Willow’s World


Willow’s World
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Rusty and Willard had been life long friends, Rusty a football jock and Willard on the swim team. Rusty, muscular and tough, Willard, slim, shaved and long haired. Rusty was also protector and Willard the brain that helped Rusty graduate. Rusty also knew Willard was gay and cross dressed in the privacy of his own home. Rusty spent 3 years in the Army, came home suffering PTSD while Willard had became a Cosmetologist/Beautician. Rusty returned home, while Willard had moved 200 miles away with a profitable business. Willard, now known as “Willow” had invested her profits in herself. Body modifications, d**gs and hormones, she was a “Dick Girl”, slim, shapely with small breast. Nearly chemically castrated, she had the remainder of her shriveled ball sack removed and her always small 2 inch cock hid well inside her trimmed pubic bush. Standing on 5ft 2, she was actually a cute gurl, small enough to wear all styles of clothing. She was shocked as she sat one evening suction pumping her breast, to see Rusty featured in a news blurb about homeless vets. Willow called the station and they could only tell her that he was in her old hometown. Three days of calling Police, Sheriff, homeless centers and old friend, she finally had him tied to an area. Converting to her old male appearance, she returned home avoiding their old friends and searched day and night several days. At the point of giving up, she thought of the one place she and Rusty loved to hang out, the river bend on Johnson’s Farm. She went there, saw a plastic shelter and called his name. Rusty crawled out, dirty, bearded and replied “Willard! Is that you”? She ran over hugged him saying “yeah and you stink” as she pushed him toward the river and shoved him in!

Rusty stood, stripped and began washing as Willow removed her pants, took his clothes and hand scrubbed them. She saw his hairy crotch, heavy hanging balls and his thick cock just as she remembered it. Rusty gasped when her saw her Lavender panties! “I’ve made a few changes, still have a cock but I did away with my useless balls”, she laughed! With his clothes done and hung up, she washed his hair chatting. She saw his cock stood in the water, it’s tip breaking through the soapy bubbles as her hands worked his shaggy mane, she said “I’m going to cut this mess later”. She washed his beard massaging his face as she stood behind him. Feeling his shoulders moving, she glanced down to see his hand stroking his cock, Willow grinned “go ahead and get off, it’s not like I’ve not seen you do it”. In a minute she saw his cum spurting wads feet from them she grinned “Damn Rusty! I can tell you haven’t been getting any”! The hours passed, his clothes dried and they were driving to her Motor Lodge. They stopped at a Thrift Store, she bought him clothes and shoes and a cheap Barber’s kit. In her room with double beds, she had food delivered, they ate and continued chatting. In a short while, she had cut his hair and beard then sent him back to shower and shave again. He came out in his underwear, she grinned “now there’s my Damn Rusty”! He broadly smiled for the first time! Willow stood up saying “My turn! Finally I can become ME again”, she took her Suit Bag with her as she showered.

Rusty sat on a bed wondering what she would look like? His cock stirred despite not having felt anything sexual for “Willard”, Willow was something different. He had seen her small cock a million times, seen her lack off hundreds of times, joked about her being gay in those old times, yet they hadn’t been intimate, he had a slew of females! Willow came out with her hair well done in a Vintage Beach Floral T-Shirt dress. His eyes roved her head to toe, Willow grinned, spun around causing her hem to swirl upward flashing her legs! “Damn Willard! Are you sure that’s you”, Rusty giggled as a hint of her sheer yellow panties covering her ass flashed him! She laughed “Not Willard, Willow”. They sat, his eyes burned her as they chatted until she crawled into her bed. In the darkness of the room with only the glow through their curtains of exterior lighting. Thirty minutes later still wide awake, Willow turned on her side, snuggled then noticed cool air rush behind her as the A/C clicked on. As she thought to cover her ass she heard the soft creak of Rusty’s mattress. “My ass is out”, she grinned as she peered through her eye lashes and could see Rusty’s lower body. His hand slowly pulled his cock, she knew he was watching her! It excited even thrilled her, yet it made her wonder since Rusty was always a Lady’s Man? She reached back pulled her pantie leg over and scratched her ass cheek, his hand moved faster! Rusty was viewing intently, her soft, pink cheeks were sexy! Willow had taken her hand away leaving her anal cleft exposed. In a minute she saw his other hand cover his cock as he spurted! He inhaled deeply with each wad he shot, then softly moaned as he spent. “Oh God”, Willow thought, he came for me”!

They drove for hours before taking a break. At the rest area, Rusty rushed to open her car door, she said “you don’t have to”. Rusty grinned “you’re a Lady now, I couldn’t just sit”. It didn’t pop in her mind that he was actually peeping her as she got out. Rusty walked beside her thinking, “a Thong”! As they sat at a table Rusty said “watch yourself! You’re being watched”. Willow replied telling him that she was use to it, didn’t mind because she was a male once”. Rusty grinned “yes, we use to prowl looking up female skirts”! Much later they drove into her complex with many neighbor’s waving and smiling, Willow giggled loudly! “What”, Rusty asked? She explained that everyone was shocked to see her with man, they probably thought he was her boyfriend. Rusty laughed telling her that he would play the part since he was living with her. They stopped in her parking spot laughing hysterically! Willow said “that will take some getting use to! You may have to remind me of my part”! She reached for her door, He shouted “wait” and opened it, she said “see, I haven’t a clue! The few guys I date are usually already inside the room waiting”. Rusty grinned “you date”? They walked to her door, she replied “Men? Once in a Blue Moon…. I have a few liaison’s with gurls like me but none regular”. Inside Rusty grinned “so, no virgin”? Willow laughed loudly “No!…I didn’t make changes to be a virgin”! They ate, rested then Willow took him for a walk through the neighborhood.

They walked, chatting, laughing like a new couple, she said “wagging tongues, half of them think I’m a lesbian” as they caught eyes. Suddenly she giggled as they saw a man in the distance, “that’s Cal, he hangs around peeping up my skirt. He’s harmless”. As they got closer, Rusty scooped her up, spun around knowing her ass was exposed, then sat her down. Willow giggled “what was that”? Rusty told her he thought he would give him something to jerk off to later. She laughed, “you certainly did! My ass is fully out, I’m in a Thong”! Rusty grinned “I know”! Cal came up red faced and chatted a minute. He left, Willow said “and how the heck did you know?..I’ve been extra careful around you because you know the real me. Rusty just winked. She walked him to a small homemade softball lot, sat on the bleachers saying “I stop by often to get an ego boost. The boys get to peep me and make teen age flirts”. Rusty watched her slightly gap her knees as they chatted, then got up gaping wide and giggling loudly! “I could have used you around when we were on the other end”. Willow grinned “we would have gone home and jerked off”, she paused “Rusty, you’re going to be shut down a while, getting yourself together”. He groaned, “heck, I’ve been shut down so long I’ve fell in Love with “Rosy Palm”. Willow stopped them then said “Rusty, I know you better than anyone..If you need “help” on a date with “Rosy”… Just tell me and I’ll give you a pantie show..It’s not much but that’s what friends do, help”. Rusty grinned “I’ll take you up on that”! Willow grinned “great! By the way, I may have a visitor later, a Gurl like me who’s been dying for me to return”. Rusty smiled “cool”.

They arrived home to see Ann pacing at their door, Willow said “I talked her up early”. An was an average looking gurl, a little too wide at her shoulders and dressed below her knees in a wrapped skirt. Inside, introductions were made, chat made for 15 minutes and Rusty excused his self. He eased back up the hall, got his knees and slowly peeped around the wall staying out of view. He heard “I’m not too deep am I”, Willow replied “no”, then soft moaning. “I’m too close to cumming, I really can’t fuck you” Ann groaned. “Go ahead Ann, let it go”, Willow replied. Rusty eased forward and saw Willow’s foot with her panties hanging on her ankle’s, slowly swaying, Willow was sidesaddle in Ann’s lap. He leaned more and saw Willow’s shoulders facing him as she kissed Ann. He almost jumped back when she broke the kiss and opened her eyes looking at him! Willow smiled then said “come on Ann, shoot that cum out, I know it’s bothering you”. Ann moaned, whimpered then shook her head as Willow said “that’s it, I feel you cumming…Squirt gurl”! Willow kissed her again, “pump it out…Get it out…Make me itch”. Ann hissed then grunted! “Yes Gurl! That was a good one!..You flooded me…Rest and you can give me another one, I know you want to”, Willow said as she hugged her then winked at Rusty. In 5 minutes, they were moaning again. This time Willow rode her saying “Rusty will be here a while but you’re always welcome to come here. He knows and is my most trusted friend, you’re safe”. Ann grunted “so you two aren’t fucking”? Willow grinned “I’m not his type, but he has an awesome cock”. Ann thrust into her gushing another load then replied “you’ve never sucked it”? Willow giggled “I told you, I’m not his type”. Rusty’s cock trembled in his pants. He saw Willow struggle up, bend over, pull her panties up. As she tugged them tight into place, she twisted causing a small spurt of Ann’s cum to drop to the floor. Willow grinned “lord Gurl, I didn’t think I was that full”, they laughed as Rusty slid away. Hearing the door close, Rusty came out, “feel better”? Willow grinned “Oh yes! güvenilir bahis siteleri I need that”!

They laughed and chatted until Willow said “let me clean up. We can make a quick run for a late evening snack”. Rusty grasp her hand saying “wait”! His look told her what he wanted, Willow touched his lips whispering “hush” then grasp her hem and slowly pulled her hem back. Rusty’s eyes dived down as he saw her tightly closed legs, then a small pantie “V”. Willow continued drawing her hem back baring her torso, she held still as Rusty d**g out his cock! As he started Jerking his shaft, she slid toward him, then slowly opened her thighs, baring her full pantie crotch. His strokes came faster, Willow spread her legs wider as Rusty on his knees, stood between them, jerking stronger! She said “make it good for you..I know it’s not pussy as you know it”. In seconds she felt cum wads splash on her torso! Then a slug hit her inner left thigh! He hissed loudly, then another slug hit her inner right thigh! Willow felt his cock touch her panties, press lightly then back away as it blasted cum against her! His warm, thick cum plastered her panties and ran down the sides of her gusset coating her on her lower ass cheeks. In a minute he sat back panting loudly! He watched as she rubbed his cum on her thighs, then massaged it deep on her torso saying “it’s really good for the skin”. Rusty grinned, she said “You should have saved some for my face”. He laughed “next time I will”! This time as she got up he said “Hey, just brush your hair! No one knows what you’ve been doing”. She snickered “you do”! He threw an arm around her replying “I like a naughty gurl”.

The next morning Willow woke early, went for a swim, came through the door in a simple one piece swimming suit. Rusty whistled, “Damn Willow, looking good! Maybe it’s my PTSD but I have to think twice that you’re actually “that guy” I knew”. She sat on his lap smiling “that’s the most wonderful thing you have said to me!…That guy is still here but only in my deepest thoughts and that little stub between my legs..I’m girl to me”. His hand slid to the edge of her swim suit on her inner thigh, she jumped up giggling, then ran away. She came back passing through in sexy matching panties and bra as she pulled a casual dress on. Rusty grinned, she said “what”? He giggled “you like keeping me confused”. Soon they were downtown on the sidewalk going to Veteran’s Affairs. Rusty walked on her outside, frequently wrapped her waist or shoulder, she said “I’ve never had this treatment” as she beamed blushing. “Well I’m supposed to be the boyfriend and I have experience”, Rusty chuckled. Willow did the talking and by the time they left, Rusty had all his benefits! He was so overjoyed he said “I wish I could take you out to drinks and dancing to celebrate”! Willow grinned, “you can! I’ll take an IOU”!

As they dressed to go out, she came in and saw him looking great in a Dress Shirt and Slacks, “you look like My Rusty”! She turned for him to zip her dress, he zipped it down saying “I am”! She pulled it back up laughing “I’m not sure? I don’t think my Rusty would zip me down”. Her “little Black Dress” was sexy especially since it covered a red Bra/Pantie set with a garter attached to Silk Lace stockings. Red “come fuck me” heels brought her together! As they rode Rusty said “what’s it like getting…ahhhhh having sex”? Willow grinned “great in a different way”! He raised an eyebrow, she laughed “you mean being fucked”? Rusty laughed, she explained “I’m a girl, my thoughts are female…I am submissive by nature…I “receive”…..I expect to receive and try my best to give the pleasure I’m expected to give…..If I succeed I am rewarded, no..Anointed with a gift from my man’s body”. “Damn gurl, when did you get so “deep”! I never thought of it like that” Rusty gasped! Willow laughed “no, you want to know what its like to have an ass full of cock”! Rusty screamed! “Real Gurls don’t have a genetic pussy! We have an Ass Cunt! I don’t have balls, I get my pleasure from being receptive and the stroke of a cock on my prostate. I flow fluids, having to me a much greater feeling than just cumming”. Rusty grinned “OK, so you really enjoy getting fucked”? Willow grinned “Don’t you enjoy cumming”? They drank and danced with Willow often approached by others to dance. Her Black dress kept many glancing their way as she sat, “are you flashing beneath out table”, Rusty asked? Willow grinned “I’m a little drunk and guilty as Hell! I feel like a sexy gal! Thank you so much Rusty”! He grinned “well damn, lets give them something to talk about” he slid his hand under her dress! Willow grinned as she clenched her legs together saying “Oh no you didn’t”! As they drove home later, she said “I can’t believe you groped me in public”. She swerved the car when her groped her again, then said “your panties are wet”! Willow laughed, “I’ve had a night like none before!…I’ve dripped since you groped me before! Damn right, I’m wet! Now behave”! He quickly replied “so you like it”?..Willow screamed “Hush, Rusty”!

They arrived home, Willow went inside kicking off her heels and slumping in the recliner. She lay with her thighs splayed wide as Rusty peered under her dress. His mouth watered viewing her stockings, her pale pink skin of bare legs and the glistening wet glare of her red panties. Willow giggled “look and if you do more, don’t forget my face and hair too”! He was standing in a second, dropping his pants and underwear and pulling his cock! Rusty replied “don’t worry! I’m going to start there”! She grinned as he moved beside her face and in a minute Willow felt his first cum wad hit her hair! Rusty grunted, then another wad blasted on her forehead! Wad after wad splash, splattered and coated her face. When his slugs stopped, she felt Rusty lay his cock on her cheek. Willow ran her hands over her face spreading his cum as Rusty watched. He was caught by surprise when her head turned, and her tongue flicked his cock! His cock threw out 2 wads unexpectedly and Willow opened her mouth catching them! Rusty quickly shouted “I’m sorry”! Willow grinned “at least I know your full flavor”.

They were sitting around, Willow in a sleeveless pull over and “boy shorts” as he cell pinged. She laughed then said “gotta change”. She came back in a short pleated mini skirt, grinning “don’t worry, I’m not going outside”. She manipulated her cell, handed it to Rusty. It showed them sitting, she said “Smart TV” then told him to have a seat on the back deck while she had a short visit with a friend.

In minutes Rusty watched Willow crawl “cow girl” over a “Desi Gurl’s” lap. They chatted until the Desi Gurl pulled her long dress up. Rusty noticed Willow reach back applying lubricant in her anal cleft. As she leaned forward he saw a dark brown, short cock slide behind her. It appeared the over all size of a beer can! It slid up and down Willow’s cleft as she hunched against it then suddenly, the brown disappeared as both gurls moaned loudly! “Thanks Baby, you don’t know how bad I need some”, the Desi spoke. She fucked upward as Willow slammed down saying “you’re dripping. Am I getting it” , she groaned? “Your fat cock always does”, Willow answered. In a minute the Desi lifted her feet and circled her ankles as her cum thundered up into Willow! Her arms wrapped her, held Willow tight as she injected her! In a minute, her feet dropped to the floor with a thud! Willow continued rolling her hips then leaned forward kissing her. As she remained impaled, Rusty saw her thick brown shaft pulse slowly as she emptied her shaft. Willows anal cleft was filled, Rusty wanted to see her ass hole but the brown shaft covered all the space between her cheeks. After several minutes, Rusty came in as Willow closed their door. She hurriedly pulled her panties on and sat down as Rusty asked “that was wide! Didn’t that hurt”? Willow threw a small pillow at him giggling “no”! Rusty grinned as he peered under her skirt saying “you’re leaking”. Willow smiled “That’s me!..You started it, treating me all girl like”! She started laughing as he stood getting his cock out, she said “more on my face, please”. He walked over, caressed her face and shoved his cock in her mouth grinning, “your face can wait”. Rusty slow fucked her face, smiling in her eyes as her tongue swirled his cock. Her hand softly cupped his balls, lifting them and lowering them urging him to cum. “Willow” he softly groaned as his cock globed cum into her mouth, she swallowed and questioned “yes Rusty”? His cum chugged thick wads as he called her name again, “Willllllllow”. She pressed her face forward taking all of his cock until he nose met his pubic mound, she swallowed making her throat squeeze his cock then slid back whispering “I have you”. His cock erupted, jerking and spurting, she dove to his pubic mound and swallowed until he spent out! Rusty fell back dragging his cock out of her throat saying “Damn it Willow!..You could ruin a guy”! She laughed as she walked away twisting her ass!

The following morning They were going hiking and over night camping. Rusty needed to “get away” and she understood. Rusty in his Cargo Pocket vest and pants, Willow in a Cargo Pocket vest, Camouflage Skirt and leggings, they hiked their light gear miles into the forest. By a clear stream. They set up camp and ate prepacked camping food. In the last hour of daylight, they both freshened up in the stream. Bare legged, bra less and pantie less, they lay by their night fire chatting. “You’ve brought a calmness to my life, Willow. Thank You!…I really liked you as “that guy” but I kinda love you as Willow”, Rusty spoke. She turned, faced him and grinned, “you drag me out here to tell me?….I’m just joking… You would have saved me if I needed it, you always did”. Thunder roared catching them off guard, in seconds rain poured! Willow scrambled on her knee’s toward their Ultra Light tent with Rusty’s eyes eating her wiggling bare ass cheeks. He rushed in behind her then zipped their door flap close. He clicked on their over head lamp as she sat wide gaped before him laughing and wiping her wet hair. In his view with her bush showing, she was all girl! Willow caught him then giggled, “you can’t see it..It’s smaller now, only about perabet güvenilir mi the size of a cigarette filter”. Rusty grinned “really”? Willow snickered as she cupped her crotch, her fingers dug in, spread her hair and her very pink, little cock sagged down. In a few seconds, she laughed, rolled on her side and pulled their blanket over her. Thunder rolled, Willow jumped! Rusty turned off their light, then crawled behind her.

Rain poured, pounding their tent and Willow shook! Rusty slid against her whispering “it’s only nature, I got you”. It was then she noticed he didn’t have anything on as he pressed against her separated only by her thin skirt. The heat from his cock warmed her anal cleft, as her skirt sank into it. His arm wrapped her as she melted in the warmth of his body. “This is nice”, he said. Willow smiled “yes it is”. She adjusted her shoulder shifting the weight on it, settled back and felt his cock tip touch her in the grease of an ass cheek. It lay there a minute then he shifted his self, it popped perfectly under her anal cleft. Soon she felt the drip of cum oils on her thigh and smiled. “Willow”, Rusty whispered. She waited a second, asked “yes, Rusty”? His cock touched her ass bud, he whispered again “Willow”. She flexed her ass cheeks, her as bud nibbled his cock, she answered “yes, Rusty”. He groaned then pressed into her grunting “Willllllow”! She screamed “Yes Rusty! Do it”! His hips started slowly thrusting into her. He moaned and growled, then whimpered like a wounded a****l, she whispered “yes Rusty, take it..Do it”. His thrusting sped up! He shook and whined, Willow said “don’t fight it! Your cock knows it’s my cunt”. He strained nearly crying then chanted “Willow…..Willow” each time his cock coughed cum into her! He spurted for several minutes then fell way from her! His cock popped out making a loud liquid squish! Willow quickly rolled over, kissed him throwing a leg over his, as her cock drooled.

“You came but did you really like it?..Did you like being a part of me?…I loved having you”, she whispered. “Mmmmmmm, Yes I did”, Rusty moaned, “It was incredible”. “You’re NOT gay because I’m NOT a male, I’m a different girl”, Willow added. Rusty grinned “I’ll never see your ass in the same again”, Willow laughed! The rain was still pouring, they heard a shout in the distant “Is there anybody there? My camp site got washed away!…Help me”! She looked through their door flap, Rusty! There’s a boy out there in a poncho”! “He looked, “yeah! Come on up! Leave your Poncho covering your shoes out side”. He crawled in wearing only a pair of short nylon boxer’s, “my name Reno, I told them our tent was too near the creek! They wouldn’t listen”! Willow wiped his wet hair and legs, then told him to lay down. She covered him as she laid between he and Rusty. “I’m Willow and this my boyfriend Rusty. You’re cold, are you hungry”? Reno replied “yes”, she handed him some nutrient bars as they chatted. Behind her, Rusty cupped an ass cheek, caressed it softly then finger probed her scum filled ass hole. In a minute, he was probing 3 fingers in her. Willow reached back, lifted her cheek opening her cleft wide as he added another finger. His thumb slid in her as she pressed back until his hand was inside her. She continued chatting with Reno as Rusty’s hand came out being replaced by his cock. Rusty made short 3 inch thrust into her careful not to make her move. In a minute his cock made slow, strong pulses churning fresh cum into her already pasty hole. He coughed through his orgasm covering his groans. ‘You OK”, she giggled.

Willow had been massaging Reno to warm him up, but Rusty noticed her arm movement change. He touched her elbow and could tell she was pulling, he knew she had a hand full of Reno. She and Reno continued chatting as Rusty said “I’m going back to sleep”. Willow grinned “OK Babe, I’ll be with you in a minute” followed by whispering. In a minute, Willow turned to face Rusty. He noticed she was nearly bent forward as she said “Reno..Try to get some…. rest”. She kissed Rusty’s cheek, caressed his face then quietly giggled. In a minute, he felt her slowly rocking against him, she said “are you good back there Reno”? He grunted “yes ma’am”. Rusty kissed her forehead as Reno fucked her, he faked a deep snore and Reno began pounding into her! Less than a minute later, Willow tapped Rusty’s chest each time Reno blasted a wad of cum into her! Eight taps later, Reno exhaled loudly! Willow giggled softly, rolled off Rusty as he heard her whispering. In the very low light, Rusty saw Reno climb over as she lifted her legs. In a minute, he plainly saw her beneath him as he thrust into her! Reno rode her another 20 minutes, slammed down on her, then rolled off. Willow faced him, Rusty heard her whispering “Rest. I’m going to give Rusty some..I don’t want him to find me full of cum knowing he didn’t fuck me”. Reno saw her climb over Rusty saying “ wake up Baby, he’s sleeping”. In a minute she rode Rusty, fucked a cum load out of him then climbed off him. She grinned as she heard Rusty fake a snore again. Turning to Reno she said “do you have any left for me”? Reno whispered “Hell yeah”! She replied “that’s what I like about young men” as he climbed over again! The next morning she woke as Reno pressed his cock into her again, he whispered “I have to go see f I can find my friends”. In a quick minute, she felt his cock throwing thick ropes of cum inside her! Minutes later he was gone, Rusty said “he was one horny fucker”! Willow giggled loudly!

Returning home, they showered together washing each other. When she washed his hair, on his knees he sucked her little cock. When he washed her hair, she attacked his cock! Furiously jerking, sucking his cock until he dumped his load in her mouth. Air drying on the bed, Rusty rolled her on her stomach saying “I’ve never really taken a good look at your Ass Cunt. Willow groaned then blushed “oh mercy”. He grinned “Don’t be shameful now”. She laughed “you want to my “Black Hole”. Rusty parted her ass cheeks, he saw it, deep in her cheeks, very wrinkled and black, a testament of use! He grasp her hips, pulling her on her knee’s then sank his face against her. His tongue probed her, making her wet as his thumbs sank into her, she said “open me”. Her Black hole rippled open easily, showing her red inner anal tube. Willow hissed as she flexed her cheeks causing her hole to swell and bud outward. Rusty jammed his face into her lapping her inner folds then leaned back. Willow hissed louder as her legs trembled and her ass hole “flowered” open like a wet rose! “Beautiful”, Rusty whispered. He saw her undulate her back like a snake, then seconds later the flower grew wider as it stretched outward, protruding out of her anal cleft. Rusty licked, then lapped the slick, red mass. “Rusty..I’ve never completely shown anyone…. I’m baring my deepest secret”, she grunted and squeezed more out. The mass wiggled, stretched and slumped under it’s own weight! It hung out side her at least six inches, Willow whimpered “that’s my real pussy! People have seen my cunt but only you have seen my Pussy”. He crawled beside her, kissed her as he laid her on her side and said “It’s like you, Beautiful and always more than I expected”. She smiled as he caressed her hip asking “are you OK”? Willow grinned “just give me a few minutes to “pull” myself together”. He held her as she snuggled against him. She cried making loud sobs when Rusty said “Willow..I love you”.

Minutes later as she stood dressing he said “Mrs Kingston”! Willow turned, jumped on him screaming “what”! “Mrs Kingston, fits you”, he barked! She laughed “Rusty! Have you finally lost your mind”! He grinned “Mrs Kingston”! She laughed “seriously?..Jesus Rusty! I kinda of fuck around a lot”. He smiled “and whats that got to do with being my wife”? He rolled her over, she said “I’m not sure I can stop now”. He kissed her replying “who asked you to stop? I’m asking you to marry me”. She grinned “you’ll be fucking your wife full of someones cum”. He smiled “isn’t that our normal”? She started crying again, “Rusty! Are you for real?..Don’t play with me”. He jumped off the bed laughing “we ain’t waiting on me to go get a license”! She got up changing into Grannies panties saying “I’ll need these, I’m drooling”!

They drove up to Willow’s business, it had been a month since she worked and it was time for the Big Reveal. She was dressed in a bright Orange dress giving her glow. Rusty’s hair and mustache was perfect, she cut/styled it. He wore a Burgundy Nike Golf shirt that accented his barrel chest, bulging biceps and arms with Black Slacks. He stayed back to make a Grand Entrance. Willow went in, the shop was packed full, she heard “look what the Cat d**g in!…I’ll be back in a few days! That was a month ago!..Woman get your smock on and get to work”, Jasmine, her manager shouted! With her hands on hip, she walked center room, held her hand up showing her rings! They place fell silent followed by screams! “No you didn’t!…No way!..You didn’t tell us!….Girl, you got married”, Jasmine screamed as she hugged her! Rusty walked in as they were gathered around her asking questions, he shouted “excuse me”! The women turned to see him she said “My husband Rusty Kingston”. They screamed again, Jasmine shouted “Tom Selleck”! Willow laughed “Jasmine! Stop that! Don’t swell his big head”. Rusty walked up, threw an arm around her waist and kissed her! An old lady in a corner said “he is sorta cute”. The place broke into laughter, Jasmine shouted “ it’s a miracle! Martha spoke”! It took 2 hours before they could leave. As they drove away, she checked her cell. It was full with text and recorded calls, she reviewed them laughing “have mercy! 90% of these are people I’ve fucked trying to get back to me! Christ, I was a whore”! Rusty grinned “Mrs Kingston, you still are, but you’re my whore”! She smiled “guilty”. They arrived home finding a potted plant, the note read “thanks. It took forever to find you! Call me sometimes, Reno” Rusty grinned “did you take his cherry”? She replied “I don’t know”. Inside, Willow called him, talked an hour then said “he’s visiting us this weekend”.

She was chatting on her cell to many. Rusty came over, removed her panties, perabet giriş raised her thighs and slid his cock into her as she chatted. She chatted with 3 different people while he took his time fucking her. After dumping 2 full loads in her, she lifted as he slid her panties back on then kissed him and kept on chatting. After talking 30 more minutes she sat up saying “whew!…Thanks Babe, Don’t ever let me be so busy that you can’t have me! If your cock is up, I want it”! He grinned, she grinned back saying “yes! I have 3 visitors stopping by later”. He laughed “cum dumps”, she winked!

Willow had changed into a very casual tie die colored. wide T-Shirt dress. She thought quick dry, multi colored stain covering, easy access! Rusty was hidden in a backroom and heard “you won’t meet him this time, you should cum and go before he gets back”. A tall Black man in jogging pants replied “good! I just hope like Hell you don’t forget me!…Turn that ass up girl!…Have you fucked him recently”? Willow giggled, “30 minutes ago, you should have a problem getting in me”. He shoved his cock into her in one swift thrust! “Shit, you have the best ass! How did you get him”? She giggled, “you like fucking me but he wanted to put a ring on my finger”! He thrust deep “well he’s getting better ass than any pussy he can get”! He stroked 10 more minutes, then groaned You ready for my black babies? They’re crawling up my cock!..They want in your white ass”! Rusty saw her doing her cum jerking hip swirl, Willow said “knock me up!..Plant your seed”! The man bellowed loudly, “catch them! They’re running” as he shot hot cum into her! In a minute, he stepped back saying “push them out!..Let me see them”! Willow pushed, squeezed and farted as his cum belched out of her! She was standing, wiping her thighs when Rusty came in, she said “my Dear Husband, I like this too much”. He snickered “you’re a nymphomaniac, you have too much cunt for your body”. She kissed him replying “That’s why I love you! You understand me”. Rusty spun her, slammed his cock into her saying “just got an itch”! She grinned “scratch it, Babe”. In a minute his cock spurted into her!

“You got married on me!..God, I can’t get a man to marry me”, said a sender blond Dick Gurl as Rusty grinned watching his cell. “I’m so glad for you”, she said as she lifted her dress, pulled her cock out of her panties and began jerking it. “Are you wet”, the blond asked? Willow grinned “yes, he fucked me just before he left 10 minutes ago”. The blond smiled “good, I just need to slide in you and cum. I’m too tired to fuck”. She still stood jerking her cock, she said “get ready, I’m close”. Willow bent over, hands on the couch seat. The Blond walked behind her, shoved into her and groaned “Oh god Willow!…Ohhhh god” then laid on Willows back as she dumped her load inside her. The blond stood up, stepped back dropping her dress speaking “he is definitely a newly wed! He shot you full! It was nice, warm and slick in you! Hopefully I can fuck you next time, I’d love to churn his cum inside you”. In a minute Rusty cam back in smiling, she said “bless her heart”. He said “Babe, you’re a sweetheart being there for her”. Willow grinned “she has 2 step boys that fuck her to death! She can’t get her legs down long enough to get a man for her”! Rusty roared laughing!

“There’s my baby girl”, Rusty heard as he saw the silver haired older man come in, “where is that tadpole you married”, she answered “not here”. The old man laughed “well he has to know your Paw Paw!..Yep, know he’s second to me” as he sat down. Willow scampered to get his cock out, she sucked it, he said “did you fuck him today”? She lied “no. you always have me first when you’re coming to me, Told him and sucked his cock”. He laughed “good girl! He better know when I see you, I fuck you, unsoiled”! “He knows his place Paw Paw”, she spoke as his cock rose. “Don’t make me cum girl! I’m going to cum in you today”. Willow only had on a short Baby Doll type sleeping robe. The old man said “get up”! Willow stood, pulled her robe off and stood nude. He looked at her until she turned her ass toward him. Her ass cheeks were opened as the old man checked her, she was douched clean and powered with Baby Powder. He patted the couch, she quickly laid on her back. His fingers combed her torso, dug in her pubic hair, found her little cock, he said “make it so I can lube you”. In a minute, her cock dripped, seconds later his fingers lubed her ass hole, he said “you’re still tight!..You need to fuck him more..Keep him fucked out and you will keep him”! Rusty grinned, she replied “yes sir”! In a minute the old man covered her and thrust, she cried “ouch”! The old man said “you know I’m only trying to help you..Your husband will need to fuck often, he’s young”! He thrust slowly a minute then moaned “lord, help me” as his few wads of thick cum seeped into her. He lay breathing deep and slow for 10 minutes then she helped him get off her. After he left, Rusty snickered, Willow told him “he financed my business”.

They next few days, Willow had them from 10 am until 10 pm as often as 2 an hour. Every dress, skirt, gown, towel or sheet had someone’s cum on it. They took Friday off, doing laundry, clothes and house cleaning.

Saturday 11am, Reno sat chatting with Rusty and Willow. She wore a Lime Green,Yellow and White thin straight shift. The colors swirled in wide bands, top to bottom. In bright light, her underwear shadowed through. Deep Pink, sheer lace, glowed, etching on her body. Reno peeped her panties as they talked. Rusty got up saying “I’ll be in the back setting up the Canopy and Grill! We will have Steaks for lunch”! Reno offered to help, Willow told him that the Grill Master wouldn’t have it! As the door closed Willow grinned “at least 10 minutes before he even gets the grill set up. Can you think of anything to pass our time”? Reno was on his knee’s as she threw her legs up! His cock touched her hand as she pulled her panties aside then thrust into her! He rush fucked her, 5 minutes then slid back as her panties slid back in place! Willow giggled as he said “I really want to talk with you about something”, she replied “Go”!

He explained that there was so much more about that night they shared a tent. She might understand his confusion. Reno told her that night was supposed to be special. He and 3 other friends had planned it for months. They were testing each other taking a dare! He paused then told her he wouldn’t mention names but one of them was “different”. She raised an eyebrow? I’ll cal him “Pauli”, he is a “Pantie Boy”. She acted dumb knowing what he meant. Reno told her, a male that had certain ways? She faked real confusion. He said “He not out and out gay but he wears panties, Satin, Silk, soft styles, sexy types” She grinned “OK”. He kept talking telling her that in his home, he used make up to soften his face and add beauty to his eyes. His hair was long and styled like a girl and he looked sexy. He walked around in soft, loose feminine tops and most very short, loose leg shorts. Every move he made flashed a bare ass cheek, pantie leg and when he sat, it was wide legged flashing pantie gusset. He said 1 friend claimed that Pauli gave great head, while the other claimed to have fucked him but he didn’t know so his intent was to find out? Willow replied “nothing wrong with that! It’s natural youthful exploration”. Reno smiled “Thanks”! Rusty came in grabbing the Steaks and left.

Reno continued, the stories were true! I’m not gay but as they worked Pauli over my cock was hard! I had just penetrated him when water flowed into our tent! I never got to fuck him…that night. Willow grinned “have you since then”? Reno dropped his head replying “yes! And I like it! I have a friend with benefits, she is OK but honestly, Pauli is better! He’s girl like and acts more girl than she does”. Willow grinned “ so whats your problem”? Reno smiled “I some how knew you’d understand. I’m not gay but he’s fantastic! He say’s he’s going to cross dress, I think he can pass”! She smiled, “bring him by, I’ll style his hair, dress him my clothes and you both can see his possibilities”. Reno clapped his hand and hugged her, she asked “is he close, he could come by later”. Reno grinned, “he is! I’ll call him but he doesn’t fuck, he only masturbates”. She grinned, “you can do all the fucking”. Reno asked about Rusty, she lied “he’s going out with his pal’s later”. Reno made the call.

It was 7pm, Reno had stole 3 fucks with Willow and Rusty had been gone 30 minutes when Reno came back with Elton aka Ellie. He was girl like in a loose blouse like shirt, a thin belt and slim legged tight pants showing pantie lines. They sat chatted, got comfortable, she said “come on Elton, let me see if I can bring Ellie out”, they left Reno. In her room, Willow cut and restyled his hair, touched up his make up made him strip then giggled, “we have to do something with your stiff cock”. She left, returned with a mouth wash cup saying “jack it off! Put it down and use this to catch it”! He did it. She dressed him in a set of her sexy underwear, slid a clingy short dress on him then pointed to his cock bulge. She handed him the cup again and waited. He came quickly, she said “keep going” and in another minute he was cumming again. He fell back on her bed saying “it wont get up again”. She told him to pull his knees back and in seconds using a syringe, she filled him with his own cum. Ellie said “why didn’t I think of that”? Willow left him, sat with Reno to wait her entrance. Ellie walked in, Reno jumped up saying “unbelievable”!

Ellie sat beside Willow and in a minute Willow said “who’s dress is he peeping under”? They both laughed and opened their thighs! He got up, unzipped his pants, knelled between Ellie’s legs, lifted them, then thrust into her! Ellie giggled until Reno leaned down and kissed her. After a few minutes of rutting into her, Reno came, grunting loudly! “Give it to her, make her yours”, Willow spoke. As he rose, Ellie looked at him saying “Get her! You owe her”! Willow giggled as Reno shoved his way between her thighs, thrusting into her! He slammed into her 5 minutes, then spurted cum into her also. He laid on her needing rest, Willow whispered “listen closely..Can you tell any difference between us”? He whispered “actually no”. Willow kissed his cheek as she whispered in his ear “there isn’t! I began like her”. Reno moaned loudly, snorted like a bull as his cock recoiled and thundered more cum into her. Willow held him whispering “our secret”, she doesn’t know.

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