Young Girl’s Gradual Foray


Young Girl’s Gradual Foray
Nisha is a 20 year old girl living in Chennai in southern India. She is 5’6″ with beautiful white skin and a lean figure. She has a 34B size breasts. She is tall and has a great round ass. She is a looker but she is shy and innocent outward.

She lives with her family. Her dad Sameer is an accounts manager in a private firm.

Her mom Parveen owns a shop selling sarees and fashion accessories. She keeps her body in perfect condition mainly because of the work she is doing in the house and in the shop. She has a 36C breast size and is thin for her age. She looks more like a sister to Nisha than a mother.

Nisha also has a brother Irfan who is 18 and studies engineering. He always gets on the nerves of Nisha. There will be lots of fights and pranks between them.

Nisha is brought up in an orthodox family and she wears a burqa whenever she goes outside. This adds up to her not being seen by many.

She however has a secret side. She is a closet exhibitionist. She wants to be seen in various states of undress but always wants it to be accidental or not her fault. The risqué of that is what excites her. The mere thought of doing something like that excited her. She masturbated thinking about those fantasies.

She doesn’t know how she felt about sex as she was a virgin. She however started losing the interest in mere fantasies, but couldn’t find a way to make them real. She started thinking through all the fantasies in her mind and wanted to try one or two. She thought planning and executing is the only way to go.

One of her fantasies is going commando under the burqa. Just thinking about it gives her goosebumps. Usually people going commando in a full length dress is not a big deal for many. But a burqa is worn over a chudi or salwar or even a nightie (Nightie is a long dress that covers from shoulders to the ankle that indian women wear indoors sometimes occasionally outside to run a short errand nearby) inside that the regular underwear.

People expect that you wear something inside, as the cloth is very thin, wearing it may cause a nipple to protrude when erect. Since the burqa is mostly full black this is somewhat manageable.

She put her plan into motion. She didn’t want anyone in her family to find out and nip this behavior in the bud. So she chose a Saturday. Her father works on Saturdays too. Her mom opens the shop and her brother goes out with his friends.

So, when everyone left she went to her room and started to undress. She was fully nude. She was shaved down below for hygiene reasons. She started admiring her body in the mirror. She always does that whenever she changes clothes. Standing there nude she thought how it would be if she went out like this. She was dripping as soon as the thought entered her mind. She was dreaming now.

But now is not the time for dreaming as she wants some action. Merely dreaming and doing are two different things. She got butterflies in her stomach. She thought of not doing it. But there has to be start. She decided to do it.

She wore her burqa over her nude body. With all the thoughts she had earlier, she was aroused. Her nipple was erect and she can see and feel it protruding. She argued with herself that since no one is going to see her this close, she will not be noticed. She wore her scarf in the head and brought the ends to cover her boobs. Now nothing looks out of the ordinary at all.

She quickly picked up her bag and went out before she could stop herself. Her mother when leaving had given her some errands to run. She had to buy vegetables from the local market street. It is not like a supermarket where there is almost no human interaction. Here you will have to ask for items from multiple shopkeepers and also bargain for the least price.

Although she is shy, her mother has taught her to bargain. It is a much needed skill for girls in India. She started walking to the market. She didn’t have very large breasts so the jiggling is not visible even without the bra.

The streets were crowded and she was getting very conscious of her dress. Whenever someone takes a look at her she checks if anything is showing. Even if some leg is shown, people will get suspicious if she is wearing anything under it at all, as most of the dresses in India comes down to the ankle except for western clothes which is a rarity in her neighborhood.

She reached the market started buying the required vegetables. She was being paranoid, so she couldn’t bargain as much as she would like. She noticed that she spent 20% extra on the vegetables. She wanted to be confident. She then put her secret at the back of her head and started doing the remaining shopping.

The shopkeepers saw a young girl before them and nothing else. She knows otherwise. She tested the waters by moving the scarf covering her chest area. Her nipple was not hard as it is hot and humid outside, so it is not protruding in the burqa. But some jiggle can be seen up close if she moved vigorously like when she picked vegetables selecting them. It wasn’t noticeable as no one was suspicious.

There was one shopkeeper who looked at her odd. She became self-conscious again. She started moving but he stopped her. She wanted to run away but didn’t. As it turned out he was a friend of her father and he recognized her. Glad he didn’t recognize her secret though.

When the shopping was done she started walking home. Before going home she has to give some of the vegetables to the elderly couple who live next door.

They were close to her family as they were their neighbors for a long time. She used to call them dhadhi(grandma) and dhadha(grandpa) from when she was little. They don’t get out much at this old age, so Nisha’s family helps them whenever they could.

She rang their doorbell. Dhadhi opened and welcomed her inside. She placed the vegetables in their refrigerator. Dhadha was lying on his recliner chair. Dhadhi asked her to sit in a chair and asked her if she would like some refreshment for which she refused politely. Then they both started asking about her life and studies.

She answered their questions enthusiastically. For a while she forgot about her wardrobe.

Suddenly dhadhi said, “Remove the burqa darling, it is too hot today. You can relax a little.”

If she did that, dhadha and dhadhi would surely have a heart attack. She said some excuses and she wanted to leave. Dhadhi was somewhat upset. They wanted to spend some more time with her, but she had to run. Dhadhi sent her off.

She went to her house and locked her door. Like she usually does, she removed her burqa and hanged it in the stand near the door. Then she realised she was naked under the burqa. Now she is naked in the living room of her house. Gladly there were no windows open.

She got a kick just by standing there naked even if there is no one to see it. Her mother and brother will be only here for lunch. She had a lot of time before that.

She had to wash the dishes. She thought what if she did it naked. She was all for it. She just went in the kitchen and washed all the dishes completely naked. She got wet in the process. She placed all the dishes in their place. She took a towel and started drying herself.

All the thoughts from the morning came rushing back to her. The towel touching her was exciting her. She sat on the couch and started touching herself. She had never done it in the living room. She usually masturbates in the safety of her own room. Now she is doing it on their family couch.

She didn’t have to do it long though. She had the most intense orgasm of her life. When the high went down, she felt embarrassed and guilty for doing what she did. She went to her room and got dressed even though there was still time for her family to return. She watched some TV to distract herself.

When her mom and brother returned, she couldn’t face them. They didn’t suspect anything, but she might change that, so she started being normal. They had lunch and everyone were off to their normal routine.

It wasn’t two days before she wanted the thrill again. At night, she couldn’t put the thoughts away and she wasn’t able to sleep at all. She had to do the same thing or more next week as well. But she needed a thrill before that.

She immediately stripped nude and laid there. It was a new feeling sleeping nude and it was a welcome feeling. Usually in the morning her mom wakes her up, mostly pulling her from the bed. So, she can’t sleep nude. If she slept like that, she will have some problems in the morning. So, she didn’t want to sleep but she couldn’t lose the nice feel.

She got up from bed and roamed around in her room. She started acting out all the things she does in her room but in the nude. She made a note to do these things nude whenever possible.

After some time she opened her bedroom door and peered outside. It was dark and silent. She wanted to go outside but what if someone wakes up. What if she made a sound and someone came to check. She will have no explanation. She was debating with herself. She then decided to do it.

She came out carefully. She shut her door silently lest it shut itself and cause a loud bang. She didn’t want to take the chance. This also meant she can’t run into her room immediately at the sign of danger. Her room directly opens into the living room. She managed to keep her footsteps silent. She can’t believe she is in the living room naked while her parents are sleeping in their bedroom.

The house is such a way that all the rooms open to the living room. So, if anyone wakes up and walks out, they will be seeing her naked as the day she was born. It wasn’t like pitch dark. The lights from the street made it easier to see. She was covered in goosebumps.

She was wandering around the house and was getting used to it. She checked the time and only fifteen minutes have passed. She thought she might have been there for an hour or so. Her throat was dry and she was thirsty.

She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and immediately shut it and the light from the fridge was illuminating her in the dark like she was in a stage. She then gathered her senses and opened it again.

She downed the water and some spilled on her. This along with the cold air from the fridge was very nice, as the weather was very hot. She just stood there enjoying the coldness. Her nipples were erect now partly because of the cold. She was enjoying the feeling. The water on her body slowly made a path to her pussy which soaked the already soaked lips.

She closed the fridge and wandered to sit on the couch. She wanted to masturbate there. It would be completely different from the other time as this time there are people in the house. She was not so silent during an orgasm. So she decided against it.

Suddenly there was a sound of someone opening their door. She was on high alert, she couldn’t go to her bedroom, she couldn’t make it in time. She just jumped behind the couch and hid there. The sound was coming from her brother’s room. He switched on the lights of the living room. She was immediately lit up. This was irresponsible.

“What happened to planning and executing,” she thought to herself.

Her brother went to the kitchen to get some water. She sure had timing. She didn’t leave much for him to drink. So he went to fill up. This was taking too long.

Meanwhile she had another feeling coming on. With all the water she drank, she wanted to pee. It was manageable. She could wait until he was gone. But what if her brother wanted to pee as well. The restroom is at the back of the house in the backyard.

This was an old house. There are no attached bathrooms as it was considered unhygienic by the previous generation. There is an open backyard, not very big, with the toilet at the right end of it. The backyard is covered on all sides with high walls so no one could look or jump in.

The backyard is to the opposite of the kitchen. If he wants to go pee, he should cross the couch and go to the backyard. In that case he would definitely see her hiding behind the couch. She prayed that he would head to his room.

He finished drinking and even filled it up, unlike her. He put it back in the fridge and walked out of the kitchen. He turned off the lights went straight to his room to her delight, otherwise this would have been a different day. She sighed and sat in the floor with the back against the couch.

Her naked ass touching the floor reminded of her urge to pee. She must wait till she was sure the coast was clear before getting up. She was not taking chances after the recent scare. She waited for a while.

She was sure now her brother would not come back out. She got up and headed for the backyard door. Then she admonished herself for being careless. She was naked and she is about to go out to the backyard. She walked back to her room.

Before she could open the door, the devil in her shoulder started talking. There would be no one to see her at this hour. She would be naked under the moon light. That thought gave her a shiver. What if someone woke up, she thought. That is the best thing about it. The thrill is what excited her. She had to be fast.

She opened the back door and went out. She closed it behind her back. She walked briskly to the toilet and finished what she came for. But she didn’t immediately want to enter the house again. She stood outside for some time. She looked at the moon and the stars. Her secret is known to all the stars in the sky now.

She is excited. She couldn’t wait anymore, her juices were following. She quickly walked inside the house. She didn’t care if the door made a sound. She practically ran to her room closing the door.

She started masturbating. She climaxed immediately but it was very intense. It topped the last orgasm. It was like setting top scores every time you play a game. She wasn’t going to stop now. She was not regretting it this time.

She however cleaned up and got dressed. She didn’t want to be woken up naked smelling of her juices.

The next day, her mother woke her up. She is always the first to get up and get everything ready for Nisha. Nisha is next to start getting ready as she is the one who has to go a long way to college and it starts early. The others in the house will wake up only when Nisha is all ready to go.

She said her byes and left for college. After she left, her parents were discussing about her unusually happy mood which she herself didn’t notice. They didn’t mind it much and they were off to their work.

That night she wanted to do her last night charade once again. She did just that with the same outcome of thrill and excitement. This time however without her brother disturbing her in the middle.

She continued her dalliances in the night. She also did her weekend chores with her spice added to it. They were not allowed to stay inside their rooms for extended periods of time. Whenever she was in her room she was naked. She was careful to not get caught.

But one day however when she was just lounging naked in the backyard at night, she heard someone opening the door. She didn’t know what to do. She went immediately into the toilet and locked the door.

It was her father. He knocked on the toilet door and called out. She was going to be caught. He might have come to use the toilet. She didn’t know what to do.

He knocked again, “Who is it?”

She shouted, “It’s me dad.”

He said, “Oh, I was just out for drinking water and heard a sound. Are you OK honey?”

“I am OK dad, just need some time to finish up,” she replied.

She waited for some time for her father to finish what he came for. She ventured out and saw there was no one in sight. She went and opened the back door and immediately closed it. The living room was lit.

She opened it slightly to see if her father was still there. She looked around but couldn’t find him. He must have left it on seeing that his daughter might need it. She most certainly didn’t. She has to cross the brightly lit hall to her room crossing both her parents’ and brother’s rooms. The switch for the light is between her room and her brother’s.

This was hard enough for her. But the devil wanted more challenge. She dared herself to not run and not cover herself while walking to her room. She didn’t give a second thought and started doing it. She started walking slowly with her hands by her side.

If someone walked out now, they will clearly see Nisha standing there naked from head to toe. She was getting horny by the second. She crossed their rooms without incident. She switched off the lights and went to her room. Another top score was set that night.

One weekend she was in the mall wearing only her burqa. She was just looking before going to the mall super market. It is unlikely she would find anyone she knows there.

She went into a clothing store, she however wanted to do something she thought about. She chose kaçak iddaa a store where the trial rooms have curtains instead of doors. She denied any help from the staff there who were mostly men. She chose a salwar and a jean but in a smaller size.

She went into the trial room. She closed the curtain and removed her burqa. She was naked in a store although in the trial room, it was new to her. She tried on the jeans which wouldn’t even go up her legs. She removed it and called out for help.

There was a guy outside. He said, “Good morning, do you need any help.”

She said, “The jean I selected is too tight for me. Please, can you bring me one in the next size.”

“Certainly ma’am,” he said, “Could you give me the current one?”

Talking to someone while being naked was a thrill in itself but her plan was not over yet. She gave him the jean through the side of the curtain. She was careful to not being seen. When he went to pick up the jeans for her, she wore the salwar.

It was too tight on her boobs and it was tight on her body. It clearly showed her figure like a glove. It came down to just below her knees but was cut in the sides revealing her thighs. When the guy comes back she has to open the curtain and get the jeans in her current state.

That was her previous thought out plan. But she was beginning to doubt her plan. She didn’t think the salwar would be this tight. But she had to do it anyway. When the guy came back, he called out to her. She could have just got it through the curtain but she opened the curtain partially.

She could see that there were no one in sight other than a shy, cute guy who was having the jeans in his hand and his mouth dropped. He was observing her from head to toe. She stretched her hand to get the jeans but he was in a trance. The stretching and bending also showed more of her cleavage.

She asked for the jeans and this brought him out of the trance. It was like she hyptonized him. She loved the control.

She now extended her initial plan and said, “See the salwar is too tight for me too. I am sorry for troubling you. Could you please get one in the next size for this as well?”

He wanted to extend this conversation,

“It doesn’t look tight.” he lied, “The salwar looks good on you.”

She understood what he was trying to do.

She innocently said, “Do you think so? It is tight around my body. It is hugging my body too tight and pushing against it.”

His eyes immediately went to her cleavage. He still wasn’t convinced.

She then pointed, “Look how tight it is around my hips. It is tight around my chest as well. It is hard to move around in this”

Pointing them was hard but arousing. He was just nodding in agreement now. She asked for a different size salwar. She closed the curtain and removed the salwar. She pushed her head through the curtain while still being nude and called him.

She gave him the salwar through the curtain. She now put on the jeans. She wanted to up the ante.

When he came back and called out, she just covered her front with the burqa and opened the curtain, this time more than halfway. His eyes would have come out of the socket if it were possible. He was stuttering.

He could see the reflection of her back and her pale skin and no bra in sight. The burqa is held in front of her. That doesn’t mean she is not topless in front of him. She was hugging on to it very tight one arm above her breasts and one below for the fear of letting it go.

Now she has to get the salwar from him. She didn’t plan how and didn’t know now. If she let go of the bottom hand, the burqa would separate from her body and some underboob and her navel will be visible. If she let go of her top hand, her whole boobs will be open for him to see.

She however moved her top hand to her boobs and held it tight. This revealed the top of her chest and some cleavage as she held it tight. She used the other hand to get the salwar. This was overwhelming, she immediately closed the curtain. She didn’t even try the salwar on. She removed her jeans and put on her burqa. She gave them to the guy telling him some excuse for not buying and rushed outside.

She was in a hurry. She was looking back at the shop while walking and didn’t see the guy in front. She slammed into him. He didn’t see her coming either. She was about to fall and he grabbed her. Two things happened then.

One, while slamming into each other he had his hands in front of him out of instinct. He felt her boobs in her hand. It was for just an instant but he was sure that there was only one layer of clothing. The burqa wasn’t very thick either.

The second thing was that while catching her, he grabbed on to her ass. Now he was sure that there was nothing under the burqa. He lifted her and apologized. She apologized as well. From the look he gave, she knew that he knew. He didn’t talk about it.

He however said that he had seen her somewhere and asked about her. She knew this was the most used pickup line in her city. She didn’t reply. She just apologized and left the place. In reality he had seen her somewhere but couldn’t place where.

After some time she calmed herself down. She replayed all the things that she did in the mall. She was getting excited. She didn’t feel it at the time, but the guy grabbing her in inappropriate places was the most exciting. She can’t pursue that line of excitement. It may lead down a rabbit hole. She however felt that in such a public place she could get away with it.

She chose her target. She chose a tall handsome guy. He was standing alone in the crowded mall. She walked fast towards him, “looking” at the various stores and not looking at him. She intentionally rammed into him. Unlike the other guy, he wasn’t immediately reactive. They both feel on the floor. She fell in top of him. Then out of nowhere his friends came over.

They were shouting something like, “Look what Raghu is upto.”

This was getting out of hand. To make matters worse, her burqa hook got caught in Raghu’s shirt. She tried getting up but didn’t try too hard as she might tear her burqa in the process. She supported her body with her hands. This caused her burqa to separate from her body and showing a downblouse view that he was not expecting.

She was naked under it. He froze for a second. He was able to see her boobs and hard nipples. He could even see her naked thighs. No one else was getting the view though. Since both her hands were busy holding her up, she asked him to untangle them.

As he was trying to get the hook out, she looked down and saw the view she is giving him. She was embarrassed to say the least. She stayed as she was, at first because she froze, but then she stayed that way so it would end quickly.

He took his time getting the hook out. She was hurrying him up, so eventually he got her free. She immediately got up and apologized and started walking. She could hear some rowdy sounds behind her but she kept on walking. She didn’t even go to the grocery store as she might walk into them again.

As soon as she entered her house, she slumped down on the couch and started touching herself. She immediately had an orgasm. She didn’t even have to think about the day’s adventure. But when she did, she was excited again and started masturbating again.

Her adventure were getting better and better. She wanted more after her recent adventure. She wanted for someone to see her but it should be an accident or not her fault. She was thinking of some way to do it. She got an idea.

Nisha’s mother had been nagging her to wear a saree for some time. It is a traditional wear, she must wear or atleast know how to wear one before getting married. To wear a saree one must need a blouse. The blouse comes from the shoulder to below the breasts.

That week she told her mother about wearing a saree. Her mother was excited to hear it. The next day she brought Nisha to her shop and picked out a saree. Parveen asked her to get the blouse stitched that weekend.

She went to the nearby tailor that weekend. She wore her burqa and inside that her nigtie and her underwear. There were two guys in the tailor shop. One is an old guy named Raman. He started this shop long back. He is known to everyone in the area. Nisha herself had some clothes stitched for her when she was a k**.

Raman introduced his apprentice as Prabhu, he finished school and is working with Raman. He is about the same age as Nisha. She didn’t expect for him to be here. But she was ok with it. Infact more than ok. He was shy and calm and pleasant to look at.

She was brought back to reality by Raman. He asked about my studies and other things. It was a long time before you they met.

She then said, “I am here to stitch a blouse for me.”

He asked, “Do you have a blouse for size?”

She replied, “No, this is my first blouse.”

“In that case,” he said, “I need to take your measurements. Please remove the burqa. We can’t measure correct with it on.”

She was hoping he would say that. She said ok. She had practiced this in her room to make it perfect. She lifted her burqa over her head along with it the nightie as well and placed it behind her without looking at it. She made it so that she was not aware of what she has done in a flow.

She wore her matching pair of pink underwear. The bra showed her cleavage pushed up. She had earlier pushed one side of her panties inside her butt crack “accidentally”. The tailors had their eyes glued to her. Since the shop had mirrors on all sides, every inch of her underwear covered body was visible to them.

She then looked down and feigned surprise and was acting to immediately put on the clothes. But clothes were inside out and the burqa inside the nightie. She was getting it out. She acted hastily but was enjoying the feeling.

“I am sorry…” she said, “I removed the nightie as well along with the burqa.”

She acted embarrassed while still getting the clothes separated. She was facing away from them, so one of her ass cheeks which was open was facing them. She had successfully acted out her fantasy. She now wanted to get dressed.

“Stop!” He said, “Don’t bother getting dressed now. The nightie is same as the burqa, the blouse will not be a perfect fit if it is measured over the nightie too”.

She protested saying, “How am I supposed to stand half naked in front of you two”. Saying that was exciting.

Raman replied, “Don’t worry darling, we have already seen you now. There is no point in hiding now. This will help stitching the perfect blouse for you. We can measure your actual size.”

She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t plan for this. She wasn’t even covering up till then as everything was happening too quick. But now she crossed her arms over her chest. She was in a dilemma.

Seeing she covered herself, Raman said, “Don’t worry, we are professionals”.

Without getting the go ahead from her, he asked Prabhu to take the measurements.

Prabhu lowered Nisha’s hand which she did without protesting. She had her hands by her side and allowed Prabhu to do whatever he wanted. He turned her around holding her waist. He put the measuring tape on one end of her shoulder and measured shoulder to shoulder.

He then measured the length for the arm and then the width of the arm. His hands touching her bare skin was hot. He was however nervous too. He shouted out the measurements which Raman noted down. He then turned her around again holding her waist.

He then hesitated but a sound from Raman pushed him to start measuring again. He put the tape on the shoulder and measured till the center of her boobs. He was touching her boobs over her bra. He moved the tape around to measure from the boob to below her breasts. He measured around her body over her boobs and then under it.

While measuring he was standing so close to her, she could feel him breathe down her neck. He also could look at her boob and cleavage up close. He could also see the goosebumps on her all over. The measurements were over. She turned to get her clothes.

“Come here girl. Come look at this,” Raman pointed.

Hearing an authoritative tone she obeyed. She is still in her bra and panties. He showed her an album with all the models the blouse can be fitted. There were regular models and there were some sexy models. He explained them to her. She chose a conservative but fancy one.

He said some bs about that model requiring additional measurements. She knew this was a ploy to keep her in her undies longer. He took the tape and measured her back from one side to other.

He wasn’t that professional in his touches. He used his whole hand for contact. He then measured the width of each boob. He then circled the boob with tape and measured. This was getting ridiculous. But she didn’t say anything. She gave the saree. He measured the cloth.

She then inquired about the delivery date and cost. She bargained some. Bargaining in her undies was effective. She reduced the cost by a third. She then put on her clothes and left the shop.

Her mother was home when she returned. Pleasuring herself has to wait. Her mother was excited to hear that her daughter’s first saree will be ready soon. They had their lunch and Nisha was alone again after her mother left back to the shop.

She again thought about all the things happened in the morning. She was horny but didn’t want to cum just yet. She started slowly. She sensually removed her clothes. Let the bra and panties drop to the floor. She lied on her bed and started caressing herself. She wanted the feeling to last long. When she was finished, she was shocked to see how long it took. Her mother would be back in an hour. She has to wash the dishes as well.

She washed all the dishes and became sweaty. She decided to take a bath. Her house doesn’t have a separate bathroom. They have a large tank in the backyard. They fill a bucket from that and take bath in the backyard itself. It is secluded and no one bathed nude.

The men wore a bathing towel. The women wore their petticoat(It is a skirt worn inside a saree or nightie. It comes down to the ankles as well. But while bathing it is worn from above the breasts. So it comes down to the knees). After bathing they dry themselves and wear a fresh petticoat from the breasts to the knees and go to their room and change.

The petticoat is not worn around other people. Even within the home, it is not worn in front of others for longer duration of time. It is more or less like wearing a towel after bath. Nisha finished bathing and walked into the house and heard the doorbell.

From the sound and frequency of the bell, she knew the person was ringing it for a long time. She couldn’t hear it from the backyard. It might be her mother. She didn’t want to make her wait any longer. She just went to the door in her petticoat.

It was Preethi who was waiting outside. She is always the talkative mischievous girl. She has been Nisha’s friend since middle school. In fact she is the reason Nisha chose the college. They are classmates. Preethi is short and has a curvy body. She has a 36D size boobs. She has a beautiful face.

Seeing Nisha in her petticoat, she commented with a grin, “With that dress, are you expecting someone special. I like the view though.”

Nisha was embarrassed and just play punched Preethi’s arm.

Nisha replied, “I just came out of the bath. I’ll go change, you wait here”, and pointed to the couch.

Preethi said, “Don’t go change on my account. I know all the things you did recently remember. You might enjoy if you wear this costume longer.”

It is true. She has been telling her escapades to her friend. Nisha couldn’t keep a secret from her. She needed a confidant as well.

She replied, “My mom might be back any second now. I need to go change.”

Preethi said, “I just passed your mom’s shop. She asked me to tell you that she will be late. So no worries, enjoy the freedom. Moreover I haven’t seen you doing any of the things you said you did. I need proof.”

“Fine…” Nisha huffed, “I’ll wear this just for a while.”

Preethi applauded, “That’s a good girl. Now what shall we do?”

They watched some TV. About an hour later, there was a doorbell. Nisha panicked and asked who might that be.

Preethi replied, “That must be the grocery delivery guy. Your mom said that he’ll come.”

“When were you going to tell me that!” Nisha asked impatiently.

Preethi said, “I told you now didn’t I. And don’t think about going into your room. You are going to be as you are. I am going to open the door. You go to the backyard. You are going to walk in here like you just finished the bath and on the way to your room.”

“I can’t do that. I haven’t done anything in my home like that. Outside is fine, no one will know me. This is my home. This will backfire. He might tell my parents”, she replied.

Preethi was having none of it.

She said, “This is all some unwanted excuse. You know this will look like canlı casino siteleri an accident. You will be the victim here. He will not open his mouth except to his friends of course about how lucky he was to see some girl in your state. You will love that won’t you. He is waiting outside. Are you going to do it or not?”

Nisha didn’t reply, she just walked to the backyard. Preethi was all smiles, she is going to see her friend’s escapades first hand. Ever since her friend started telling her this, she was excited. After each session she would masturbate to her fullness. She enjoyed it. Now this is going to be the next level. Maybe she is a voyeur and likes this scenario. Maybe she also wants to do these kind of things.

Preethi opened the door, it was indeed the delivery guy. She welcomed him in. Preethi wasn’t sure her friends will come in. They were in the living room. The delivery guy asked her to check the items on the list before he could leave. Right on queue Nisha walked in the living room.

Everyone looked shocked except Preethi who was grinning widely. Nisha even had splashed some water on her to appear the part of her just finishing her bath. Maybe she splashed too much water on her petticoat as the water made one of her boob slightly visible through it. It was not clear from the distance, but she was going to change that. Nisha started walking fast to her room.

“Stop…” Preethi said, “Where are you going? Check the items on the list.”

Nisha passed an angry look towards Preethi, which she didn’t acknowledge. Nisha asked Preethi to check the contents.

Preethi just replied, “This is your house. You check. I don’t know what to check anyway.”

With that Preethi went and sat on the couch for a better view of what was about to happen.

Nisha walked towards the guy with unsure steps. He still has the surprised look on his face which was changing into a grin slowly. He couldn’t believe that she was going to be in front of him in her state of dress. She didn’t want to look him in the eye.

She lowered her head and looked at the contents delivered. It was kept on the floor. She kneeled down near it which caused the petticoat to rise further. It exposed her thighs a little. She started skimming through the items and cross checked it. She was almost done checking and for moment looked up at the guy. He was intently looking at her thighs without any kind of pretend.

She immediately shouted, “What are you looking at?” and pulled down the petticoat to cover herself out of instinct.

She shouldn’t have done that because the knot that was holding her petticoat came undone and her petticoat slipped down below her breasts. Even if it was for just a fraction of a second, he completely saw her boobs naked.

She immediately pulled it up as she got up. She didn’t know how far she pulled up. He could see the top of her thighs. He craned his head to see more but couldn’t see her pussy. She just ran to her room. Preethi ushered him out the house and went to check on her friend.

In her room, Nisha was conflicted to what just happened. She just flashed a guy her boobs. It wasn’t intentional. But she showed him nonetheless. She didn’t change into her regular clothes just yet. She was sitting on her bed contemplating when Preethi walked in. She asked if Nisha was ok. She didn’t get a reply. She walked in closer to comfort her.

Nisha said, “I don’t know how I feel about what happened. I just know I don’t want to be pushed into things.”

Preethi understood.

Nisha added, “I’ll continue to share my stories with you and you can be a part of it some, but I want to be incharge. Hope you understand.” Preethi agreed.

Nisha said that she was going to change now. She thought Preethi would take the hint and leave the room for her to change but she stayed put. She didn’t want to make her leave. She just stood up and untied her knot in the petticoat and let it drop to the floor.

She didn’t try to cover up. She walked to her cupboard to get her dress. This was the first time she stripped completely naked in front of someone.

Preethi’s mouth dropped. She complemented her friend’s body repeatedly. She told that she looked unbelievably sexy. Her friend’s complements made her giggle and feel shy. She quickly dressed and they started watching TV once again. Her mother and brother returned shortly.

Nisha’s brother Irfan had a crush on Preethi. Nisha and Preethi used to tease Irfan with that. They wouldn’t acknowledge the crush but would tell him teasing words to him. Seeing Preethi in the house, Irfan had a shy grin on his face. He went to his room to freshen up.

Being a weekend, he had gone with his friends to play cricket and sight seeing. When he returned they started talking about college. He talked a lot about his friends than college.

He said that he had called his friends to stay at the neighbor house as it is empty and looking for a tenant. When they talked about girls in college, he fell silent and went to his shy self. Preethi teased a little but left it at that. They had dinner and then Preethi left home.

The following day Nisha went to the tailor shop to get her stitched blouse. She went with the same outfit. The burqa over nightie. This time only the young Prabhu was in the shop. Raman had gone to his hometown and left him incharge. She asked him about the blouse.

Prabhu said, “Blouse is ready. It should fit you perfectly.”

She decided that since only Prabhu is in the shop, may be she will tease him a little.

She said, “This looks small in front. It may not contain my boobs. I’ll have to try it on before paying. Can I try it on here or at home?”

“You can’t take it home without paying. I’ll be scolded by Raman.” Prabhu replied.

Nisha said, “Since you have already seen me in my underwear, it doesn’t matter now. I’ll try it on here. Please don’t look, ok.”

With that and not expecting any response she turned around with her back towards him. This doesn’t change anything as there were mirrors all around. She started removing her burqa. She removed it and put it aside. She then removed her nightie, she pulled it to her thighs and dropped it “accidentally” to tease him. She pulled it off over her head.

This time she had worn her black underwear set. It contrasted her pale skin and looked erotic. He didn’t even try to be nonchalant. He openly gawked at her which she could see from the corner of her eyes. She could see the feeling of want in his eyes which made her horny. She was enjoying every minute of this.

She then put on her blouse, it was actually tight afterall, maybe as the measurement was done in her underwear. The hooks were in the front, but she was only able to hook two of the four available. She tried hard but couldn’t hook it. She turned around and saw him looking at her intently.

She scolded him saying, “I said don’t look and you are gawking at me.”

He got afraid and lowered his eyes. The blouse having hooked only the two lower buttons pushed up her boobs and showed a deep cleavage. It was sexy wearing that.

She said, “The blouse is too tight on me. I can’t hook up the blouse fully. See for yourself.”

Now he looked up. He can’t control his feelings. He was sporting the most painful hard-on he ever had. He stammered something about it should fit her if she tried harder and that it will become loose over time. She was torturing him.

She said, “I have tried as hard as I can. I have not able to hook it. I can do one thing. I’ll hold my boobs closer, you try to hook it up.”

His hands were shaking and his expression said that he was scolding himself for being a pussy. She held her boobs even closer. It wouldn’t go any closer. He hooked the next one, but he also couldn’t hook up the top one. He was about to push her boobs to get it hooked, but she stopped him.

She said, “It is too tight and I can’t find someone to help me wear my blouse every time. You need to alter the blouse to fit me. I can come again sometime.”

With that she tried removing her blouse. She couldn’t unhook the blouse. She asked for his help to remove her blouse. She again held her boobs closer. He unhooked two and she said that she will remove the last one. She turned around and removed it and gave it to him.

He said, “Please wait, I can alter it now and you can try it on again.”

With that he started working on the blouse. She waited in the shop. She didn’t put on her clothes. She stayed in her bra and panties. She started looking back at him impatiently after a while. He was working intently. He didn’t even look up.

After a while she turned around facing toward him. Now he started glancing more towards her. She didn’t mind it. The more the time she spends there the more she wanted to expose to him. But she didn’t have any excuse to show more to him. He finished the alteration and gave her the blouse to try.

She started hooking it up. She was able to wear it now. It fit her snugly. She checked herself out in the mirror turning one side to another in just her blouse and panties. He was checking her out too and he liked what he saw.

She then removed the blouse in front of him and gave it to him. She didn’t even pretend to be embarrassed now. She just stood there with her hands on her hips and told him to pack it. She got dressed after that. She fished the money out of her bag and gave it to Prabhu. He gave her the blouse. She thanked him for the good work in the blouse.

He invited her again to the shop if she needed his service again. She went home and showed the blouse to her mother. Her mother immediately asked Nisha to wear and show it. She wore the saree as best she could and came out.

Her family loved it. Her mother however made some adjustments to it. She didn’t even move her to the bedroom. She rearranged the pallu of her saree, which exposed her cleavage and navel. Nisha was excited that her daughter has grown up and was wearing a saree that she didn’t think twice before doing it.

Nisha on the other hand was all nerves. It was exciting for to be exposed by someone. The helplessness enhanced the feeling. She is exposed much less compared to the tailor shop, but this is in front of her family and it enhanced her feeling. Her father looked away nonchalantly and stealing occasional glances. But her brother didn’t even blink.

When the rearranging was complete, Parveen asked the family how it looked. They complemented Nisha’s look. Nisha herself admired the look in the mirror. She looked classy and mature.

She stayed wearing the saree. They had lunch together. After some time she felt suffocating wearing the saree. She didn’t have any idea how her mother wears it all day long everyday. She went and changed to her nightie after sometime. That night when thinking back, she couldn’t avoid but think about how it made her feel, being exposed in front of her family. The added family taboo excited her a lot.

Nisha’s college released a circular for changing some aspects in its functioning. One of them is the change of college timing to one hour later. The students had been asking it for a long time. The college being some distance away from the main city, this change was necessary.

For Nisha this caused some changes as well. She can wake up a little later and get ready along with the others in the family. This meant that when she was bathing, others might be getting ready for the day as well. They might go to the toilet which was also in the backyard.

Since her mother wakes up in her regular early time, it was mainly her father and brother who might come to the backyard. The backyard also had the wood stove. When someone is bathing, the next in line will put some water to heat in that. In the mornings water will be very cold to bath. They then fill the water in a bucket and use a cup to take bath.

When she was bathing, her father or brother come to the backyard. They see her in her petticoat. The petticoat sticks to the body while taking bath. It showed her every curve. This didn’t cause any effect in her brother or her father as they are used to someone bathing in their petticoat.

But Nisha got excited when someone entered the backyard when she was bathing. She didn’t show her excitement. She nonchalantly talked to her brother when he came around. She wanted to expose more of her. She can’t believe she was thinking about exhibiting herself to her family. She was hooked, she wanted to do it anyway. But she can’t be obvious.

Showing a tit or a wardrobe malfunction would be obvious, since it hasn’t happened and will not happen under normal circumstances. She needed to think of something else. Just as she was planning, one of her petticoat formed a tear.

She wanted to buy a new one. She went to her mother’s shop and saw some petticoat to choose. Her mother laid out the cheapest available in the shop. She didn’t want to waste money on it. She chose a white one. Nothing looked out of the ordinary in the petticoat. After a few washes it showed why it is so cheap.

When she wore it to bath, it became transparent with the water. She could see her body with a white filter. Since the petticoat sticked to her body she was looking almost naked. Her boobs showed the nipples and areola. Her ass was showing too. She wasn’t able to see her pussy though. The petticoat separated from her body there.

Her brother and father began to notice. It took a lot to keep herself from covering herself. If she covered herself when they were looking, they would know she knows. So she behaved as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She just keep on bathing when they were around. She even soaped in front of them, which made her boobs jiggle.

Her brother started spending more time in the backyard when she was bathing wearing that particular petticoat. He chatted with her while using the stove as an excuse. Her father couldn’t say anything initially because he might embarrass her, but later on he started appreciating the view. He would also come chat with her about her studies and everyday activities when she was bathing.

They would look at her body from the corner of their eyes. They thought she wouldn’t notice, but she noticed alright. She got horny more and more during her baths. Everyday after her bath, she would change to a dry petticoat and go to her room. She would get herself off and then get ready for college.

Her father and brother started seeing her in a new light. She wasn’t a k** daughter or annoying sister anymore. She also was a young sexy girl. She had a beautiful body. She was “accidentally” displaying it to them. She loved the attention. She started wearing that petticoat more often. She even tore another petticoat so that she will have fewer options to choose from.

It was either her father or her brother who comes to backyard. It goes by a schedule depending on father’s work schedule. So, both of them will not be in the backyard at the same time. This helped her cause.

This had gone for a while, but Parveen started noticing that her husband and some spent more and more time in the backyard while her daughter is taking her bath. She decided to check one day. She was shocked to see her daughter’s dress in the backyard.

Nisha was wearing her white petticoat which Parveen bought for her. It was see through. She could see her boobs and it was sticking to her body like a second skin. Parveen was hitting herself for buying this petticoat for Nisha. Several thoughts were running through her head.

She was angry at herself. She was angry at her husband who didn’t even try to stop her daughter from exposing herself. She was angry at her son for ogling his sister without saying anything. All that anger mounted on her in the nick of time, she started shouting at her daughter without making any sense.

“What are you wearing, to take bath?” Parveen managed to ask.

Seeing her mother Nisha didn’t know what to do. She wanted to cover herself so badly. Hearing her mom shouting made her want to cover up even more. She however stayed as she is. She had to act and make her every move carefully.

“Why mom what’s wrong? I am wearing my petticoat. You bought me recently remember.” Nisha replied with her most innocent and frightened voice.

“From hereon, you must not wear it for bathing. Do you hear me?” Parveen shouted.

“But why mom?” Nisha acted some more.

“No buts. You will listen to me young girl. I will not answer your questions. It is for your own good. You know better than to disobey me!” Parveen threatened.

“But I..”, Nisha started.

She was cut short by her mother’s angry gaze. She kept her mouth shut.

“Now finish up and get ready for college.” Parveen hurried her daughter.

Nisha finished up and practically ran to her room. She was happy it didn’t get worse. She got ready and left to college.

Parveen went to her shop. She couldn’t stop thinking about the things that happened in the morning. She was feeling casino şirketleri bad about scolding Nisha.

She thought, “It wasn’t Nisha’s fault. She must not have known about the petticoat becoming see through. I bought her that petticoat. She was an innocent victim. My poor girl! My husband should have informed her or me. Irfan should have said something. Everyone in our house it at fault except Nisha and I had to scold her.

“I shouldn’t have been harsh on her. But how was I supposed to have told her. She would have been embarrassed to hear it. She would also feel repulsed about her father and brother. I made her not wear it again. That’s what is important”, she thought and consoled herself.

Meanwhile at her college Nisha had some other thoughts regarding the incident. At first she thought about how easy she got out of it. She enjoyed the morning baths like that while it lasted. Then a thought struck her. She thought about what her mother said. Her dialogues ran through Nisha’s head.

She understood what her mother meant because she knew that her petticoat was see through. What would an innocent girl who doesn’t know what her mother was talking about do? She had an excuse to what she was about to do from tomorrow.

Nisha had her plan all sorted out. She couldn’t sleep at night. She was thinking about the plan, fine tuning it. Sometimes, she thought of aborting it. But her arousal told her otherwise. She must do it. She didn’t want to think further. She tried to sleep, but she just tossed and turned. She eventually slept but didn’t know when or how.

The next morning, she got up with and started her plan. She went to the backyard in her petticoat. She started her normal routine. She put some water to hear in the wood stove. She then went to the toilet. She returned to the backyard and filled the hot water in her bucket.

She then removed her petticoat and let it hang in a rack. She was wearing panties and nothing else. She was enjoying this. Her nipples were hard. She had goosebumps all over her body. She started taking her bath. Any minute now, her brother or father could come to the backyard.

Right on cue, there was the sound of the backyard door opening. She immediately covered her chest with her hands but didn’t try too hard at it. Parts of her boobs were still visible. It was her brother. He was shocked to see her sister naked. He expected her to be in the transparent petticoat but this was completely unexpected.

They both were silent. They didn’t know what to say. There was no turning back now for Nisha.

“Nisha!”, Irfan stammered, “Why are you bathing naked? Why are you not wearing a petticoat?”

“I don’t know why, but mom told me not to wear petticoat while bathing,” she said innocently with her eyes lowered.

Irfan asked, “Why would she say that?”

She said, “I don’t know Irfan. She didn’t say. I tried asking her, she just said it was for my own good and to never question her”.

This was the exact dialogue her mother had told her the previous day. She didn’t change anything, she changed just the way it is understood. An innocent girl who didn’t know about the see through petticoat could have taken this understanding. She had an excuse to be naked while bathing and she was going to use it. Ever since they were little, their mom was the strict parent. There is no talking back against mom’s words even from their father. Irfan knows that too.

“I am totally embarrassed to be bathing like this, but I don’t want to disobey mom.” She added.

Irfan was dumbfounded. What was happening in his house. Why did mom ask Nisha to bath naked, he thought. The shock kept him from exactly looking at her sister. Here she was naked in front of him, but he was occupied in other thoughts. He started looking at his sexy sister now. She covered herself with only her hands. She was topless. She didn’t exactly cover herself fully. The sides of her boobs were visible. Irfan was at full mast. He was trying to hide it.

She saw her brother admiring her. She was acting embarrassed by her brother’s looks. In reality she was enjoying every second of it. She never thought, she could be naked in front of her brother. Seeing he was ogling her for a long time, she called for his attention

“Wow, I don’t know what to say. Should I ask mom about this?” He asked

“No…” She exclaimed, “Don’t ask mom. She will know that I sent you. She told specifically to not question her in this.”

“Please do one thing. Knock before you enter the backyard, ok. I need some time to cover up. That way I can atleast preserve some modesty. I’ll be totally embarrassed if you saw me completely naked.” She said.

“I’ll do that for you sis. I still don’t know why mom would ask this of you. You must be totally embarrassed even now.” He said

“Yeah, I wish I knew. Finish what you came here to do, so I can continue bathing after you leave.” She said hurrying him.

He went to the toilet. She started bathing again. She was bathing slowly waiting for him to return. She started to soap herself. She was thinking whether her brother would alert her before coming out. She was hoping he wouldn’t. That way it will be his fault and not hers.

Irfan called out, “I am coming out Nisha. Hope you are decent”.

Nisha couldn’t help but laugh at this. How could she be decent when wearing just the panties. She was expecting him to be a bit naughty and come out without warning her, but since this is new territory for him. He is playing it safe.

Nisha on the other hand waited after soaping. She was glistening all over her body as the soap suds disappeared.

“Yes you can come out Irfan,” she shouted back.

She was again covering herself with her hands. She had the innocent face and was looking down in embarrassment. She didn’t notice earlier but now she noticed the tent in her brother’s shorts. Now she didn’t need to act embarrassed, she really was.

Irfan’s embarrassment reduced a little and he tried taking a peek at her. She was covering herself. Since both her hands were covering her boobs, her bottom half was uncovered except for the panties. Her thighs, hips and navel were visible. He could also make out a slight camel toe in her wet panties.

“What are you waiting for?” Nisha asked, “Leave. I want to get ready”.

“Yeah ok,” he stammered as he was caught ogling.

He left the backyard immediately. Now he needed some privacy to take care of himself. Meanwhile Nisha continued her bath. She was excited thinking about what just happened. She thought of masturbating right there, but didn’t want to push her luck.

She didn’t know how long she could get away with this. She didn’t know when her mother will put an end to this, but until then she was going to make use of the situation for her gains.

She finished her bath, dried herself and put on a petticoat and went to her room. She got ready for college. During breakfast she didn’t talk much with her parents, as the conversation might lead to the previous day’s discussion. She didn’t want to spoil anything. She maintained a frightened look.

In her college, her friend Preethi asked about her unusually happy mood. She told her the whole story. She didn’t tell her the plan till then. She was going to tell her when it was successfully executed.

Hearing what Nisha had done, Preethi was all animated. Nisha feared Preethi might talk too loud and someone might hear her. Nisha silenced her friend. They then whispered to each other. They couldn’t contain the excitement.

“Oh my god, you naughty girl!” Preethi exclaimed, “You are right when you said, you want to decide the adventure. I wouldn’t have come up with this at all.

“Why didn’t you go completely nude? Your mother didn’t say anything about panties right?” Preethi added.

“I was shy to go all the way. I had to check the waters before jumping in. Now I don’t know how to jump in. I don’t have a reason to go nude.” Nisha said

“Don’t worry. You will come up with something.” Preethi replied.

“It’s a shame, I will not be able to see for myself. Or can I?” Preethi teased.

Nisha went home after college. In the evening, Irfan was behaving awkward around his sister. She was worried that her mother would notice. She thankfully didn’t. Irfan began to relax after some time. They had their usual dinner together and went to bed.

Next morning, Nisha again was ready for her bath in her panties. She started bathing. She heard her brother knocking on the door. This time she covered herself with a towel she brought and called him in. Irfan was disappointed to see his sister covering herself with a towel instead of her hands. He was visibly upset. Nisha noticed this and laughed inward.

She didn’t wear the towel fully. She just had it in front of her. It covered her in the front alone from her chest to her knees. But the back side was bare. Since the towel was d****d over her wet body, it started to get wet as well. They both noticed this. She knew this would happen since this isn’t a thick towel. It was just a one layer cotton towel. She planned this to rule out towel as a possible way of covering herself.

“Hurry up. My towel is getting wet. Finish putting the water to heat and get outta here.” she commanded.

He consciously made a slow effort to finish his work. He took occasional glances at his sister. The white towel was becoming transparent. It began sticking to her boobs and abdomen. He enjoyed the view. He could see his sister and restless. He didn’t want to test her patience any further. He went to the toilet.

She started bathing again. She knew his brother was taking extra effort to look at her unclothed or partially clothed. She wasn’t going to disappoint him. She didn’t want to expose herself to him wanton. She wanted it to be an accident. She half hoped her brother would just barge in unannounced so that she will not be the one to blame.

Irfan called out from the toilet. She again covered her front with the towel. This time it became completely wet. It was sticking to her body like a second skin. Irfan was taking glances at her. He was trying to be discreet. She wanted him to look. She called his attention.

Nisha pointed to her towel and said, “Slowpoke, the towel got wet completely because you took your merry time.”

Irfan was looking at her now. No, he was gawking at her. There she was, his sister almost naked. She was covering herself with a wet see-through cloth. She was calling his attention and he has an excuse to look.

“How am I supposed to dry myself with this towel. Get me another towel before I finish my bath. Go”, Nisha ordered.

Irfan went inside the house to get her a towel all the while looking at his sister who in his mind didn’t know was putting up a show. Irfan was going to get the towel as soon as possible, so that he can have another look at his sister. She was sexy. He didn’t think of her to be sexy until then. Annoying was the word that came to his mind previously. He was so excited that he forgot to knock on the door before entering the backyard

Nisha meanwhile started to bath again. She was shampooing herself when she heard the door to the backyard opening. From the corner of her eyes, she could see it was her brother. His eyes looked like it would fall off. She was standing with her side facing him. Her full profile was visible to him. She was wearing only her black panties and nothing else. She also had her hands on her head shampooing. Her knees were buckling, she couldn’t take the amount of adrenaline pumped into her body.

She didn’t get to panic now. She pretended that she didn’t hear the door opening. She used the shampoo as an excuse to close her eyes. She had it slightly open to see his reaction. He was standing like a statue. He didn’t say a word. She wasn’t sure if he was breathing at all. She continued to shampoo her hair. She gradually turned facing him now showing full frontal in just her panties.

He was in a trance. He was looking at his sister’s boobs. He tried to speak up to alert her of his presence. No words were coming out of his mouth. He was mesmerized by the jiggling of her boobs. They were shaking in rhythm with her hands.

Nisha had never shampooed her hair this long. She continued to do so. She didn’t want to face him. She was embarrassed. She didn’t know how to react. She waited for him to make his presence known which he did eventually.

“ is your towel,” Irfan stammered.

“Oh my god!” Nisha exclaimed startled, “what are you doing in here. You didn’t knock”.

She acted furious. She covered her chest with both her hands crossed. She tried to open her eyes but the suds were in her eyes for real this time. She closed it again. She shouted for him to leave.

“I’m sorry.. But your towel,” he said.

She maneuvered her hands to cover her chest with one hand and extended her other hand. She didn’t cover herself completely. Half of both her boobs were visible. He went to give her the towel.

“Just put it in the hanger. I can’t put it with my eyes closed.” she said acting embarrassed.

The hanger was behind her. He had to go close to her to hang it there. He got an up and close view of her soft parts. He could see the water droplets on her body. It was like looking at art. He put the towel in the hanger. Since her eyes were closed, he could getaway with looking at her however he wants. He was examining her body inch by inch. Her nipples were peeking out. He was more aroused than he ever was.

Nisha was aroused as well. She could see that her brother was getting a good view of her standing so close to her. She wanted this to last long. But she can’t do that however without him realising her act. She splashed some water on her face and looked at him. He moved some distance from her.

Nisha shouted with both anger and embarrassment, “I am so embarrassed. How could you do this? You didn’t knock. You just looked at me naked. How long were you looking anyway?”

“I’m sorry Nisha, I forgot to knock. I didn’t look very long. I called to you as soon as I entered.” he lied.

“Ok. Now get lost”, she shouted again.

He left the backyard and went to his room. He masturbated in his room. One time wasn’t enough. He masturbated again. He even feigned being ill and stayed home. He thought about what happened in the backyard repeatedly. Every time he got horny and had to take care of himself. He wanted a repeat of today.

The next morning, he consciously didn’t knock on the door and entered the backyard. He tried to be as silent as possible. She didn’t hear him at all. She was bathing facing away from him. He closed the backyard door. This sound she heard.

She thought that her brother was getting into it. He wanted to have look at her. She was excited by this thought. It made her feel special. She wanted to show him. She was wearing white panties this time which is partially see-through when wet. She started to soap herself. As she was soaping, she turned some and accidentally saw her brother. Now the show must stop as he had seen her looking. She immediately covered herself with her hands.

“What are you doing? You didn’t knock today either. How long were you looking this time?” She asked sarcastically.

“I was.. I just came in. I didn’t look long,” he said.

“Don’t lie. You had a good look didn’t you!” She admonished him.

He didn’t reply but had a sheepish grin.

“I was already embarrassed and told you don’t embarrass me further and you went ahead and did it anyway. You always don’t do what I ask”, she said acting disappointed.

At the time she got an idea. Before she could change her mind she said, “You know what. I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep getting frightened of you seeing me naked. Let’s just get it over with”

With that she removed her hands covering her boobs and stood chest held high with her hands extended to her side, in front of her brother. She even turned around 360 degrees to show him her full body.

“Are you happy now? Is this what you want to see? I didn’t sleep last night because I was embarrassed thinking about yesterday when you saw me naked. I can’t go through it again.” She said.

Irfan has his eyes lowered out of shame. “I’m sorry sis. I’ll behave.”, he apologized

“Don’t act shy now. Look at me. I won’t tell anything. In fact I feel better. I don’t have to worry anymore. I don’t have to hide anymore. You can come and go whenever you want without knocking.” She replied.

She started bathing again without paying attention to her brother who had his full attention on her. He started putting the water to heat. He took his time doing it. After some time, he headed to the toilet. When he came out, his sister was still bathing, not paying any attention to him. He didn’t say anything to her and left the backyard.

Nisha finished her bath. She immediately left to her room. She masturbated furiously and got herself off. Nisha then went to college. She couldn’t wait to tell her friend what happened that day. Preethi was excited to hear the whole story. She needed a session herself to get herself off as well.

In the evening, Irfan still acted awkward around his sister. She on the other hand talked to him like nothing was out of the ordinary which put him at ease. He was behaving likewise.

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