A meeting in Leather – Part 11.


A meeting in Leather – Part 11.
“A new brother and a friend.”

#English translation
– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-10-944721
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

That Wednesday afternoon the ‘slaves’ and I went crazy. We fucked and we let ourselves be fucked. But this time we had complete control. And in a strange way, the other staff members and visitors enjoyed it just as much, as the slaves they normally used in this way for their kinky pleasures.

I fucked Mike in a sling while I talked dirty to him. I was in control of his ass. And he let it all happen. He was not tied down. So He or André could have stopped me at any time. But they didn’t. In fact, I made him cum 3 times. And he enjoyed it audibly.

I was therefore stunned to hear Mike’s bike stop at my home around eleven o’clock that evening. He walked over to the front door. But I had already opened it before he could knock on it. Did he come for round 2 or did I now have a problem? It soon became clear, because he came rushing in with rage. “What the Fuck do you think you are doing, Robby? Damn it, you have fucked up my reputation!”, he shouted.

He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. And tried to fasten a pair of Leather handcuffs to my wrists. All the while I looked him straight in the eye. “What are… What are you looking at.”, he shouted, releasing my arms.
“At a master who is about to go make a big mistake.”, I replied. “Come with me, Mike. We need to talk first, because apparently you still don’t understand some things.”, I said in a very calm and serene tone.

He released me in surprise and I walked in front of him to the living room. “Sit down on the couch, Mikael.”, I said as I sat down on a chair across from him. “Do you remember what I told you last Wednesday in the Gym about hurting me?”, I asked calmly. He had to think about that. I could tell by the look on his face that he recalled the entire incident from memory. I told you that I wanted sex and asked you; “Are you going to be careful? I’ve never done anything like this and I don’t like pain.”

“Well,… I still don’t like pain, Mike! You taught me what sex with men is like. You showed me the pleasure of wearing Leather clothing. I like you as a friend and even see you as a mentor.”, I said to Mike. “But Mike… that whole slaves – master stuff, is still not for me. I love to fuck, I even like to get fucked by you. And that can be pretty rough as well. But I still don’t like to be tied down, hit or abused. Not even by you! Sorry, that’s just not for me. And to be honest,… Mikael,… I still don’t trust you enough for that.”, I said resolutely.

Mike was visibly upset by that. “We have only known each other for 1 week. Maybe that will come later. But then I have to know for sure that it can be done safely.”, I said. “So you can rush in here and try to take revenge on my ass for the nice sex at the club. But if you had been a smart guy you should have stopped me immediately this afternoon. And sir did not! or did sir?”, I asked sternly.

“Long story short; Yes, I want to have sex with you again. But not now, and certainly not here. In fact, it makes sense to me that you don’t come here anymore. The sex the slaves had with you lot was for a good cause. It has shown the staff members and visitors that they can also have nice sex with them without having to dominate them. And to be honest, you have destroyed that reputation of yours yourself. I do not believe a word of that Mikael!”, I spoke semi indignantly.

“Anyway. Yes, you may want to fuck me here in my house now. But it is probably better for your so-called ‘reputation’ to do that at the club! Don’t you think so?”, I asked him. “Like I said; Not now! And not here! Maybe later. But then certainly without pain, and without depriving me of my freedom! You don’t even know my stop word and certainly not my security word! So grab your SM stuff and go to sleep Mike.”, I said brutally.

Mike was initially at a loss for words. He put the Leather handcuffs back in his backpack with the other kinky sex toys. “What are your stop word and your safety word anyway.”, he asked. “I understand you want to know. But I will keep that to myself for a while. Because if you cross that border with me now, you will have more problems than I could ever get through you, Mikael!”, I said threateningly.

He had to wrap his brain around the situation for a moment. I continued; “Nice to have spoken to you. I hope things are clearer now. But I think it’s better that you go home. I want to go to bed also.”, I told him sullenly. He went to the hallway. “Did you not forget anything Mikael?”, I asked. He stopped and turned back in my direction again in surprise. I put my arms around his muscular neck and kissed him intimately. “Sleep well friend! Don’t be angry anymore. And drive carefully.”, I said respectfully, while I opened the door for him.

The rest of the week I did not hear from him or the other club members. And I didn’t even know if I’d go to André that Saturday afternoon. He had asked me too. He wanted to talk about a job in his pub. That was only on paper, because actually I would work in the Leather bar and sex club. But I still did not trust him that he would not use me as a slave. I hoped I had made it clear to Mike that this was not for me.

On Friday I was in a horny mood güvenilir bahis again. I put on my Leather gear. And even put on the Leather chaps over the Leather pants. The more Leather the hornier it made me. I put on the pointed Sendra cowboy ankle boots, the harness and the black Leather biker jacket. I put some gel in my hair and playfully brushed it back with some extra volume. I trimmed my beard hair with the hair clipper. I looked just as horny, tough and macho as the man in Estie’s hair models photo book.

In front of the large mirror in the hallway I made a selfie with my new cell phone. Quickly changed outfit. I put on the Denim jacket with leather sleeves over the Leather Jeans and took another photo. Then one of me in jeans, chaps and black halter T-shirt and the refurbished cowboy boots. The three photos I sent that morning to my older brother on his mobile number. Because the light fell on me from one side of the hallway, it was clear on the three photos that I had a stiff cock.

I immediately received a text from Dave with a Thumbs up and a Dirty grin Smiley. He texted that he would come home from vacation that day. Mom and Dad would visit an old aunt for a few more weeks, and be back just before my birthday. I responded by sending him a photo of my new moped and helmet. And wrote that I would come to pick him up at the train station, so he didn’t have to walk or wait for the bus. After fifteen minutes I got a photo back with his cock dripping with cum. I laughed out loud. So far apart. And the brothers were horny at the same time.

Around 8 p.m. I received a text message from Dave that he was in the provincial capital and would arrive in the village in less than an hour. I prepared a pan with a few meatballs on the stove. And prepared a few sandwiches with some lettuce, cucumber and hard-boiled eggs. “He’ll be hungry when he gets home.”, I thought. I quickly changed into jeans with leather chaps, and a denim blouse with long sleeves. And also put on my refurbished cowboy boots. A moment later I left with a sense of relief for the train station. I had to wait there for a while. Because, as so often, the train was delayed by a few minutes, and it was much faster on the moped than on the bicycle. But it was still nice late summer weather that evening. And it still was light for a long time.

When the train pulled into the station I already saw Dave and waved to him. He waved back happily and I walked towards the platform to pick him up. He came out of the train with his heavy military duffel bag and greeted me. “Hey Bro! I missed you…”, he said. I grabbed his arm and pulled his upper body towards me and gave him a short hug. This was a new experience for both of us. Because before we were not that close. It felt really good. Dave put his arm around my shoulder as he asked; “Let me take a good look at this tough guy.”

He ran his eyes all over my body and was visibly impressed by Robert 2.0. “Nice Chaps and boots, little brother!”, he said. “Looks like you’ve been shopping in Amsterdam too.”, I replied happily, looking at his new Leather Jeans and new military boots. “Let me see that moped of yours. I can’t wait to ride on that thing, Robert!”, he said enthusiastically. I gave Dave his own helmet and we walked to my new moped. “Wow, you wouldn’t buy a cross moped, you said. Done it anyway? Looks great man!”, he said euphorically about my purchase.

I sat down on the moped and started it to let Dave hear the engine sound. Dave got on the back of it and we tore away to our parental home. “You drive nice and fast.”, he said with a grin when we arrived home. “Come on, you have to tell me everything about last week, Robert. I want to hear every kinky detail from you. Don’t leave anything out.”, he asked. “Let’s have something to eat first. I made a meatloaf sandwich for us.”, I said as we walked into the hallway.

I stood in front of Dave and looked him in the eye. “What is it?”, He asked in surprise. I slapped his face with a flat hand. “Ow man, what is that good for?”, he cried out. Instead of answering, I gave him a wet kiss on his lips. He tried to take a step back. But I had him pinned against the wall. And went on kissing him. He started kissing me back. Moments later he said in surprise, “And… ehmmm… what was that for, brother?”

“That slap on your face was for the fact that you sent Mike to work me over. And that kiss on your mouth was also for the fact that you sent Mike to take care of me.”, I said with a dirty grin on my face. “Thank you, David! I have taken that experience with Mike to work my way up from being a nerdy whimp to a good looking tough guy. Even if I say so myself.”, I said with a smile and a wink.

“Oh Gosh,… ehmmm… You have indeed succeeded… But what exactly did Mike do to you?… Did he cause you any h…”, Dave stuttered, not finishing his sentence. “He made me fuck a guy. He screwed me too. And I fucked him myself just as nicely. I didn’t do anything that I didn’t want to do. And if he threatened to cross a border that I wasn’t ready for yet I stopped him. He also took me to Master André’s Leather sex club, and they tried to play dirty mind-fuck games with me there. But at every turn I was one step ahead of their plans. It was quite an experience. I have learned quite a lot of kinky new things from them. But best of all, I have found that I really love Leather!”

“Yes, I’ve seen your türkçe bahis photos. It looks great on you. It’s like you are wearing it for years already.”, said Dave, while I prepared the meatloaf sandwiches for us in the kitchen. We ate them at the kitchen table, and we talked about the kinky things that Dave had done in Amsterdam. “Come upstairs with me.”, Dave asked. “I bought something for you at Mister B. Leather!”, he said enthusiastically.

We walked to his bedroom and he opened his duffel bag. He took out a kinky black Leather Y front harness and a Leather wristband wallet and gloves. These will probably look great on you too. I took off my denim shirt and immediately put the half body harnas on. Dave adjusted the straps nice and tight for me while I put on the wristband. I walked quickly to my room and grabbed the classic black Leather Biker Jacket. Back in Dave’s room I saw that he had also put on a tough modern black Leather biker jacket over his top harness. There we were, two brothers, one of almost 17 and the other 21 years old. Fucking horny, looking at each other’s tasty bodies dressed in Leathers.

Dave lay back on his bed and I quickly lay down next to him. Our legs next to each other’s torso. That way we could admire each other well. We didn’t say anything for a while and just looked at each other’s Leather gear. And we both got hornier. His big hands went over my Leather chaps. And I felt his Leather Jeans. “Take those jeans off. I want to see how that looks on you.”, he asked me.

I immediately took off my cowboy boots. While I was doing that, I stood with my butt turned towards his face. He whistled lustily. “Looks good already!”, he cried. I unzipped the legs of the chaps and lowered my jeans around my ankles. Looked at Dave for a moment and his mouth was open in amazement. He saw that I was not wearing underwear. And only had a steel cock ring around my already stiff prick. I quickly closed the chaps again while I turned to Dave.

“Okay,… look at that!…”, he sputtered. “Little brothers are growing up quickly. Damn it, Rob… What a beautiful big cock sticks out of the Leather there!”, he said in admiration. I lay back down next to him on his bed. This time with our faces facing each other.

“Want to fuck, David?”, I asked Dave expectantly. “No! You are my brother. Horny bear”, he said immediately. But I didn’t take no for an answer. I wanted him in me, I wanted it bad. “My ass can handle you. Certainly if you lube me up nicely… David, I want you. My ass is no different from all the other boys you’ve already had!”, I said. Put my hand on his rock hard cock that was still hidden in his Leather Jeans and stroked over it playfully. Dave moaned and began to pant slightly. I leaned over and kissed him. He opened his mouth and pushed his tongue inside me and started playing with me.

Meanwhile, his hand grabbed my dick and pulled on it. And I released his belt with one hand and opened his Leather Jeans. I kissed his chin and went looking for his nipples under his motorcycle jacket with my hands. I just nibbled on both of them and licked on them, while Dave pushed my head firmly against him. I licked the metal ring of his harness and descended to his stomach. I stuck my tongue in his bellybutton and licked around it. Arriving at his pants I licked his leather Jeans and soon my mouth lingered where his cock was hidden under the Leather. I kissed, licked, and sucked on it as if it were the last time.

Dave couldn’t hold it anymore and pushed my head away to free his cock. A sign for me to take it all the way in my mouth. I licked his cock head. Looked up at Dave while I put my teeth on it playfully. “Oh Fuck… Yeah… Bite my dick… Rob! Go on… Oh… Go on and I’ll squirt a load in your mouth… Man…”, he moaned heavily panting with pleasure.

I sucked his cock into my mouth and made him as wet as possible. Deeper and deeper. I went up and down over his dick and thoroughly sucked it. I looked Dave in the eye again. And decided to take it as deep as possible in my throat. I pulled it out of my mouth. Spit on it and rubbed the mucus all over his cock. Breathed in and took those 18 by 6 centimeters in one go, all the way up to his Leather Jeans, in my throat. “WOW… Yeah fuck… Deep Throat that cock of mine… Wow… You really do it!… That’s so delicious, man… Hold it deep… I feel your throat…. Oh Shit… how nice!”, he screamed, pressing my head hard into his crotch and holding me there.

I couldn’t breathe anymore, because he filled me completely now. I started gagging on it and he quickly let go of my head again. I came up, took a good breath, and swallowed the saliva away. And immediately went down for a second time. However, he was completely hard now. So I got stuck just before the end. That didn’t matter because Dave loved it! After having intensively sucked his big cock for a while, I looked at him expectantly again; “Want to Fuck, David?”, I asked again.

I stood up and knelt with my ass over his mouth. “Lick my ass… brother… prepare me for that monster… Make it nice and wet… Then you can get in there in one go, David.”, I groaned. “Oh… Yes man,… Put that tongue in my ass.”
He spit on my butt hole and pushed it in with a finger. Always making sure that he didn’t hurt me.

“Oh, that’s so horny David. Push in one more finger and stretch me.”, I cried. That was enough incentive güvenilir bahis siteleri for him because in no time he had three wet fingers in my butt hole. He pulled them out, spit on my now gaping boy pussy once more and put an index finger of each hand in it. He literally pulled me open. Slightly pain full, but when I grabbed my buttocks to pull them apart, it started to feel damn nice again.

He let his fingers escape from my tight ass and hit me on the buttocks. I tumbled forward. I hadn’t seen that one coming. “That’s nice man!”, I said horny, looking around at Dave. I lay down on my side next to him and pushed my ass to his cock. “Fuck me now, David.”, I said commandably to him. “Are you really sure?”, He asked with a bit of fear. I grabbed his dick, put his cock against my star, and pushed myself over him. “Pump it in there David… I can really take you… I want you to fuck my tight ass with that big dick of yours…”, I moaned panting.

Dave pushed a hand under my neck and grabbed my harness. With the other, he grabbed my hip and pushed himself into me. He did indeed slip inside in one go. And as he pushed forward, I pushed myself back. I moaned loudly. He thought he hurt me. And wanted to pull out of me. But I stopped him by grabbing his ass and pushing it back into me. “Fuck me nice and hard David. Tonight this ass is all yours. Dump your load inside. I want you… I WANT YOU NOW!”, I moaned heavily.

He kissed my neck and started pumping. I spooned him and he started to push himself in me harder and deeper. He pulled back a little too far and his cock flopt out. But just as quickly as he flew out, he rammed himself back into me without using his hands. “Oh,… Fuck… Yes man… Ram that dick in me… You fill me so nicely!… Dave, you fuck me hard… And it’s so nice!… Go on…”, I shouted, whilst he fucked me deeply now. Again his cock popped out.

For me the chance to sit on my hands and knees on the bed with my butt in the air. At the same time I took off my Leather Biker Jacket. And said to my brother, “David, grab that damn harness and drive that cock back inside from behind. I want you deep… And I want your cum inside me!… I want to feel it!”.

Dave sat down behind me and without mercy stuffed that fat cock into that open cunt of mine. While pulling hard on the harness with two hands. So hard, in fact, that he pulled me up when he had pushed his cock in all the way to his big balls. I grabbed behind me and pulled him against me. He started to ride slowly in me. And whispered very hot in my ear that he liked it very much and that he wanted to cum. “Fill me up… shoot your seed inside me, David… I want to feel you squirt into me!… But also play with my cock. He needs your special touch too!”, I panted back.

He grabbed my cock with one hand and my harness with the other. Dropped me back onto the bed and played with me like I was his bitch. My dick head slid back and forth over his fingers and he wanked me off hard. My breath accelerated and that was the sign for David to fuck me even harder, rougher and deeper. My muscles contracted. I emptied my balls. And David quickly followed by injecting his load of seed deep into me with firm, painful but tasty hard thrusts. “Oh god! Yeah… I moaned… I feel your spunk in my ass… David… Your doing it!… Pump me full of that big cock of yours!”. That encouragement prompted him to continue to fuck and squirt. After 10 minutes we were both spend and he moaned laying on top of me with his full weight on my back. His cock still in me. He whispered in my ear, “I never knew I had such a nice fucking horny brother. If I had known that before, I would have taken you much sooner, stud…”. He slipped his half-stiff dick out of me and rolled onto his back next to me.

I looked enviously at him and his sweaty body. And my eyes lingered in his crotch. I grabbed his wet cum-dripping cock and put a blob in my mouth. Then I went down on him and started to lick it clean. As a result, he became stiff again. He grabbed a leg and pulled it over him and he started to lick his sperm out of my ass. He did it so well that I became completely stiff again.

After a while I got up. Sat down on his chest and grabbed his foot. I pulled off his military boot and did the same with the other foot. Then his Leather Jeans followed. I turned around, so that my stiff cock was now pointing towards his butt hole. And pulled Dave by the hips towards me as I pressed his legs to his chest. Without any preparation, I fucked my dick inside my older brother. And began to screw him without mercy. He panted hard as I pumped my 19 by 4.5 centimeters cock into his ass at a brisk pace.

“Yes Rob… God… You fuck me nice… You are so deep in me… I feel you in me… Oh fuck how nice”, he moaned. I leaned forward and licked his lips with my tongue. And he tried to catch it with his lips. We lay there playing for a while before he grabbed my head and pushed it against his. We kissed very intensely while I kept pumping his ass, with his legs in my neck.

My eyes widened. And he asked me to squirt him in the mouth. I slipped out of his ass and crawled over his chest to let him blow me. While moaning and screaming, I came hard in my brother’s mouth and he sucked me completely dry. While my dick was getting a bit less stiff, he took me deep in his throat. And with a few more powerful muscle convulsions from my balls, I injected two last jets of seed straight into his open throat.

I pulled back and he licked my cock clean sucking up every last drop of cum. And I crawled next to him in his Leather motorcycle jacket and we fell asleep into each other’s arms.

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