Super Mommy


Super Mommy
My son came home, reeling with exhaustion from a hard day’s work down at the ranch. He removed his hat, his forehead glistening with sweat and his black hair a mess. He walked over to the counter and poured himself a glass of cool water, guzzling every last drop. Hugh was 18, he had just graduated and was such a hard working boy. He was handsome, a chisled face atop a strong frame, his eyes a piercing hazel. Though he had his go around with girlfriends, he was still very shy and reserved, very quiet.

“How were the horses today hun?”

“They were alright, Major got a little roudy with me. Did dad leave already?”

“Yes, he left a little bit ago. He’ll be back in a few days.”

Jack, Hugh’s father, was away picking up a new horse for the ranch. Hugh was very similar to Jack, but Hugh seemed a little more enthused about life and seemed to question every moment. Jack just did what had to be done.

“I’m gonna go take a shower mom.” He started to remove his shirt, revealing his sculpted chest and abs. “Will you wash this for me?”

“Sure honey.” He left, dashing up the stairs.


Just recently I had broken up with Angela, my now ex-girlfriend. I couldn’t stand her, all she wanted was sex, she was much too easy and didn’t know how to pleasure me, only herself. I needed a different girl, one who aroused me but kept me in the dark all the same. I looked at my mother across the dinner table. She was in a low-cut tank top, her delicate black hair loosely curled and falling just further than her shoulders. Her cleavage showed, tanned and smooth. She was only 38, she had me at a young age. I often wondered why she had fallen for my father and had not looked any further. My father is a nice man, however, not all that well-to-do like she could easily have.

She met my gaze… “Hugh? You alright?”

“Yeah mom, just…just thinking.” I excused myself and cleared my dishes. “I’m going to go up to bed, it took everything I had to corral Major.”

“Okay, sleep well.”

I wasn’t going to sleep, I was too horny. Angela had conditioned me to be horny nearly every night it seemed, I needed to feel the relief now. I dug up a porn magazine from my closet, sat, and whipped out my cock. I held it in my hand for a moment and felt it’s throb against my palm. I stroked gently and teased and rubbed the head with my index finger and thumb, all the while thinking about the naked woman spreading herself for me in the magazine. My cock grew hard and flung itself against my stomach if I let it go. I felt myself build slowly to orgasm, I tugged my stiff penis a little longer till I heard my door open behind me. I had my back turned to her, she could see nothing but my back and the top of my ass.

“Oh good, you’re awake, I had a…” She trailed off in mid-sentence, having just realized I was stark naked. I quickly covered my erection, and turned my head to look at her. She looked at me wide-eyed and quickly retreated from the room.

“Mom, I…” I called out as I rushed to pull up my briefs. My cock was still semi-hard, pushing at the fabric containing it, begging to be let out and played with.

My mom came back in the room only a few minutes later, first knocking. “Hugh, can I come in?”

“Yes mom…” I stuttered, still shocked and in utter embarressment. I threw myself under the covers of my bed, still trying to contain myself. My mom entered and met my gaze.

“Hugh, don’t be embarressed..” She started. I cut her off.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.. to, you know…”

She looked at me gave me a gentle smile, “To masturbate? Hugh, you’re a grown man, it’s natural, I understand. I was just startled, that’s all.” She moved her hand to wear my knee was protruding out from underneath my covers. My cock twitched in anticipation, I moved my hand slowly over and grabbed my buldge, thinking maybe I could stop it from growing somehow. She reached over and kissed me on the cheek and told me to do what I needed to do. What was that supposed to mean??

“Mom,” my face growing red in embarressment and awkwardness of the situation, “do you think you could umm…err.. leave now?”

“Oh! I’m sorry baby,” she exclaimed and left hurridly, in such a rush she forgot to shut the door all the way and left it open just a crack.

I rubbed my cock through my briefs, slowly forgetting what had just happened and moving past the awkwardness. I felt it expand and start kaçak iddaa to throb, threatning to rip through my briefs. I pulled down my underwear and let it breathe, it sprung out and I grasped it, following the veins with my fingers up to the head where I slowly massaged it in circles. I cupped my balls as I stroked and tugged at my penis, squeezing and releasing as I continued. I let go of my balls and moved my hand slowly down to my asshole, I teased myself with my middle finger, rubbing the opening but never entering, it was much too tight. Finally I could take no more and rubbing vigourously and ferociously until orgasm. I grunted as I exploded and cum shot up onto my chest, pooling in my belly button. I lay there on my bed for a few minutes, enjoying the moment of extascy. Once it had passed and my cock had gone limp I wiped myself off and went to the bathroom to clean myself up, only to check myself out in the mirror after I had finished. I fantasized about a woman pleasuring me right there and then, a dark-haired, tan, smooth-skinned woman…’My mother’ I thought… I tweaked my sensitive nipples and felt my cock grow yet another time; ready to be relieved.


I caught myself thinking about Hugh’s little adventure that night. I knew he wanted me to leave so he could finish. ‘I can’t believe that I did not deter him whatsoever’ I thought. I crept upstairs to see his door slightly ajar, ‘I must have forgotten to close it all the way’ I thought, so I grasped the handle and was just about to close it when I heard soft moaning… I stood frozen at the door way, ‘Is he still jacking off? It must have been a little over an hour that I had left him…He must be having trouble because of me,’ I thought, ‘Maybe I should go in there and try to explain things again.’

I knocked and heard him rustle the sheets, certainly to cover his erect penis.

“Come in mom.” He layed there, book in hand, knees arched underneath the covers so I could not see his erection, acting like nothing was going on.

“Hugh, we need to talk about something.” I sat down next to him on his bed.

“Okay, what is it?”

“Honey, you’re a grown man now, you think I’ve never seen anything you got down there before? Don’t be put off by what happened tonight.” He was avoiding my eyes and instead looking at my hand that was resting atop his chest. I moved my fingers and lightly rubbed his chest.

“Mom, I’m not…” I cut him off, thinking maybe I should just be frank with him and ask him if he was having troubles with sex.

“Baby…listen to me. If you’re having trouble masturbating, just tell me.” His eyes met mine with fear. “I just don’t want you to get blue balls because that can be painful…”

“Mommm…” Despite his annoyed tone, I move my hand in bigger circles on his chest, looking into his eyes.

“Hugh, let mommy help you…” I pulled his covers back just a little, so I could see his abs and continue to rub them as well.

“Mom, it’s not what you think.. I’m not having trouble, I’m just…well, I’m just horny again, I swear.” Despite his slight protest, I continued to move south, suddenly hungry to see his cock. Without removing the covers, I slipped my hand further down and grasped his buldge, he must have put his underwear back on before I came in… I rubbed his pressing cock through his underwear as he breathlessly moaned, “Momm..god mom, stop this..”

His efforts were useless. I tore off his sheets, quite aware of the wetness growing inside my pussy.

“Get up Hugh.” I demanded. He moved cautiously and stood, his cock at full attention now, hidden under soft cotton. I rubbed it a little longer as I kept his gaze. I pulled his briefs down, his long thick shaft springing out, pulsing. “Lay back down, mommy is gonna take care of you.”

I noted a bottle of lube next to his computer when I came in, I went to grab it. I stradled his legs, exposing just the bottom of my underwear beneath my teddy. I dribbled the lube on his cock and started to stroke. Each pump I made he met with a rocking of his hips, as if he were thrusting into my warm, wet pussy. His cock quivered everytime I let go, awaiting my next tug. I cupped and massaged his balls with one hand and kept pumping his shaft with the other. He let out a loud moan. “Does that feel good baby? Is mommmy making you horny?”

“Oh god mommm. That feels so good,” he gasped.

“Are perabet güvenilir mi you going to cum for me baby? Come on, cum for mommy.” I rubbed and stroked a little faster, a little harder, the lube squelching as I went a long.

He stopped moaning, he started breathing harder,” don’t stop, I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum..” His cock throbed as he gave a loud grunt and a white stream of cum came shooting out all over his chest and stomach. I milked his cock and continued to pump. He moaned and twitched as I teased the head of his penis a little more until he finally couldn’t take it any longer and swatted my hand away. His cock slowly grew limp and I let it slip from my hand. I resumed rubbing the cum all over his chest and stomach into his skin, letting him settle down…

“Did mommy make you feel better baby?” His eyes remained closed as his breathing slowed.

“Yes, mommy made me feel better” he responded in between breaths. I wipped his messy body with a shirt near by and slipped out of the room as he drifted off to sleep.

I had crossed a line, but I found I didn’t really care. My pussy was wet and ready for relief. As soon as I reached my bedroom, I discarded my clothes, rummaged around in my underwear drawer and found my favorite dildo. I spread myself wide, propped up by pillows on my bed, and rubbed my slit, teasing my clit and running my fingers up and down, just inside the lips. I slowly eased a finger into my pussy, feeling it’s wetness squeeze out. I thrust my finger in and out, moving my hips in a fashion to give me more enjoyment. I grasped the dildo and shoved it in, feeling my pussy tighten around it as I thrust it in and out. I moaned and felt the sweet extascy of my oragasm explode between my legs. I had never felt one so powerful before. I was determined that it would not be my last.


The next morning I awoke with a raging erection. As my head cleared and the morning grogginess faded, I realized just what had happened last night. My mom gave me the best handjob of my life. Why had I not noticed her sexiness sooner? I looked down at my cock, still exposed after last night’s escapade. It was sticking straight up at me, already waiting to be played with. I ignored it, maybe because I was hoping my mom could do what she did last night again for me, but I knew it was a foolish thought. I slipped on my briefs and pair of basketball shorts and headed downstairs for breakfast.

My mom was sitting at the table, still in her teddy from last night, reading the morning newspaper with a cup of coffee.

“Good morning Hugh.” She nodded at me, but didn’t look at me.

“Morning mom…” I said sheepishly. She looked up and immediatley noticed the buldge I was sporting underneath my shorts.

“Looks like I got you excited already,” She laughed and turned her head back down to her newspaper.

I fixed myself some cereal and sat down at the table without saying anything. I caught her glancing at me every few minutes as I ate. Her nightgown was hanging loosely around her neck as she bent her chest over, I noticed her right breast was visible, her nipples were hard and pointing through her nightgown. The deep pink of her nipple and firmness of breasts aroused me further and I moved my hand down to my cock rubbing gently.


I snapped out of it, “Yeah mom?” She gazed at me wary of what I had been looking at. She said nothing and returned her gaze back to her paper. I finished my cereal quickly and went upstairs to take a shower. I began to undress and was just pulling down my briefs when my mom entered my bedroom.


“Mom, what are you doing?” He asked astonished.

“Hugh, I saw you staring, I know you’re aroused, I thought maybe you could use some help again…” She made up an excuse.

“Mom, I…I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything baby, mommy is going to make you feel good again.” He finished undressing and layed down, his cock laying atop his belly. “Mommy has a special treat for you, baby.” I slipped my teddy over my head and straddled his legs again. “Go ahead, touch them.” He cautiously reached up and grabbed my breasts, massaging them, squeezing them. He moved his fingers back and forth over my nipples and tweaked them with his knuckles as I cried out. I hadn’t had such sensual sex in such a long perabet giriş time. He moved his hand my back and stuck it in my underwear, rubbing my ass cheeks. “Ohhh Hugh…” I softly moaned, my pussy juices flowing freely soaking my underwear. He tugged my underwear down a little, I got the message and moved off of him, fully undressing now.

I straddled his waist, the head of his cock playfully teasing my ass as I leaned down. I kissed him full on the lips and shoved my tongue into his mouth. My breasts rested upon his chest as he moved his hands to my ass, grabbing, rubbing, and slapping it. I moved my hips a little, rubbing my wet pussy across his waist. I decided to move down and spread across his legs. He watched in enjoyment as I sucked and flicked his nipples with my tongue. I kissed his chest all the way down to his cock and licked back up. He shuddered letting out a barely audible moan. I moved down a little further, licking up each inside of his thighs and finally reaching his balls. His large balls hung before me, the skin taut around his rounded testicles. I took one in my mouth and sucked, he grasped his cock and started pumping as if it were a reflex. I stopped and took the other..

“Mommm.. ughnnggg…” He moaned. I licked each and continued to lick up his shaft as I slowly moved his hand away. “Mom, I’m going to cum..” he uttered. Photos

“Wait baby, wait.” I moved my tongue around the head of his thick cock. I engulfed his cock in my mouth and moved up and down, rolling my tongue and wetting his cock.

“Oh god..” he groaned breathless. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and licked down his shaft again, down to his balls, down to his asshole. I teased it with my tongue, darting it in and out. I heard him catch his breath as I did this, surely in pure bliss. My elation grew and my pussy dripped onto his bed sheets. I finally grasped his cock and began tugging. “Oh god MOM! I’m cumming!!” I pumped faster and harder till he erupted with a stream of hot cum. He writhed in delight. I let him settle down for a moment before I took his cock in my mouth again. It had gone limp quite quickly but I was determined to have it at full attention again shortly. I swirled the head in my warm mouth as I massaged his balls, he groaned as I worked his penis back to an erection.

“Is mommy giving you a good time baby? Tell mommy how much you like it.”

“Jesus mom, it feels so good…”

I felt his cock expand and harden in my hands. It throbbed, yearning to feel relief once again. I grabbed the base of his cock, “Mommy wants to feel your cock baby. Can you fuck mommy’s pussy baby?” He sat up and rolled over on top of her. He sat between my legs and grasped my breasts, massaging and squeezing them. He leaned over and sucked my left breast, flicking his tongue over my nipple, sending tingles down my body. “Oh Hugh!!” The first wave of excitement shot through my body, the wetness spilled from my pussy in an overpowering orgasm. His tongue met my pussy and moved just inside the lips, teasing and sucking on my hard, sensitive clit. He slurpped my pussy juices up and pushed his way into my pussy with his tongue. He darted his tongue in and out, every once in a while returning to tease my clit. “Hugh, god hugh..” I moaned, carried away by what I was feeling.

He moved his cock to my pussy, rubbing it up against my wet lips, teasing my clit. I rubbed my clit before guiding him in slowly with my hand. “OH HUGH!” I gasped as he filled me with his enormous cock. He grunted and started thrusting slowly, rocking his hips back and forth, my pussy meeting his base. My pussy tightly surrounded him and soon he was moaning, elated that he was in my warm, wet pussy. The juices squelched and squeezed past his penis, dripping onto the bed. “Oh Hugh, I want you to cum inside mommy, be a good boy and cum inside mommy.”

“Oh mom… oh I’m going to cum..” he moaned loudly. He gave a few more pumps into my pussy and one last thrust he screamed “I’m cumming mom!!!!” I screeched, “OH GOD!!” A wave of ecstasty drove threw me. His hot cum blasted my walls as I thrust my hips toward him. “Good boy Hugh, you’re mommy’s good boy.” He withdrew his cock from my pussy, collapsing on the bed in exhaustion. I stradled his stomach and let his cum seep out on him, I rubbed his chest as he breathed deeply, massaging my ass. After I was “empty”, I rubbed the cum into his skin…

“How did you like that baby? Did mommy make you feel better? Mommy loved have your cock inside her.”

“Yes, mommy made me feel better,” He sighed with tire. He hoped there would be more days just like this one.

Secretly, so did she.

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