Bente’ Has Her Way


Bente had been with the Kersons for three years now, but it seemed like ages longer. She had first started working for them as a nanny when John, er, Mr. Kerson, had been stationed at the air force base near her village in southern Austria. She had only just turned nineteen, and was a scrawny little kid eager for any job she could get. When Mrs. Kerson had her son Nickalous, Mr. Kerson decided to move the family back to America. Bente remembers her joy when the Kersons offered to host her, if she were willing to move with them and continue to take care of little Nick.

Looking in the mirror in her room, Bente untied her hair, and let her strawberry blond fall into ringlets over her shoulders. She ran her fingers through her thick strands and softly recalled how proud she felt for John… Mr. Kerson… for having such a wonderful family… For being a brave jet fighter pilot. For being so smart and commanding, but so kind. He was always kind to her, always very polite. Mrs. Kerson was no less kind, but certainly more sharp, and was always the one to give her the less-desirable tasks.. cleaning up, chopping, taking out the rubbish, or changing Nicky’s diapers in the middle of the night.

Still looking in the mirror, she sighed, ran her hands across her chest and with the thumbs of both hands, slipped the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders, letting it fall off her smooth white skin. She pursed her translucent moist lips as if kissing.. and for a moment lifted her arms back behind her head, looking at the lovely shape of her silky arms, her smooth underarms, and the fullness of her breasts, her small round nipples forming perfect pink points. Her arms up, she saw she was trim, her naval a sculpted indent over her more pronounced ivory hips… she thought back and saw herself again in the mirror as if for the first time.. in these past three years, she had become a woman!

She idly and let her hand caress her thigh as her mind wandered. She bit her lip, still remembering her first time, only that previous summer. It had been at home for the summer and with her oldest and best friend Peter… she’d been drunk off of Yager and slipped off to his attic together. She remembered it being intimate, but somehow unsatisfying…disappointing. Peter had tried to be so macho, so bold, but in the end, he had come after only a few meager pumps, leaving her in heated agony- forcing to finish things for herself! She had somehow always imagined it would be different. Somehow… more passionate.. more powerful! Peter, she thought, was scarcely older than she was. At 19, he was still more or less a boy. But it would be so much more powerful to be with a MAN… someone like John.. Mr. Kerson..

She immediately put the though out of her mind.. as she had a habit of doing. Or rather trying to do. Once again, she let her eyes gaze over her form in the mirror. She hugged her breasts to her chest, so firm and full of life, so new sensitive… she thought of Mrs. Kerson. Ten years older than she, beautiful still, but there were lines, thought Bente, which told her age. And she was less lively, much more serious, and somewhat -Bente put up her chin with a faint air of superiority -flat!

She let her arms out, and her breasts bounced and bobbled to rest on her chest… John needs a woman, she thought. And I need a man! She bit her lip, again caught in the turmoil of her inner mind, sensing she was wrapped in a loosing battle against her own passions. Her heart pounding in her chest, a bead of sweat dotting her smooth forehead, she brushed her hair back… she knew from that moment that she would have him.


Her plan was subtle, yet unavoidable.. instinctual.. so that she could very nearly convince herself she was taking no action at all. But she was. She heard herself laugh a little more at his jokes, caught herself starring into his eyes at nearly any occasion, and took pleasure passing him dishes at dinner before he even thought to ask. She was diligent with Nicky, and complied with whatever Mrs. Kerson directed her to do. Mrs. Kerson, rewarded her sly plan only with praises and compliments!

As springtime drew on, the weather became warmer and she made sure to slip into various lovely evening skirts whenever she could be sure John would be coming home. She rather liked the shortness that was the style, the chance to wear tighter shirts, and to breeze about barefoot. She watched and one evening caught what she’d been looking for.. a moment when she saw that John was looking absentmindedly… at HER! .. at her legs.. but only for a moment, and then he looked away. He asked for the paper… talked to Nicky…

She fell into bed that night with a panicked throbbing in her chest… nearly gasping at the thought that HE had looked at her legs.. had caressed her body with his eyes… she slipped off the last of her clothing and slid under her single sheet.. the window was open and crickets were chirping, the stars almanbahis bright.. life and emotion of the night were rushing in her ears… softly, quietly, she stroked her hand across her stomach.. slipped her fingers down to feel her fine tuft of hair, felt her smoothness.. her growing wetness.. unable to withstand any more, she licked her lips, arched her back… the sheet slipped off as her taught slender body struggled in the moonlight.. pale light shining on the smoothness of her skin.. her body rose and fell as she pleasured herself with abandon ..she muffed her choking sighs into a pillow.

If he could only KNOW, she thought.. her hand brushing the wall that separated her from him.. how often she had fallen back on her bed, her body reeling and quivering in sheer joy, wishing her hands were his, or rather his…


A week passed and the days grew hotter still, until Bente was delighted to find that John had brought home and installed a very nice hot tub behind the house. She grinned, secretly knowing he would be pleased to see how she had grown to fit her last year’s bathing suit… a French bikini she had bought while in France two summers past… John and Mrs. Kerson were already in the tub -Mrs. Kerson introducing little Nick to the water, when Bente shyly stepped out the sliding doors and paused. All eyes were on her.

“Oh, Bente!” Mrs. Kerson started, glancing at John, “We must get you a new suit! You’ve put on a few pounds since last summer I think!”

Bente took this as a compliment, for she knew the nature of those pounds; she felt them most in the tightness of her bikini strap!

Saying nothing, John turned back to Mrs. Kerson and kissed her on the forehead. He seemed only slightly quieter than usual when Bente slipped her smooth curvy thighs and hips below the water line next to him…

“oww!” she squealed, “Hottt!”

Nicky instantly began to cry, and Mrs. Kerson lifted him out of the water, wiping water from his eyes. He only sobbed louder, so she stepped out of the tub and took him inside for a moment… bed time! …leaving Bente and John alone in the tub..

John asked her pleasantly how her day had been.. her studies.. her reading..

Bente leaned back and submerged her body to her chin for a moment, then sat upright again, water streaming off her smooth skin.. she knew, when wet, her white bikini became almost transparent, how lovely for him! She thought.

She could tell, as she looked him in the eyes, answering his questions.. she stretched her arms back, her chest slightly forward, pulling her hair back behind her right shoulder.. his eyes YES.. his eyes made lovely wayward… downward.. glances until finally she caught him starring directly at her chest..

“Mr. Kerson?!” She Inquired, in mock offense.

Snapping back, he met her eyes, then looked away. He smiled, pausing for a moment, raised an eyebrow.. shook his head noticeably, and stood.

“I’d better see how she’s doing with the little guy” he said, climbing out of the tub…adjusting his taught swim trunks. John was certainly NOT a ‘little guy.’ She smiled, sinking back into the water, feeling the simmering water lift her breasts, a jet of bubbles blasting between her legs… she watched his muscular body, his back, his arms, his ass, as he walked away and into the house.


It seemed that John’s look did not go unnoticed by Mrs. Kerson. She began to go out of her way to send Bente off on errands, to comment about her hemlines, and to dominate her schedule such that she hardly ever encountered John. And then never alone. Bente began to feel something new well up inside her.. jealousy?

Yes. It was certainly jealousy, she decided, one night laying in bed. She was awakened by what she thought had been a scream.. but listened longer.. heard squeaking and a moan.. it was Mrs. Kerson.. then she heard John.. his deep voice, saying something swelteringly seductive.. muffled and incomprehensible, but enough to make two women wet… Bente lay, not moving a muscle, listening to the rising commotion on the mattress in the room next to hers.. heard the headboard bump once.. then again and again and again..

She squeezed back dry tears of envy thinking of Mrs. Kerson in his arms.. his strong arms wrapped around her lanky naked body, of his strong body against hers, penetrating her… how his face must look at this very moment.. she heard him call out into the night, Mrs. Kerson moaning her last… he had come… he had thrust her with his mighty shaft in and out until she had succumbed to his power, and then he had come…

She licked her lips and imagined it over again in her mind.. his hips moving against hers…his engorged powerful member sliding without hesitation between open legs.. in and out and in and out… Bente almost surprised herself with the wet smacking sounds she was vigorously making with her fingers against her clit.. she held her breath almanbahis giriş and again silently endured her own pounding pangs of orgasmic cruelty…

Days passed, and Mrs. Kerson was all business with her. She reminded Bente to be sure to schedule her summer flight home on time. Bente was glad to help around the house, and made herself overtly useful, and even became unusually shy around John. Even still, it was as if Mrs. Kerson could sense the burning desires hidden within her heart…but what could she do? Bente realized she had to do something when she heard Mrs. Kerson on the phone with John.. saying that they no longer need a nanny after the summer… Bente would not be coming back! She silently cried herself to sleep in a rage of bitterness, envy, and passion.

She woke after sleeping for who knows how long.. she heard a sound… tooth brushing.. in the hallway bathroom… Excitement crept into her. John used the hallway bathroom on nights he came home too late and didn’t want to wake Mrs. Kerson.. John was in her bathroom.. her space.. at midnight..

..her tiredness was gone, as she sat up in bed, listening to the rhythmic brushing for a moment… her heart still pounding, she slipped a long t-shirt on over her nakedness and crept to the door… pretend… to sleepy…

She approached the door just as he opened it and came out… he paused, surprised to see her.. he never jumped. He has nerves of steel, she thought. In her thought, her drooping eyes had livened up to white hot fire.. was she given away?

John smiled softly.. he wore only a pair of grey boxer briefs… his bare chest strong and shaped from lifting weights at the air force base. He meant to pass, but in a moment looked her up and down.. her shirt just barely extending below the line of her hips.. Bente made this clear, perching on one hip and swaying to one side, the cloth pulling up to reveal nothing but a silk smooth buttock, she bit her lip looking up at him with unblinking eyes.. he didn’t move.

In a second moment, she drew close to him ..he had nerves of steel and..

Loosing all fear at the scent of his skin, she dropped her hand down and cupped his balls in her hand.. slipped her hand below the elastic line, and stroked his flesh, feeling his shaft harden to her touch.. he breathed deeply, but still he did not move.. when she felt him reach his full tightness.. his smooth bulbous head standing directly out, seeping sweetly from its end, she did what she never thought she could have done….

…she removed her hand, and slipped silently back into her room, leaving him in the hallway!

That night, she lay on her back, boldly slipping her fingers over and into herself, listening to John pant frantically behind her wall. She heard Mrs. Kerson moan and squeal out into the night as she’d never done before! Heard her exclaim more than once not to wake ‘her’… the head board thumping the wall, John’s deep voice catching in a powerful contraction… Bente smiled a devilish grin.. she knew, right now, the CUM he was pumping, he was PUMPING for HER! She had brought him to this. She had dominated his passions. This thought alone carried hear into a frenzy, felt her own body buckle backwards, her hard nipples rubbing her sweat-soaked sheets, her breasts tossing and slapping against her chest, her wetness coursing over hear hands and between her thighs… her toes pointed as if by strapped by toe shoes… and then a quivering sparkling wave of pleasure shook her head to toe…

“Holy Fuck! ” she stammered to herself, with a faint Austrian accent.


In the last week of her stay, Bente never had a moment to think. There was so much preparation, so many loose ends to tie up. So many acquaintances to thank and bid well. She was to spend the last night at her friend Elsie’s house where she could see off a few of the other girls she had met, and have a few drinks to celebrate. Bente knew, however, she would not be partying with the girls long. She also knew two other things: John would be working late again that very night, and Mrs. Kerson would be out of town with Nicky. Bente enjoyed giggling with the girls, but as the sun set, her heart began to pound with an animalistic rhythm. She felt the girls would be sure to hear it pounding if she stayed much longer… she had in her purse condoms she had bought. She licked her lips, imagining how she would lick him. Wet him before rolling them onto him, one at a time, just for him..

This time, she lay awake in her bare room. She lay naked as before, her door a crack open… heard John come home well after midnight.. heard him undress, heard his bathroom light flick on, and heard him brushing his teeth. Just as before, she slipped on a shirt.. not quite long enough… she smoothed it down over her tight muscles, her curvy form.. felt her nipples standing hard under the thin cloth.. let her hair flow down her back in waves of ruddy amber. almanbahis yeni giriş She pursed her lips again…she knew she smelled faintly of perfume.. and sex. She had been wet hours ago, and it was happening again…without even the slightest touch..

She crept out into the hallway, her heart in her throat.. what if John is upset? He doesn’t expect anybody to be home! What if he doesn’t like me?!… The lamp by his bed was on… and that’s where he found her when he opened the door… He stopped, stood, and took in the vision… she sat, legs crossed, at the end of the bed, hair over one shoulder, looking up at him with wide doe eyes. He watched as she stood and walked to him, felt her place his hands on her hips.. She smiled, lifting her shirt off over her head, watching his naked body respond!

When she pressed against him and he smelled her, their lips met and she tasted him.. he was so warm and strong.. he lifted her body so easily, and lay her down on the bed… the very bed where he had done so many things before.. things she had only dreamed about..

Feeling her bravery return, she sat up and lay him down with an outstretched finger on his chest.. he complied… she grew fiery hot listening to his breathing swell. She cupped her hands under his balls, felt their weight, stroked his shaft.. crawled down over him, her hanging nipples tracing a line down his chest, his stomach… heard him groan when at last she ran her tongue over him, licked under and around his balls.. knew he was hers completely… Almost at once, she felt his firm hands reach under her arms, and lift her, up by her armpits directly over him.. she looked down at his strong arms, is chest, his face full with lust and passion…then all at once, he set her DOWN! She gasped, feeling him slip so easily into her.. her wetness flowing still more… She cried out into the night.. he was so massive inside her! He held her, gripped her, lifted her, and she rode him.. Over and over she bounced on him, his hands massaging her buttocks.. tracing the line in her back.. cupping under her heaving breasts…

She felt herself lifted by him.. felt him so deeply.. slow at first, then faster and faster until she was in a frenzy, perching over him on her knees, pounding herself over and onto him as hard as she could…nearly crying!

Then, all at once, he pulled her down, rolled her over, had pinned her arms back, and was on top of her.. mightily thrusting.. her legs spread wide! Just as she’d broken his will, she thought.. he will break my body!

She looked into his eyes, which met hers, felt him moving against her, and felt the first of a wave of orgasms grip her… he was pumping still.. still in control, and still so powerfully hard…. she could scarcely believe it! Never before did she ever imagine it was possible to feel so… so .. utterly… she leaned her head back and let out a loud trailing high moan… her body pulsed again, and still he continued.. what was he doing to her? Could she live through the night?! She prayed it would never end!

And so it went.. she felt her self open wide.. felt herself pinned, then tossed this way and that… felt herself, her back against the wall, John powerfully lifting her legs, pinning her, feet off the ground as he showed her a thing or two.. felt herself laying flat on her stomach cross the bed, John lifting her hips and fucking her from behind… she gripped the bed posts and yelled.. he turned and swiveled his hips, she felt him swerving and pushing within her…. fucking her like an animal.. felt him harden yet more, and heard a new tone from him.. a deep primal sound.. heard it in his breathing.. he lay her flat out, held her arms down, his hands fully gripped ’round her wrists.. he was in the throws of something growing, something unstoppable! She smiled once again, feeling her will to seduce return, gazed into his eyes, and wrapped her legs around his.. brutishly, he struggled against her, forcing himself into and out of her… she pulled back hard, working him, firmly pulling him into her… He had taken her this far.. now it was his turn! And he would have no escape from her! She had him… he pumped into and out of her.. faster and faster.. struggling against her firm grip.. heard his voice loosing composure.. his breathing was hard.. felt his hot breath… her hands slipped free and she gripped his buttocks firmly, running her hands up his strong back to his shoulders.. his neck.. felt his head tip down.. his shoulders tighten.. then all at once he moaned loudly…she felt his body pulse once.. twice..inside her.. felt him pull out.. then felt him pump again and again and again! Wet streams of sticky heat sprayed over her chest, her stomach.. pumping.. spraying into her hair.. dotting her face! Such an explosion! He fell back, whispering her name over and over..

They lay in each others arms, exhausted, smelling of each other…Bente drifted off to sleep sweetly imagining the morning. At first light, she dreamed, she would wake him with the sucking of her tight tender lips… she would stroke him, lick him.. and then she would FUCK him again, as hard as her body could endure.. fuck him until he jizzed his brains out.

And then she would leave.

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