Cockold Expirience part 2


Cockold Expirience part 2
So, this guy is texting my wife and she asks me can she fuck him again. I could see that she was really into him because she is ussualy very shy. But not this time! And that evening he pays her another visit. I was again very horny and just could not wait for she to tell me what happened. I waited all night, jerking off like a madman, and early in the morning I got message `he left`. I asked her how was it but she didn`t want to talk about it. I got scared and asked her was everything all right, is she well, not hurt..? It took me like a half an hour just to make her talk. She told me that all this was my fault, that she is ussualy not like that, etc. She is well, the guy didn`t forced her to do anything that she didn`t wanted but they had an `accident` and that she is on her way to pharmacy to take `the pill after`. So, apperenty he came inside her pussy but she didn`t want to disscus details. I was devastated. Firstly because she obviously felt bad, and secondly, I must admit, because I didn`t heared any details. I know that was selfish… She didn`t want to talk about it for days, and when I brought that up again it was just : `it is all your fault, I`m just an object to you..`
For next ten days she is all moody and sad and I decided to fly over there to visit her. I kissed her when I got there and we talked a lot, me sayin` I`m realy sorry for what happened and after some time we got into bed. We actualy made love, and I felt realy connected to her. Maybe that was because she was so vunerable or because she was with other guy, don`t know. After a lot of gentle foreplay she spreads her legs for me and that moment when I have entered her, knowing that she was not just with other guy but he came in her I just flipped, she pushed me into her, holdig my ass and moaning into my ear. She was so..I can not explain, but so open, so eager. It didn`t lasted long. I pulled out and came on her stomach. She huged and kissed me, saying she loves me and we stayed like this for a while.
We talked lying naked in bed, while I was touching her wet pussy. She was so beautiful, so precious at that moment. And then I asked her to tell me what happend. She said ok, but only if I don`t get mad. How could I get mad, I`m horny as hell.
So, this guy pays her a visit again, they kissed on the door step, he is all over her, she was so horny, goes immediately after his cock. They just strumble onto bed, passionately kissing. Got their clothes off and guy tells her that he have to take a shower. He goes in bathroom, she goes there after him to bring him clean towel but he pulls her into the shower and starts kissing her again, sucking her nipples and touching her pussy. Now he is behind her and she felt his canlı bahis şirketleri warm cock between her ass cheeks. He just went a bit further and puts the head of his cock at the enterance of her vagina. She could not control herself and just spreads her legs more while the guy is kissing her neck and playing with her nipples. She said that he was so big and so warm. So, he pushed a liitle further entering her pussy. She just cried for a moment, guy takes it easy by holding her by the hips, pulled out a bit and then pushed slowly further. She said no and he pulls out completely. When she tourned arround he was so fucking horny, his dick was littearly monstruous all red and swelled up. She goes down, starts jerking him and after a couple of strokes he came all over her. She said that he was fucking huge! When she milked his cock and when it got a little smaller she took him in her mouth and sucked him a bit. Guy just wanted to pass out. They took shower together and went to bed.
After some meaningless talk they start making out and guy goes down for her pussy. He licks her like it`s end of the world, he puts two finger inside her and she came hard. He goes up, kissing her again. She could feel the smell of her pussy juices on his beard and she told me that she liked it. Guy positions the tip oh his hard cock and starts entering her slowly but she backs down him saying that he should wear condom. He continue to kiss her neck for a while then puts a condom. Now he is fucking her real good, forcing her to tell him how much she likes that. They got into dirty talk (something that she has newer done with me), she laying on her back and guy holding her legs high and fucking her mercilessly. When she was about to come he reduces his tempo, although she asked him to continue. He just went over her, slowly moving his cock inside her. They were all sweaty and sticked to each other while they kissed. So after a while he moved her to sitting position, spreading her legs and entered her again. She was able to see how that big cock is entering her pussy and that made her even more horny. But this guy knew what he`s doing. She was on a verge of exploding when he stops again, entering her completely and gentle pulling her head down so that she could see their bodies joint together. Then he asks her can he take the condom off. And she said yes, because she wanted to come so desperately. He takes the condom off and enters her again and again. She told me that she realy felt the differnce when he fucked her with his bare cock. So, finaly she is comming like hell, trying to get off from his cock but he just continues to fuck her hard, pushing her ass backwards to pilow and against the wall. She is off, shaking tipobet güvenilir mi and moaning, he is speeding up and then asks her `can I come inside your pussy?`. She said nothing, just grabed his ass and brought him all the way into her. So the guy came, litteraly screaming, pumping his seed into her. She felt like her womb is on fire! They both could not move, she just sat there on his cock. When he finaly moved and pulled his cock out her pussy she was messed up, sperm was pouring on the sheets, it was all wet. His cock was still semi erected when she layed over him, she just grabs him and puts him back in. And they fell a sleep like that after some kissing. When she woke up in the morning she felt really bad about this and went to wash her up. Guy wanted some more sex but she said no so he went home.
After she told me all this I was already hard as fucking rock. I got up on her, missinary position. She was also horny, wet, pouring wet. So we fucked like an hour, or more, and at one point she said stop, can`t take it more. So I stoped and she sucked mu dick. After I came and when we layed down I told her that all this with this guy and her making me realy horny. `Yeah, I kinda noticed that` said she. I even proposed for her to use some long therm contraception, like pills but she categorically said NO! All this was stupid and dangerous and that she is feeling used by me and by this guy and that she will not do it anymore. I said ok, I understand. So, afer a few days I flew back home and that was it. I was thinkig about this, since it made me horny but I did not mentioned anything to her.
After 10 day, maybe more, she told me that she went to gyneceologist for a check, to make sure that everything is ok and he asked her what kind of contraception she uses and after she said none he proposed some ring, or something. And apparently she`s thinking to try this. Hm, I said to myself, when I proposed it I was a monster. But, since she newer mentioned that guy again I tought that she wants contraception because of us. So, ok, give it a try.
But… One evening we are texting again, and we were both horny and then she said `You remmember that guy I was with`. Fuck, do I remmember? I`m thinking about it every fucking night. Then she said that he is texting her, telling her that he was sorry but her pussy just felt soooo good, and that she has such powerfull orgasams… So she admitted that she liked that too, especilay he coming inside her pussy. And she told me that she is sorry and feeling like shit but this guy fucks her good and that she can`t stop thinking about him. I asked her if she fell in love but she said that is just sex. `So would you get mad if he fuck me again?` `Will perabet you tell me all about it?` – I asked. `Sure I will.`
`Will he come in your pussy again?` She answered `Yes, I really like that…`.
They met in a couple of days at his place.She told me that he was rock hard at very moment he grabed her and kissed her. They just went on the couch, both very eager to fuck. They took they clothes off fast and he licked her pussy for like 15 minutes, and when she came for the second time he just goes over and starts passionate to fuck her. His cock was monstrously thick, head especially and that felt good. When he saw that she is coming he speeded up his pace and came in her thrusting really hard. She told me that she likes that moment, that feeling he pumping his seeds into her and after, when he is warm, still big and pulsating. So they fucked all night and he came in her one more time, and when they woke in the morning up they had a quicky in the bathroom, while he was behind her. When she came in her apartament I asked for a photo of her spreading and what a view was that…
They had sex couple of more times during next month. One weekend I came to visit her and we were immediately fucking like a****ls. My wife changed. I could not recognise her when it comes to sex. Now she was so free, she took initiative, just asking for things, telling what she wants etc. And now I`m coming in her pussy (I newer did that before, with bare cock)! On my second day there this guy texts her and asks her is she up to some sex. I see her all horny and shit and I said go for it (they hadn`t sex for like a week). She dresses up, puts some skirt on (he told her not to wear panties). I`m kissing her and touching her pussy, she is already wet, but I`m not getting anything. So she goes to his apartament and I wait. Next morning she is back, I`m immedietly all over her, she is happy, satisfied, I can see that. I`m taking her to bedroom, asking her to tell me what happened and slowly taking her clothes off. She jerks my cock then tries to go to take a shower since she can see that I`m so horny and that I want to fuck her, but I stop her, go behind her back and just slam my cock into her. And that was the best fuck in my life. She is nicely spread, wet and slipery and smells like sex. While I fuck her I ask her did he came again in her pussy and she said `yes he did`. I can see traces of his semen on my cock. That was so fucking exciting! After a while I filled her up…
We talked about this whole situation later and she said that being with two men makes her happy and especially when we come inside her. She admitted that he is better lover and that his cock feels better but that she loves only me. I can live with that, I said. And also added that I don`t mind if she is willing to continue like this.
After a month this guy went to South Asia for work and although they texted eachother for a while, the thing just went down…
But, after a short period a new opportunity arose…
To be continued…

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