The next morning started out early. I heard the alarm sound and get smacked quiet almost immediately. I rolled to my right, which should have put me up against Nick, but he wasn’t there. I reached out with my arm thinking I might have wandered further away in the night on the king-sized bed. It was dark in the room and my hand found his bare back as he sat on the edge of the bed. He turned to me, pulled the light covers up to my chin, kissed my lips and forehead, and told me to go back to sleep. He needed to get an early start if he was going to be able to take a few days off to join me on the flight the next day and spend the next four days spanning the weekend to move me. He kissed me, again. Then, he just sat there looking at my face. His hand came to my face as looked up at him and it smoothed some strands of hair from my face.

“I love you, mom. I am very happy this happened. Now sleep some more. Tonight we plan the next several days.”

He ran his hand down my body as I turned onto my left side and I felt the bed give as he stood up as his hand slid over my hip. I sighed and slipped back into sleep. I didn’t hear him as he got ready and left. The morning was light when my eyes opened, again. I stretched my body out, pushing the covers down, and exposing my breasts and upper body in the process. With the memories of the night before, my hands moved to those same breasts and nipples, sliding down my stomach, and stroking my pussy as I remembered the wonderful sensations of making love to my son. My son who is to be my lover who is to be my partner in life. Stretched my body one last time and swung my legs over the side. I rummaged through his drawers until I found the one with his t-shirts. I pulled it over my head, stopped at the full-length mirror, and was satisfied that it would cover my ass, at least while I was standing.

I got a pot of coffee started, then went to the front door and peered outside, checking to see if there was any movement visible. I could see the paper in its plastic bag covering on the driveway near the cul-de-sac. It was late enough that the k**s should all be off to school and there was no evidence of anyone else outside. I walked out and walked quickly to the paper. The t-shirt was so short on me that there was no ‘proper’ way to get down to retrieve the paper, so I looked around and bent over to pick it up as quickly as possible and return back to the house. I had just turned and started up the drive when I heard Jane Mathers calling me from the other side of the cul-de-sac. I stopped, pulled the shirt down more, despite the fact that it had no further to go down. She chatted and asked about how the ‘big night’ went. I forgot I had mentioned to her about Sharon’s Boutique. I blushed and she got the right impression immediately, even if that wasn’t my intention. I just knew our ‘big night’ was going to make it around the neighborhood by the end of the day. Oh well, I was moving in … everyone would have the idea soon enough.

I made of toast with marmalade to go with my coffee and took it all out to the patio to be enjoyed in the morning sun. I tore off a few pieces of toast for Harley. We had become fast friends between the treats I snuck him and the walks that had become a big part of our days together. I read the paper and drank coffee. I absently scratched Harley’s ears and head as he continued to come to me, resting his head in my lap, sometimes from under the wrought iron table on my knees. He seemed quite interested in me this morning and, with Nick gone and the expectations for the coming days, I welcomed this new attention.

I still hadn’t showered and those two things didn’t connect in my mind as being connect: with a dog’s refined sense of smell, the remnants of our amorous activities the night before would be obvious. The day was already proving to be a warmer day for this time of year, so I decided to dress in shorts for a long walk with Harley. Maybe, if the course wasn’t crowded, I could cut across the fairway and walk the neighborhood on the other side.

It initially worked, but on the return, the course was crowded. Men’s league play had started, which seemed interesting to me that they would have league play starting at mid-morning, but I kept forgetting how many retired people lived in the area and how many people in this community had retired early, still in their mid to late 50’s. So, by the time we were back at the house I was hot and sweaty and poor Harley was panting. I committed to getting a water bottle that would be easy to carry, maybe one with a strap, to hydrate both Harley and me.

I walked Harley out to the patio to give him fresh and cool water. Then, the warm sun provided the temptation that I had resisted during my stay so far. I scanned the walls around the patio and backyard, verifying what Nick had said about the walls providing completely privacy. The walls being seven feet tall and solid masonry, I could see neighboring roofs, but no hint of a window. I wasn’t sure if he had made a point of telling me that for this reason, kartal escort but the temptation was finally too much. I removed my running shoes and socks, pulled my t-shirt over my head, and pushed my shorts down my legs. For no reason other than paranoia about being naked outside, I looked around the perimeter of the yard one last time, then reached my hands behind my back to release the hooks to my bra. I shrugged it off my arms and pushed my panties down over my hips and down my legs to join my shorts on the patio pavers. I walked over to the storage cabinet against the house and took out a large pool towel, d****d it over one of the lounges and lay myself on it, facing into the sun. Within moments, I dozed into a deep restive state.

I was vaguely aware of my surroundings, though. It was unusual for me to be naked outside, especially so casually. The sun shone on me, I could hear sounds of birds and distant traffic on the street, and an occasional sounds and talk from the golf course on the other side of the back wall. But, after several reactions to the sounds, I settled peacefully, if not completely asleep.

I was fully awakened, though, by an odd sensation. I was aware of a sensation that was everything like my pussy being licked. At first my confused mind insisted that it was a dream response to the feelings of last night, but as my mind became more and more aware of my surroundings, it was becoming very obvious that these sensations were very real and physical. At the same time, as my mind was working to recognize what was happening, there was another part of me that was recognizing how wonderfully pleasurable these sensations were. And, as I came to understand that I was being licked, at a remote part of my brain, the licking was like nothing I had ever experience before. Whatever these licks were started at the bottom of my pussy slit and continued in a single motion over the entire length of my pussy and over my rapidly engorging clit. I moaned as two parts of me were fighting for recognition of what was happening. One part trying to fully understand what was happening; the other just trying to appreciate the intense pleasure. It was like nothing any man had ever …

OH, MY GOD!! “Harley! NO!” I pulled my legs together and sat up straight, scrambled to the side, and slid off the lounge. I was crouched with my arms wrapped around my knees, my body pressed into my thighs. Harley had jumped backwards at my reaction and stood shaking, his shoulders were dropped, his hind end rotated under, with his tail tucked between his legs. My reaction had scared him. He was such a lover that my reaction was the last thing he would want from me. I released my arms and knelt on the ground, opening my arms to him, calling his name. He slunk to me and I felt miserable. I talked to him, explaining my reaction, how I had been so surprised. As I talked to him, explaining myself and expressing how I wasn’t mad at him, the memory of the feelings, the sensations, the pleasure I felt came rushing back to me.

My brain was telling me to go into the house and take a shower … maybe a cold shower. My body, though, hugging Harley to me, his strong, furry body pressed against my nakedness, was telling me something entirely different. My body was definitely winning but could I really give my body to the dog to enjoy or, at least, give me enjoyment? It felt so wrong, so wicked, and so depraved. But, I also knew how wonderful it had felt and that seemed to make it feel very right. My body was winning over my brain, partly because of the night before still fresh in my mind; partly because of the heat from the sun and being naked outside making me not only hot, but ‘hot’; and, partly because it had felt so very good and I couldn’t ignore the curiosity to know how much better it might feel with more.

So I put my hands on both sides of his head, turned it to face me directly, and I whispered that I wanted more of it, too. I hugged his head to my chest as an act of yearning only to be surprised when his tongue flashing out to my breast, then my nipple. I held his head steady as he continued to lick, flicking his tongue out and continuously striking my nipple, which was quickly turned rigid and hard. I pulled his snout up to my face, “Ohhhhh … you horny, naughty, wonderful dog. Did you know you could make a woman feel so good?”

I moved back to the lounge, putting my feet on either side of the cushion, which opened me up perfectly. Harley must of have thought so, too. He didn’t waste a moment in any thought or reaction to my change in behavior, he just took advantage of it. I was sitting up with my legs spread and I watched as my son’s dog put his front paws onto the cushion between my legs and moved his body up until his snout was again at the junction of my thighs. I watched as his snout pushed into my pussy and his tongue came out for an exploratory lick. He looked up at me, as if expecting to be reprimanded, again. But, I didn’t. I scratched his ears and lean back against the angled back of the lounge and sighed as his tongue game me another lick, then another, and a steady repetition of his pendik escort bayan tongue licking along my pussy.

It took almost no time before I was softly moaning my pleasure, my hips rising off the cushion, and mumbling encouragement to the dog. This felt so unbelievably wonderful, but every time I opened my eyes and looked down at the tongue and mouth pleasuring so well, the sight of the dog caused another jolt of arousal to course through my mind and body. First, it was i****t, wonderful and delicious i****tuous pleasure with my son; now, it is b**stiality, also wonderful and delicious with my son’s dog. My son was my savior, saving me from the depths of despair and darkness, wanting to open me to safely explore my life without threat or abuse. Already, I have tasted two of society’s taboos.

I didn’t care, though. At least not at the moment. Harley’s tongue felt amazing as he lapped at my pussy with all the eagerness of a dog at a tasty scent. I lifted my butt off the cushion and spread my knees to give him better access to my pussy. I was pressing down with my forearms to hold my butt in the air while my breathing became faster and erratic. This was wonderful in itself, but then an amazing thing happened when it felt like his tongue had entered my pussy and curled inside me. Nick had tongued me and it was nice, but his tongue is shorter. This tongue seemed to reach impossibly into me and I cried out, my butt rising higher into the air, and I orgasmed.

Harley wouldn’t stop. He continued to lick and it occurred to me that my orgasm was producing more juice escaping my body and he continued to take it up with his tongue as it came out and the more he took up, the more I would climax. It was a series of uncontrolled orgasms, the first being strong, and the subsequent ones with minor peaks of pleasure as he continued to lick, his tongue finding my insides and my clit in the process.

I dropped my butt to the cushion and pulled my legs together and up into my chest, curled into a tight ball in protection against his insistent tongue. I would never have guessed that I could be licked too much!

I rolled off the lounger and ran into the house naked, leaving my discarded clothes on the patio floor by the lounger. I went straight into the shower and turned the water on hot and soaked my body for many minutes before even beginning to wash away the sweat and grime from my run. I found myself washing intently and diligently between my legs and stopped, letting the water cascade off my head and shoulders, running down my body. I thought. I wondered. Why did I let that happen? Why did I re-ignite the contact with Harley after I had stopped it initially? Why did I knowingly, willingly, and eagerly go into a b**stial activity with the dog? Why did I do it? Why did I violate the trust Nick had in me? Why would I jeopardize our new relationship for some simple pleasure?

All these questions plagued me for the rest of the day. We had just pledged to each other that we would always be fully honest and open with each other. I had to confess this to him. He had to know what I Harley had done … what I had allowed Harley to do.

By the time it was getting close to Nick arriving back, I had convinced myself that Nick was going to be very disappointed, if not hurt and angry. I was beating myself up for being so selfish and singularly focused on my immediate pleasure. I didn’t know how I would tell him, but I knew that I had to and that it might be best to just blurt it out and take his displeasure. I prayed that our new relationship wasn’t already ruined by my stepping into this obscene and taboo act. It was a terrible situation; the last thing I wanted to do was to tell him about this, but the only thing I also wanted was to get it over with.

When I heard the garage door rise, Harley reacted at the same sound. He was at the door to the garage waiting for his master and I remembered who I was worrying about. Nick wasn’t one of those guys from before. Nick was different, his motives were different, his reasons for being with me and wanting to be with me were different. He loved me and cared about me. He told me he wanted me to be both free to experience and safe to experience. I took a deep breath as I heard the door to the garage open and Harley go nuts, his tail banging into the dryer as he wiggled in for more pets until Nick finally dropped his backpack to use both hands. It happened every night the same way.

He pushed his way past Harley, dropping his backpack at the wall leading to the hallway and carrying the bag of Chinese he said he would bring home for dinner. He put the bag of food on the kitchen table and I took his hands, leading him into the family room, sitting him down on the couch as I took a chair opposite him. Harley sat between us, picking up on my tension and feeling confused. Nick’s arrival was usually a raucous time and this time it was quiet and I wasn’t sitting with him. Even Harley knew something was off.

Nick proved as smart as the dog. He stood up and took my hand, leading me to the couch next to him. He put my hand in his two, looking into my eyes, escort pendik “Somethings wrong. Nothing will ever be so bad that you can’t be sitting next to me. Tell me.”

I looked at Harley who now seemed happier and relaxed. Damn, dog. It’s because of you that I am in this mess. But … maybe I should be as smart as the dog and recognize that Nick only loves me. I couldn’t look into his eyes, though, even with him holding my hand in his. But I did tell him the whole story from waking up to the first licks, my retreat from Harley, to my decision to enjoy more. When I was done, I sat there, worried and tense. He didn’t say anything, but his hand had become tighter around mine and I took that to indicate tension and anger. Nothing would get me to look at him now. And, he still didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry, Nick. You have every right to think I am disgusting to encourage Harley to lick me like that.” I reacted internally to that. I hadn’t said ‘to let Harley lick me’. I had sheltered Harley u*********sly. I put my free hand out to Harley and he came to me. I pet him. I could look into his face. “Be mad at me, Nick, but not at Harley. Don’t be mad at Harley.” His grip got a little tighter and I flinched at what that meant. “Nick, I wish this never happened. We agreed to never keep secrets and to be fully honest. I wish this could just be forgotten, but … you must think I am disgusting.”

He released his left hand and he used it to force my chin up until we were finally looking at each other. “There is no way I can forget that this happened. It happened, there’s no taking that away.”

“Oh, Nick, please … I’m sorry …”

“Sorry? Mom, you misunderstand … I am not mad.” He leaned into me and kissed my lips, softly and lovingly. With his lips mere inches from mine, his eyes inches from mine, he asked a question that shook me. “Did you have an orgasm? Did you find it thrilling? Did Harley’s tongue give you an orgasm like you hoped?”

I pulled my head away to clearly look into his face, to judge not just his eyes, but his face and mouth. “You’re not mad?” He took my hand and placed it over his crotch. Through his pants it was obvious how hard he was. “Oh, my god! You’re not mad! OH YES! Yes, yes, it was a wonderful orgasm!”

He was in full smile now, the tension completely gone. “You would do it, again? Knowing how I feel, you’d like to do it, again?” I nodded, that seemed to be the safest. I wasn’t sure my mouth would even work at that point, I was so excited by the turn of events. “Good, I have an idea.”

He stood up and pulled me up with him. He led me out onto the patio. He pointed at the lounge where I had mistakenly forgotten my clothes from earlier. I blushed and nodded. He took the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, then started taking his own clothes off. I quickly stripped out of the rest of my clothes and stood next to him waiting, wondering what was in his mind. I thought he might have wanted to watch me be licked by Harley again, but he was also getting undressed.

He lay on the lounge and motioned for me to join him, but with my back to his chest. There was no problem with skipping foreplay this time, we were both more than ready. I crouch over his hips and he held his cock straight up. I settle down over it, easing myself down until my ass was on his hips and thighs. He moved my legs over the arms of the lounge, opening me more than I had been earlier. He pulled me back against his chest, squeezing my breasts, and rotating his hips to slide his cock in and out of my pussy. Then he called Harley.

If I thought what I had done earlier with Harley was obscene, Nick surpassed me in my mind, and I immediately comfortable and assured that whatever I might come up with in my mind, he would be a willing participant or supporter. With Nick’s cock slowly moving inside me, restricted as we were, Harley licked for the first time along our union. I felt his tongue on my pussy above the cock inside me, then over my already engorged clit. From Nick’s reaction, I knew that the lick had started further below, somewhere on the base of his cock or even his balls. I once again used my forearms on the lounger arm rests to lift my body slightly, taking some of my weight off him, and he took the opportunity to drive his cock into me deeper than he had been able to before, then pulling it out before driving it back in. All the while with Harley licking with a vengeance at our mating, hitting Nick’s cock when it was nearly out, my pussy, my clit, Nick’s balls, and anywhere his tongue found to touch.

I closed my eyes. I was supporting my hips in the air so my two lovers could have better access to drive me wild with desire and ecstasy. The combination of my son fucking me, my son’s dog licking the both of us, and my relief at how my life was changing sent me into the most powerful orgasm I had experienced. It was only later that I wondered if my crying out in release might have been too vocal, but Nick never reacted.

It wasn’t just that my life situation was changing. My life was changing in a way that gave me a completely new perspective, new opportunities, new options, and new confidence to move deliberately forward. All because Nick pulled me away. But, not just away, he pulled me toward something more hopeful and promising … him.

* * CHAPTER SIX: THE MOVE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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