Wife’s New Kink is also Mine


Wife’s New Kink is also Mine
My wife and I have had a lot of kinky sex over the years but what she is doing to me now is the kinkiest thing we have done in a long time. See, we were looking threw a nasty magazine about six weeks ago and we saw this rather large dildo that you strap on to your face.

It was about nine inches long and it fit over your nose and it has a strap that goes around your head to hold it in place. As soon as my wife Kara seen this she started rubbing her pussy and telling me to order it, so I called the number and placed the order. I paid and extra five dollars to get it sent to us in three days.

A couple days later it arrived in the mail and Kara had opened it and was playing with it when I arrived home from work. She couldn’t wait to get me into the bedroom and strip me down. Before I knew it she had me lying on my back and the dildo attached to my face and was inserting her pussy down on the dildo. At first she was facing me and every time she would slide down on the face dildo her asshole was right in my mouth so I started licking her anus every time she would sit down on the dildo.

This was really turning her on and she was grinding her pussy down harder and harder on my face. This was a very sexy place to be for me I loved the view of her asshole and cunt being right in front of me. When she started cumming I didn’t think she casino siteleri was ever going to stop, pussy cum was dripping out of her cunt in globs and I was trying my best to suck up every drop of it.

She must have cum four or five times before she removed the face dildo from her hungry cunt. I got up and removed the dildo from my face, it was covered in girl cum. I thought for a second and then I slipped the end of the dildo into my mouth and started sucking the spent girl cum off of it. She was moaning and telling me how sexy it looked for me to be sucking on the dildo.

I was enjoying the taste of her pussy juices and licked up every drop. The next morning was Saturday and Kara woke me up with a sloppy wet blow-job, she was sucking my cock all the way down her throat when I woke up. She had been sucking on my balls and licking around the little bit of skin that is between your balls and asshole every once in awhile she would run the tip of her tongue around the rim of my asshole and it would send shock waves up my spine.

She started fucking my asshole with her tongue while she was jacking my cock off. My cock, balls and asshole were coated with her saliva. She then laid down on her back and she put the face dildo on and motioned for me to slip my ass down on the dildo. I have had a dildo in my ass before but nothing this big.

As the head tipobet güvenilir mi of it slipped slowly into my ass I was gasping for air and moaning from the thickness of the dildo, I kept lowering my ass down on it inch by inch till the head of it was inside my ass muscle. I stopped for a minute and was regaining my composure when Kara reached around and wrapped her fingers around my cock and started pumping it up and down.

I lost my balance and slipped all the way down the dildo till my balls was resting on her chin. The pain felt from the dildo sliding all the way up my ass was intense and I couldn’t move for a few seconds. But after a little while the pain went away and the pleasure started, I started rocking back and forth on the dildo as Kara jacked my cock, she was lapping at my balls every time I was on a down stroke and it felt good.

She told me to tell her when I was going to cum, she wanted to try something new today. Just when I started to cum she cupped her hand over the end of my cock and I cum with a lot of force. I felt like I had dumped a gallon of cum in her hand and now she was rubbing the spent cum into my balls and cock, she had both hands massaging the cum into my skin.

As I lifted myself off of the face dildo and the dildo slowly slipped out of my hungry ass I shot another wad of cum all over the sheets. perabet I was weak from the ass fucking I had received, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Kara woke me up an hour later and breakfast was served.

I got up and my cock and balls were coated with dried up cum, and the skin was real tight. Later on that day Kara was horny again and wanted me to strap the dildo on my face so she could take another ride. This time she lowered her asshole down on it and stuck another vibrating dildo up her cunt and rode both of them till she had a major orgasm.

But she just kept on fucking my face, girl cum was seeping out all over my face and chin and she just kept on fucking the dildo’s. Then she slipped the dildos out of her cunt and ass and she sat down on my rock hard cock. I started to take the face dildo off but she stopped me, she said she wasn’t done yet. She was bouncing up and down on my hard prick fucking me harder than she has ever fucked me.

I started pumping load after load of cum deep into her pussy. Just as I stopped cumming she pulled my cock out of her and sat back down on the face dildo. She slipped the whole thing in at one time and it pushed my spent cum all over my face. She started fucking the face dildo real hard and cum was going everywhere.

She kept fucking up and down and my cum was being whipped into a white lather. I was licking up all of it I could, but it was everywhere, all over the sheets and all over my face and hair. If you haven’t ate whipped up cum you don’t know what you are missing. We have worn this face dildo out and we are ordering two more. I love my wife.

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