Airhead Roomate


Living with a friend can be either a good time or a pain, in my case it was both.

My name is Jon, Anna is my friend who I’ve known since we were kids, unfortunately she’s a huge klutz when it comes to anything she touches or does, because of this i have to clean up after her regularly.

“Sorry Jon,” is what i hear constantly uttered by Anna in her usual cute tone.

For the last couple of weeks i have been returning late from work, too tired to get anything done and too tired to look after Anna.

Raisin my head off the couch i am greeted by a half naked Anna, “Morning sleepy head.”

Anna would usually prance around only wearing her underwear on hot days, she didn’t personally care if i saw her like this cause we were such close friends, but honestly it was hard not to look at her all day. It didn’t help that she was incredibly good looking as well, she had some tight looking thighs, a nice round ass, her red hair looked amazing, and her breasts were relatively big.

“Anna, i told you to stop going around like that,” i say towards Anna as she sits next to me.

“But Jon, you’ve seen me in my swimsuit before, what’s the difference?” asks Anna with a look on her face.

I shrug and begin to eat the food she gave me, she wasn’t the best at cooking anything fancy, but simple stuff like pancakes she’d make happily with no issue.

Anna with a surprised look on her face, turns towards me, “Oh crap, i forgot the plate broke.”

Anna had given me a plate with a hole in the middle, most of the syrup had fallen atakent escort on my lap unbeknownst to me. Without any idea Anna began cleaning the spot not realizing she was rubbing my crotch, she would lick her lips after each wipe, making me grow ever more erect.

Standing up in rush i head towards the bathroom, “Okay, i can get the rest, thank you Anna.”

Once in the shower i cleaned myself off completely, outside i could hear Anna leaving some clothes for me to change into, but before thank her, i hear the curtains moving.

“Hey, i left some clothes for you here, did you clean up?” Asks Anna looking me directly in the face.

In a panic i accidentally fall making Anna fall on the shower, whilst i fall on the floor. After a few seconds i get my surroundings in check and apologize to Anna who was getting up from the fall, i take the time to look at her body which was fully drenched, the water made her panties slightly transparent and her bra tilt a little to the side.

Anna shaking her head stands over me also apologizing, “I’m so sorry Jon, i forgot you’d probably react that way.”

After she gets a good look at the situation, Anna notices that my cock was fully erect, embarrassed she stands up looking every which way.

As i stand up i try to find a towel to cover myself while i repeat how sorry i am, “Sorry Anna, i just saw you half naked and i couldn’t keep it down.”

Anna growing ever more red proceeds to bump into me, causing us to fall to the ground, as we fall i grab Anna ataköy escort by the arm accidently and pull her towards me. After the nasty fall i look up to see Anna on top of me with her hands over her mouth.

“Jon, are you okay?” Asks Anna while her eyes slowly glance at me.

I nod and notice what had just occurred, in the fall Anna somehow managed to fall directly on top of my dick, i was completely inside of her, i could feel her wet pussy squeezing me every few seconds.

Trying to get up i grab Anna by the waist, “Okay Anna, I need you to stand up carefully.”

She looks at me with a nod and places her hands on my shoulders, she slowly moves herself as she prepares to stand up, each movement makes her breathe heavier.

“Jon, this feeling,” Anna says while stopping herself as she moves.

Anna was lifting her body off my cock slowly, the sensation had us both gasping more and more with each inch, just as she was reaching the head of my cock, Anna’s leg start to shake and she slips on the floor once more.

“Ah!” Screams Anna as she falls on my cock again.

My body was too tired to lift Anna myself, but as i try to gesture towards Anna to try again, she begins to move slowly up once more, this time however she wasn’t trying to get up.

Anna began to go up and down on my cock, each hop making her pant and grunt hard. I eventually gave up and let the situation play out, i was enjoying every minute of it, her pussy had tightened even more and her juices were covering my cock, making atalar escort it harder and more slippery.

“Oh, Anna!” I yell while i grab her legs.

Anna reaches down towards me and kisses me on the lips, her mouth was warm and hee kissing was sloppy, she was focusing more on my cock than my mouth.

As we fuck the sounds of her body falling on me and her moaning got me motivated, i reach out and climb on the toilet while i carry Anna on top of me. I droo her dowm on me again continuing the session, the new position made her squirm to get a good position for my cock, Anna would keep moving in a circular manner instead of going in and out.

Anna reaches down towards her clit as much as she can and begins to quiver, as i prepare to cum i lay her down on the ground gently and pull out my cock, i stroke my cock in front of her releasing my cum on her chest and down her belly as i head down.

Biting her thumb she places her other hand’s finger on the tip of my cock, “Hey, did i do good?”

Chuckling to myself i reply telling her she did a fantastic job, reaching up and giving her a kiss on the lips.

After we’re done, we get changed and go downstairs to talk about what happened.

Anna sitting next to me places her hands on mine, “So i know I’m clumsy, but do you think I’ll mess up a relationship, with you i mean?

Holding her hands tight, i kiss Anna on the cheek reminding her how long we’ve lived together and all ive done to help her. With a smile on her face Anna hugs me tight and thanks me, but right after she starts to stand up and face towards me.

Anna raises her skirt to reveal her exposed pussy, “So, i was hoping we could go another round.”

And like that Anna and I began our more in depth relationship, a relationship that in reality was just a few steps above the previous one.

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