Wife’s in Charge


Wife’s in Charge
I walked in the house, hot and a little sweaty. I had just mowed the yard. It was a hot day in Texas, nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was what greeted me in the house. Amanda, my darling sweet, submissive Amanda was standing in the living room and she was different! She was wearing these leather boots that came to her knees, black leather bra, black lace panties, and a riding crop. I was sweating through my white t-shirt and these jeans were covered in grass, but I wanted to get naked immediately.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Amanda said sternly, smacking the riding crop into her hand.

“I was mowing the lawn,” I said, a little confused by the question.

“Come here!” Amanda said, imperiously, pointing at the floor in front of her.

I walked over and stood in front of her, getting a little irritated. This wasn’t her normal pattern, and I was both irritated and excited by her behavior.

“You will address me as Mistress, slave!” Amanda barked, smacking me on the ass with the riding crop. It stung, but strangely, it felt good. “Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes,” I said, uncertainly. She smacked me on the thigh with the riding crop. “Yes, Mistress,” I hastily amended. My cock was already moving.

“Strip slave and kneel before me,” Amanda ordered. She handed me a glass “You must be thirsty drink all of this” Yes Mistress.

I stripped off my t-shirt, tossing it on the couch. I kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my pants, sliding them down and stepping out of them, kicking them out of the way. I stood there naked, my cock standing semi erect in front of me.

Amanda smacked me on the chest, a welt rising on my pectoral. “I said, on your knees!”

I dropped to my knees, looking up at her. God, she looked so hot in leather. My cock was full on hard. I reached out to grab her thighs and she smacked me. “Keep your hands off until I tell you what I want, understand, slave?”

“OK,” I said, rubbing at the welt on my forearm.

She smacked me on the chest, “OK, Mistress.”

“OK, Mistress,” I said. My cock was getting harder, swinging back and forth from anticipation.

She pointed at a dog collar on the coffee table. It was attached to a leash. “Put it on.”

I picked it up and wrapped the collar around my throat. I buckled it on. The leash hung down my chest, brushing against my hard on. She smacked me on the chest. Taking the leash in her hands, she turned and started walking away, pulling on the leash. I go to get up to follow her and she swung güvenilir bahis the riding crop back and hit me on the stomach. “I didn’t order you to stand up, slave.” I stayed on my knees and crawled behind her like a dog to the bedroom. I don’t know why but this humiliation was so exciting. We got into the bedroom and she tied the leash to the headboard on the bed. She smacked my ass with the crop and pointed to the bed. I crawled on the bed and laid on my back. “On your hands and knees, slave,” Amanda said, the crop stinging on my inner thigh. I rolled over and assumed the position.

She got on the bed and she started to touch my butt. Her fingers were probing my taint and my ass. “I think it’s time you got to feel how I feel when we make love,” Amanda said. She struck me across the ass with the riding crop. I jumped as it left a big welt on my ass cheek. My cock was so hard. I wanted to turn and rip her panties off and just fuck her. I turned and looked at her, wanting to tell her how much I wanted her. She smacked me on the back with the riding crop. “Don’t look at me slave!” She barked. She slid off the bed and went over and grabbed a piece of cloth. Returning she tied the cloth around my eyes so that I couldn’t see. This turned me on even worse now.

“I think it’s time you got what you have coming to you,” Amanda said. “If you’re a good boy, I might let you come.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, a slight quiver in my voice. “I live to give you pleasure.”

“That’s as it should be,” she said, slashing the riding crop against my thigh. I hear the sound of a drawer opening. A minute later, something cold and hard pressed against my balls. It was a vibrator and it turned on, stimulating my balls and taint. I moaned a little and she rubbed the vibrator along the edge of my cock and around the tip.

“Do you like that, slave?”

“Hell yeah,” I said.

The sting of the riding crop on my ass cheek reminded me that I forgot to say it correctly.

“I mean, yes Mistress.”

“Better, slave.”

She rubbed the vibrator around my inner thigh, along my ass cheeks, and down the crevice. Her free hand rubbed lube on my ass. At this point, I thought I knew where she was going and I thought I wanted her to go there. Sure enough, she stroked the vibrator against my puckered asshole and slowly pushed the head of the vibrator into my tight ass. Her free hand stroked my balls and rubbed my shaft. Her hand wrapped around my stalk and started to stroke up and down the shaft in rhythm with türkçe bahis the stroking of the vibrator. I was so fucking horny right then, I was afraid I might come before I got to fuck her.

“I see you like being the woman,” she said, her excitement building in her voice. “Well let’s see how much more you like being the woman.”

She rolled me over on my back, then took each hand and tied it to the headboard. I felt her hot breath on my face a second before she kissed me, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. She kissed down my body sucking on my nipples and biting my skin. She spread my legs, lifting them up and out. I felt her put a large squirt of lube in my ass. She stroked my asshole with her fingertips, her nails lightly digging into my sensitive skin. Her lips caressed the shaft of my cock, leaving wet kisses from tip to base. She shoved a couple of pillows under my ass, raising my ass off the bed.

“Are you ready, slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The strap on dildo was larger than I expected. The initial plunge as she rammed it in burned. The only saving grace was all the lube. She started slow, stroking in and out in a methodical fashion. I could hear a vibrator going and I knew she was using it on her clit. Gradually she picked up speed, sliding that dildo faster and faster. It felt awesome! I had never felt anything like it. I didn’t want her to stop. I moaned.

“Harder mistress, fuck me harder please!”

I felt her pick up the riding crop and she smacked me on the stomach, which felt good. She left the riding crop resting on my chest and increased the tempo of her rhythm. Her hand wrapped around my cock and she stroked me in rhythm with her fucking my ass. I felt like I was going to come at any second. Her hands grabbed the back of my knees and she shoved my legs towards my chest. This changed the angle of her thrusts, making that dildo hit my G-spot. Then she did something I didn’t know she could do. She leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth, sucking on the head. She sucked on the head while she stroked my ass hard and fast.

“God, I’m coming!!”

She pulled my cock deeper into her mouth as I slid my shaft deep into her mouth. I exploded into her hot mouth shooting my hot cum as my cock pulsed she grabbed my balls milking every drop. As her mouth sucked the last drops of my load she moved above me giving me a kiss, but this time she didn’t swallow my cum she pasted into my mouth as our tongues danced I could taste my own cum.

“Boy, your a naughty güvenilir bahis siteleri boy now swallow,” she said. She pulled the dildo out of my ass. I felt her get off the bed, and then she got back on straddling my chest. I could smell her wet juicy pussy. She grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face into her wet pussy. I buried my tongue in her wet pussy, my nose rubbing her swollen clit. She picked up the riding crop on my chest and smacked my leg with it. I moved my lips to her clit and sucked on it, nibbling on the sensitive spot. I felt her tensing up, her orgasm about to shoot all over me. I buried my tongue in her pussy and tongued her pussy furiously.

“Fuck yeah, slave, I’m coming, don’t stop,” she said emphatically. She was swinging that riding crop into my side and leaving bruises, but she was coming so hard neither of us realized it. Finally, her orgasm subsided. My face and chest were soaked with her come. My cock had come back to life and was ready to do whatever my Mistress commanded. Apparently this was in line with her thoughts as well, as she slid down my chest, grinding her wet pussy lips on my chest and stomach and then sliding her lips along my thick hard shaft.

“It’s good that you’re hard again, want to know why? That drink was full of Viagra you should be hard for hours slave, and because I haven’t been properly satisfied yet,” she said, grinding those wet lips into my cock. “I want you to lay here and enjoy having me ride you. Since you did a half decent job of eating my pussy, I’m going to take the blindfold off and you get to watch me ride.”

She reached up and pulled the blindfold off. Then she mounted my cock, driving it into her tight juicy pussy as if she hadn’t had sex in over a week. I watched, bemused, as she rode my cock. Her pussy was so tight and felt so good on my cock that I knew I was going to get off while she rode me. That, however was going to take some time, as she rode me slowly and steadily, bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm as I lay there helplessly watching the show. Gradually, she built up speed, grinding that pussy fast and hard on my cock and with a loud moan I came in her pussy. She came a second later, her pussy drenching my cock as she had a vigorous G-spot orgasm.

“Ah, that’s what I wanted,” she said. “You’ve been a good slave, learning fairly quickly, so I think I’ll let you fuck me again seeing that your still hard before you make me dinner. Just make sure you do a good job slave, or I will punish you some more.” She waved the riding crop at me, the tip barely missing my nose.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said. This was her turn for domination and I have to say I enjoyed it, she was very exciting. Next time, I think I’ll be the one with the riding crop though.

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