I was just thinking about meeting a man in your basement. Younger than us, bigger than us, probably black, maybe a friend or relative of yours. He has been watching some Bi and Gay porn on the Hamster and wants to maybe dip his toe in the water. All he is ready to do is to have his cock sucked by a man. Of you thought of me.



You have queued up a great cock sucking vid with a lot of action. I strip first and my cock is hard. I crawl naked under the desk where he will watch the porn. You have to encourage him to undress. but ultimately he does. Standing in front of you naked with a very soft cock. Maybe he isn’t ready for this. but you guide him over to the chair and start the video.


When sits down ad pushes in his knees spread past my shoulders. now I am face to cock. he is still totally sock and his balls are laid out on the chair. I lean forward and touch the head of his cock with my tongue, which causes him to start. After he relaxes again I place my lips on his ball sack to give it a long and wet kiss. No startled reaction this time. Now I work my mouth down to the bottom of his hanging balls and quickly suck them into güvenilir bahis şirketleri my mouth. Definitely some heavy breathing but no reaction from his cock.


After sucking on his nuts for a couple minutes it is time to go for the cock. With my hand I lift it up a bit. Almost four inches soft and a beautiful black color. All I have to do is open my mouth to push it in and I will have his entire package in my mouth. I start sucking the working my tongue around I can feel his cock stirring a bit, then his hand is gently touching my head. so I really suck on those beauties. Now it starts to get hard.Nowhere for his cock to go except down my throat. I must release his nuts to accommodate his growing dick. Slowly it gets longer and harder. It fills my mouth and throat. I want to gag and spit the thing out. I hold on in spite of some obvious heaves. It is getting harder to breathe.


The mucus in my throat begins to fill my breathing passages. It must come out my nose. I expel quite a bit on the base of his cock. by this time tears are coming from my eyes. I pull back to the head of his cock. This just makes himraise his canlı bahis şirketleri hips to penetrate me again. He is a natural at this. His cock repeatedly fills my throat. of course this makes my gag and expel more mucus. Tears and spit are drooling over his balls and the chair. A lot of it runs down my chest and belly while more falls on my thighs and still hard cock. I had forgotten about him.


after no more than five minutes of this, he spewed an enormous amount of sperm inside me. It took four thrusts before the gusher stopped. Each stroke forced more cum down my throat and up my nose. Cum was all over me and leaking out my mouth and nose. Your friend was breathing as hard as myself. But he didn’t feel like he might drown. I noticed that he now had both hands on my head and was holding me in place while his dick continued to spasm. I knew I wasn’t going to let go of this magi stick. Even as he started to soften, I kept a firm grip with my lips and tongue. He released my head and pulled back. But I just followed him and ended up with my face buried in his chubby belly and my mouth still firmly gripping that dick.


.Working canlı kaçak iddaa that dick with tongue and lips I was hoping to inspire another erection and gusher of cum. He did firm up a bit. Then while he groaned quite loud, I felt his cock get very hot. And a scalding stream of fresh piss choked me. I tried, I really tried and swallowed most of it. When he finished his cock sriveled up to about two inches. A kiss on the sloppy head and I let go of it. When he pushed back I could see what a mess he was. Then I could sit a little straighter in my little prison.


After you wiped the cum off your own belly you threw him the towel to try cleaning up. He handed me the towel but it obviously wasn’t going to help much. All I was able to do was smear the sloppy stuff around my body. So I covered myself with it.


Now you pulled my out of the tiny space. but I couldn’t stand because my knees had been locked so long. This just made you laugh so you left me there in a heap. I don’t think you knew about the piss.


Your friend said it was the most amazing sexual experience of his life. He told you about pissing in my mouth. For only a minute you were frozen, totally dumbstruck. When you recovered you turned to me where I still lay on the floor face down. You stood over me and without a word piss on my head. Something we had never done before. Looking back at him you said, “Next time you will get to fuck his sorry ass.

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