a nylon blouse trimmed in lace and also with a bow at my neck. John and Will, our respective dates, would have to work to get our clothes off. Will was my date and a bi-sex guy who had dated male and females. He was partial to transgender or so I was told.

We finished canlı bahis siteleri getting dolled up and modeled for each other. We adjusted, fixed and improved each other. Added last touches of makeup and perfume. We set out a bottle of coke and rum, to help break the ice. The boys showed up at 4pm. Fifi invited them in, gave them Cuba Libres, turned on a romantic radio channel and came to get me. Together we went to the living room. The boys eyes lit up and it was game on. Will made me a Cuba Libre, rather strong, obviously wanting me tipsy. He chatted me up sweetly, about music, friends, sports, movies and how sexy he thought I was. He was polite, charming and kept my glass full. I soon was falling under his charm, laughing at his jokes, fawning on him etc. Then Fifi and John disappeared back in the house.

Will claimed they went to the bedroom and we should go to see what is going on. Somehow we ended up in an empty bedroom where Will closed the door. He stepped up to me and grabbed me around perabet giriş the waist, pulling me in close and kissing my lips. I pulled back but he stepped in and whispered kiss me baby. We kissed and it grew from lips, to mouth to tongues. His hands meanwhile were roaming over me. Caressing my shoulders, back, neck and waist. Shortly he boldly began caressing my ass as he probed my mouth with his long tongue. Our lips locked and writhed together, tongues probing, breath getting deeper! He cupped my bum cheeks and kneaded them.

Suddenly he scooped me up and sat on the bed, placing me on his lap. I could feel his hardness beneath me, he was a well endowed young man. A naughty one too as his hands immediately began unbuttoning my blouse. I did help with that! I wanted him to proceed! He began kneading my boobs through my slip and bra. Though only B cup at the time, they were quite sensitive and his attention felt wonderful. Will was in the drivers seat now and he quickly removed my blouse, perabet güvenilir mi unwrapped my skirt and set them aside. After another session of caressing me through my slip, he had that off and my bra too. He laid me back on the bed and began paying close attention to my boobies. Licking, kissing and sucking them, which I absolutely loved! Men playing with them is a weakness of mine and always turns me into melted butter.

In no time that naughty boy had my panties off and me on my back, legs spread wide. He stroked himself stiff, lubricating it with my juices and slowly, gently slid it in me. He felt so good and full and I gasped as he fully penetrated me. Then he pulled out and kneeled over me, offering his cock to my mouth. I gladly took it and began licking and sucking him vigorously. We went 69 on each other and in short order, he was back inside me, thrusting and pounding me in a most delightful manner. He switched speeds depths and force for 15 minutes or so, edging me higher or lower. Then he fully mounted, grasped me tight and worked himself rapidly, deeply into me. Ahhhhhh Yessssssss!

Half an hour later Fifi, John, Will and I were back in the living room. Enjoying Cuba Libres and chatting as though nothing had happened. Except for my virginity being liberated!! Libre!

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