How I became cuckold in Ibiza


How I became cuckold in Ibiza
First : This is a google traslate story from Italian . Help me to correct where need. Tnx

“Love, let’s miss the plane”” …. women are always late, there is nothing to do, it is impossible to correct them …..
It was a beautiful June morning, the sun high in the sky already in the early morning hours and we were ready to leave for our second beach vacation. 15 days of pure relaxation in Ibiza. Last year we were in Greece, a fantastic holiday but ……
The idea of ??having my wife owned by strangers, maybe well endowed, maybe even colored, has been exciting for some time. But she is nothing, she is always very chaste. “Come on we have the flight from Capodichino to 10:00 and this afternoon we are already at the sea”. “Love, everything is ready I just have to wear makeup, I did ….”
We take the car, park in Capodichino, you are very attractive, 27 years old, not aware of all its charm. The shapes are a crash, the legs a fairy tale, smooth, fabulous to caress.
Beneath the long skirt lies a fantastic lower back, perfect hard and everything to bite.
We take the shuttle and we are ready to leave. In Ibiza we settle in our Hotel and immediately decide to go down to the sea. There are many people, we are not used to it, we come from a remote town in the province of Avellino, nothing can be done that everyone knows.
On the beach we enjoy the sun and, although aware of her chastity, I must always tease her. They spend beautiful boys on the beach, young and gym. I am ugly, fat and hairy. After about half an hour I begin. “Love, but here are all beautiful men and women.” She “Eh damn only we are as white as paper and never prepared for the sea” we already see her non-awareness. It is a crash, some boys quickly catch sight of it. Me: “look at that love, I would like to have his body”. She: “MMM is really cute, he has the turtle ahhah she laughs”. She is chaste but has a lot of confidence with me, she lets herself be waxed, she tells me everything naively, in fact she realizes that some boy looks at her and immediately reports it to me. Among the many passes a handsome mulatto boy and his costume “rears up” underneath. She “looks at that one, but how long does it have? It must be huge. Isn’t it something you put in there?”
and I: “seeee you’d like to see under eh?” .
“AHAH don’t be an idiot” you know I say this just to joke, I could never get your horns on someone else …
“love, well we can make a double, just let me enjoy it too”. “But stop being an idiot and say these things, I’m just yours.”

The afternoon passes early, we take an ice cream and we meet a young couple who is sitting right next to us. They are Italian, we don’t speak English well, we communicate with them. They took a hotel next to ours and come to the beach here, I’m from Milan. A very open and talkative couple, we are always a bit closed instead ….

The next day the story is the same, we came here by the sea and we must enjoy it. We talk about this and that. We meet Marco and Anna and we start chatting. I’ve been here for a week already. My Monica stops to talk to Anna, Marco and I take a walk. Marco tells me a little about his life and his work. Let’s do a few kilometers, then go back, the day is beautiful, there are so many people.

On the way back a nice surprise, sitting near our wives is an Italian boy, very cute, tanned, young, maybe in his twenties. We approach it, Anna presents it to me “Antonio this is Michele, Miki for friends, a dear friend of ours, kurtköy escort bayan he came with us on vacation, but he stays in your hotel”. “Nice to meet you,” I say as I scrutinize him carefully. Thin, long-limbed, handsome face, I omit my thoughts but feel a shiver in my body.
We also sit on the sand, take advantage of the moment, call attention “Anna, Marco, I want you to see photos” I take the phone and call the attention of the two with questions. Miki then, a little embarrassed, begins to chat with Monica. My Monica, equally embarrassed and a bit clumsy, tries to answer “. The gaffes she makes when she speaks make Miki smile, while I keep an eye on the phone with one ear to their speeches. At one point Miki’s phone rings, she gets up and barely touches my woman, she immediately blushes, Miki doesn’t even understand why ….. The day ends immediately, Miki is called by her friend and leaves.
The rest is talk. In the evening, however, Monica wants, after the shower I take her and start kissing her, touching her and teasing her. “Come on tonight, I’ll give it to you, I’m too fast ….” “Come here Monica ….. mmm are you eager for the many nice guys you saw?” I tease her. But she’s smarter than me “not only because of yesterday’s cannon” ahahha we both laugh, I take it and start fucking her all. After 10 minutes, she is still not very satisfied, she would have liked to see more …

Third day of vacation, I can’t spend too much time, somehow I don’t want this to pass like Greece, without any new experience …..
We are at the beach at 8 am, we are used to waking up early and we do not follow today’s youth shifts at peak hours. After about 20 minutes, Miki runs along the shore. He doesn’t notice us. I call him “Mikiii, hello morning riser eh?” “Hi Guys, he answers hopping on the spot, how nice to see you in the morning. I often go running when the sun isn’t hot” he continues to hop. “stop with us 5 minutes or do you still have to run a lot? I say. No I have finished, I’ll be back in the hotel for a nice shower soon.” Okay, let’s talk about this and that, Monica listens to us. At some point I want to leave them alone: ??”Miki I’m going to buy the paper two minutes, do some company for Monica? I don’t want to leave her alone.” Monica blushes, she’s in trouble, she didn’t expect it. “Of course, go ahead I like to stop for a while”. I go up the beach again and enter a tobacco bar near the beach. I take coffee in a hurry and spy on the beach. I leave them there 10 minutes, they look calm and talkative, then I come back to see if there is any news.
“Antonio you know Miki is in our own hotel!” And I “love you Marco had told me yesterday, Miki why don’t you dine with us tonight?” Miki is a little surprised, but he too is open-minded, he doesn’t think about it more than that. “Of course I would really like it” Monica is puzzled.

Let’s go have lunch and Monica reproaches me “But why did you invite Miki? Who knows him! Okay it’s nice but …”
“Monica is a quiet dinner nothing more”. She calms down for a moment. In the evening we prepare for dinner. She dresses as usual casual. “Love tonight we are at dinner in this nice restaurant and also with guests, put on something nice”.
“Ugh ….. I don’t want to know, I wear jeans”. “ok at least put on a nice shirt, I’ll choose you.” NONO, you have no taste, I’ll let you put the pink shirt. “The pink t-shirt is sexy, it gives a glimpse of my wife’s beautiful third abundant and, to tell the truth, I don’t mind even kartal escort bayan tight jeans. As soon as I am ready I slap her ass “Come on tonight we have fun”.
See you at 9:00 with Miki and go to lunch. Nothing but I drink a few more drinks. Tonight it must be the first time I need it. And if I don’t do it, it will never happen.

At dinner over we take a nice walk together, we meet Marco and Anna. Anna is really smart she has already figured it all out, I think they are a little bit ahead of us ….
Let’s chat. He takes my Monica in part and, very gently, he says “How cute Miki is tonight eh?” Monica looks at him very carefully, maybe he hadn’t done it before, “Yes it is true it is very cute and sweet”. Anna takes her hands and winks at her. Monica is a bit confused. Well we wish you a good evening, surprise from a kiss to Monica and one to me. Me and Miki greet them, then they leave.

At 12:00 we go back to the hotel, it’s late for our times, but nobody seems to be tired, in fact the adrenaline seems to go up. Miki greets us very politely but I immediately block it. Miki, let’s have a last toast in the room and then go …. Monica, who by the way is a teetotal, wanted to kill me, it’s all messed up again on …….
Let’s go upstairs and have a last drink.
Miki understood, Monica as well, but it still seems strange and impossible to her.
“Guys I really spent a wonderful evening” in my mind I think “I hope the night is even better”, “but now I think I will disturb, I go”. I think about how to block it but …….
MONICA ADVANCES “Miki does not disturb at all, if you like it, stay with us a little longer”.
I look at it in amazement and I think “no, it can’t be ………..”

me: “Miki sit here I’ll go for a moment to wear something comfortable” Miki sits next to Monica. I come back from there a little in overalls are very close and intimate. Monica looks at me and says “love I never betrayed you, but I know your fantasies well, you never delete the google chronologies of your research …” I wanted to make the party, you make me …….

Miki begins to kiss her on the neck, “You know Antonio, you have a cute and sweet young wife, you’re really lucky”.
I laugh, “I know Miki, and also intelligent as you see.” Monica moves away from Miki a bit “I love you but I love you and if this bothers you, tell me, I’m still yours”. I look at her, we understand each other immediately, “Monica a shot, do it yourself tonight,” I hand her the rum, she drinks it. I walk away and sit on a chair turned upside down looking at them.
Miki takes the initiative, starts to kiss her again, but with much more passion than before. She lets herself go slowly.
He caresses her lips, then kisses her gently, then moves his hands over her beautiful legs. Very gently she goes up and down, Monica is very red, she’s ashamed, I think she’s excited like like the FIRST TIME with me.

He answers how he can with Miki’s attacks that with one hand takes her neck and continues to kiss her with great passion, the other moves her over her breast. He discovers it gently and begins to brush her nipples. The scene is too hot for me, I’m already very excited, more than they are.
Miki takes it by weight and puts it in her arms, moves her hand from the nape of her neck to her nice ass and begins to palpate it firmly. Monica seems to be no longer in the skin. His hands are also very active. First he caresses the sweet features of Miki, then he moves his hand under his shirt to feel his turtle and his kaynarca escort bayan muscles.

Ok now nobody can stop them anymore, Miki is really excited and it shows. It didn’t look like it before but his pants got out of proportion ….. He takes Monica and removes her shirt, the bra is down in a few seconds. My wife’s beautiful breasts come out. Alternating caresses with palpatine, she already moans with pleasure and desire. Even Monica takes off his shirt, he already knew his physique but now he enjoys it with his hands. His gaze towards me is sensual and provocative. I continue to enjoy the scene. Meanwhile I pull the suit down and begin to take it in my hand.
Miki then takes off her shoes and jeans, her hand continues to caress her legs, now naked, then insists inside her. As he kisses her he puts one, maybe two fingers inside, she moans with pleasure. She still has her panties on, they get wet in the blink of an eye. I start to masturbate enjoying the scene.
Miki then pulls down the trousers and underwear. Fuck that gland, what a pea, the bisexual part that comes into me comes out. I don’t know if I’m more excited for my wife who will soon be taken by Mike or his fantastic cock. I’m a little jealous, I’d take that giant thing in my mouth too. It will be about twenty cm, nice big !!!
My wife is not used to those calibers. In fact, as soon as Miki starts to penetrate her, her moans spread in the adjacent rooms. “Slowly please, please” Mike is always sweet to please. But his fire continues. He kisses her again with passion. Piano Piano puts it all inside. Monica screams with pleasure as she has never done before.
I’m fucking coming, I run into the toilet in the toilet. Never had so much pleasure.
I find them in the classic position, Miki is plunging it properly. Its 20 cm all go inside and feels.
After about ten minutes he puts it in doggy style. Now she looks into my eyes. He has a mixed look of pleasure and condescension with me. He’s saying, I’ll always be my faithful husband if you let me do these things …
It stands up again, never happened to me. She is amused she keeps throwing me looks of pleasure mixed with fun. Miki puts a finger in her mouth. She starts to suck it but doesn’t expect a few more fingers in her ass from a little later. Li is still a virgin. He starts to moan again, Miki realizes that now it is smoother inside. She arrived, the cock slams in without meeting any more difficulties. 20 cm disappear with some happiness in my wife’s vagina while she looks at me with a finger in her mouth and one in the ass. Miki is also very excited, she would like to continue, but suddenly she turns around, puts her penis close to her face and floods her with hot cum. Monica is surprised, she never wanted to give me oral or anal sex. She doesn’t know what to do, but Miki gets and spreads all her cum on her face and in her mouth. Shit as much as he has, literally inundates her. Then he puts it in his mouth and cleans it properly. Monica is there.
I come for the second time, this time in the chair.
Now the tiredness arrives. We put all three of us naked like nature has done inside the bed. My wife in the midst of sperm turned towards me.
He says “Love is not that you leave me now or you are jealous”, he really is afraid of losing me …..
No Dear, I reassure you I had a great time tonight, we have to do it more often …
One last surprise, I kiss her in the mouth. I want to at least taste the sperm too. For Monica the surprises are not over yet, but when she understands with her hands, she collects all the sperm from her face and puts it in her mouth.
Then he kisses me and gives it to me. GOD MY EVENING I EXCLUDE !!!!
MIki gives me five and stays in bed with us.
Tomorrow is another day..


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