Tinder dicks fun (6.08 and 7.08)


Tinder dicks fun (6.08 and 7.08)
Cunt Before and after fucking
Pictures above: before fucking with kong inside, after fucking, after dildo play
Before: I stuffed my pussy with my big kong toy and took it out right before the tinder guy came in.
After: After the fucking I’ve put the toy back in. Went on to search the next dick for today but became very sleepy. So… I played with my big, black dildo. My cunt hurt when i put it in so i didn’t fuck that much with it. Just left it there and went to sleep.

Dick #152
D, 47-yo English teacher
Overall: ????

Orgasm count: Me – none, Him – four
Penis: Bigger than average, harder than average.
Guy: Handsome guy with a kaçak iddaa great sense of humor. Very passionate. He was in awe of what a slut i am. I enjoyed displaying that to him in my behavior. He also loved my curves and hairy cunt. Called me a lioness on the hunt and a queen of sucking. Great kisser.
Fucking: We started right away with kissing in the doorway and going straight to the bedroom. At the beginning he licked my all over my cunt and thighs with a soft tongue and lots of saliva. Then he went on to flick my clit. Just how i liked it, it got me really wet. After that we had a very bahis siteleri good, strong, passionate fucking. He fucked me three times in the cunt and one time in my mouth, almost in a row. He didn’t went soft, not even for a moment. I screamed a lot.
Other: What a biter! He bit and sucked on my arms, neck and tits. He also grabbed me really strong on my back and arms. It hurt a lot and i’m surprised it didn’t leave much marks. It left the pain though, still felt it three days later.

Dick #153 (the next day)
J, 50-yo journalist
Overall: ?

Orgasm count: Me – none, Him – one
Penis: Thought he had a very small dick, but it got almost average when hard.
Guy: bahis siteleri Well. Guys like him and with his age not often get to fuck a young girl like me and it showed. It was for him to taste and fuck my cunt. So he tried to impress me. He invited me to his *awesome* apartment for a dinner and sunbathing on a balcony. Yeah… 🙂 no, thanks, i’m only interested in getting dick!
Fucking: I led him straight to the bedroom and he started to lick me. I’m not sure why that’s happening so much lately. Is my cunt that irresistible to eat? He behaved like a thirsty dog, I had to hold myself from laughing while he went on like this for 20 minutes. Turned out he was still soft so i had to suck him before fucking, which lasted 10 minutes top. It was not that bad, I felt his dick. But overall weak performance
Other: He was clean-shaven but still scratched my face, it felt like a sandpaper.

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