A friend’s cheating wife. The secrets continue.


A friend’s cheating wife. The secrets continue.“A bi guys dream come true” My friend Tom’s wife wasn’t the only one cheating, Tom was too. They both suspected it, but I don’t think either one really cared, they were both now finding what they needed and wanted. Somehow, driven by lust, I found myself in the middle of an unhappy couple, that was in a sexless marriage. Young and horny, I was sleeping with both of them.Tom was Gay and he and I had been getting together on the side for a while now. I was curious and he was amazing. I had never had a girl that could make me feel the way he could. Jen was just crazy hot. So sultry, sensual and beautiful. A totally fitness nut, Jen could, and would, fuck for hours. She was incredible. Things were getting out of hand, though, and there were close calls. The time I just walked out their front door after being with Jen and Tom drove up, then knowing canlı kaçak bahis she was home, just steps away, Tom gave me a blowjob on the side of their house. The time when out to dinner, my girlfriend, Tom, Jen and I, and Jen grabbed me and kissed me outside the rest rooms, then going in, Tom kissed me and stroked my cock. It was a dangerous game, but how could I give this up?Tom had a big, beautiful, thick hooded cock. I even dreamed about sucking him at night. His totally shaved cock and balls made me hard just thinking about them. They way they felt in my hands, the way they could fill my mouth, warm and wonderful. Tom was also incredibly passionate, loving to kiss and pleasure my body for as long as time permitted. His tongue in my ass, my cock in his throat, Tom loved it all.Tom planned a weekend, “Guys” trip. To Jen it was just two friends ou to play golf. To Tom and I tipobet güvenilir mi it was a weekend without worry, a weekend in bed. Just inside the hotel rooms door, he kissed me, then started to undress me and I him. His hands felt incredible as they squeezed and kneaded my ass. I grabbed his ass too and pressed our swelling cocks together. We stood there, both nude, kissing open mouthed, passionately and grinding our hard dicks together. Our hands holding each other’s asses, pulling each other closer. Tom moaned and kissed my neck softly, then whispered, “Will you fuck me?”I didn’t answer, I just continued to kiss him and moved him to the bed. Tom loved to be fucked, he loved to ride me or be pounded by me, as long his big heavy cock could flop around, edging him to incredible orgasms. And I filled his eager hole with sperm. Tom layed on his back, not his normal perabet giriş position and pulled me on top of him. Opening and spreading his legs, he whispered, “Fuck me.” My hard cock found his hole and pushed inside him. Tom’s head tilted back and he closed his eyes in exctasy. I slid even deeper into him. He reached up and held my upper arms, his thick cock resting on his stomach formed a sticky clear drop of pre cum at the tip. I began to fuck him, slowly moving in and out of him. Tom moaned and pulled me down to him and kissed me deeply. “Fuck me, baby!” I felt his hot breath in my ear. I pinned his legs to his chest and drove my hard cock into him. Fast and hard, my balls slapped against him with each thrust. Tom held his cock at the base as thick white cum began to ooze out of it. It was an incredible sight and sent me over the edge too. I came hard and filled his ass with cum, wave after wave of wonderful cum. I was so turned on, I pulled my still hard and cum leaking cock out of him and licked his foreskin covered cock’s head, tasting his wonderful, thick jizz before taking his cock deep into my mouth. What a wondeful start to the weekend.

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