A few months ago I accompanied a friend while she visited a relative in an assisted living house. While they visited, I began talking to an older man. Learning that I wrote, he grinned and said that he had a story that deserved to be written but he shouldn’t tell it to, ‘a nice girl like you’. It’s been a few years since anyone has called me a girl but to a man his age I suppose I was…
It didn’t take much to get him to relate the story he was so obviously eager to tell. Not writing from a man’s point of view very often, I took it as a challenge to put what was related into words when I could. His memory was excellent and his descriptions vivid and detailed once he saw he wasn’t shocking me with his graphic language. Anyway, this is his story…
In the early 1960’s, I’d left the Army and looking for a job, found one with the Forestry Service. My first year was spent training and working in groups doing jobs around various national parks as I lost my ‘newbie’ status. Wanting something other than what I was doing, I began looking at other jobs the Service offered.
Not sure what they do now-a-days, but back then the Service had towers they manned during the hot Summer months when fires were most common. Usually located in very isolated areas, one man would be assigned to a tower where he’d live for those months, looking out for fires and keeping the hiking trails in his sector well maintained. Having left the Army where privacy was something to be valued and then immediately getting a job where I’d spent another year working, living and camping with more men, I volunteered for a tower assignment. Getting paid to enjoy months of privacy sounded fine to me. I was assigned to a tower in Oregon.
I still remember that it was a five mile drive over a dirt track that even my Service jeep could barely traverse to the tower. I had all the privacy one man could hope for. Believe me, nothing compares to being at the top of a tower on top of a mountain during a severe thunderstorm. I only did it once. An ‘exhilarating experience’ is only a polite way to describe abject, piss-your-pants fear! Afterwards I stayed in the snug cabin at the base of the tower when a storm rolled through.
At least once every two weeks, especially after a storm, I’d radio in to let Base know I’d be away from the tower walking the trails. Clearing brush, buttressing washed out sections with dead limbs and filling in holes… It was in the middle of my second month while I was preparing to walk the trails that Base radioed asking if a group of hikers had checked in with me. We tried to keep track of who was on our trails in case they needed help. They’d left the tower of the man to my distant north and hadn’t made it to my tower yet. We’d had two days of severe weather and Base asked me to find the group to make sure they were okay.
I’d only gone a mile before finding the storm that had just moved out had uprooted a sizeable tree which was lying across the trail now. It was going to take me most of the day just to clear the tree off the trail with an axe and my brush saw. It was late in the afternoon before the trail was clear. I was very tired hiking back up the mountain to my tower to let Base know what I’d been doing and that I’d be away from the tower for the night and at least tomorrow if they still wanted me to find the hikers. Base wanted these hikers found, especially after a two day storm, and given aid if needed. I was asked to continue.
I went as far down the mountain as I could before setting up camp for the night. The next morning I got an early start. The trail at this point entered a valley canlı bahis şirketleri and followed a stream that was still flowing out of its banks after the hard rain we’d received. About mid-afternoon I heard yelling and laughter coming from in front of me. As I grew nearer I saw three couples frolicking naked in a calm pool just above the shallows where the trail crossed the stream.
Frolicking naked wasn’t all they were doing. As I watched one very lovely young lady submerged in front of a man. From the way her long hair floated back and forth against his stomach, it was very evident she was blowing him. I was impressed by her lung capacity as she stayed under water for over a minute before she came up for air. If he was her husband or boyfriend, he had an open mind about their relationship and didn’t react as she swam away to submerge in front of another man to take his cock in her mouth.
Deciding that none of these men and women needed help, I sat down unobserved under the trees and ate a late lunch while enjoying the sexual antics displayed in front of me. The best dinner theatre I ever had!
It became evident that whomever was paired with whom didn’t matter. Guys and girls switched pairings at will. Girls submerging to suck any cock and guys fingering any pussy and cupping any breast that came within grabbing distance. I wasn’t a virgin but I’d never seen a group grope either.
All three girls had dark hair with very nice bodies. One girl was a bit chubby but had these great big tits that made any man want to grab and sink his fingers into. I’ll just call her Bigtits. One girl was taller with a tight body and small tits. I’ll call her Smalltits. The third girl wasn’t much in the looks department but she had the best body of them all. Remembering the old joke I’d heard about ugly girls -Put a flag over her face and go for Old Glory!- I’ll name her Glory.
When Glory yelled she was cold and left the water to towel off under the trees on the other side of the stream, I got my first good look at a body that made me even harder than what I already was. Very tall with a toned body, though smaller than BT’s breasts, Glory had large, perfectly formed tits. But it was her incredible hourglass figure, long legs and tight ass that were especially eye catching. One of the men in the stream followed her onto the stream bank. Not giving her time to finish toweling off, he tore the towel from her hands, grabbed her and as she squealed and laughed, wrestled her down onto a blanket. I had a perfect view of those beautiful legs being spread and raised in the air as he sank down between her thighs and began taking her.
From the clearly audible grunts and yells Glory was making, she was enjoying every thrust of his cock between her legs. One of the guys in the stream walked out of the water to stand over the fucking couple. The one between Glory’s legs was pounding his cock into her without caring if he came quickly. I saw why as he rolled off her and the watching man moved to cover Glory and take her. For long minutes they continued to pound Glory’s pussy, switching out when one or the other was close to coming. Glory’s cry of, I’m coming!, was loud and clear as she came in orgasm. The two men showed no intention to stop tag teaming her and I watched and heard her cry out in a second orgasm only a few minutes later.
From time to time, when I could tear my eyes away from the hard, tag team action Glory was enjoying, I saw that the two girls left in the water were tag team sucking the third guy’s cock. One head after another would submerge to take turns sucking his cock until they drove him into wanting more. Moving to shallow water that only came to his knees, he was kissing Bigtits and sinking his fingers canlı bahis into her large, soft tits as he mouth fucked Smalltits until with a loud cry, he reached down to pull Smalltits’ mouth hard to his bush and came deep in her mouth.
As the three in the water moved to the shore, Glory was being positioned on her hands and knees. No longer tag teaming her pussy, one man was thrusting hard against her ass. The rapid thupthupthupthup sounds of his groin crashing hard into her tight ass cheeks were loud even to me. The other man was on his knees at Glory’s head. Though I couldn’t see past the man fucking her, from the muffled grunts Glory was making as she got fucked hard from behind, I knew her mouth was filled with a thick cock.
The three who’d been in the water were now standing or sitting around Glory shouting encouragement to, Fuck her harder! and Suck that dick! The man and women took turns reaching under Glory to finger her clit and squeeze her hanging, swinging tits until the man fucking her grunted, thrust hard and held his cock deep inside Glory as he came. As soon as he moved out of the way, the other man pulled away from Glory’s sucking mouth to move behind her. Mounting her quickly, he began fucking Glory hard and fast.
Glory sank down to balance on one elbow while she reached between her legs with her other hand to manipulate her clit. No longer muffled by a cock in her mouth, I could clearly hear her cries and grunts as she continued to get used hard while frigging herself closer to orgasm. She came first and was still in the midst of her orgasm when the guy behind her came and added a second load of cum deep in her pussy.
Sliding off the cock still in her pussy, Glory sank down onto her stomach. I thought that was the end of the action but I was proven wrong. Smalltits pushed the man who’d just come out of the way. Pulling Glory to sit astride her head, she pulled Glory’s pussy down to her mouth. I watched as Smalltits hands on that fine ass positioned Glory’s pussy above her mouth as Glory spread her long legs wider to sit on Smalltits’ face. Smalltits mouth could easily eat, lick and suck on the cummy pussy above her. I could only imagine how much cum Smalltits collected from that well fucked pussy hole before she pushed Glory away, rose and leaned over to swap cum with Bigtits in a long, wet kiss.

Goddamned! If any group of hikers doesn’t need help it’s these six, I thought as they finally seemed spent and content to rest on the blanket as a bottle of whiskey appeared to be passed around.
Now-a-days, any unsupervised five year old can go on-line and watch action as hot as what I’d just seen. But this was way before the internet and porn sites. Way before VHS and porn tapes. Playboy was still the magazine you hid under your mattress to whack off to at night. Birth control pills that were to cause what would be known as the Sexual Revolution had only become available a couple of short years before.
I wasn’t a virgin but the first girl I’d been with had broken up with me shortly after we’d had sex. Looking back, I think she only used me to lose her virginity. Neither of us had really known what the hell we were supposed to do in the few times we got together before the break up.
The only other girl I’d had sex with before that day on the trail had refused to give oral sex. Telling me that giving head was something, ‘only a whore does.’ After I ate her pussy she’d refuse to do anything until I washed my face with wet-napes and gargled with the mouthwash she carried in her purse. Damn near everything I’d just watched was new to me and erotic beyond what I can convey to you now. My dick was harder than it had ever been. My green Service shorts had a wet spot from my pre-cum soaking bahis siteleri through my underwear. I think it was only because I’d wanted to see every part of the action in front of me that I hadn’t whacked off.
I had to wait damned near half-an-hour until I lost my hard-on and the wet spot dried up. Meanwhile, the hikers on the other side of the stream had put shorts, Glory after wading into the stream to wash between her thighs. None put on shirts, the girls only tied skimpy bikini tops for support to their breasts. I watched as the couples built a fire to begin making their evening meal. That’s when I realized just how late in the day it had become while I’d watched.
Standing slowly so my motions wouldn’t attract their attention, I began walking down the trail towards them and Hello-ed when one of the men saw me. Waving when I reached the stream, I saw them relax as they recognized my Service uniform and Forestry Service arm chevrons. The stream had gone down a lot during the day but the water was still about two feet deep at the spot where the trail crossed the shallows. Not wanting to get my boots wet, I took them off and held them in my hand as I crossed to their side.
Asking for permission to join their camp, I shrugged off my pack when they said yes. I sat on one of their blankets and tried not to stare at her big tits covered only by a very small bikini top when Bigtits handed me a towel to dry my feet. While I put on my socks and boots, I explained I’d been asked to make contact with them when they’d been late to check in at my tower, especially after the storm that had hit the area.
Looking around their carefully laid out camp I told them,’I don’t think you guys need any help though.’ Agreeing they didn’t need help, they thanked me for coming to find them. ‘I guess we were just having too much fun to think about how long we were taking between towers,’ one of the guys told me. From what I’d seen I knew what kind of fun they’d been having. They told me they were friends from college and had decided to take a couple of weeks this Summer to hike the trail.
Another guy asked what the trail was like in front of them. I said it was a long uphill hike once the trail left the valley but they’d be able to make it before nightfall to my tower. Shaking my head, I ruefully said I should have left my boots off. As I began unlacing them to cross back over the stream, I told them I didn’t want to intrude on their camping trip. ‘I’ll make camp a couple of miles up the trail and leave you guys alone to enjoy your hike now that I know you’re alright.’
They immediately protested that I wasn’t intruding at all. I’m pretty certain that it was the girls who protested the most. I have to admit it didn’t take much arm twisting for me to accept their invitation that I camp the night with them and we’d all hike to my tower tomorrow.
It may be hard seeing me today with my old man body and gut to believe, but back then I stood tall and was in much better shape than the other three guys in the camp. They weren’t really out of shape but their bodies were a bit soft. They hadn’t had years of army calisthenics and then hard, physical labor in the Service keeping various national parks up to snuff… Cutting new trails and keeping buildings in shape. I don’t think it was my imagination that I saw all three girls eyeing my well muscled shoulders and arms before trailing their eyes down my flat stomach.
When they offered me a drink from a nearly empty bottle of a really cheap, rot-gut whiskey, I retrieved a full bottle of much better scotch from my backpack -Kept for medicinal purposes only, of course.- that I’d developed a taste for while in the army. Glory sat down on one side of me and Smalltits on the other as I pulled food from my backpack to add to the pot of stew that was bubbling over the fire. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, might happen later in the night but my imagination had my dick growing in my shorts as the sun began to set…
Part Two soon…

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