Virginity (Part 1)


Virginity (Part 1)
Damn, so what up ya’ll. So lately I been reading a friend’s stories from xham. Shit turns me on, no lie. Also turns me on that we’re from the same island of Chuuk. Anyways, that shit made me want to tell my story of how I lost my fucken virginity. Well, I’m gonna tell you more of these crazier stories but let me tell you how it all started, right ? Cause why the fuck not?

So a bit about myself. I’m not a fucken six pack motherfucker. I’m a chunky but tall as bloke. I can get down and shit, but nahhh I ain’t no aesthetics work out kind of guy. I prefer being a strongman and keep it bulky. Which by the way bigger men know how to fucken handle the shit out of all kinds of women. Skinny girls cry when being fucked, eaten, and all that shit from big boys like myself. Average sized girls are preferred when fucking cause they get down and all around. But big women are goddesses cause, well you’re gonna have to treat that pussy like a goddess first of all when you get to it, but then you go all Hades and what not pumping into it and the best part spanking the shit outta that firm ass. But fuck alll that right now. Let me take you back to when thing started with her.


It kaçak casino was 2011, Nov or Dec or some shit. I had just become a Senior in highschool. Been hanging out with the usual squad here and there but lately there’s been a new click because of how are classes are set up. We got all these motherfuckers in the same set of classes. Well, not all my classmates are the shit and all, but there are a whole bunch of cuties here and there in the elective classes. Well, turns out that these girls know each other.

One of those girls, we’ll name her Ayleen. Now let me describe Ayleen. Liza is a mix race of Chamoru, which is from the island of Guam, and she’s also half American. She’s probably 5 foot 4. She has that blonde brownish hair. Her eyes are fucken golden sometimes light brown. Her cheeks are always red. Lips are fucken a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian. lean towards more of Marilyn Monroe though. So she got some small nice rosy dick sucking lips. Shoulders are nice and rosy as well until you get to her bright shoulders. Fuck I just imagine her arms up in the air all the time. Her breasts are plump but they aren’t that big and shit. You can definitely tell they haven’t been squeezed much because they plump casino oyna but perky as shit. Her height also comes more from her legs. She got some long legs for her height. Her ass, fuck just imagine an typical 18 year old white girl from Girls Gone Wild or something then imagine a fucken small junk in the trunk kind of ass. Well anyways, She been crazy all her time I known her. When I say crazy, I mean she acts like this fucken horny as white girl, but you can always tell she hasn’t popped shit in those panties. Speaking of which one day, as I was sitting down talking to one of the other girls in class. She decides to sit down with us. We were sitting in the way back of the class on the floor. Just talking about what we were gonna do after classes because lunch. The girl I was talking to was making jokes about eating dick because she nasty like that, this chamoru girl. She started joking about her clit throbbing because of what she was saying herself. So i joked and said let me feel that shit. She took my hand and put it on her pants. Ayleen’s eyes were wide eyed and and she giggled. I start rubbing the shit out of those khaki pants and she starts laughing along with Ayleen she said she can’t feel shit if my hands were gonna fucken pave canlı casino siteleri cement. So she leaned back to wards the wall, pulled her pants up higher so that the zipper part was on her abdomen instead. Now, you can see the shape of her vagina. A small lump on top and then a cut down the middle. That shit was sexy as fuck. Ayleen, who was first sitting or kneeling on her knees was now near the wall kind of hovering over this girl, let’s call her Lani. Her golden eyes now looking at me in curiosity and when I looked at her her rosy cheeks fucken blossomed. She was more shy now then Lani. anyways, Lani grabbed my hand again, and in one swoosh, fixed it so that she was holding two of my fingers. She told me to get closer and said, ” Above my opening and between this soft cushion part, is where my clit is. She gave me a deadlock stare and then said, “Now press down hard first until I say good.” So I did, she kind of gasped some air and giggled notifying me that I had found it quicker than she thought. ” Okay, now move it from side to side slowly, but hard.” Ayleen was apparently more hypnotized because she was breathing a little too deep. lOl. That shit was about to make me laugh, but I didn’t want to lose focus on what the hell Lani was doing to my hands now. But, before I got 5 minutes out of her the fucken bell rang! She looked at me, started to laugh and said, “let’s go get me a dick.”

Part 2 coming soon.

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