I was walking through the mall and I saw a woman I thought I had seen before, but could not place her. I kept going as I was shopping for stuff for the house. I was furnishing my basement with some furniture and carpeting. I stopped at the food court and she was eating a burger and fries and I normally eat at the same restaurant so I ordered and got my food.

I was walking past her and she looked up at me and she said “I think I know you don’t I?”

I was trying to place her face and then it hit me we had typed on-line for a while and shared some intimate details with each other. I sat next to her and chatted over lunch, Wendy seemed to be a touch nervous as we ate, but I kept the topic g rated and soon we were talking about what we enjoyed doing off-line in real life. I still had a ton of stuff to get done, but did not want lunch to end, however I had to go. I offered Wendy my phone number as I did want to talk to her again and todays meeting was not just a fluke meeting.

I went to the carpet store and bought some light brown carpet as well as two inch thick padding for the basement. The flooring salesman asked me about the extra thick padding and I told him, “I entertain in the basement and we tend to sit on the floor and hate the floor to be hard on the back side or bare feet. I had bought the house only a few months earlier and the upstairs was a simple three bedroom cottage style home. I had made sure to have a small bathroom and sauna in the basement. Next stop was a bulk leather supply store and the hardware store to get some chair and clips to hand a hammock chair as well as eye bolts in the ceiling beams to hold anything up to five hundred pounds. In reality I was turning the basement into a party room that my friends and I could use. The wood beams were exposed and painted and had eye bolts every four feet.

When I got home that night after buying everything needed I put in the last of the supports and took a hot shower. Just as I was getting in the shower the phone rang and it was Wendy. She said she was glad I answered as she hated leaving messages on machines. Wendy asked me what I was doing and hoped she did not disturb me.

I told her I was about to jump in the shower and then go out for dinner. I asked Wendy what her plans were for the evening and she said she was taking care of some things around the house, but did not want me to think she was not going to call. It was proper for someone to call the same day they were given a phone number. I thanked her for the call and said ”Well I am getting a little chilly.” Wendy asked why and I told her I was standing here talking to her on the phone nude and the air conditioning was turned down some and I was going to jump into a hot shower as soon as I got off the phone.

“You’re naked right now and you’re talking to me?” she asked and I asked her what she was wearing at the moment. “Just a t-shirt and bikini panties is all as I was going to shower as well as soon as I got off the phone with you.” Feeling bold I asked her “Are you alone or are you expecting anyone for an hour or so? Why don’t you give me a moment to go turn off the air conditioning and put on my phones headset and you go ahead and get undressed for me. I’ll be right back.” I told Wendy thinking if she was still on the phone there was promise for any future playing around. I plugged my headset into the phone and laid down on the bed. “You there Wendy?” I asked into the phone and I heard her voice say, “Yes I am here.”

“Are you undressed and laying on your bed right now?” I continued on.

“Yes I am and I am rubbing my cunt. I have my legs spread and my nipples are hard waiting for you to tell me what to do next.” Wendy answered breathlessly.

“Tell me about your body and how you look right now.” I told her.

“When I showered I trimmed my pubic hair short and shaved my legs smooth. My breast are a C cup with stiff and hard round nipples that are waiting for you to suck on.” she answered.

“You have seen the picture of my cock before and it is hard and I am caressing it as we talk. Are you fingering your clit right now.” I said as I caressed my inner thighs and balls.

“Yes I am.”, was all she said as I heard her voice falter as her breathing became shallow and fast.

“I am pleased you are. I am hard and I am stroking myself as well. Slip a finger into yourself and finger yourself till I hear you orgasm.” I commanded.

Wendy talked to me as she fingered herself to several orgasms and I was stroking myself and the phone sex was great for both of us. Wendy said that she really needed to get her housework done, but she would call me later and arrange a meeting in the near future.

When we hung up with each other I got up and cleaned my cum off my chest and belly and then went about my current book I was reading. The next morning the carpet installers came and installed the thick padding and carpet güvenilir bahis siteleri I bought. The floor in the basement was soft as a mattress and I got the rest of the stuff down there. Several couches and chairs. I finished painting the ceiling beams and all the woodwork in a washable beige color and at he end of the day I knew it was ready to have fun in.

I stayed nude all day as I worked and it was normal for me to do so. It was late in the evening when I was done and showered for the night.

After showering and shaving my face I put on a skin conditioner and was about to microwave something for dinner the phone rang. It was Wendy again and I asked her what she was doing tonight as I was having a few friends over and have a party in the basement. Wendy said, “Well I was going to watch a movie tonight and turn in late, but the party sounds good. Is there any dress code tonight or do I come as I am?” she asked and I told her to since it was warm out to wear a comfortable pair of shorts and a blouse she looked good in. I gave her directions to my home and from where she said she lived it would take her about a half hour to arrive. I went downstairs and made preparations for a night of what I hoped to be sex and pleasure for the two of us. I setup the sling chair and restraints as I remembered we both liked BDSM and I had the equipment for it. A leather belt four inches wide and no buckles, cuffs and chains for suspension sex. I made up a few trays of cheese and bread with fresh fruit included. The three bottles of white wine was chilled and in the basement fridge.

Wendy arrived and I answered the door wearing a pair of silk shorts and a t-shirt. She was dressed in a pair of walking shorts that covered her ample hips and a cotton blouse that has a Hawaiian pattern of hibiscus flowers. I really liked her blouse and took her hand and offered her a place to sit on my sofa. I had selected a set of jazz mp3s to play throughout the house and the list would last at least eight hours without needing to be replayed. I sat next to Wendy and complemented her on her hair color and it being a shade of red with some purple tones looked good with her blue eyes. I told her to relax and poured us each a glass of wine and carried them as well as the snack trays I had readied earlier back into the living room.

Wendy seemed a bit nervous and I sat down next to her and openly admired her tattoos. She had several, but the one she had with the rose and heart on her right leg was nice. Wendy seemed to relax as we talked about her body art and she unbuttoned her shirt to show me the Taz she had on her left shoulder blade. I could not see a bra strap as Wendy showed me Taz, but I behaved myself and after she finished her wine I poured her another glass of wine and laid back on the sofa near her. Wendy was more relaxed and I pulled her over to me and put my arms around her and kissed her softly. Our lips just touching as out lips met and she opened her mouth inviting me to french kiss her. We kissed with increased passion and I held her tight. Our breathing increased as did our desire. My hands were softly caressing her back as we kissed and I pulled Wendy’s’ shirt out of her shorts so that my hands could caress her soft bare skin. I slid my firm hands up her back and found out I was correct about her not wearing a bra and I was becoming erect. I leaned down and nibbled the side of her neck and worked my way back towards her left earlobe and suckled it as my hands slid around her sides and softly caressed the sides of her firm breast. Once my fingers touched her breast Wendy moaned a I touched her. Wendy was trying to pull my t-shirt off and I dropped my arms and helped her. I leaned back on to kiss her and also slowly started to unbutton her blouse. As her blouse opened I kissed my way down her neck and started to kiss her right collar bone as I slipped her top off of her wonderful looking body. Her breast rode high on her chest and looked to be a large C or even a D cup with hard stiff nipples begging to be sucked on. Wendy had her hands rubbing my legs and now was on my hard cock. I kissed my way down to her left breast and flicked my tongue across her erect nipple and tenderly kiss the aerolia as I let my hands caress her inner thighs. Even with her shorts on I could feel the heat from her groin and as my fingers neared her crotch Wendy started rocking her hips and whimpering for me to continue on. I pulled her up into a standing position and kissed her and then held her at arms length and asked Wendy, “Do you trust me?” Wendy nodded her head yes. “Do you have a safe word in mind, just in case I start going to far and need me to stop if you are being hurt? If you do have a word I want to know it now.”

Wendy looked up at my face for a moment and said,”Shatter will be my safe word.”.

I knelt down at her feet and placed her hands tipobet on my head and unbuttoned her walking shorts. I slid them past her ample hips to see Wendy was wearing a pair of pale pink french cut panties and as I leaned in and kissed her tummy my hands worked up the inside of her thighs. My thumbs slid up and touched her labia and the center of her panties were wet, not just damp. The wet spot covered the entire cotton liner in the pantie and the aroma Wendy had was sweet and musky. It was all I could do not to rip them from her and take her right on the spot, however I stood up and kissed her again and looked her in the eyes and said, Kneel and undress me. Wendy did just that without any hesitation. She knelt down and pulled my shorts off and I was not wearing any underwear and my erect cock was at her face level. Wendy wrapped her hands around my cock, but I told her to stop and stand up and then bend over and grab her ankles. “You did more than I wanted now and it is time to show you who is the master tonight.”

Wendy looked down and spread her legs shoulder width and bent and places her hands on her ankles as I ordered. I was almost drooling and my cock was throbbing at the view in front of me. Her pink panty clad ass was full and tight. I stood to her left side and used my right hand to caress her cheeks and feel her ass. I slipped my fingers between her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and ran my fingers between her labia and just touching her vagina. Her secretions coated my fingers and she rolled her hips as she was trying to get my fingers deeper into herself. I teased her for several moments and she was breathing hard and started to sweat from her excitement. I slid my hands back onto her satin covered ass and keeping my left hand on her left hip I gripped it and with my right hand I pulled back and came down hard on her right cheek. The sound of my hand making contact was loud and her ass shook from the impact. I waited to see if she would say her safe word and Wendy did not so I swung again this time on her left cheek and I slid my left hand down the front of her panties and felt her crotch get even wetter. I smacked her ass twice more one on each cheek and told her to stand up. Wendy stood up and did not look me in the face. “Follow me to the basement.”, as I simply picked up your clothing so you had no other choice. Once in the basement I had the hammock chair set up and all kinds of sex toys on the coffee table. There were dildos and vibrators and a large bottle of lube. I pointed to the fridge and said, “Pour us some wine and after we have another glass we will continue to play.”

Wendy went and poured us a glass each and still wearing just her panties she was looking at my cock while he drank her wine. I went over to the restraints and placed a bar at what I judged her hip height and readied a pair of leather restraints so her hands could be tied to her ankles and in this position she could not move. Wendy watched me work and finished her glass. I pointed to the bar and she bent over it and I raised it to a comfortable position so it held her in place and stepped back to admire her ass. I could see her breast between her legs hanging down towards her face. I stepped back up and pulled her panties down her legs and as her ass came into view I saw the hand prints from before. Her labia were swollen and inflamed and the scent of her arousal filled the room. I slowly strapped her right hand to her right ankle, then the same to her left. Now that Wendy could not move I stood behind her and slid my cock between her legs rubbing it between her labia and letting it stroke across her clit and Wendy rolled her hips and started quivering as she was on what guessed an orgasm, but I quickly withdrew and let my hands feel the ample flesh of her ass and knelt down and reached to her breast. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and my breath was blowing across her cunt and Wendy pushed herself back towards my face as far as she could. Her nipples were hard and stood out begging for my mouth, but I had other plans. I walked over to a cabinet and turned on a suction pump and connected the twin plastic cups as well as the bottle of lube. Wendy was watching me as I walked slowly back to her. I squirted some of the water based lube onto my hands and then caressed her full hanging breast and in doing so coated them well. I smiled as I placed the cups onto her breast and suddenly over half of her breast were sucked powerfully into the cups. Her nipples extended as the suction continued to suck them. This time as I knelt behind her I licked her slit from her clit to her anus. I really wanted to tease her more so I reached over and retrieved a small dildo and lubed it well and slowly started to enter her. Wendy came from the entry as well as the teasing I had been doing to her and I slipped tipobet güvenilir mi the dildo fully into her and then stood up and started to massage her lower back and ass. Wendy was moaning from the stimulation I continued to squeeze and massage her body. I waked back around in front of her and placed my cock in front of her face and Wendy looked up at me as she lifted her head as far as possible and I put my cock to her mouth. “Now you can suck my cock. I thrust it forward as she dropped her mouth down onto my erection I was close and I just let go and came into Wendy’s mouth. She sucked me till I finished cumming and I pulled out of her mouth and on weak knees stood up and swatted her ass with my left hand not as hard as before, but I spanked her with swift strokes and twisted the dildo with my left hand. Wendy was breathing hard and her face was red from the position she had been in for a long time. My cock was now hard again and I reached down and unstrapped her wrist from her ankles and lifted her into a standing position. Her breast still in the vacuum cups had her nipples at least twice the size they were and now a dark brown almost purple from the engorgement of blood flow. I lead her over to the hammock chair and had her sit and relax as I turned off the pump and removed the suction pumps. Wendy laid back and stretched her body and I handed her another glass of wine and stood between her spread legs with my cock level with her pussy. I stood as we drank and let my erection rub against her inner thighs and groin and asked her, “I hope your still ready for more as it is not my time to make sure that your well pleasured. I reached up and touched her nipples and Wendy flinched back and said, “Their so sensitive please take it easy on them for a while.” I went back to the fridge and handed her a large ice cube to use to help lower the swelling and to let the blood flow slow down and ease any sensitivity to them. I knelt down and as Wendy ran the ice over her breast I started kissing the insides of her thighs and worked my tongue towards her pussy. I would suck on the tendon that joined her thigh to her groin and reach down and finger her cheeks close to her anus and then I stated licking her in long licks from ass hole to clit. At th top of my lick I would suck her clit between my lips and flutter my tongue across it ever so gently and then start again. I hears the ice hit the carpet and Wendy had her hands on my head guiding me where she wanted me to lick. I allowed her to do this and she started to convulse again as she had another long orgasm and while she was cumming I slid a well lubed finger all the way into her vagina and fingered her till she relaxed. Wendy had her legs straight out when she orgasmed and my cock was rock hard again. I stood up and spun the chair around and bent down and kissed her as my mouth found hers my hands softly caressed the sides of her breast and I kissed lower till I reached them. Her aerolia were still crinkled from either excitement or from the ice and I used the tip of my tongue to flutter across them. Her head was back and my ball were in from of her face and her breath was hot on them. I stood back up and let the hammock chair swing back around and placed my hands on her hips and placed the head of my cock at her opening. She was so wet once the head was In I simply pulled her onto my cock. I pulled slowly and soon my balls were against her ass and I was buried as deep in her as possible. Wendy’s’ pussy was snug and her vaginal muscles felt like they were trying to milk the cum out of my cock. I pushed her away and then slowly let gravity slip her back onto my hard cock and she had her head back and her legs out straight as she played with her nipples. I watched her as she lifted her breast to her mouth and started to lick her own nipples and I started sliding her on and off my cock faster and faster. Her cunt was convulsing as she came and I suddenly pulled her to me as I thrust deep into her pussy and orgasmed. I pumped into her as my orgasm started to fill her and Wendy screamed she could feel me explode into her as each spasm rocked my body. I finished cumming and pulled my now limp cock out of her and fell to the well padded floor as my knees went limp. Wendy hung in the chair with her arms and legs limp and she was breathing hard and sweating as well as I was her body hung in the chair limp. I got up slowly and poured us another glass of wine each and handed one to her. It was amazing the way she enjoyed fucking and sucking cock and I pulled her body to mine and with our naked bodies touching we lay on the well padded floor and held each other till Wendy told me. “This has been nice, but I need to get home and get some sleep tonight. I have to go to work and get a shower.” I kissed her and handed her clothing to her as I watched her dress. I walked her to the door and stopping at the door we kissed a lovers kiss and I slipped a key to my house in her hand and said, “From now on you have the rights to be here whenever you want. I hope that you enjoyed tonight and I look forward to many more times with you being here.”

The end for now

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