Cat, Chris , Matt


I was early, as I had been for my meeting at work that morning.

Being early for a business meeting is fine – it gives you a chance to martial your thoughts before the client arrives.

Being early for a meeting with the two men who plan to fulfil one of your sexual fantasies is not fine. It gives you time to consider chickening out before they arrive.

There I was, 30 years old, a woman who had always loved sex and who wasn’t averse to a little light bondage with her boyfriend. But that was as far as it went. I’d spent my sexual career having great sex without really pushing the boundaries. And now I was about to meet two men who intended to fuck me at the same time. Of course, I’d always had fantasies about having two men at the same time. But fantasies are one thing. Doing what you’ve fantasised about is something else entirely.

I sat in the coffee bar, wondering what had possessed me. Somehow an innocent mention of a favourite fantasy had ended up with me sitting there, trying to get my head round the fact that two men would be doing what they wanted with me in a couple of hours.

A few weeks earlier, I had mentioned to Chris, the man I was seeing, that I’d often spent a happy moment or two imagining being fucked by two men. I’d mentioned that fantasy to other men I’d slept with, and the result had always been that the idea had turned them on. Nothing more. I was a little taken aback when Chris heard about my fantasy and said “Well, why don’t we do it?”. I thought he was joking but it soon became clear he wasn’t. He had a friend, Matt, that I’d met once or twice and had got on very well with. He was an attractive man and he seemed to think I was an attractive woman. Chris mentioned his idea to Matt and Matt was all for it. Suddenly, from idly discussing a sexual fantasy, I found myself being asked when it might be possible for the three of us to get together. It still didn’t seem real, even when we set the date.

We were to meet up after work on a Friday in late August, and go to Chris’s house. When I realised the date we’d set was now only a week away, I started getting jumpy. Chris and I worked in the same office. I started asking him to take me for lunch or a quick drink after work whenever possible, just so I could tell him my doubts and suggest that maybe it was all a silly idea. He had an answer for everything – when gaziantep bayan escort I said I was self-conscious because I didn’t have a perfect body, he told me that both he and Matt thought I was sexy and attractive and wanted to look at my body and touch it; when I said I was worried I’d chicken out on the night and disappoint both of them, he said “If that happened, well, we’d just spend the evening talking, then send Matt home and have great sex, just the two of us”. It became clear that there was no way out. And somewhere in the back of my mind – and in my gut – I had a feeling that I might spend a long time regretting not taking this opportunity. But as Friday approached, I found myself getting increasingly nervous.

Now, waiting in the coffee bar, I was both terrified and excited. Chris arrived. He could see how I was feeling without me having to say anything. He massaged my shoulders, which were very tense. He told me everything would be fine and I could chicken out any time I wanted and there’d be no hard feelings. It was a warm day and he smelled like himself, only more so. A male smell that I love. Matt walked in. He’d just come from the gym. He was freshly showered and he smelled of fresh sweat. My doubts were beginning to fade away. We all had a coffee before leaving, as if for form. We talked about anything and everything – except sex.

Somehow we got from the coffee bar to a pub near Chris’s house. I know we took a train and then walked to the pub, but I have no recollection of the journey. I guess I had a lot on my mind. A quick drink in the pub was followed by a meal in Chris’s local Italian restaurant. I could barely eat. Nerves were beginning to give way to excited anticipation. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and back to Chris’s house. Chris and Matt ate well and took their time. The conversation was taking on a flirtatious tone. Why did they seem so relaxed, though? Perhaps they thought I wouldn’t go through with it. I knew now that I would. Watching them both in the restaurant had made my mind up. There I was with two sexy young men who wanted to share me. I already knew that Chris was amazing in bed. And I suspected that Matt would be good in bed, at the least. The thought of both of them…working on me…was beginning to send a heavy feeling though my clitoris. I needed to calm down. I drank my wine and steered the conversation away from sex.

By late evening, we were sitting in Chris’s living room. Chris was sitting on the sofa. I was sitting on the floor between Chris’s legs while he rubbed my shoulders and played with my hair. Matt was sitting on a chair across the room. The three of us shared a joint. Then another. Hash always makes me horny. Tonight it was making me VERY horny. My clitoris was swelling again and I felt my inhibitions fading away. But I didn’t do anything or say anything – after all, how could I be sure that Matt or Chris or both hadn’t decided that their plan for the evening wasn’t such a good one after all? I smoked the joint and listened to the music, feeling my shoulders getting warm and loose as Chris massaged them. Nobody spoke for a while.

Then Matt spoke up. “Why don’t I massage your feet?”.

This was it. I knew that this was it. One man at my shoulders and another at my feet. Things were about to start happening. I had no nerves now – just arousal. Matt sat on the floor at my feet. He started stroking them. He got out a pot of perfumed body gel and started massaging it into my feet. Having my feet massaged always gets me relaxed and horny at the same time. With Matt at my feet and Chris at my shoulders, I felt myself getting very wet. I could feel my clitoris swelling even more. And nobody had touched me in a sexual way yet. All my doubts were gone. This, I knew, was going to be an incredible night.

Matt’s hands were moving, so that now he was stroking my ankles and up to my knees. He gently pushed up my skirt until it was a few inches below my wet cunt. Then he went back to stroking me from the knees down, as if to tease me. He must have known how I was feeling. I could hear myself making little involuntary noises of pleasure. Chris leaned over and kissed my neck, sending tingles through my body. He nuzzled and kissed my neck and my throat while his hands moved from my shoulders to the neck of my shirt. He unbuttoned my shirt all the way very quickly and undid my bra and pushed it away from my breasts. As I felt Chris’s hands on my already-stiff nipples, I felt Matt’s hands at the top of my thighs. I was soon swamped by overwhelming arousal when I felt Matt’s hands pulling off my thong. Chris was running his mouth up and down my neck. I became aware that he was breathing hard on me. His hands were rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. This felt so good…

Matt had taken off my thong. He and Chris were both fully clothed. I realised that, for now, they just wanted to watch me getting pleasure and not take it for themselves. I felt Matt’s mouth on me, his tongue licking my wet cunt from bottom to top. When his tongue reached my aching, swollen clitoris, I moaned out and felt my hips buck upwards. He held me firmly by the hips and started licking me, just a fraction too slowly and just a fraction too gently, from the bottom of my slit to my clitoris, over and over again. I was moaning and squirming now. He knew exacly what he was doing – he was giving me just enough to make me want to beg him for more. But he wasn’t giving me more. Not yet.

I didn’t speak. I wasn’t sure I would be able to – at least not coherently. I could tell from the way Chris was touching me and breathing that he was very aroused. I wanted to reach back and touch him, but I felt somehow incapable of moving. I was filled with a sudden rush of affection for Chris – he was giving me a gift that was going to last all night and he wanted to see my pleasure more than anything else.

Matt had been licking me and teasing me for maybe two minutes when he started giving me what I needed. His whole mouth covered my cunt while his tongue worked on the sensitive tip of my clitoris. Chris was massaging my hard, aching nipples while I moaned and lifted up my hips, trying to get more of Matt’s mouth.

I tried to hold off, but it didn’t work. Matt’s tongue had been on my clitoris for just a few seconds before I started to come. A huge orgasm built in the pit of my stomach and then exploded in waves from my clitoris and through my whole body. I was bucking against Matt’s mouth uncontrollably but neither of them gave me any slack – I felt my hard, hyper-sensitive clitoris and nipples being licked and rubbed and pinched while I felt the waves washing over me again and again. My hips were lifted right off the floor and my shoulders were on Chris’s knees. Finally I couldn’t take any more and I pushed Matt’s head away. As the waves of pleasure died down, Chris hugged me from behind and gave me a soft, slow kiss on my throat. I looked down. Matt had a serious look on his face. He gave me a slow smile and then looked at Chris. “Sexy girl…” he said quietly to Chris. As I came down from wherever it was I’d been, I realised that this was the beginning of the night, not the end. “Let’s have another joint”, I said.

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