Wife Swap I


Wife Swap I
My wife and I have been married eleven years and while we have a good marriage, the bedroom activities have lessened over time to a point where it is either just a superfluous act, or one of us got tipsy and took advantage of the other in a moment of weakness.

Sitting at the coffee table one day a few weeks back, I looked over at Danny, which was short for Daniela- name she hated and asked her what would really make her happy.

“Oh you know,” she said flicking her long brown hair back over her shoulder. “Be imaginative. You know what I like.”

The trouble was I really didn’t know what she liked. That afternoon, I ran my morning conversation by Bob, our next door neighbor of about eight years, whole we were playing golf.

“Sounds like the exact same conversation Betty and I had about a week back,” he said.

“How did you answer?” I asked.

“I bought her a new dildo and she promptly tossed in in the drawer with the other six she already has,” Bob replied. I shook my head in disbelief. Betty was a strikingly beautiful woman, in her mid-thirties and I just couldn’t imagine her using a dildo.

Bob laughed and jokingly remarked, “Maybe we should swap wives.”

The thought of nailing Betty was a fanciful thought for me. I had already seen in her just about everything she had, from skinny jeans, to her cut-off shorts, to her tight little spandex work out attire and her way too small string bikini.

“Betty wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me,” I half-heartedly replied, trying to not show any

interest in Bob’s wistful comment.

“Well, for what it’s worth, I don’t think Danny even knows I live next door,” Bob replied.

“I don’t know,” I jokingly replied, “You keep prancing around in that speedo and I don’t know if I can control her.”

Bob laughed. The wife swap idea intrigued me, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. I knew it would probably just the right thing to break up the monotony of things in the bedroom. I decided to test the waters.

I suggested to Danny that we have a cookout on Friday night, by the pool. At first, she was not into a cookout. We had done that a thousand times.

“What if I told you that I knew someone, someone we both knew, that liked you a lot and wanted to have sex with you?” I asked.

“Yeah right,” Danny responded with a touch a sarcasm.

“No, I’m serious,” I responded.

“You mean you’d be OK with me having sex with someone else besides yourself?” Danny asked.

“As long as I know who it is and approved,” I responded.

“I am not a swinger,” Danny quickly responded.

“Neither am I,” I replied. “I’m just grasping for straws, something to spice things up a bit.”

Danny didn’t say anything in response. I figured the subject matter was dead until several hours later, as we were working together in the backyard cleaning out flower beds, she asked. “So who want to have sex with me?”

Her question caught me off guard.

“Are you saying you’d be willing to do it?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Danny replied. “It is a guy, right?”

“Yes,” I replied, looking over at Danny.

Danny continued to use her hand-held spade without looking up.

“And what about you?” Danny asked. “Where do you fit in all this?”

I explained to Danny that my feelings for her were deep and strong and that I was not looking to do anything outside of our marriage, unless she agreed to it and was willing to participate. Danny said that she felt the same way and that she was willing to do whatever it took to insure we both remained happy and that we always stayed together.

I sat back and looked at Danny. She was sexy and smart.

I told Danny I wasn’t even for sure if the person I had in mind, and his wife, would even agree to do anything with either of us. Danny sat with her legs extended and her hands behind her back. Her hair was pinned back, but a loose lock managed to find a way to dangle down in front of her angelic face.

“It’s Bob and Betty, isn’t it?” Danny surmised.

“Why would you think it is Bob and Betty?” I asked.

“On come on,” Danny replied. “You and Bob are tight illegal bahis and I already know you have a liking for Betty.”

I denied having any attraction to Betty, but Danny was not going to be fooled.

“She is cute, sexy and who wouldn’t want to be with her?” Danny shot back.

“OK,” I acquiesced, “She is cute and sexy. I will give you that.”

“So who initiated this conversation?” Danny asked.

“I don’t remember,” I replied. “Bob was expressing his frustration about their lack of sex and I told him we had the same issue and the next thing I know, he mentioned that he wouldn’t kick you out of bed, or something like that.”

Danny raised her eyebrows and chuckled.

“The man is blind,” Danny remarked.

“No,” I replied, “You’re a good looking woman and Bob isn’t blind.”

Danny had dirt on her knees and elbows and a smudge mark on her right cheek. Even though she was dirty and sweaty, she still had a unique charm and sex appeal that was undeniably strong.

Danny rolled her eyes.

“Why don’t we just clean up and then go out for a bite to eat?” Danny asked. About that time, I heard Bob and Betty’s car pull in to their driveway next door.

Betty said she was going to go take a shower. I told her I would finish up the plantings and put away the tools.

Betty disappeared into the house. I hollered over the fence at Bob. Betty answered, “He’s in the house.”

I stood up and peered over my backyard fence. Betty was busy getting groceries out of the back of their SUV. She had a lovely short and sexy sundress. As she bent over, I could very easily see everything she had and then some as she leaned into the back portion of the SUV.

“Do you need a hand?” I asked.

Betty looked my way, still bent at the waist and said, “Sure.”

I stepped through the gate to my fence and apologized for my unkempt appearance.

“We were replanting the flower garden,” I said as I stepped over to where Betty was still pulling groceries to the edge of the back part of the SUV.

“I wish Bob would replant my garden,” Betty remarked, handing me a bag full of groceries.

She grabbed another bag and I followed her through the garage, into the kitchen. As we entered the kitchen, Bob emerged from his study.

“Hey,” Bob called out to announce his presence.

“Hey,” I replied, setting the grocery bag on the counter. Betty disappeared back out to the SUV as I hung back to talk with Bob. Bob took note of my prolonged stare as Betty disappeared through the washer-dryer room and into the garage.

“You should go for it,” Bob remarked.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

I stepped into the garage and as I passed Betty, our eyes locked on to each other for a brief moment.

I offered to take the groceries from her hands.

“I’ve got it,” Betty replied, stepping past me. I grabbed some more bags from the back of the SUV and as I headed back in towards the kitchen, I could see Bob whispering something to Betty. About that time, the phone rang and Bob answered it.

“Hello,” Bob spoke into the receiver. A short silence followed and then Bob extended his hand towards myself, receiver in hand. He looked at me and said, “It’s Danny.”

Bob handed the phone receiver to me.

“You stay over there and send Bob over here,” Danny said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes,” Danny responded. I handed the receiver back to Bob and hung up the phone. Betty had disappeared back to the garage.

“Danny wants you to come over,” I told Bob. “Danny said to tell you to look for her in the shower.”

Bob quickly disappeared out the front door of his house, leaving me alone with Betty. Betty stepped back into the kitchen with a bag in each hand.

“Where’s Bob?” Danny asked.

“He got an emergency call and said to tell you he’d be back in a few hours,” I said.

Betty sat the grocery bags on the counter.

“I’ll close the garage door on my way out,” I remarked.

“Would you mind hanging around for a bit?” Betty replied, taking out several items from one of the plastic bags. “A few hours for Bob is like four or five and I’m bored. Would you like to share perabet giriş a drink?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Betty stuffed the frozen goods into the freezer compartment of her refrigerator and bent over to re-arrange a few items. Once again, I had a very clear view of her posterior, as she flashed her cute ass in my direction. I was pretty sure she knew that she was giving me quite a show, but I didn’t want to let on.

She tuned and caught me staring, but didn’t say anything. Betty grabbed a two step ladder from beside the refrigerator and opened it up. She opened a pantry door and placed the ladder in front of the pantry.

“Would you do me a favor and please hand me some of those can goods?” Betty asked. I grabbed a can in each hand and stepped up behind where Betty stood, two steps up on the step ladder. Her sweet ass, was right at eye level to me. She turned and took each can from me, proffering a soft, “Thanks.”

I was so close that I could smell her sweet perfume. I could also tell she was slightly aroused. It was now or never. I was rock hard.

I slipped my hand on to the back of Betty’s thigh and squeezed.

“I love your legs,” I remarked, squeezing the back of her upper leg.

“Thanks,” Betty responded. She continued to nervously shuffle the can goods around in the pantry.

“You know. . . you have a very cute ass,” I said.

“Thanks,” Betty responded, before commiserating, “Too bad Bob doesn’t recognize it.”

“Fuck Bob,” I replied.

Betty turned around, pulled up her skirt, and then with one quick move, her hand lifted her skirt up and over my head.

“If you see anything there that you like,” Betty remarked, “It’s all yours.”

I placed both my hands on Betty’s ass and squeezed. She stepped off the ladder and silently slid down the front of my body, raking her fingers across my shoulders, my chest and then down to the

waist band of my blue jeans.

“Are we having a party in here?” Betty asked, pressing her hand against my manhood.

“Yes,” I whispered, “Would you like to join the party?”

Betty dropped to her knees. She quickly unfastened my jeans and lowered the zipper. She pulled and my underwear down in one swift motion. My eight and a half inch, cut cock spilled out.

“Oh yeah!” Betty exclaimed. “I love it!”

She took my steel rod and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, pulling me in closer to where she knelt in front of me. She circled the tip end of my cock with her tongue and then licked the backside of it. My knees shivered. She slipped my cock into her warm and moist mouth, looking up at me for approval. I wiggled my knees back and forth, my trousers and underwear falling to my ankles. I managed to kick off my shoes and step from my clothes, even as Betty worked my cock back and forth in her mouth.

Betty has dishwater blonde hair and I held it behind her head she worked my cock in and out of her mouth.

I pulled her up to a standing position. I leaned down, since she was shorter than myself and planted a light kiss on her right cheek.

“You missed,” Betty teasingly replied.

I kissed her left cheek and she chuckled.

“You’re funny,” Betty remarked, grabbing my face between her hands. She pressed her soft lips to mine. It was as if I had been struck by lightning. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated, our tongues flickering back and forth like the tongues of a fire.

I helped Betty out of her sundress. She had the body of a goddess. She had one nipple piecing, which I found intriguing.

“I plan on getting them both done,” she remarked.

Betty hopped on to the kitchen counter and spread her legs. She was completely shaven. I slipped a finger into her moist pussy. She smiled as I worked my finger back and forth, gently pressing against

her clit.

“That feel soooo good,” Betty remarked.

“I gotta have a picture,” I said.

“I don’t photograph very well,” Betty replied.

“Just a couple,” I begged.

Betty acquiesced. I grabbed my cell phone and quickly snapped a few photos.

“Play with yourself,” I said.

Betty chuckled.

“I’d perabet güvenilir mi rather you do it,” she said, hopping off the kitchen counter.

Betty took my hand in hers and led me down the hallway to the master bedroom. I laid on the bed, completely nude.

“I love it,” Betty whispered, straddling my six foot four inch frame. Her knees were astraddle my hips, her enlarged pussy lips hanging over my cock. She lowered herself on to me and slid her pussy across my cock, her hands pressing down on my chest, her long blonde hair hanging down in my face. She reached between her legs and slid my cock into the confines of her pussy. I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping my cock. Betty flipped her hair back over her bare shoulder. She bit down on her lower lip. She had a look of determination. As she settled down onto my cock, her hand coiled into fists. Her face went from being a deep crimson to an ashen white as she rocked back and forth on top of me.

“Oh my God!!” Betty exclaimed, as the first of several orgasms, rocked through her gorgeous body. Her arms stiffened and her entire body trembled. Suddenly, she collapsed on top of me, her head coming to rest on my left shoulder. She was shaking uncontrollably and I could feel a rush of fluids escaping from her pussy.

I flipped Betty on to her back and pushed my steel rod deep into her flooded pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist, in a vice-like grip, and dug her finger nails into my back, as I rocked back and forth, my cock going in and out of her pussy.

“Oh Fuck!” Betty exclaimed. “Fuck me! Harder! Harder dammit!”

I couldn’t hold back. I shot my load deep into her woman hood. Betty shook and shook, as spurt after spurt of my manhood filled her pussy. I pressed my lips onto hers and she opened her mouth to welcome my tongue.

I was grunting with each thrust of my hips and Betty matched me, grunt for grunt. Danny was never vocal during our love-making and hearing Betty’s very vocal expressions only made the experience that much more enjoyable.

I gave Betty everything I had and then some. I was spent. I rolled off of her and back on to my back. Betty, however, wasn’t done. She immediately slipped down to my cock and resumed playing with it. First, she cupped and massaged my balls, then, she slipped my semi-erect cock into her mouth. I was amazed to see it respond to her touches.

Within minutes, Betty had remounted me and we were at it all over again. While I wasn’t able to spit out any more cum, I was, to my surprise, able to keep an erection and bring Betty to several more orgasms.

I lost track of time, as did Betty. In fact, we both passed out wrapped in each other’s arms.

I woke up and it was dark outside. Betty was curled up next to me, one leg d****d over mine, her head resting in the nape of my bare shoulder. I gently pulled her long hair back and kissed her forehead.Betty smiled.

“I wonder,” she said softly, “How Bob and Danny are doing.”

Betty’s question caught me off guard. Without even thinking, I replied.

“They’re probably fucking each other’s brains out.”

No sooner had I spoken the words, than did I realize I had just confirmed the wife swap.

“Does it bother you?” I asked Betty.

“Does it bother you?” Betty responded.

“Not in the least,” I replied.

“Me neither,” Betty replied. “I always fantasized what it would be like to experience you and now, I know.”

I gently kissed Betty’s forehead again. She turned and reached over to the nightstand and grabbed her cell phone. There were four unanswered calls from Bob. Betty hit redial and I listened as the phone rang.

“Where have you been?” Bob asked.

“Right here, next door,” Betty responded.

“Are you OK?” Bob asked.

“Oh yeah. . .” Betty responded, “How about you?”

“I am great,” Bob responded.

“When are you coming back?” Betty asked.

“When do you want me back?” Bob shot back.

Betty looked over at me. It was as if she was asking for permission.

“See you tomorrow,” Betty replied.

“Tomorrow,” Bob repeated.

Betty hit the end call button and looked at me.

I didn’t know what to say.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you want to fuck?” Betty asked, biting down on her lower lip. Before I could respond, Betty dove under the sheets that covered the two of us and that was the last thing I remembered

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