Great Sex Pt3 (Donna and her sister)


Great Sex Pt3 (Donna and her sister)
The story continues from my Bi encounter. We had just had an intense moment in the bathroom, when we heard the door shut. We assumed it was Paul leaving so Donna and I started walking back to her bedroom. as we went past the living room, I was surprised to see her sister Cheryl had showed up.
I only met her sister once a few weeks earlier when Donna and I had gone out to a night club and she was babysitting. We were both very drunk so didn’t really have the chance to speak. I remember a bit of the conversation we had, she kept asking me about Donna’s ex’s and how I compared to them, but I was pretty drunk so I don;t recall much else, and I was just wanted to get laid at the time.
Her sister was curvy, with long curly ginger hair, freckly skin, not as hot as Donna though but you could tell they were sisters. she must of come over to talk to her husband and get him to come home

She saw us standing at the doorway, and said “what they hell were you two doing in the bathroom?” she pointed to the sofa and said “Paul has cum all over himself, what the fuck is going on?
Donna said, “the little pervert must of been spying on us” and she told her he must of cum over himself.
I started smiling when I heard that little white lie, Cheryl looked at me and said “I bet he was looking at your cock and imagining himself sucking on it” She probably thought that would freak me out. I thought if you only knew!

Donna said to me “he likes Cheryl’s toys, she watches him suck on them”
I said, “you like watching him suck on fake cocks do you Cheryl”
Donna and I were on the same page….. she said, “do you want to watch him suck on this one?”
As she reached down and started rubbing my cock through my underwear
Cheryl’s face turned bright red, then she blurted out, “you pair of kinky fuckers are winding me up” and laughed.
I gave Donna a kiss and we both smiled at each other, still standing in the doorway semi naked, Donna had her hands over here breasts, barely covering her nipples, I was just in my briefs. We both entered the living room and sat on the sofa. I looked over at Paul, who was in the armchair and had a sheepish look on his face. I winked at him and offered him a cigarette.
Donna was sat next to me. her sister came and sat on the other side of me on the sofa. I could tell she was going to try and push me further. “Ok then, stud!!” she said sarcastically, ” lets see how you satisfy my sister.” Thinking I would go all shy and back down. I looked at Donna and smiled. then proceeded to passionately kiss her as if no one else was in the room.
It didn’t seem matter that all Donna was wearing was her panties and that her sister and brother in law could see her topless, and she was rubbing on my ever growing erection through me briefs. All I was thinking about was how wild that was in the bathroom earlier and now there are two people sat there watching us kissing and feeling canlı bahis şirketleri each other up, and it was such a turn on!! I looked down and I could see her nipples were hard, they were just asking to be sucked, I started licking and sucking on them, Donna let out a little moan, I knew how much she liked what I was doing. She started to grind on my cock, which was still trapped in my briefs. I wanted to fuck Donna so bad and it was a thrill to see how far we could go in front of her sister. I figured Donna was up for it too. I looked over at her sister, who was staring at me with raised eyebrows, and I said, “your sister is just so damn sexy!!!” …..with that, Donna moved down and started kissing my neck, then she spun around so that she was laying on her back on my stomach. She was now facing Paul who was sat on the armchair opposite us. I reached around and started to rub her breasts while she continued to grind on my cock..
I felt her reach down and started to take my briefs off. I knew what she wanted. she wanted to show my hard cock to Paul while her sister sat next to us, and I was going to help her fulfil her fantasy. I looked over at Cheryl and said, “he’s gonna get to see the real thing” She then took my underwear completely off and my hard cock stood up and I could see the top of it rubbing on Donna’s panties. Her sister was sat next to us speechless, but things were about to get a lot more steamy.
Donna started stroking my cock and rubbing it on her pussy through her sopping wet panties. she then leant back further and I started sucking on her erect nipples. I said, “I want to fuck you so bad baby” and I reached down and started to take her panties off as I held her legs up and rested her totally naked ass back on to me. Donna then threw her panties at Paul and said to him “do you want to watch me get fucked?”
I looked over at her sister and smiled, she was looking over at her husband, who couldn’t take his eyes off our spread legs. I said to Cheryl, “shall I put my cock in your sister’s peach?… Do you want to watch me do it?”
I looked up at Donna, smiled and said, ” Do you want to ride my cock for them to watch?”
She replied “I want someone to suck on this cock”.
I looked over at her sister and saw that she was leaning forwards. Paul slowly came over and got between our spread legs. Donna had my cock in her hand, she offered it to Paul who started licking and she kept teasing him with it, she was holding my cock as if it were her own. She slid down so her wet pussy was at the base of my shaft. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my cock. she then grabbed the back of Paul’s head and made him put ‘her’ cock in his mouth. He was sucking on that cock like he was doing earlier in the bathroom and it felt amazing. Her sister then slid over nearer to us on the sofa and started rubbing my leg as she was leaning even further forward to see what her husband canlı kaçak iddaa was doing between my legs.
Cheryl looked at me and said, “how’s he doing? do you like it?”
“Ask your sister” I said, looking up at Donna.
She replied, “he’s a good little cocksucker”
I looked over at Cheryl and said “do you think its ready to go in your sister’s pussy?”
She looked at me and smiled. she then started to get undressed. She was wearing a ladies track suit which quickly came off so she was just in her bra and panties. I looked over at her ample figure and said, “that’s not fair, you sister is completely naked”
She got down next to her husband and they started kissing. She then started to take off her bra to reveal her large boobs, they were quite a site to behold. Paul then continued sucking on my cock with his wife closely looking on. Seeing him sucking on my cock was getting Donna’s sister turned on and I wouldn’t mind if she got closer. After all, I had some fantasies too!!
Donna was still in control of my cock and what was going on. She had the best seat in the house, she was sat on top of me , with her sister and husband between our legs. I didn’t know how this was going to play out but I knew what I wanted. I reached up and started caressing her beautiful body that was laying on me. I started rubbing her legs and squeezing her breasts. she knew I wanted to fuck her so bad, but she wasn’t done playing.
Cheryl asked “can I try some of that cock?”
My cock twitched with excitement. “I sure he wont mind sharing”
Donna had my cock in her hand, still stroking it and offered it to her sister, she started licking up and down my shaft while looking at Paul. Donna then let go of my cock and her sister took hold of it and started sucking up and down my long shaft, getting really close to her sister’s pussy at the base of my cock. She took it out of her mouth and looked at her husband and said, “that’s how you suck a cock, I want to see you get it all in your mouth”.
He then started licking my cock and stuck it back in his mouth. both of them taking turns licking and sucking. Just the thought of seeing Donna’s sister’s face so near to her pussy was such a turn on, I wanted to see how far I could push this. I reached over and started to play with Donna’s pussy lips, spreading them apart so that her sister could get a good look. Cheryl took hold of my cock and started to rub it on Donna’s peach. I lifted her bum up and got her pussy lined up with the tip of my stiff cock which was still in her sister’s hands and slowly lowered Donna onto it. I heard them both gasp with delight as they saw my cock going in. Donna leant back and moaned as I started to thrust my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

My cock slipped out of her and Paul grabbed hold of it while Cheryl spread her sister’s lips apart and slid my hard cock back inside. This was amazing, I knew Donna was enjoying getting fucked and canlı kaçak bahis having 2 people watch so close to the action. I took my cock out of her and started to rub it on her clit. I looked at her sister and said “do you want to taste your sister’s pussy on my cock?” her eyes widened and she looked at her husband and said “you have a taste”.
with that Paul started sucking on my cock which had just been inside Donna’s pussy.
Donna looked at me and smiled, as she started to rub her clit. she reached over and grabbed my cock and said, “NO I want YOU to suck it”, looking at her sister.
Paul then reached over and pushed his wife’s head closer to Donna’s peach and said “lets see you have a taste of your sister’s pussy”
To my surprise, she opened her mouth and started tasting her sister’s juices, while Donna tilted her head back and continued rubbing her clit. This was getting wild. I reached down and put my cock back inside and continued fucking. I could tell Donna was getting tired, as her legs were shaking. With my cock still inside her, I made her turn around so she was facing me. and I started hammering away. Her sister came and sat back down next to us and started rubbing her pussy through her panties she still had on. Cheryl was enjoying watching her sister getting fucked. I looked up at Donna and mouthed the words “are you ok?”
to that she replied “yeah, yeah, oooooooh fuck” as she leant over, held on to me and continued to ride my cock. I felt her pussy getting tighter and her breathing getting louder…she was going to cum soon. Paul was still on the floor between my legs watching my cock go in and out of Donna while her sister sat next to us playing with herself. I reached over and started rubbing Cheryl’s leg and said, “she’s close, I can feel her pussy gripping my cock”. Donna looked down at me and said, “oh yes yes, I’m cumming” I started fucking her harder and faster, her moans kept getting louder, and I could feel her tightening her grip on me. I started slowing down my thrusts, but my cock was still hard inside of her.
I knew she was done because her legs were trembling and she started kissing me passionately. “Take me to bed,” she whispered in my ear. I put my arms around her, my cock still inside her, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and I got up and started making my way to the bedroom. I placed her gently on the bed and laid on top of her. We looked at each other and smiled, that was one crazy night!!
She looked at me and we started kissing slowly. I think my cock must of moved, because she stopped and with a look of surprise, she said “Oh my god!! you’re still in!!”
..”And still hard”,I said as I started slowly sliding my cock in and out, while still laying on top of her.
We both had enough for one night.
We stayed like that slowly fucking until we both fell asleep.

I did wonder what those two were doing in the living room after we left. I even thought I would go back in after Donna fell asleep. I imagined walking in on them and seeing Paul down on his knees licking Cheryl’s pussy. I wonder what would of happened if I’d walked in, with my cock standing erect and looked at the pair of them……..
Any ideas???


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