Glory hole at sex shop


Glory hole at sex shop
By Dina Petro

My Name is Dolores, I was in my early twenties when this happened, I am a little chubby girl with nice, mid-sized pair of tits, well, round, sexy ass, tall too, the extra meat was only on the right places, tits, ass, thighs, which had resulted in making me a full curvy, very sexy looking woman.
I was on my vacation into one of the largest cities in that country, having some free time as I was vacationing, enjoying myself to the best I could, walking down the street down town of that city, I spotted a nice sex shop with large glass windows.
I walked in, it was a huge place, with lots of things on display, the normal things you see in such shops, when I was by the video CD’s, a clear written note said, the customer should pick up the video he or she wants to watch, walk up to the cashier at the counter to pay for the rent, then to choose one of the private booths to watch it, all of that was new to me, but it did not need any explanation, as it was self-explanatory with the directive signs all over.
I picked the video CD that I thought might be interesting for me, it was all porno stuff anyway, it was a sex shop after all, you would not expect any science or literature Videos there, I walked to the counter, a nice looking young man was there with lots of smiles, he charged me and gave me the needed instructions on keeping the place clean…etc.
The private booth area was all the way in the back, in a totally private area, kind of dark in the passages, I picked a booth, opened the door and got in, closed the door behind, I looked around, it wasn’t the cleanest place, but it wasn’t bad after all, a nice cozy small both with wooden walls, a chair and a monitor to insert the CD in and start the movie, I did all of that and sat down, started watching.
It seemed like I had chosen a real hot movie, which was turning me on right away, I looked around, it was private, no one to see, hoping there were no hidden cams or anything like that, but if there were, I was a stranger anyway, did not know anyone in that town, so what?
I have noticed a few round holes on the walls, all over with different sizes and heights, I wasn’t stupid, I know these were glory holes, but since I did not see or hear anyone, I thought I was alone there, while watching the very hot stuff on the monitor, I found my hand creeping to my tits, moving my top aside and rubbing my tits, pinching my own, hardening nipples, only a few minutes later, I found my other hand creeping between my legs till It reached my wet pussy, it was leaking wet by then, I moved my panties aside and started rubbing my hot, soaking wet cunt.
Then I was pushing my panties down slowly till I got rid of them placing them into my purse, my legs wide spread, I was moaning while masturbating my own pussy, my eyes almost closed, I opened my eyes on a very strange thing, a nice, black cock was sticking out of one of the holes right next to me, it was being pushed all the way through that hole, it was a thick and very long dick, a gigantic, monstrous cock, one of those I love to see and play with.
I stopped all of my actions of masturbation, but my legs remained wide spread, my hands stayed in places as they were, and my eyes were mesmerized on that lovely and tempting piece of black meat right in front of me, i did not do a thing, I hesitated to get any closer, but the cock started shaking and I heard a male voice from the other side saying “take it, play with it and suck it baby”
As if I was waiting to be invited, I pushed my hand towards it, placed my hand right over the cock head, feeling it, it felt so soft and so shiny, very tempting as well, I started massaging its length for a few moments, then I decided to be brave, I got up got closer, on my knees in front of the new guest in my private booth.
I massaged it a little bit more, and then I stuck my tongue out, passed my tongue tip over its shiny head, then over its length, it really felt great, making my whole body bahis siteleri shiver and making me much hornier than I already was, I opened my mouth, got my head closer to it, wrapped my lips around its girth, it was so thick, that I could barely fit it in my mouth, but I managed somehow, and started sucking on it, enjoying its male fragrance and its soft taste.
The cock was rock hard, I could easily see its vanes on both sides, I kept trying to push it further into my mouth each time I took it in, until I was almost choking on it, I kept trying as it was coming with practice and experience, but I was improving and taking a good part of its length into my mouth, I could not fit it into my throat, it was so thick and very long, it must have been at least 10 inches long.
The guy seemed to be enjoying my head job, I was hearing his loud moans and encouraging words and statements, he seemed nice from the way he was talking to me behind that wall, I could not see anything of him, except his cock and his voice that I could clearly hear, following his instructions, but he wasn’t the bossy type, he let me handle the situation the way I wanted, which made me feel comfortable by then.
At that time, I decided it wasn’t enough for me, I was rubbing my pussy while sucking the cock, I was getting turned on and so horny, I wanted much more than just suck his cock in my mouth, in fact, I felt I wanted fucked, it did not seem to be hard to do it in that both through the glory hole, I have seen many girls do it while watching porn movies and video clips about glory holes.
The only obstacle at that point was the size and length of that cock, up to that point in time, I had never had any cock that size or anywhere near that size in my pussy, but I was a well experienced girl when it comes to sex, so I thought I would manage if it was done right.
I decided to stand up facing the booth wall, meaning facing the cock, taking it into my pussy from front (standing missionary position), which would let me take full control of the fucking process, besides, standing up that way facing the wall, would limit the length of the cock to go in my pussy to no more than half of it or close to that, at that moment, the cock was fully lubricated by my saliva when it was in my mouth, I stood up, spit on my hand, rubbed my pussy, which was very wet and ready too, I held the monstrous cock in hand, lifted my skirt to my waste and started rubbing its head to my outer pussy lips and slit, I kept trying to rub and push same time, till its shiny read head popped into my pussy, stretching my inner pussy walls as I started pushing my body towards it slowly asking the man on the other side to stand still and let me handle it, he was very cooperative too.
I kept going back and forth pushing my pussy onto that dick, taking it an inch or more deeper each time till finally my body touched the wooden wall, I was right by then only half of his dick was in my pussy, that was the furthest I could take in me, which was comfortable and good, I kept fucking the cock myself, by pushing my pussy away and to it, till I felt my pussy fully stretched and adopting to it, it started feeling great making me moan.
When I felt I was so comfortable with that dick, I could take it in me all the way to the furthest it could go, I froze in place, I said to the man on the other side of the wooden wall “Ok, it is your turn, you fuck me now to the best you can, no limits, dig my pussy with that cock and fuck me all you can”
As if he was waiting for my instructions, he started hammering his giant dick into my fully lubed, fully wet cunt which was receiving very strong, very hard laps of actual deep fucking, it was like heaven on earth, it did not take me long to start shaking and shivering, a very intense orgasm was flowing through my sexual fluid canals, through my vanes all the way to my clit and cunt, I started screaming as loud as I could and the pussy juices were splashing all over his bahis şirketleri hard, black cock.
What I did not mention about the hole, it was very wide, I could almost see his balls through it, finally the man said “com on honey, I am sure you can do better than that, if you turn around, my balls could slap your body allowing me to dig deeper into that sweet, hot pussy of yours”
Coming to think about it, he was absolutely right, I myself wanted him to fuck me deeper, why was I wasting half of the length of his gorgeous dick, I felt I wanted much more than I was getting of it, I said “ok, I guess you are right, we are wasting half of the fun we are supposed to get, why don’t you hold on for a minute”
I pulled my ass backwards, till he was sliding out of my pussy, I turned around, got rid of my skirt to be fully naked from the bottom and free to be fucked the best way I could, I backed my ass to the hole, bent over lowering my head, lifting my ass and pussy up till my pussy coincided with his hard, ‘pussy hungry’ dick, I did not have to hold his cock in my hand this time, it was fully hard, straight, its head was pointing right at my pussy, as I was backing my ass up, I felt his dick head touching my outer pussy lips pushing itself in between them, finding my slit opening and gliding easily and slowly into my horny cunt.
I remember saying “do it slowly please, let my pussy adopt to the rest of your dick length” he said “don’t you worry about it sweetie, I would never do a thing to hurt a sweet, hot creature like you”, slowly and carefully he was pushing his dick into my pussy till I felt his balls almost touching my body, wow, I took all of it, that easy, yes I sure did, and I loved it too, it even made me regret losing the other half during the first part of the fuck.
I was brave enough to glue my pussy to the hole and froze, asking him to fuck me all he wanted, I knew he was stretching my pussy inner walls again, sliding in and out of my hot, willing cunt from tip to balls, but it did feel lovely after all, I enjoyed being fucked by him as much as he enjoyed fucking me.
The big shock came while I was being fucked, taking all the length and girth of that black monstrous dick, a white cock started showing up from the glory hole right in front of me, on the other side of the wall of that narrow booth, my hands were rested on that wall, and the cock was showing up right between my hands, in front of my eyes.
I found my hand creeping towards that new comer, the white cock, which was much thinner than the black one fucking me, a little shorter, but not much, it looked like eight inches long, but noticeably thin dick, It did not look or feel that bad when I wrapped my fingers around it, tightened my grip, feeling it pulsating hard, as if it was dying to fuck me as well, and started playing with it, feeling its length, massaging it while being fucked same time, it kind of felt good being the center attention of two men, two cocks same time, it kind of made me feel important in a way, may be a slut, a whore would describe me much better, but at least I was the center attention of more than one man for a change.
I lowered my head a little towards the new cock, I took it between my lips and started sucking on it, that was what actually is called double penetration, two cocks same time, mouth and pussy, but I discovered I could not take it all the way in my mouth, the closer I went to it, taking it deep into my throat all the way balls deep, which was so easy this time due to its being thin, but doing that would let the other cock slide out of me and only half of it would be fucking me, which wasn’t about enough for my own fucking pleasure, had the booth been a foot shorter between walls, it would have been perfect for such double fuck, mouth and pussy, or mouth and ass, but I had to live with what was offered anyway.
I kept only half of that dick in my mouth, allowing the black one to deep fuck me all the way, I wanted fucked illegal bahis much more than sucking and deep throating, in fact, I had something on my mind at that moment, not a real secret, I was thinking of taking this new dick up my ass once the other man Cum and is done fucking me, which looked as an easy process due to its thin girth, I figured it would fill my ass and please me as I am an anal sex loving woman anyway, but I did not think I could take the black one, or if I tried, it would hurt me a lot.
I came again by then, a few minutes later, the black man was breathing hard, announcing he was ready to cum, I turned around quickly, took his dick in my mouth and started sucking on it till it started shooting its huge white creamy load, I did not take the load in my mouth, I pointed the cock to my breast and boobs till all the cum landed there, I did that on purpose by the way.
I had no time to waste, especially when the other guy was still holding his dick out of the other glory hole, I figured, I had gone that far, I could be brave enough and go much further satisfying my sexual needs and fulfilling what was on my mind, of being ass fucked by the other dick, which would allow me to be fucked in all three fuck holes of my body at that time, making my hand like a spoon, I whispered to the black guy to freeze in place and not to pull his dick out, I had something else on mind for that cock, he did as told, I spooned some of the creamy cum on my tits, sent my hand back to my rear end, pushing the cum deep inside my ass using my fingers, it went in making my ass so sticky and so lubricated, I figured it would be the best way to ease up the anal fucking process.
Being naughty enough, I spooned another load of cum, placed it over the other dick and started applying it over its head and its length, then I turned around, lifted my ass up same way but to the other direction, I held the white cock in hand, backed my ass up towards it till its head was rubbing to my body, I rubbed it to my asshole ring, applying some force on it pushing it inside, it wasn’t so hard to get into my ass hole, as it was fully lubricated, so was my ass hole, also it was thin enough to glide into my ass without any special efforts.
I asked him to stay still and let me handle it first, he obeyed me, and was standing still with all of the length of his white dick out of the hole, I started backing up, pushing my ass to his cock taking his dick inch after another, nonstop, but real slow, till he was all the way in my ass, he was balls deep in me, I fucked him by moving my body back and forth for a few minutes, before I decided to stand still and give him the control of lead, to fuck me.
The white man started fucking me slowly first, speeding up the process each lap in and out of my asshole, same time, I held the other cock, the black monster, which was fucking my pussy a few minutes ago, it was still hard, full of sticky cum that was leaking away from its length, I took it in my mouth, making use of it being fully lubed, used force and power to push it so deep in my mouth, till I felt it stretching the end hole of my mouth, my throat, and it was gliding into my throat.
True I was almost suffocating with all tears flowing out of my eyes, but I managed to go on nonstop till my lips touched his balls, I stayed there for a moment, then started pulling out slowly, then back in, allowing the white guy to fuck my asshole while the black man was fucking my mouth and throat, same time my free hand was over my pussy, rubbing my clit and pussy lips while my ass was being stuffed with some white meaty dick, making me cum for the third time on a raw.
The double fucking process continued till the white guy came, I turned around just on time to take his load in my mouth and all over my tits again, I sucked him dry, before he pulled his cock out and away, same with the black man, I got up, put my clothes on, picked my purse and walked out of the booth door like a bullet, without looking backwards, afraid they would wait for me to get to know me, which I did not want at all, I just wanted it to be, a strange, anonymous fuck of a one night stand.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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