My girlfriend’s little sister part two


My girlfriend’s little sister part two
So, yeah. Jennifer was pissed at me for fooling around with her little sister. I assume she was pissed at her sister too since obviously I didn’t undress her. The two of them left in a huff with Jennie ignoring me and Mary looking directly at me as her sister pulled her into the car.

Later, I was unloading my bedroom laundry hamper and, what’s this? A pair of white panties! White cotton panties! Yes, they were my girlfriend’s little sister’s panties and, yes, I seriously checked them out. I drank in her feminine scent as I remembered the sight of her plump little fanny and the deliriously sexy little hole that sat inside her rear cheeks. It almost seemed unreal that I’d managed to briefly penetrate her little asshole aided by the suntan lotion. Oh and her virgin pussy! What a delight!

Yes, dog that I am, I was soon jerking off to the memory of little Mary and her teen aged tits with their big stiff nipples and her bare pussy and ass. It was a really nice cum too.

I called Jennie the next day but she was still cool to me on the phone. Eventually, fed up with her shit, I just said “Jen, I didn’t bring her over. illegal bahis That wasn’t my idea. Should I just let her get sunburned with her pale skin? Would everyone be happy about that? I was trying to help out for god’s sake.”

She didn’t like it but she also had to accept it. It was over a week later that my mom and dad told us they were going to Reno with the Robert’s and Jennie and Mary were going to be staying at our house for the weekend. This opened up a lot of possibilities in my head but my mom quickly informed me that there were to be no shenanigans while they were gone. They left us with fifty bucks emergency money and drove away. The girls had the guest bedroom and I was downstairs in my room. As you might imagine, I was visited by Jennie that night.

“You leave my little sister alone, you hear?” She barked at me.

“Jennie why would I want to get involved with her? She’s just a k** with those silly little tits and, you know, she can’t compare to you! You’re so beautiful and smart! Why, all my friends are jealous of me, that we are banging each other.”

I was laying it on thick but Jennie was eating it up. Eventually she snuggled up to canlı casino me and I lifted up her nightgown to get at her womanly breasts. Yeah, Baby had cute little tits but Jennie had the whole package! I sucked her nipples until she was ready to move on. She pulled off her panties and climbed on to me, reaching back to grasp my penis and guide it to her waiting pussy. Just a few exploratory moves and then…Ahhh! I slid my cock right into Jennie’s hot pussy. We began to fuck then. We knew each other well and Jennie was whispering in my ear the whole time.

“Oh, that’s good Jeff! Fuck me! Stick it all the way in now…make me feel it…all of it!” I did my best and was stabbing my cock repeatedly into her pussy when, beyond Jennie’s nude form, I saw the bedroom door open slightly. Just a few inches. But enough to see two eyes peering in at us. Mary had obviously heard us and was now watching her big sister getting fucked. Jennie was moaning now and grinding her pussy down onto my cum striving penis. Mary took all of this in as she watched from the hallway. Eventually, she no longer cared if I saw her or not and opened the door a good six inches. kaçak casino This was exciting to me. That Mary was watching us fuck. I locked eyes with her and she opened the door even further revealing her nighty clad body, her pointy tits poking out at me. A little smile crept over her face and I watched rapt as she reached for the hem of her brief nightgown and began to lift it, exposing more and more of her legs until at last her white panties were revealed!

I grunted when I saw Baby’s panties and lifted up the best I could shoving all of my cock shaft into Jennie’s cunt. I was going to cum and cum hard as I watched Mary open the waistband of her panties and look inside. “She’s looking at her pussy!” I thought to myself. She looked down for a few seconds and then put one finger up to her lips as if to say “Shhhh!” Then, then Jennie’s little sister pulled her panties down and put her hairless young pussy on display!

I couldn’t help myself. I came deep into Jennies’ pussy, my eyes trained on her little sister’s sweet young pussy all the while. Jennie wailed as her orgasm overtook her and she felt my sperm splashing into her vagina.

Mary quietly pulled up her panties and shut the door.

Jennie was animated after our world class fuck and seemed to be over her jealously of my little incident with her baby sister. it was only Friday night. What lay ahead for the weekend?

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