True ex-wife story (Nude Hiker)


True ex-wife story (Nude Hiker)
True story about my ex-wife and some guy who wanted to take her nude hiking.

This won’t be the only story worth telling about my ex-wife, nor is there any particular reason I posted this one first, except it’s on the shorter side and I’d recently came across the pics again. First off none of this is meant to trash my ex-wife, that’s not the intent so I hope none of what I’m saying comes off that way.

So my ex-wife is a good looking brunette, blue eyes. She’s got small breasts, barely A. With beautiful nipples, very nicely shaped. A nice flat tummy, nice thighs and hips. Figure is slightly pair shaped. A really nice pussy!!! Tight as all hell and a bit on the warmer body temp side. Later she learned how to pump her kegels (pelvic floor muscles) like you wouldn’t believe. Naturally hairy pussy, at least back then, who knows maybe she’s shaving it now.

So on with the story.

We’re in Northern Colorado, Ft. Collins for a visit and some sightseeing. We’d gone to New Belgium Brewer, and this guy, Lance, just kind of latched on to us. He was there by himself and wanting to socialize, so it was cool. This dude is definitely the outdoors type, guess he was doing hiking tours to make a few bucks. Tall Nordic looking 6’3”, blonde, blue eyed, incredible shape, pics later in the story are his. About 10 years younger then us.

So we had a few pitchers and he’s telling us about some hikes he done and asking us what we’re doing while in the area and my ex-wife was like I love hiking what do you recommend. But I’m wondering, this guy hoping we’re clients or something, I mean he was talking about taking people on hikes as a guide, and he’s trying to drum up business. My ex is telling the dude she’s thinking about going on a hike cause I have this all day commitment on Thursday. So I’m like thinking he’s going to expect you to hire him. Let me digress I was not a fan of the hiking idea as you get injured by yourself or don’t know the area, or mountain lions, so was like probably not safe.

He’s going on about the different difficulty hikes he’s done and interesting trails and he blurts out some stuff about doing some free hiking, I’m like what’s the difference and he’s like, it’s in the nude. So I’m like we’re the fuck can you do that? Like on a regular trail, seems like people would get bent out of shape? He’s telling us no, it’s legal as long as it’s in national forest area or BLM or something like that. But that you just have something handy to cover up with, if you notice other hiker. But that he had trails that usually only serious hikers went on so few random tourists to encounter.

We’d all had a few brews so discussing this with the guy didn’t seem that outlandish at the time.

So he’s telling my ex-wife that yeah your husbands right, don’t hike alone, not smart, I do it cause I’m a pro but don’t try it yourself.

So illegal bahis I’m like nude hiking? And this Lance guy is like, yeah would you want to try it, it feel wonderful and you have a good body. Have you ever done it before? My ex is like, get naked in the woods, a few times, like camping, hike down a trail, no.

Lance is like we should definitely do it, you’d have a great experience and I know some spots to tan Scandinavian style. My ex is telling this Lance guy, we’ll I’m not sure about the trails your talking about, we live in SoCal and I’m not use to the altitude. Lance is like I take people up Longs Peak and Pikes Peak all the time who aren’t in as good a shape and live lowland area, and these trails are not that steep.

Like I said we’d had a few beers and I was feeling pretty good, and I wasn’t thinking this is a bit out of line. I should also say I wasn’t thinking my ex was serious interested in actually doing this either.

So Lance is like, that ok with you man, strictly plutonic. I was like she’s a big girl talk to her.

He’s like give me your phone number and I’ll send you some info and we can plan it. I’m like, eh, I don’t think so, here’s my email, send it to me first.

So there was a little bit more about that and we were talking about other stuff in the area, about 30 minutes more and we took are leave and got a ride back to our hotel.

Next afternoon we are having diner and I get an email from Lance and I’m like to my ex, that Lance guy wants to know if you’re still available to free hike.

and she’s like, in the nude?

I’m like yes I’m pretty sure, what do you want me to tell him?

she’s like maybe?

I’m like seriously?

She’s like, I don’t know…if there’s no one else around and it’s just me and him, why not it’s not like we’ll ever run into the guy again, and besides I would like to nude sunbath up in the mountains.

So I’m like, ok, but we’re meeting he guy again first and have a coffee, no a beer and make sure we get the right vibe.

So I’m like, so be it and email him back stating my concerns and that we’re going to meet again first and go ahead and send pics of were your talking about.

I thought for sure my ex was going to pull the plug when he sent the first nudie pic, but she was like, oh wow, he’s got a great body, I’m a bit embarrassed.

I was like, no reason, you look good nude and he’s like ten years younger, believe me he won’t complain. You still interested?

She was like, I’m thinking about it,

So I’m like ok, I’ll tell him.

I at this point I was really supportive, of the idea. I thought it be a great experience for her. The guy was an Adonis, chiseled body, nice feature, huge cock, outgoing, interesting. I was thinking this would definitely do her good. Get naked out in the woods with a younger red blooded male, two people with sexy bodies, bring athletic and climbing a mountain, then bahis siteleri lying out full nude, on a granite ridge.

It would definitely make her increasingly receptive to being adventurous in the future.

The guy would be hiking behind my wife enjoying her back side his big cock slapping his thighs. Her nipples rock hard from the fresh air and both of them with a heath sheen of sweat on them. Enjoying being nude around another man and letting him appreciate her sexy body.

However, I was quite clear with the guy on the first reply. No sex, no sucking her tits, eating her pussy, no BJs, no fucking, fingering her or even kissing. Your dick doesn’t touch her mouth, pussy or anus, Putting sunscreen on her, totally cool. You want to do your sports massage, I got no issues, but that’s it. Other then what I described if she wants to touch you, I guess I’m ok with that, but other then sun screen or a massage you don’t handle her. Even If she’s ok with it, I’m not, period. (Technology I’d be ok if she wanted to handle his cock or even jacking him off to calm him down, at the Time I’d probably been ok with them doing oral, but I wasn’t going to say that or toss it out as an opinion. I definitely was not down with screwing, my ex was complaining my cock was too thick all the time so this guy would have wrecked her.)

So below are three of his emails I was able to dig back up along with pics he sent with each of the three. Only thing I edited was my ex-wife’s name out.

Oh sure thing. I completely understand wanting to meet again first, ESPECIALLY if some guy will be free hiking with your wife. I would really not want to run into other hikers as well. I was actually thinking about sending you another eMail because as long as you are not standing still in the shade it isn’t bad. Meaning if you are moving you will want to get nude but if you are laying down you probably want to be in the sun. I crashed my car about a week ago and currently have the rental until Wednesday so if you want to meet before then I can come to you or meet halfway. I am trying to get a cheap set of wheels from a guy currently but at the moment I won’t have a car for long. SoCal well we might have a small issue there 😉 My momma and her family are from the Bay area. Just k**ding. Were you thinking of free hiking in Estes Park, that place outside of Denver, or trying to find some place in FoCo?


I will admit that I may be a little naive as well. I get you wanting to screen guys, I would as well. I’m very respectful of women and a man of faith so there won’t be any funny business.

So it looks like I will not be getting new wheels after this rental car. I will be leaving for Argentina in December and it would be too much of a hassle to get insurance & a vehicle for just one month of use. I will gladly youwin take you wife hiking around Estes Park. I know lots of safe trails here and the weather is warming up a lot! Guys were playing basketball shirtless today so I’m sure while we’re hiking we’ll want less 😉 I can meet you tomorrow after I take some folks up Long’s Peak but I have to return the rental on Wednesday. I get it if you don’t want to or can’t meet me by then since you’re still in Wyoming.

This is a picture I took of a place that I had in mind of taking your wife. I’ve been told that this is a good view but I don’t want to boast. I hope we can get this to work out and that everyone is happy. Have fun road tripping!


All of my safe hiking routes are in Estes Park which is about 1 hour away now that they are doing construction work on the pass. It would definitely be warmer in Fort Collins though. If she, and you, would be okay with free hiking but carrying clothes with us or be willing to duck out off the trail we can try some routes in FoCo. A lot of the amateur hikers have left for the season so that will cut down on the volume of traffic we might run in to. If y’all think it would be too risky then you could hike out here in Estes, but I will admit it is only really warm for a few hours in the afternoon right now. The snow is beautiful but it is chilly. I have heard of a place that is open to free hiking although I have never been but it is outside of Denver I believe, which would be an 1 1/2 drive from FoCo. I can look into it if you’d like. Let me know what y’all are thinking and I’d be happy to go with y’all!


Those are his emails and the pics that came with them. He sent a few more I can longer find.

Here are a few pics, to be clear these are not my ex-wife, just similar body types so you get the idea. Occasionally I’ll come across a pic and be that looks just like her, unfortunately when I go looking I can’t quite find the right match but body wise I think these give you the basic idea. Body not face.

Needless to say and unfortunately this did not go down. We went overnight to Wyoming and ended up staying an extra day, he had transportation issues, and wasn’t able to get together for a second meeting.

Additional I was wavering between, he seems sincere and honest to he seems like a flake and fly by the seat of his pants type guy. Also for a guy that good looking, in shape, athletic and outgoing you’d think he’d have a girlfriend, so does he have issues or alternative motives?

Also weather, and temperatures were a bit iffy for nude hiking I felt.

Would have been interesting if it gone down, especially if they’d traded massages. But I’m still uncertain how sane an idea it actually was, even if he was 100% safe and on the level, running into other people could have been an issue.

So probably for the best it didn’t work out. But yeah something I’ve thought about a few times afterwards. I did try to contact the guy a few months later but his email came back undelivered so….

Probably not the most exciting story ever but that’s how it went down.

Love to hear your comments

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