what make sissy better lovers


what make sissy better lovers
I didnt write this
s a male, I am still very aroused by women; especially the hot and slutty ones. Full on bimbos are hot too, but my preference is a hot woman with a hint of a slut in her. Nice makeup and hair, tighter clothes, hot body and a pretty face. Someone with a bit of confidence and intelligence too.

I find women like this so incredibly hot and would love to fuck the hell out of them. Feed them my cock, stretch their asses and pump their holes full of cum over and over. Unfortunately, most women are not into that. I don’t believe the ones who dress on the edge of sluttiness realize the urges that they create in the men who see them.

I’m fortunate to live in a town where yoga pants and tight tops are the norm. Lots of big tits and hot asses everywhere. The women are fit and take care of themselves. Going to the gym is over the top with tight dressed sluts. I can’t walk down the street without seeing a number of women that I would love to fuck on the spot. Shove my cock down their throats and up their asses until they gape and beg for my load. Hell, I’d even be happy rubbing my cock all over their tight yoga pant asses and blasting a load all over them, then licking it all up (but that is another story).

I’m not an abuser of women. I treat them with respect and usually keep my urges to myself.

My point is that I don’t think they know güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the urges that they create in men (or at least me) by the way that they dress.

The problem is that most women do not want to be treated that way (and I’m fine that). However, it is disappointing when your expectations do not meet with what you actually get.

Now, let’s look at a sissy. Again, this is from my perspective; yours may be different.

As a sissy, I realize that my role is to serve and satisfy others. My preference is well hung men or women with large strapons. I crave degradation. I want to be seen and treated as a nasty slut.

A night with me will meet all of your expectations. I will prep and primp and dress like a hot little bitch for you. I want to arouse your deepest desires when I meet you out at the bar. My goal for the night is to turn that arousal into action and meet your every need.

When we get back to my place, I may parade around for a minute of two and show you my tight body, but make no mistake, I am not a tease.

I’ll have your cock out and buried balls deep in my throat before you can get your pants down. I’ll cover your shaft in spit and stroke you off while I look you in the eyes. I’ll bob on your cock over and over with my bright pink lipsticked lips. I’ll pull it out and rub it all over my face and suck your balls. I güvenilir bahis şirketleri want to hear you moan as I gobble your cock and feel your thick shaft pulsating deep in my throat as tears stream down my face and ruin my mascara. Hopefully you have undressed me a bit and see my sexy panties and my tight ass. Reach down and stuff a few fingers in my shithole. It is sloppy from the ass juice that comes naturally out of me when I worship cock.

‘That’s it you little cockwhore. Suck my dick bitch’, you’ll say to me (I love to be degraded)

’ Look at that tight little shithole. I’m going to split you wide open and fuck you senseless until I am through with you’

I pull my panties down over my stockings and fuck-me boots (I need to leave those on) and pull my legs up behind my head to give you a clear view or my smooth ass and greedy shithole.

‘Ya, you little fuckpig. It that ass all ready for me?’ you ask while you stuff in 4 fingers with ease.

I take your hand away, suck your fingers clean and ask ‘what do you think?’
You line up your spit soaked cock against my quivering hole and stuff in all fat 10 inches in one thrust. I moan out load and beg you to give it too me hard. You pull out and plunge back in over and over. Your balls slap up my ass as you pound me. We fuck in all positions all over the house. Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse canlı bahis şirketleri Cowgirl and PileDriver (my favorite). We only stop so that I can suck off your cock as you admire my gaping shithole. I love the taste of my ass; especially when I take it from a big black cock.

By now, my hole is a sloppy mess and you need to cum. The first two big spurts go right up my ass. You pull out and shoot the next three all over my face. I’m covered in hot spunk. My hair and makeup are ruined; but I am so incredibly happy knowing that I have satisfied you. I finish off by reaching into my cavernous hole and scooping out your load. I love a good facial, but a gurl’s got to have her reward. I lick my fingers clean, then clean off your spent cock. There’s so much spunk and ass juice all over it. You tell me what I good bitch I’ve been. I bend over and spread my ass for you, showing you my puckered, sloppy hole. I say ‘take a good look at it; I want you to tell all of your friends about it. Make sure you bring some with you tonight when you come back’.
no women that I’ve known would ever do that. Seems like it is mostly porn fantasies. However, the sissies that I know would LOVE to be in that role. When you are in the mood to fuck, why put up with woman that you have to dine and flirt with just to face possible disappointment later? Find yourself a pretty sissy and have your way with them; no questions asked. A sissy will always be ready, dressed like a slut and will be greedy for your cock. You and your buddies can get you dicks sucked, fuck a hot ass and blast your load wherever YOU want. When you are done, you can just simply walk away. Go for the sure thing. Go for a sissy

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