HIS P.E.T. 5


HIS P.E.T. 5


My boss wasn’t pleased one bit that I came off a two-day personal time absence only to request an emergency two-week vacation. In fact, he was unhappy enough that he rejected my request. I kept remembering what both Kara and Hein had repeated to me: either the bank didn’t appreciate me or they were taking advantage of me. Based on the information they had, I was being taken advantage of and the bank knew they were doing it. It was with that belief that I didn’t blink at my boss upon him rejecting my request. I merely took a step closer to his desk, put my hands on the surface, and looked him in the eye.

I also knew that the blouse I was wearing that day tended to drop from my body when I bent forward like that. I knew he could see my lace bra and I could see his eyes involuntarily focused on it. “You either approved my request, which is only half of my accumulated time, or I will be forced to go to Human Resources.”

The truth was, I was ready to quit. It was only Hein’s request that I not, which kept me in check. He insisted that I maintain a safe exit in case I decided his proposal wasn’t going to work. I didn’t have any doubts left in my mind, however. Hein was right about everything in the contract and proposal. The lawyer I contact billed me for a normal review, but he admitted that he went over it three times and had another lawyer look at it. In his time of reviewing employment contracts, he never saw one that was written by the employer that was so employee oriented. He was suspicious until he finally had to admit that there was nothing hidden.

That was how on Tuesday, only days after I left Miami after the ‘interview trip’, the KONINGH Group jet was landing once again at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport with me on it. Instead of a white limo-service car, I found Hein’s black Mercedes-Benz pull up to the plane as the stairs descended. This time I had a large suitcase, a smaller carry-on case, in addition to the large purse/bag I had on the plane with me.

I shook hands with the pilots, hoping I would be seeing them more often in the future. Down by the car was Hein, leaning against the rear passenger door. Chris was walking briskly to the baggage space. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was, but I jogged to Hein in my heels and flung my arms around his neck, pressing my body into his and kissing him with the relief of being there and the excitement I felt.

He hugged my tightly and said into my ear, “Oh, my lady. I am excited and nervous.”

I created some space between us, but not much. “Excited, I like. Nervous?”

“I take nothing for granted. There is that chance you might decide against staying.”

I looked at him, “Or you?” He shook his head.

Just then I was turned around and into an embrace by Chris, who stated for all of us to hear, “He better not.”

I kissed Chris on the mouth, then turned to Hein. “Is this alright?”

He laughed, “After your last visit, how could I argue, even if I wanted to?”

Chris hugged me and led me to the car and the rear door with Hein. “Welcome back, Laura. The rest of the house is waiting to finally meet you.”

On the way, I turned to Hein, “Okay … the rest of the house is who?”

“Mrs. Sharon Herron. She is our cook and housekeeper. She manages the house and tries to fatten us up and mother us. We do what we can to resist. When you meet her, she might seem a bit … hmmmm … what would you say, Chris?”


“That might be a bit harsh … you need to let her warm up to you. She will. Once she does, she’ll ask you to call her Sharon.”

“Okay …”

“Then, there is Raul Perez. Raul is the groundskeeper and chief maintenance man. The estate here is about 1.75 acres in the middle of high-end residential. It’s his job to keep the property private and intimate despite the teeming population outside. He does a magnificent job. He would also be responsible for the maintenance of the house, other buildings, pool, yacht, etc. When others need to be brought in for expertise, he handles it, just like Mrs. Herron for the cleaning service.”

Chris called from the front, “And the boys …”

Hein laughed. “Yes, my boys. Max and Axel. Max is a 120 pound Rottweiler and Axel is a 105 pound Bernese Mountain Dog.”

I turned to him sharply from watching out the side window at the congested urban life we passed. “My god, they are huge! The dogs I … well … knew were about 70 pounds.”

“Yes, well, these guys are both pure-breed, certified, breeding males. They are in fairly high demand.” He smiled at me. I wondered if their size was indicative of …

Chris took my bags to the room upstairs I would be using during my stay. It turned out that the other three had suites in the north wing of the house. The room I was using was across the hall from Hein’s room, which I would learn is massive.

I remained in the summer dress I chose to wear for the trip. The five of us all had a very nice meal in the dining room together. Afterward, I made the effort to try to soften up Mrs. Herron right away. When she got up, I joined her and began removing plates with her. In the kitchen, she turned to me as I came in after her, “What are you doing?”

“Just helping Mrs. Herron. If I am going to be staying here, I want to do my part. It’s the way I was brought up. Everybody does their part.” I turned and walked back to continue clearing the table. The guys, however, seemed to have no problem letting us deal with the cleaning up. They were out of the room, but I could hear the sounds of a game from another room at the back of the house. I commented on it to Mrs. Herron.

“Oh … probably soccer. Hein and Raul … some kind of soccer package on the TV. They both follow it like American men do football or baseball.”

“What about Chris?”

She laughed and I thought I was making some progress as I cleaned off the dishes into the trash and she rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher, “The poor guy. I think he is still confused by some of the fouls and rules.”

When we were done, we joined them in what turned out to be a large family room. At one end was a huge TV on the wall with speakers, couches, and lounge chairs. At the other end was a pool table and a bar with stools. In the middle was double doors leading to the backyard. In the landscape lighting, I could see a large covered patio, a walkway leading further back, a building to the left, and a good-sized pool and hot tub with several lights illuminated underwater with another building on the opposite side.

Hein stood and everyone turned to him, so I did, too. He laid out the next days. He and Chris were going to be out of town on business for the remainder of the week, returning late Friday night. This appeared to be no surprise to the others, but it was to me so I had the feeling he was covering old news for them to bring me up-to-speed. I was disappointed. I just got here and they were leaving. He came to stand closer to me.

“This is a time for you to get comfortable with the environment. Relax. Try to acclimate to the weather and the surroundings. I want you to be responsible for the boys, Raul will show you want needs to happen and when they are used to it happening.” Raul nodded. “Otherwise, no expectations or demands. We’ll talk when I get back.” I nodded and he went up the curved stairs. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting for an introduction to what we had talked about for my reason for being here. To say I was confused would be an understatement.

I woke the next morning to an eerily quiet house. I jumped out of bed and jumped into the shower. The suite had its own bath! I threw on shorts and tee-shirt and padded downstairs barefoot. It was just after eight in the morning and I found Mrs. Herron and Raul still at the table off the kitchen, which was set into a bay of windows with vibrant plants hanging and on stands. I apologized for sleeping so late, mentioning the time zone difference. Raul patted my shoulder after getting me seated and bringing me a mug of coffee. Mrs. Herron didn’t say anything, simply got up and returned to the kitchen. Moments later she returned with a plate of a soufflé, muffin, and sliced fruit.

I hadn’t heard from Hein since they were gone when I woke up Wednesday morning. That didn’t mean he hadn’t checked in, though.

* * * * *

“Good afternoon, Sharon. How are things in Miami?”

“Hein! Good. Wonderful. We’ve had a series of days with brief afternoon showers that temporarily helped with the humidity and the plants are thriving. How about you and is your schedule looking okay?”

“Ugh … not the best trip, but these are necessary, too. We are on schedule to be back tonight, but it will be late. Very late.”

“Good. You work too hard, Hein. You need to relax this weekend.”

He laughed in her ear and she knew what was coming. “Yes, mother …”

“Stop it, you … somebody needs to slow you down. Maybe with Laura’s help, we’ll finally manage it.”

“How is she doing? What do you think about her?”

“Is that why you planned this trip at the last minute? Hein, she’s a doll! Raul and I love her.” Hein caught that. It seemed she mentioned Raul familiarly with herself more and more. They had shared the same house for six years so he wasn’t surprised. “She has fallen into a routine. She goes for a morning run, a long one; she helps Raul in the property until lunch. After lunch, she helps me with the clean-up, then reads on the patio for a while. She takes the dogs for a long walk. Now, they are always close by her. Then she helps Raul more … oh, by the way, she has convinced Raul to rework the bed in the northwest corner. They went out to get new plants this morning. Somewhere in there, she swims. What’s with that? Who swims non-stop for over 30-minutes?”

“A competitive swimmer.”

“What do you mean competitive?”

“Collegiate. Swimming and soccer.”

“That explains the running, then too.”

“I think there was some volleyball, too, but I think that was as part of a practice squad, not the varsity team. How is she doing otherwise?”

“Good, I think. She seems relaxed and comfortable and certainly helpful. Oh, you might be interested in this, though. She disappeared earlier this afternoon. The leashes were on the patio table, but she and the dogs were nowhere to be found.”

“What happened?”

“The kennel. Raul finally figured it out as the only place they could be. He dragged me down there. We were very quiet, but … the way they were going we weren’t going to be heard.”

He laughed. “Tell Raul to get that other dog bed placed in the kennel. He knows what I am talking about.”

* * * * *

I hadn’t intended to be mysterious or secretive. In fact, I hadn’t intended anything. The boys and I came back from our walk and I was feeling as close to them as they seemed to be feeling around me. We had become quick best friends over the three days, rarely leaving my side when we were güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the yard. I allowed them to run while on the leash today and that seemed to energize them even more. It dawned on me that they didn’t get much playing from anyone and probably only short, sedate walks around the immediate residential area.

So, when we got back to the house, I sat in the shade at the patio table and took their leashes off. I loved them up as I sat there, their two huge heads pressing into my legs for the attention I was lavishing on them. The more I did, the more they seemed to want. Their wanting became pushing against me and I soon had Axel’s snout pressed between my thighs as I sat on the chair.

My shorts were … well, short. And, tight. I looked good in them. Not that these two could care about that, though. But it meant there was plenty of skin exposed and the shorts were tight against my crotch. Not that I had thought about that before. Not until now. The sudden contact of his wet nose along my bare skin then pressed into my crotch sent a chilling shiver through me. The fact that he apparently caught a scent that interested him sent a follow-up shiver after the first. My mind buzzed at the same speed that the shivers coursed through me. These were breeding dogs. Owners paid a lot of money for these dogs to breed their bitches.

I came here three days ago, fully expecting to be bred myself. That was part of the deal. The two nights of the interview were wonderful. I thought my return would be having us continue from those nights, from those experiences, from those sensations. But, no. No, they left town. They left me without. They left me to just wonder, to imagine, to wait, to anxiously wait.

But, now … now here were the dogs and they managed to trigger me. I hadn’t even known I had done it. My legs were open, my head back, my mouth open, and moans were escaping from inside me deep. I realized how wide my legs were when I felt the arm rests pressing into the outside of my thighs. The way Axel was pressing his snout into my crotch, I knew each bump and probe provided a new, stronger waft of my scent because I knew I was wet. My body was on fire, almost instantly.

I stood up quickly, pressing my thighs together tightly. But, if the effort was to quell the desire and feeling, it proved false. Instead, pressing my thighs tight only increased my awareness of how wet and needy my pussy was. It was calling to be satisfied, demanding that this fire be tempered. And the dogs were answering that call.

I looked back at the house, searching the facing doorways and windows for any sign of life behind them. Nothing. Then, I searched the yard, eyeing bushes and shrubs for places Raul could be innocently weeding or pruning. Could I pull this off without being noticed? Would I possibly offend anyone? Wasn’t this part of the reason for me being here? Of course, you can convince yourself of anything, but this wasn’t taking much convincing.

I pried off my shoes at the table and walked deliberately to the entrance to the kennel. Max and Axel were right there with me. I didn’t think they understood or had a comprehension of what might be happening. That would develop over the next days, however. Now, though, they were following me simply because they had a sense that SOMETHING was happening.

The boys entered their kennel and I gave the surroundings one last survey and it wasn’t very thorough. At this point, I knew what I wanted and might have been willing to ignore seeing Raul at the other corner of the back yard. I closed the door to the building just to keep a casual glance from finding us.

Once inside, I knelt on the hard surface of the bare floor and began nuzzling both of them, again. As I rubbed them with my hands, put my face to each of them in turn, and softly spoke their names, I tried to remember all the things I had learned about canine sex from that woman, Samantha. It seemed straightforward enough: encourage the penis out of the sheath; avoid irritating the emerging penis by using some lubricant; assume the position; and, use a hand to guide the cock into my pussy. Then, of course, brace myself for the onslaught, the knot penetration, and the tie. Simple. But, I remembered vividly how extraordinary it felt each time and that both of those dogs were roughly 70 pounds. Each of these was 50 percent heavier, at least, and not because they were fat. My mind circled around the thought if the cock and knot were commensurately larger to the mass of the a****l. I was being mauled by these two and smiled as I put my face to Axel’s snout as Max now had his head pressed between my thighs. I was about to find out.

With the dogs currently busy with me, I reached under each of them and slid a hand along their chest and belly, seeking the sheath. What I felt on both was the tip of their cocks poking out. I smiled, again, broader this time. These dogs were well trained. They had to be in order to be manageable with other dogs for the purpose of breeding strange dogs, brought together for a few days only for that purpose. So, when I patted the ground and commanded, they lay on the hard surface. I encouraged both onto their sides and rubbed their bellies. I was pleased. After only a few days together, they were completely trusting of me. They partially rolled and raised a hind leg to allow my hand to freely stroke their bellies. Of course, I wasn’t so much interested in the loving, soothing touch to the belly as I was in the introduction of the stimulating touch at their sheaths. And, then, much more.

These two were breeders, used to mounting bitches and inseminating them. What they weren’t used to, and completely inexperienced at, was mounting a human female and having her as their bitch. We weren’t at that point yet, but I could already see it in Hein’s attitude that he envisioned all things sexual to be within the eventual bounds of our relationship. In his mind, I was sure, it was just a matter of time for the relational evolution to progress us ever further. The ever further to what was the exciting part because I doubted either of us might envision where we might end up.

Today, though, was the initial, inevitable step for these two and me. And, I needed some relief badly. These two were available. I continued stroking of their bellies and along their sheaths, producing the desired effects quickly. It helped that they already trusted and like my company and touch. I had every hope and confidence that that level of trust and enjoyment was going to dramatically increase very shortly.

I kept a reassuring hand on each of them and lowered my head to Axel who was on my left. I licked the tip of his cock peeking from his sheath. He flinched at the touch but remained on his side, a whimper escaping his mouth as my tongue was replaced by my lips on the end of his cock. I shifted and duplicated the action on Max, getting the identical responses and reactions from him. I went back and forth between, licking and sucking their cocks, all the while finding more and more exposed as I moved from one to the other.

When I was actively mouthing five inches of cock on both dogs, I was seriously considering what lay in store for me and the consideration I was doing served to increase my own excitement and anticipation. I wanted to move to the next step, but I held my actions in check so as not to alarm the dogs. I slowly, much more slowly than I wanted, moved to my knees and stood up. Both dogs raised their heads to watch me. I smiled down at them like I might any other lover to give my reassurance and interest. I quickly removed my shorts and tee-shirt, which left me naked.

I looked down at them. Each had risen to a sitting position before me. As I looked at them, not quite sure how to take the next step, one of my hands was fondling a breast as the other was between my legs, lightly stroking my wet pussy lips. I decided to just see what would happen if I left the next step up to them.

I moved to my hands and knees and pointed my ass as much between them as I could, leaving it up to the first to react. Axel moved first. His snout was a bee-line for my pussy. I felt a few confirming sniffs that it was what was putting off that scent they both were so interested in, then his tongue sprang out and covered my pussy from side to side and front to back. I shivered in both anticipation of what I needed to happen and with the immediate feeling and sensation given to me, sensations and experiences rushing back from that only other time when dogs were a part of my sexual experience.

I spread my knees further apart, surely opening my pussy as he continued to lick my aching and yearning center of need and pleasure. If those lips could deliberately move and act on their own, like my mouth’s, they would be clenching and grasping at the tongue, seeking to trap it as it lapped over my lips. They would be trying to pull that tongue inside like my mouth would pull at it. It would be giving sound to its pleasure if it was like my mouth, giving sounds of moaning and groaning, mixed with the gasps and sighs my real mouth and lips were forming.

As good as it felt, I wanted, no required, more. My pussy required the feeling of being full and used, an object of pleasure used to give and receive pleasure.

We were new to each other but our needs were the same. Axel knew what it was to have a bitch underneath him to be used for his satisfaction and needs. He might not have understood the dynamics and considerations that put him into those situations of breeding a bitch, but he understood his role in the events when he was presented with them. I was a relative newcomer to b********y, not at all like that woman, Samantha, who now lived her life with b********y being a primary element in her sexuality. But, here I was, finding myself in an opportunity to be a sexual tool, a sexual toy, and a companion and bitch to these very dogs. Being here, the very place for the opportunity to be unveiled to me and for it to be delayed, was like a tease. I have never experienced bondage or any form of BDSM, yet that was how this seemed to me. Like I had been bound from accessing the pleasure and release I sought, to be only teased by the knowledge of what was to come, not able to experience the reality. This moment, on my knees in the kennel with the dogs, was me breaking free, taking my freedom from restriction and realizing the opportunity promised me.

I felt like my soul was on fire as I continued to endure the magnificent sensations emanating from my pussy and clit by the tireless lapping of the big tongue on my sensitive and needy body. I had to take the next step. I had to feel my body in this new opportunity, to fully understand and accept if it was the destiny and purpose I sought.

I reluctantly canlı bahis şirketleri pushed his snout from my pussy and patted my ass, hoping, praying, pleading in my mind, he would understand and mount me like he would the other bitches he had been given. The difference he couldn’t yet realize or accept, but was coursing through my brain, was if this was right for me, if this was what a part of what I sought, this bitch wouldn’t be gone after this act of mating. This bitch would continue to be here for him, and for Max. I wouldn’t be pulled away by some other human and forced to wait for some other opportunity to mate. I would be here. I would be available. I would be theirs. Yes, my body and, therefore, my brain were inflamed. Those thoughts further inflamed me, though, driving me headlong down a road that would end in endless bliss and pleasure or fiery destruction. The potential of the fiery destruction was never a deterrent; I held my course steady and pressed firmly down on the accelerator.

Maybe the connection had already registered for him, or maybe it was simply convenient timing. Regardless, after pushing his snout and slapping my ass cheek, he bounced his big body and landed on the small of my back. Although his height wasn’t much larger than the other dogs I had experienced, the 50% additional weight became immediately significant.

I grunted with the impact, feeling the very real difference on my back. But, the best very real difference was evidenced to me quickly. I concentrated on everything I learned before and applied it now. I felt his cock slide over my extended hand between my legs and quickly find my opening and it was then, that instant, that I knew … his extra weight meant more than just being heavier. At his initial penetration into me, I groaned out my happiness and pleasure, and it wasn’t just at being penetrated, about to be fucked, but at the immediate recognition of his larger size and I greedily anticipated the new pleasures it could provide me. I pressed back against him, taking him deeper than his initial penetration, then held still, waiting and feeling his repositioning. His front legs pulling me back onto his cock, relaxing and repositioning, his cock deep in my pussy. Then, it began. A frantic, frenzied, a****listic use of my body, or more specifically my pussy, for his purposes. He held me tightly and his cock and hips flew dominantly into and at me. I had felt something similar with the other dogs, but this was a new level of feeling. He was holding me as his, dominating and taking me. I had no choice, not that I wanted anything else, but to be used by him.

I cried out and held on, making my body rigid against this onslaught, reveling at the feelings of dominance and use, all so unlike what I would likely expect myself to tolerate from a man. Within the sensations of his frantic fucking was a physical recognition of his cock swelling and lengthening inside me. Each thrust seemed to bring with it a change in size and length, rubbing my pussy more completely, penetrating my pussy deeper. I continued to cry out and moan and gasp as the sensation continued to overwhelm my expectations.

Then, I felt it. His knot forming and banging, slamming into my pussy opening on the outside. My mind immediately raced to the inevitable presumption: larger cock, larger knot! Instead of being fearful or intimidated, I pressed back against my assailant, not wanting to be a passive object but a willing and active participant. I braced my hands and arms, tilted my ass back to brace with my legs, and pressed back into him, seeking to be solid and firm in order to assist him in passing his knot into me. I remembered the encouragement of Samantha about the knot being the whole point of canine fucking, a unique point of being fucked by a dog. A cock is a cock, but the knot … oh, my. And, she was right. The knot provided so much and I was going to possibly be tied by an even bigger one … or two, since Max was a bigger dog, yet.

A bigger knot, though, meant more stretching, more initial pain to achieve the eventual pleasure. But, the pain, the stretching, the feeling of being torn apart soon, gets lost quickly, immediately. I felt that sense of sharp stretching, feeling of how much more can I take before ripping open. But, it never happens. The pussy is extremely elastic and yielding and pliable. Large objects can be taken, a fist, a large knot. And it was happening, I could feel it. I was opening. Our combined pressing at each other was having its way against the resistance of my pussy, and it was opening, seemingly slowly but not really. Not really, at all. Before I knew it, the knot passed through my expanded opening and his cock hit deeper still inside me, the knot filling my chamber deeper.

I cried out, I gasped, I moaned and groaned. It might have been ceaseless, a sound laid upon the end of the previous sound. But, I had no recognition or awareness. What consciousness I any longer possessed was centered at and in my pussy as the cock and knot made short, urgent bumps inside me. It was in that centered awareness that I felt the subsequent changes. His knot grew in size, giving me the sense that it was never going to be able to come back out. At the time, though, I couldn’t care as long as it was inside me now. But, I knew the time was coming, the time of his cumming. It is how it is: tying, growing, and cumming.

I no longer pressed back against him. I allowed my body to be hammered forward and pulled backward by his confined knot inside me. I was only partially aware of my breasts wildly swinging beneath me from his actions. I was wholly aware of the feelings inside me. I felt his cock press deep inside me, his hips pressing against me, his panting at my shoulder, his drool falling in my hair and on my skin. All of it adding to send me into orgasm, a driving and violent orgasm that shook my core as well as my body. His cock and knot seemed to increase in size still more, but I knew in the recesses of my mind that it was only my body contracting fiercely around him, clenching as if to strangle and squeeze the life out of his cock and knot. And, as if in that reaction, his seed spurted into me, washing my insides in great volumes of cum, washing my cervix and every part of my pussy. That feeling pushed a second minor orgasm from me and I collapsed to the hard floor, my face and chest pressed helplessly against the surface with my ass held in the air by the dog’s knot.

It was moments before my awareness solidified on my surroundings and what I had done. I accepted the temptation and glanced behind me to the doorway of the kennel, but what caught my attention was the reddish cock protruding from Max’s body. He was sitting nearby to the side with five or six inches of reddish cock pointing out at me. I pivoted to the side, tried to pull Axel with me but it wasn’t going to work. Even grasping his hind leg and pulling was like pulling on the wall to move. I focused my attempts on encouraging Max to move closer to me. When he finally understood my intention to come, I was able to sink his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I had no intention of satisfying him this way, not that I wouldn’t, but I was greedy now. I wanted to be fucked by Max, as well.

When Axel’s knot shrank enough to be pulled painfully out of me, I turned quickly. I wanted to present myself to Max, but I also wanted to see what had been inside me. And, I was shocked. There was probably some shrinkage after cumming and being tied together, but it was still the largest cock I had physically seen. The cum leaking from me formed a trail marking the movement of my butt. It was obscene and thrilling, all at the same time.

Turning to Max now, though, left little time for any such reflection. Although he swiped my pussy and ass a couple times, he was quickly on top of me with the same resounding grunts escaping my mouth. Max was another 15 pounds heavier than Axel and I felt every one of them land on me.

I knew from that day forward, any time I spent with these two were going to be good days. Their longer and larger cock touched me wonderfully inside. Their knots filled and tied me deliciously, ensuring numerous bumps and jolts with my g-spot during the tie period, frequently bring a secondary orgasm even without conscious effort on my part.

Mrs. Herron advised that Hein and Chris would be home, but not until very late. She didn’t divulge anything further about her conversation and I didn’t take it as my place to press her on it. I was still the content visitor until I was told differently. But, unknown to me, I also wasn’t aware of her knowledge of what I had done in the kennel or that she had passed on that information to Hein.

That night, late, the house was dark and quiet when they arrived home. I didn’t know they had arrived until I heard footsteps on the marble stairs, followed by the door across the hallway. I rose from the bed and opened my door just in time that Hein heard my door opening and stopped. He did a double take, looked me up and down as I stood leaning on the door frame completely naked, my preferred way to sleep. He then smiled and pushed his roller case inside his open door. He took a step out into the hall and I met him the rest of the way until we were only two feet from each other.

He touched the side of my face gently with more tenderness than I expected, but also with a fatigue in his manner. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

I touched his arm that had dropped to his side as if holding it up was too much effort. “You didn’t … I was kind of waiting.”

We looked at each other and I could see the deep exhaustion that seemed to cover his face and body. “Laura … I am dead tired. I know I have been gone and you are probably confused and wondering …”

I put a finger on his lips to stop him. “No need for hot, sweaty, jungle-monkey sex tonight?” He chuckled, remembering the context of the original comment and shook his head. “How about just being held then as you fall asleep?”

He smiled and took my hand, “Yeah, I could use that.”

I thought he was asleep. We were on our sides and he was spooned into my back, a hand on a breast. His breathing was slow and regular. It had been quiet for many minutes as I continued to lie in his arm not able to stop thinking about what was to come and how it would evolve. To say that I was still excited and anticipatory would be an understatement. It was all seeming even closer to being real now that he was here and I was in his arms.

Hein’s voice came to me from the dark, from right behind me, his voice smoky and smooth like a fine brandy. Some of the tiredness seemed to have evaporated. “I heard you kept yourself busy this afternoon.”

How … could he know … “I … what … do you mean?”

He chuckled and squeezed canlı kaçak iddaa my breast, moving his hand to tweak the nipple. “I have spies everywhere.” He chuckled, again. “Tell me. What was your first time with Max and Axel like?”

“It was Axel and then Max, to be exact about it.”

“So, tell me. Details. I want to know.”

“Have you ever seen a woman mated by a dog?” He indicated he hadn’t. “Details, huh? Okay …” I began from the initial nuzzles into my crotch until I gave in and took them into the kennel. I was only partially into the description with Axel when I felt his cock hard and pressed into my ass. As I continued, I pressed back against him, wiggling and moving my ass against him. I stopped at the point of being mounted by Max and turned around in his arm, my hand sliding down and capturing his rock-hard cock. “You liked me describing being fucked by your dogs.”

“Very much. It is one thing to imagine it; another to perhaps witness it; but, to hear it described by the very woman …” he kissed me on the lips, “… yes, very much.”

I kissed his shoulder and considered the options. “You still sound tired.”

“I’m sorry, but I am.”

“But, you feel glad to see me.” He laughed since the ‘feel’ was my hand on his hard cock. “I have a proposition for you.” He cocked his head, just visible in the moonlight coming through the open balcony door. “You just lie there and I will suck you. If you fall asleep, I won’t take it as a slight. I’ll take it as a challenge. Can I make a sleeping man cum?”

He kissed me and nodded. I kissed my way down his body, his hand staying on my shoulder or head. I had been sucking softly on the head of his cock for only a few minutes when the unmistakable sound of soft snoring was evident. I smiled around his cock, which was still hard. If I truly tried to make him cum, it might well wake him and he really did seem to need to sleep. So, instead, I stayed where I was and continued to softly suck on his cock, largely keeping it just inside my mouth, but occasionally taking much of it inside. The thought of this had come to me before, now I was sure about it. As interesting as the thought had been, the reality of lazily and contentedly lying beside him with his cock in my mouth was very satisfying and peaceful. This was a powerful and strong man; I was a strong-willed and confident woman. This, though, felt good.

The following days began to feel the way I had anticipated they might. Although he wasn’t ready to fully get into projects in the company until we had a formal agreement, he started me reviewing a series of presentations he was scheduled to give to a college in Amsterdam. We had some long talks about the subject, discussing and debating the approaches he could take in presenting it and the approaches he would feel most comfortable using. I enjoyed the activity and time with him. I quickly came to realize how easily and efficiently we were with each other in those activities.

The other part wasn’t forgotten, either. Over the next days, he encouraged me with small steps. He suggested that I only swim in the nude. My concern was not for myself, but for Mrs. Herron and Raul. But, they worked for him, too. They all knew what my participation at the house could become if everyone felt it worked. As such, they were all onboard with the idea. He assured me that my concern need not be them, but my own comfort and acceptance.

The steps might have been short when looked individually, but they were frequent. Swimming nude led to remaining nude while on the patio afterward as I relaxed and read. Those steps were like teasers for me. I knew others were seeing and watching, checking my comfort and reaction.

More directly, he presented me with lightweight Kegel balls. The first ones were lightweight balls with strings attached to them. He wanted me to keep them inside my pussy as I moved around the yard or the house. At first, for parts of an hour and extending the time, not only keeping them inside as my legs parted but consciously flexing the muscles over them like squeezing a ball in your hand to strength your grip, which was indeed the case here. Although I had heard of Kegels, my understanding of them was for women and c***dbirth. He chuckled, “That might be, but not here. I want your pussy strong and tight. Over time, we will move to the heavier ball, heavier and smaller balls, and balls without strings so you use the muscles to push the balls out. No fingers, just your pussy.”

We were sitting in his home office on the main floor in the south wing. I was sitting in a chair with a laptop wearing only a long tee-shirt. He held up the first two fingers of one hand and separated them into a vee. I knew by now that he wanted me to separate my knees. In the process, I also lifted the laptop to show my pussy. The string from the Ben Wa ball was showing from my pussy. I flexed for him. Not that he could see, but the string did move when the ball inside me moved.

“Can I ask why I am doing this? Why all the attention to the strength of my pussy?”

“Sex, my dear. As simple as that. Even after numerous man and canine cocks and knots, your pussy can still give the feeling of a tight embrace around whatever cock is inside you.”

“You have more in mind for me than just the four of you here, don’t you?”

“Four of us?”

“You, Chris, Max, and Axel.” He smiled and nodded. I was glad. Being his toy was erotic enough. The thought that this could go well beyond what could happen in the house, including others in other locations … the mystery and my imagination took me to wonderful feelings. Of course, the frequent presence of Ben Wa balls in my pussy helped a lot, too.

We made love more as the days passed. Him, me, Chris. And, it frequently felt like love. Sometimes it was fucking, other times it was slow and easy, but generally it was one-on-one. One night while he fucked me in his office, his cock in deep inside me he told me I was to spend the night with the dogs in the kennel. I had noticed a third bed installed. The size was exactly proportioned to fit together in a tight U-shape. He told me that with fresh cum inside me he expected the dogs to be very interested in me. I was to yield to them any time approached me throughout the night. I went into orgasm bent over his desk, his cock plowing in and out of me as I envisioned what the night be like. When he shot his seed into me, I peaked again.

That night was long and exhausting. That was the first time I was completely available to them whenever they wanted me. And, they wanted me frequently. Hein was right about having fresh cum inside me. It was like a magnet as soon as I walked into the kennel naked. They were sniffing me, front and back. I reached under them and found exposed cocks. I simply knelt on the rubber matting that had been installed between the beds, like our little play area. Max was on top of me almost before I was completely in position. Axel pranced around us anxiously. He wasted no time, either. That night, I was awoken two more times during the night. When Hein came out to the kennel the next morning before leaving for the office, he stood at the door with a mug of coffee for me. I wasn’t on the extra bed. I was on the mat covered floor on my stomach where I had collapsed after the last mounting, who I couldn’t remember. Under my pussy was a puddle of cum.

He helped me to the patio where he put me into a lounge, handed me the mug of coffee and watched me. I looked up at him and gave him a questioning look.

“Sorry … I was just mesmerized by how beautiful you look.”

I glanced down my naked body and laughed, “I can’t possibly look beautiful now.”

He got up and kissed the top of my head. “You are. You’re perfect.”

He left and Mrs. Herron came out with a plate of breakfast for me. She refilled my mug and sat down in the same chair, Hein had used. “Hein looked awfully pleased. Did you really spend the night with the boys?” I sheepishly nodded and she smiled, a reaction I was surprised by. “No wonder he was so pleased.” She stood, put a hand softly on my cheek and kissed the top of my head, too. “You are good for him. He’s good for you, too.”

Then it hit me what Hein had meant by beautiful. Not the glamorous beauty I can be when I try, but the person he wanted. Last night showed him I could be a bitch to his dogs.

I took my plate into the kitchen, rinsed it off and bent over to put it into the dishwasher. From behind me, I heard, “That reminds me, he left you this.”

I turned around to Mrs. Herron looking at me. “My bending over reminded you?”

She just handed me an object and a tube. I looked and found a tube of lubricant and a small, slender butt-plug. It wasn’t bigger than my index finger. My mouth dropped open and looked up at her. She turned to get on with her work but said over her shoulder with a big smile on her face, “He said to use that when you are doing the Kegels.”

I stared after her. I had never. But, a few days later, he presented me with a next size larger. This time, though, he did the honors and that long tee-shirt made it easy. He bent me over his desk, again. I felt the lube being spread on my asshole, then pressed inside. I gasped as he firmly pressed the soft silicone bulb into me, my sphincter closing around it, locking it in place. This one was slightly larger than the previous one. He then proceeded to fuck me, pressing on the plug with each inward thrust. I came quickly, then joined him for another when his seed rushed into me.

It seemed I was spending more time in long tee-shirts and barefoot. Dinners, though, were generally a more formal affair when Hein was home. Raul never quite seemed to manage ‘formal’ but he cleaned up really nicely. Hein generally requested short dresses and never underwear. Heels were a given and stockings were sometimes stay-ups and other times garter belts. Chris sometimes liked garter belts so I might get an indication by what items I would be requested to wear. It was getting more exciting as the days passed.

On the last night, the night before I would find myself standing at the breakfast table while the others talked about me, I found out what the intention of the butt plug ritual was. That was the first night I received a double penetration from Hein and Chris. Hein lay on one of the lounges on the patio, I sat on him, and Chris came up behind me to penetrate my ass. After only a few days of prepping me, I no longer worried about Mrs. Herron or Raul. The Kegel exercises kept my pussy tight for Hein while Chris pressed in and out, rubbing my asshole and Hein’s cock in my pussy. I orgasmed twice with them.

When they stood me up, my legs still shaky, Hein pointed me to the kennel. He smiled and I knew. Another night with the dogs with cum already leaking from my pussy and asshole. I went into the kennel that night thinking it was another night leading up to my hopefully new life with Hein. It proved to be a lot more than just hopefully. I had lost track of how many days I had already been there. The two weeks had gone by fast.

* * CHAPTER 6: PRESENT DAY: HIS PET will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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