The Cafe Down the Road

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Danny sat perched on the edge of his seat across from Alison, who was absentmindedly stirring sugar into her coffee. A soft murmur of voices surrounded them, people coughing and scrapping chairs, hanging damp coats on brass hooks or carefully laying dripping umbrellas down on the floor. The rain sizzled softly outside, hitting the pavement and pattering the windows.

“Does this feel strange to you,” Alison asked Danny, looking across at him attentively.

“What, us having coffee together,” Danny asked, unsure of Alison’s meaning.

“Yes, I mean I’m not with your dad anymore and your family hates me.”

“I’m not sure they hate you; I know I don’t hate you,” Danny said.

“That’s sweet Danny,” Alison said softly, before lifting her steaming cup of coffee to her pursed lips, tentatively taking a sip, and then adding a moment later. “I appreciate it, even if it isn’t true – at least as far as your family goes.

Danny sat there, feeling wooden, trying to think of something else to say to Alison. He looked to his right and carefully noted the cafe’s dark walls, the rows of photos of jazz and blues musicians in chipped frames, behind greasy glass, running from one side of the dark cafe to the other as if this study could help him solve the problem of talking meaningfully to this woman. Danny sipped his coffee and reached for a dark mint chocolate.

“It’s nice to see you again Danny,” Alison finally said,” you’re the only one I miss. I enjoyed being your stepmother.”

“I miss you too and I think about you a lot.”

A young and harried looking waiter suddenly arrived and his eyes fell on Alison and he dropped the piece of crockery he was changing on their table. Alison noticed his reaction and laughed softly at the young man and Danny felt a pang of jealousy, but hoped his features were composed enough so Alison wouldn’t notice. The young waiter lingered, overly and unnecessarily attentive. Danny disliked him – his dark hair looked shiny as if it were slicked back with oil and his angular face looked hard, his skin looked coarse and yellowish under the weak brown glow of the light above them.

“Thanks, we’re fine now,” Alison said softly, but dismissively, cutting the waiter off before he launched into some rehearsed pickup routine.

Alison turned back to Danny, smiling and lifted the cup of coffee and drank.

“Danny, you’ve probably heard a lot of rotten things about me from your father and the rest of your family,” Alison said a moment later, becoming more serious.

“He has said things, yes,” Danny replied, sounding apologetic.

“Yes, I bet he has,” Alison muttered, growing annoyed, but trying to hold her temper in check, “did he tell you that I was screwing a whole lot of guys behind his back and trying to take all his money?”

Danny was lost for words.

“I’m not angry with you Danny: he’s the one at fault. I’m only after my rightful share after having put up with him for the last eight years. And no matter what he says, we both had affairs.”

“Yeah, he’s far from perfect and he treated you very badly and you deserve your share.”

“You’re sweet Danny,” Alison said, reaching out and taking his hand in hers.

Danny lost track of the conversation momentarily. He looked at Alison with a yearning expression in his eyes which Alison noticed instantly. Her big blue eyes were gazing at him and her tender lips were moving.

“Danny,” Alison asked, grinning.

“Sorry,” Danny stammered, growing red in the face.

“Do you think I was just some sort of trophy wife, because that’s what they all thought?”

“No, of course not, Danny replied.”

Alison picked up her cup and looked off to the left, sipping – her mind preoccupied. Danny tried not to stare at her shiny blond hair or her beautiful neckline and shoulders. He looked down at the cracked wooden table they were seated at, noting the grain of the wood and the glossy stain, sure that Alison had caught him staring at her.

“Maybe I should have married you Danny,” Alison said, looking back at him, “pity you were too young for me.”

“Wow, I wish I had have been older,” Danny said, looking back and smiling.

Alison burst out laughing, her eyes sparkling. She quickly picked up a chocolate mint in her fingertips and showed it to Danny and then popped it into her mouth.

“I thought you would have had a girlfriend by now,” Alison asked, sitting forward, “you’re 18 now, aren’t you?”

“I am 18 and did have one mom,” he said trying to tease her, “but it didn’t work out and we broke up.”

“Mom, no, no, don’t call me that,” Alison replied laughing before gazing at him again, “I’m sorry for your girl troubles, but I’m sure you’ll find another girl without any problems, any problems at all. güvenilir bahis

“Well, I do have one in mind, it’s just tricky,” Danny said, grinning at Alison.

“Oh really, how tricky can it be,” Alison said softly mocking him, smiling.

Danny felt as though he were playing a game of chess requiring intelligence and skills. He needed to stay there and say something, but it had to be smart and not blunt and not immature or Alison would just grow cold and be turned off by him. She was 35 years old and he just 18 and she was still technically married to his father. He decided to be honest in the end.

“Sometimes telling that special someone how you feel and what you want is hard, particularly when they’re the woman of your dreams.”

Alison picked up her cup again and silently drank, draining the cup. Around them people came and went, chairs scraped and the young waiter hustled and bustled carrying piles of plates towards the kitchen and dropping off cups of steaming tea to tables full of wet and cold looking people.

“What are your plans now,” Alison asked.

“I’m not doing anything tonight,” Danny said, curious.

“Do you want to come back to my place?”

“Yeah, that sounds good Alison,” he said, his heart thumping in his chest.

“Good, well I’ll get the bill then.”

They climbed the last of the narrow stairs, breathless and then turned a final corridor and were at Alison’s door. She slid the key home awkwardly and then let him inside the apartment. It was a small place, not what she was used to by any means and Danny suddenly felt angry that Alison of all people had to live here because Danny’s father was fighting her in the courts.

“Here give me your coat Danny,” Alison said, taking off her own and looking for a place to dump her wet black umbrella.

Danny pulled his coat off and handed it to Alison, while taking her umbrella and dropping it in the laundry tub under her instructions. Danny paused inside the tiny laundry, listening to her in the next room opening and closing a wardrobe, after having hung the damp coats. He came back inside and found her sitting on the lounge, waiting for him.

“How about a glass of wine,” Alison asked, softly, “you look like you might need it.”

“Sure, do you want me to…”

“There’s some white in the fridge and some glasses in the cupboard above the sink.”

Soon they were drinking wine and Alison was looking at him. Danny sat forward on the lounge, facing Alison, drinking far too quickly, the power of speech seemingly gone forever. The older woman sighed.

“Yes, it’s really good to see you Danny, so good Danny,” Alison said softly, reaching out and taking his hand in hers and moving closer.

“Yeah, really good mom, I mean Alison,” Danny said, growing excited, his penis getting even harder in his pants.

“Yeah,” Alison asked softly, putting down her glass and then reaching for his, depositing it on the table. “So you miss me, do you Danny. Think of me all the time, hmm, do you.”

“Yeah for sure, it’s not the same at home without you and I think about you a lot. I mean I…, Danny rattled off quickly, before Alison cut him off by leaning in, putting her arm around his shoulder and sealing his mouth with a deep kiss.

Danny jumped in his seat and gasped, but he recovered and took Alison in his arms and closed his eyes, feeling her pushing him onto his back and stretching out on top of him, her mouth still glued to his and her tongue beginning to slip inside his mouth, while her fingers nimbly undid one shirt button after another. Soon his shirt was open and she was making him sit up so she could pull it off.

“Oh my god, oh shit,” Danny whispered fiercely as Alison threw the shirt aside, pushed him back down and ran her hands over his smooth muscular chest and buried first her lips and then her teeth in the nape of his neck.

“Awww,” he moaned and then with fumbling clumsy moves unbuttoned and pulled Alison’s top off and then unsnapped her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts.

“C’mon Danny, time to fuck,” Alison announced grinning, getting up and offering him a helping hand.

“Oh man, really” he asked, as she led him into the bedroom, “I can fuck you?”

“Absolutely, you’re about to get laid kid.”

“Take off my skirt, here,” Alison said, standing by the bed, showing Danny where to unzip her, as she undid Danny’s jeans and pulled them down, “shoes and socks off kid.”

All their clothes came off piece by piece and Alison took the startled and horny boy in her arms again and kissed him passionately, letting him crudely shove his tongue into her mouth, getting complete control of him though by grabbing his cock and making him gasp and jump on the spot.

“I’m gonna suck your cock türkçe bahis Danny,” Alison whispered in his ear.

“God yes Alison.”

“I’m going to suck you off Danny boy,” Alison sang, before laughing at the delirious expression on Danny’s face.

Alison led Danny to her bed and told him to lie down. She then climbed on to the base of the bed, giving him a long look at her naked body as she approached him on all fours, like a beautiful tiger. Alison moved over Danny and then dropped, landing on top of him He grabbed her and winced as she bit into his neck again.

Inch by inch Alison made love to Danny’s quivering body with her mouth and her hands. There was no rush, despite the urgent sounds coming from Danny. She kissed his shoulders and his chest, taking his nipples between her lips and rolling and sucking and gnawing on them while the young man cradled Alison’s head in his arms, looked down at her and dealt with the intense sensations he was feeling by shaking and groaning loudly at her.

She was finding all sorts of exposed ticklish spots as she kissed his strong belly and ran her fingertips over his sides and hips. She deliberately targeted those spots, causing him to squirm, his penis getting even harder and his face growing red. Alison laughed at Danny’s reaction, at the sweet crazy way he giggled. For awhile she just refused to stop.

“God I love torturing you Danny, I could do this for hours.”

“I can’t stop laughing when you do that Alison,” he said lying back down comfortably again after she had finished tickling him.

“Okay, then,” Alison said grinning, looking at Danny’s hard dick and then looking at him in the eye, “I’m going to make love to your penis now Danny.

“Awww Alison.”

“I bet you’ve been dreaming about this, haven’t you.”

“Yeah Alison, so much.”

“You want me to kiss it and make love to it?”

“Awww please Alison, please.”

“Okay honey, god imagine what your dad would think if he could see us? Legally, I’m still your evil stepmother. This is the perfect way to get back at him.”

Alison stroked Danny’s balls with her soft fingers, causing his toes to curl. She then gave his penis a shake with her forefinger and thumb at the base – sure enough a glassy drop of pre-cum emerged from the swollen top.

“Awww Danny, look at that,” Alison softly enthused, before dropping her head and licking the bead of fluid off the tip with stroke after stroke after stroke of her tongue.

“Awww Danny, don’t you cum, okay,” Alison continued, mocking him gently.

Danny lay there, silently willing Alison to go further, to take it in her mouth. And she did. Alison placed her lips on him and after kissing him twice dropped down, her lips firm, her tongue flashing and her throat swelling with penis. Down and down she dropped and Danny felt her warm mouth engulf inch after inch. She stopped and just bore down hard as if she was trying to force even more penis inside but there was just none left to give her. He felt as though he would cum, but he held on for dear life.

“There it is Danny boy, one happy looking dick,” Alison said cheerfully, after having released him, a thin stream of saliva and pre-cum stretching from his tip to her lip.

Before he could say anything Alison was sucking him with long swift noisy strokes, twisting her head, determined to give her young love her best blowjob and really enjoying the sensation of having a young man’s penis in her mouth again and loving the sweet moans he was emitting. It was a vigorous relentless blowjob and Danny just loved it.

Alison knew her Danny had a fetish for older women and was a bit of a mommy lover. She stretched out on her bed and let him indulge his submissive mommy’s boy side by instructing him in how to worship her beautiful body. Alison cradled him in her arms and sighed as he kissed and sucked the tips of Alison’s breasts and ran his hands along her sides and thighs. It was an intimate moment designed to make him feel like a man-child and Alison his protective mother. Soon he was stroking and kissing her abdomen and hips and then they both agreed that he was ready to worship Alison’s pussy.

Alison sat up on the bed, her weight supported on her elbows and spread her long tanned legs so Danny could see. The young man sighed at what he saw, looking closely, his eagerness evident and his eyes wide. Alison’s pussy was framed by a neat thatch of damp golden hair and her open flowery lips were a soft pink, harbouring more delicate swirling folds and then at the low point her vagina, a trail of shining fluid oozing from it.

Danny could take no more and Alison was so pleased she didn’t have to pressure him into it. Danny’s head dropped and Alison placed her hand on the back of his head. He ran his tongue güvenilir bahis siteleri gently over her vagina collecting all of her fluid.

“Do you know Danny,” Alison began talking softly, as she reached under his chin and directed his lips onto her clitoris, “that I used to have a young boyfriend just like you and he used to go down on me for hours. He would come over to my place and just do it for ages and ages without me having to tell him to or forcing him to. I had him eating pussy as often as I could.”

“Wow, that’s…,” Danny said before Alison patiently but firmly put him back in place at her clitoris.

“He could make me cum again and again Danny. He loved eating pussy. Here Danny, press your fingers inside me gently. Yeah that’s it. Awww. I love young guys like you Danny.”

Alison sighed and stretched enjoying the feelings building in her body, building in her clitoris. Danny gently licked and kissed Alison’s clitoris, his fingers slipping inside her body, her pubic hair funky and filling his nose.

“Danny, can you do something for me, can you lick my asshole?”

Danny looked up surprised, but his penis grew even harder. It was a completely unexpected request.

“I love it when guys do that honey; it’s really nice.”

“Ummm, okay,” Danny said feeling strange.

“Good Danny,” Alison said, feeling blissfully happy that he was so compliant and submissive.

Alison turned over onto her belly and then rose onto her hands and knees and thrust her behind out. Danny placed his hands on each side of Alison’s behind and leaned tentatively forward, looking at Alison’s tight brown pink asshole. He slowly dragged his flat tongue over it, unused to the taste.

“Good boy Danny.”

Danny licked Alison’s asshole again and again, losing himself in a true act of devotion and submission to his beautiful stepmother.

“Good Danny,” Alison whispered, enjoying the sensation, her body ready for his penis.

Alison couldn’t help it. Certain young men like Danny just caused her to release her dominant side. She was seriously considering pissing on him, knowing that he would probably love that too. It would have been so easy – just lead him to the bathroom, get him to lie in the bath tub and then squat over him and let go, carefully and deliberately aiming for his face, a steady golden stream striking him in the tightly closed eyes, drenching his hair, running down his cheeks, his neck and chest. Alison could imagine herself focusing and urinating in his mouth, making him gulp down her piss.

“Oh my god stop sweetie, that’s enough,” Alison said, turning to hug him and kiss him softly. “I’m sorry darling I haven’t been laid in a while.”

Alison lay back on the bed and opened her legs, inviting him softly to put it inside her where it belonged. Danny looked down at his erection and couldn’t quite believe Alison wanted him to put it in her pussy.

“C’mon and if you want to call me mommy while we’re having sex then go ahead, okay?”

“Wow, okay mommy,” Danny said tentatively, trying it out.

Danny slipt between Alison’s thighs and they fiddled with his penis and then Alison told him to push. He did and the tip struck warm flesh and just kept going, sinking deeper and deeper until he hit rock bottom, his balls rubbing against her. Alison put her hands on his ass and encouraged Danny to fuck her.

“Awww mommy, that’s nice,” Danny said, looking down into Alison’s clear blue eyes.

“Yeah, it’s good isn’t it honey, hey. C’mon Danny don’t be shy, fuck me, okay.”

“Awwww gawd.”

“Yeah honey, it’s so good.”

“Awwwww mommy.”

Danny and Alison built their rhythm with the young man taking a dominant role. She felt so good to him and he loved the way her soft hot flesh clung to him, moulding itself to accommodate his frantic plunges. The knob of his penis was driving into a warm blond rimmed honey pot, a place filled with soft flowing liquid.

“Awwww mommy,” Danny groaned, his front teeth protruding and his eyes shut tight.

Alison could sense that he was going to cum. He had only been inside her for ten minutes, but he was young and she was his fantasy. She held him in her arms, encouraging him to lie on her, crush her so she could whisper in his ear.

“C’mon Danny, give it to mommy, c’mon on.”

“Awwww mommy! Awwww mommmmyyyyyy! Awwwwww mommmmmyyyyyyyy!”

The young man had never cum like that before – Alison had really accessed his head and stirred him. He blasted his load inside his stepmother, each shot accompanied by a hard deep shudder causing both man-child and woman to rock. He cried into the pillow, giving her everything he had physically and emotionally while she made sure he was locked in place, her arms and legs unbreakable. Then it was over and he felt embarrassed.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Danny.”

“You didn’t even cum Alison.”

“Oh don’t worry about that Danny, Soon I’ll be cumming every day and as much as I want, I promise you that.”

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