The Tale of the Mounted Troopers


The Tale of the Mounted TroopersMounted Troopers are highly trained male soldiers that regularly patrol the villages in order to maintain discipline amongst the female population, in this society the female is the dominant sex the few males that there are, are used as soldiers governed by a strict female Captain called Angel, she rules her soldiers by using sexual humiliation to keep them in check and is well known for her use of cock and ball torture on any unfortunate misbehaving trooper, Angel by name not by nature!Captain Angel has an army of male horse mounted soldiers who all wear a distinctive uniform specially chosen by her to enhance the male body, it consists of skintight white lycra riding tights, white shirts, red cropped riding jackets and black knee length riding boots. The soldiers lycra tights must be worn next to the skin meaning nothing is worn underneath and they must be firmly held in place with a leather belt, the waistband of the tights is wrapped around the belt to ensure the riding tights stay up.Angel is the only daughter of the wealthiest woman in the land and decided 10 years ago to make use of the males in society by making them her Mounted Troopers, they join up when they are 16 and have to endure 2 years of harsh training before they are allowed out on patrols. A keen horsewoman, Angel also wears a uniform to show her rank and power hers consists of glossy black lycra riding tights, black knee length riding boots, white blouse and black cropped riding jacket.She too adheres to all the uniform rules that she applies to her troopers, no underwear and riding tights pulled up very very tight to reveal a sexy camel toe and enhance her shapely muscular bottom, she is 36 years old and bi sexual she has a young female lover called Emma, Emma is 20 years old and acts as Angels second in command, wearing the same black uniform as her beloved Captain.Each morning Captain Angel inspects her troopers with the help of her young lover, they walk up and down the lines of soldiers making sure they are wearing their uniforms correctly. The troopers riding tights must be like a second skin, the soldiers, preferably erect penis, must be pointing up and the seam of the tights must separate the troopers testicles and should beautifully define the soldiers buttocks, any trooper found not to be properly dressed has the humiliation of being re dressed by Captain Angel and Emma.One morning during an inspection one unfortunate young trooper was found to be dressed incorrectly, his tights were not pulled up properly and his flaccid penis was hanging to the left of the seam. The disgruntled Captain called over to Emma to re dress the soldier, the poor youngster was fresh out of training and was only 18 years old, Captain Angel unwrapped the waistband of the soldiers tights and undid his belt handing it to Emma. “Now my young trooper you know the dress code I see your penis is soft but my lover here will soon sort that out.” With that Angel pulled the troopers tights down to the tops of his boots and Emma eagerly took hold of the soldiers penis and began to massage his young cock, soon he became erect and a small amount of pre cum appeared on his swollen tip.“Be careful you don’t make him cum my darling, if he has an orgasm he’ll go soft again!” Emma let go of the soldiers now fully erect penis and pulled his riding tights back up ensuring his erection was pointing upwards and that the seam of the troopers tights separated his sensitive balls which were now hard and swollen, she went behind the by now extremely horny young trooper, and pulled the seam of his riding tights firmly up between his tight young buttocks, a very pleasant sight for Emma who enjoyed inspecting the soldiers each day, she then put the leather belt back around his waist and buckled it up pulling the waistband of his tights around the belt and tucking it in neatly, those tights weren’t going to fall down any time soon.Captain Angel then cupped the young troopers lycra clad testicles in her hand squeezing them tightly and twisting them slightly, the young trooper winced. “That’s better my young soldier now you’re not going to forget this lesson are you?” The soldier nodded while his Captain continued with her vice like grip on his delicate balls. Captain Angel looked down and noticed pre cum oozing through the troopers riding tights, “You’re not going to cum are you?” The Trooper shook his head. “ I should hope not my young trooper, I don’t want your cum dribbling through your nice clean tights so early in the day.” The trooper standing next in line started laughing, Angel glared at the soldier, she released her grip on the younger soldiers aching testicles and stood in front of the giggling trooper.“What’s so funny?” She snarled in the troopers face, she then clamped her hand firmly onto the soldiers testicles squeezing and twisting his balls through his tights, her grip was so firm she had lifted the whimpering trooper onto his tip toes, “Emma push your finger up this troopers anus force the lycra up his arse hole!” Emma did as she was told expertly locating the soldiers anus through his riding tights forcing the stretchy lycra as far into his anus as she could. “My fingers in as deep as I can get it Captain!” Emma replied, “Good girl, hold it there until I say, don’t rip his tights though just twist your finger around in there, make him squirm!”The unfortunate trooper was now being seriously humiliated by the two girls in front of his fellow soldiers, his face was etched with discomfort as he begged for mercy, Captain Angel continued squeezing and pulling the soldiers testicles at the same time Emma had reached around from behind and was brutally wanking the troopers penis through the now wet lycra riding tights.Captain Angel looked down to see what Emma was doing and smiled to see how roughly she was handling this insubordinate trooper, being very experienced at cock and ball torture Angel knew that this soldier was about to orgasm, his cock was leaking pre cum which Emma was then rubbing into his tights but Angel didn’t want this trooper to cum. “Ok Emma stop wanking him and remove your finger!” Emma duly obliged while Angel stared into the troopers eyes all the time gripping his balls.“There’s no way I’m going to let you cum on me, look at the state of your riding tights, they are so wet they’ve gone see through, I can clearly see your erection! But that’s tough you’ll have to go on patrol like that!” With that she released her grip on the troopers very sore testicles and gently rubbed them running her fingers along the seam of his tights that separated his balls before cheekily reaching underneath him and inserting her finger into his still open lycra filled anus.“You did a good fingering job there Emma his lycra tights are still wedged in his hole, you will not remove them either, when you return from patrol I will inspect you and I still expect your anus to be open is that clear?” The trooper nodded and winced as Captain Angel forced her finger as far up his anus as she possibly could she didn’t care if it hurt him and judging by his expression She had penetrated further up than Emma. “Sorry Emma looks like I’ve gone in deeper than you!” Being a strict Captain and experienced manipulator of her troopers she knew that fingering this soldiers anus was edging him closer to orgasm, with her finger firmly inserted and circling around inside the mounted troopers anus, Captain Angel began rubbing his aching penis running her hand up and down the soldiers wet tights every stroke of her hand forcing more pre cum out of his cock, then just as she knew he was about to shoot his load she stopped stroking and swiftly pulled her finger out of his anus, she stood back and watched the poor troopers body was convulsing. “Don’t you dare cum in front of me!” suddenly he had a huge orgasm, thick white cum oozed through his tights and dribbled down his shaft and over his balls. “I told you not to cum!” Captain güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Angel snarled, furious that this pathetic male had no self control, she watched as his cum ran down his left leg, his cock now clearly visible every detail was there to see through his now transparent lycra tights, Angel took hold of the troopers softening cock through his tights and twisted his shaft at the same time she punched him hard in his by now hyper sensitive testicles, he collapsed on the floor holding his most intimate area and protecting it from further punishment. “Get out of my sight and mount up, let that be a lesson to you all I demand respect during inspections any of you step out of line and you too will suffer the same treatment, I know all too well how sensitive your penis and testicles are especially when they are encased in skintight lycra and you all know how painful it’s going to be today for that trooper having to spend all day in the saddle with swollen and bruised testicles and trust me he will be very bruised, now all of you that are on patrols today mount your horses and ride out!” Secretly Emma always hoped she would have to re dress one of the troopers each morning, she got a huge sexual thrill from intimately touching the soldiers bodies and when Captain Angel had to deal with an unruly trooper Emma always knew she would have some involvement in the soldiers humiliation. Finger fucking a troopers anus was always one of Emma’s favourite punishments however this was the first time she had done it through a troopers tights! Normally the trooper would have his riding tights pulled down while Captain Angel administered her cruel punishment and Emma’s finger would be inserted deep into the soldiers anus, all of this was done in front of the other troopers for maximum effect.Even though she was the Captains lover she enjoyed the privileges of being in charge of the mounted troopers, every evening Captain Angel and Emma would enjoy erotic lesbian love making sessions and occasionally they would select one soldier to join them in their private chamber for a night of sexual gratification. The Captain always preferred a trooper that had been out on patrol all day, she found there was something extremely erotic about a soldier with the stains of his sweaty leather saddle on his tights, often the troopers would get sexual favours while out in the villages and again cum stains in a soldiers tights would turn Captain Angel on, that combined with the smell of another woman’s vagina on her troopers riding tights drove her wild. Also knowing that the trooper had been erect for most of the day with pre cum leaking from his penis gave the Captain and Emma and huge buzz. The Captain had chosen her troopers uniforms specifically to show off the penis and testicles knowing all too well that the skintight riding tights would constantly rub the the soldiers penis keeping it erect, many young troopers had orgasms while they rode, the constant motion of the horse under the leather saddle would mean the poor soldiers cock was always being massaged by the silky lycra of his riding tights essentially wanking the trooper off. The way the village women viewed the mounted troopers was also important, Captain Angel knew that seeing her troopers erections would be very pleasing to these women who often don’t have any male contact, and frequently offered themselves to the troopers for sexual purposes in return for money, Angel knew this happened but she didn’t mind after all she couldn’t fuck all of her troopers!That day four young newly trained mounted troopers were going out on their own for the first time a big step in the career of a young soldier. Captain Angel took an extra interest in these four troopers and wanted to inspect them and their horses before they set off. The young soldiers stood in front of their mounts, each one wearing a brand new uniform, four fit young men looking very smart in their shiny white riding tights, gleaming black knee length boots and fitted cropped riding jackets. “Ok my fine young troopers let me have another good look at you, your horses are well turned out that pleases me, now the four of you step forward and stand next to each other.” The young troopers were keen to impress and stood in a line while Captain Angel and Emma carefully inspected their uniforms. “ You all look very good but I see a couple of minor problems which I will sort out for you.”Captain Angel approach the first trooper put her hands on his hips and turned him around, “The seam of your tights isn’t quite straight at the back, it goes between your nice firm buttocks but then it goes off to one side, do you other troopers see what I mean?” Captain Angel ran her finger along the seam of the troopers tights starting by his anus and working her way up to his waist, she knew exactly what she was doing exerting just enough pressure so that the young soldier would feel her finger rubbing him, he flinched as her finger went over his lycra covered anus Emma covered her mouth as she tried not to giggle too loudly, Captain Angel straightened the seam and turned the now blushing trooper around. “Oh sorry my young soldier I didn’t mean to touch you down there!”She turned her attention to the next young trooper in line, “now can you all see the problem here?” She pointed to the troopers penis, “It’s not fully pointing upwards it’s slightly to the left,” with that she took hold of the soldiers white lycra riding tights just above his erect penis and pulled them away from the soldiers intimate area, then with her other hand she moved the penis until it was perfectly pointing upwards then she let go of the lycra which snapped back onto the troopers shaft. “Now you see how the seam is in the middle of his penis, that’s how I like it to look I also notice you become a little more erect when I touched you, I like that very very nice indeed!” Then she rubbed her hand over the silky lycra covered cock and down to the troopers firm young testicles all the while looking into her young soldiers eyes, “Do you like that?” The Trooper nodded he did very much, “Well maybe while you’re on patrol you can go and visit one of the village women who offer sexual favours for my young mounted troopers and maybe one day myself and Emma will invite to our private chamber!” The young troopers face went bright red especially when Captain Angel gave his balls a cheeky squeeze.She turned to the third young trooper, “can you all see what’s not quite right here boys?” She again put her hands on the soldiers shiny lycra clad hips and turned him around. “Here’s the problem this crease in his tights.” She pointed to a crease under his buttocks and again ran her finger along it making the youngster flinch slightly. “His tights aren’t tight enough, they should be like a second skin and not creased, Emma turn around and show the boys your lycra covered bottom!” Emma duly obliged revealing her pert bottom encased in her glossy lycra riding tights, Captain Angel walked over to Emma and ran her hand over her silky smooth bottom, “ you see boys lovely and smooth.” With that she patted Emma’s bottom and returned to her inspection, the trooper stood with his back to Captain Angel and waited patiently while she unwrapped his tights from his belt and then pulled his tights up even tighter than they were before at one point lifting the soldier off his feet, she then wrapped his tights back around the belt and tucked it in neatly. She stood back to admire her work. “Now you see the difference boys? Nice and tight no creases.” She playfully rubbed the young troopers buttocks as if she was shining the lycra that was stretched over his firm bottom.She then stood in front of the last of the four young troopers and looked down at his lycra clad testicles, “You my young trooper have the biggest issue!” The young soldier looked nervous, “Can the rest of you see the problem?” She pointed at the troopers balls gently perabet güvenilir mi poking them with her finger nail. One of the young troopers bravely spoke, “I see the problem Captain its his testicles they are all on one side of the seam of his tights.” Captain Angel was impressed, “Yes very good now be a good trooper and sought them out for him!” The young trooper looked shocked by his Captains suggestion but he would never dare refuse an order, he walked over to his fellow soldier and slightly clumsily began to rearrange his friends lycra tights, he tried to pull the skintight lycra away from the boys testicles but accidentally grabbed his balls making his trooper colleague pull away in shock, the young trooper apologised to his friend and tried again, this time he just grabbed the lycra tights he pulled the material forward and moved the testicles of his soldier friend so they were central to his body then he released the lycra which snapped back against the troopers balls, this time the seam perfectly separated the testicles of the startled young trooper who only moments earlier had to endure his most sensitive intimate area being manipulated by another soldier! Emma stood in the background her hand firmly over her mouth desperately trying not to laugh at the comical scene, a young trooper paying so much intimate attention to another troopers testicles was not something you see very often and she loved it, deep down she was thinking to herself “ I would love to see two of our mounted troopers in full uniform playing with each other’s cocks and balls!” She could feel herself getting wet between her legs it was all too much, Captain Angel deliberately touching these young troopers and then her making one trooper touch another!“Very well my young mounted troopers you may mount up and ride out, Emma stand next to me please.” Emma stood next to Captain Angel and together they watched the latest fresh troopers mount up, Emma whispered into her Captains ear, “ I love watching them mount up, look how the lycra riding tights stretch and become almost see through you can just make out their tight little bum holes!” Captain Angel whispered back, “I know it’s my favourite part of the day fuck we are so bad aren’t we, these are just young boys!” Emma replied, “they are all 18 years old there’s no harm in admiring a nice young bottom!”When the young troopers had mounted up Captain Angel made them form up two by two, she went between each soldier ensuring he was sitting properly in his saddle, and double checking the position of their erect penis, “just make sure you penis is still pointing straight up they can move when you mount up” the troopers all checked their erections, “I can see all of you are oozing pre cum which is a very erotic sight!” The boys instinctively wiped the pre cum off their tights and looked slightly embarrassed. “Don’t be ashamed boys most of my troopers get aroused while riding out on patrol when they come back later they will all have stained tights, even we get turned on when out riding, have a good patrol boys you look excellent!” She then turned to Emma as the troopers rode out of the fortress, “I’m old enough to be their mother but I’d fuck all four of them quite happily, look at their cute bottoms on those saddles!” Emma responded, “you are terrible I knew you were deliberately touching them just now and getting that one to touch the others bollocks, mind you that turned me on so much!”“Are you still turned on?” Angel enquired, “It feels like I’ve wet myself thank fuck our tights are glossy black and not white like our troopers, if I was wearing the standard mounted troopers white lycra tights you’d see just how turned on I am!” Emma explained.“Well darling all our troopers have their duties for the day shall we go to our chamber and enjoy each other for the next few hours, or do you want a trooper to join us?” Angel asked.“The problem with our troopers is they can’t keep up with us, once they’ve shot their load that’s them done, look at that one earlier you weren’t even touching him and his cock exploded! Lets just go back to our chamber you and me, you can peel me out of my wet tights, I tell you what though we could have one of those young troopers later or maybe even two, I have a fantasy about two of our troopers in full uniform playing with each other what do you think?” Emma cautiously mentioned her kinky plan unsure of how Angel would react.“I love that idea, let’s have the two that have just been very close to each other, I think they both enjoyed it did you see how much harder the one having his testicles manipulated was getting? And the other one was definitely leaking more pre cum when they mounted up, I feel sorry for them they are all going to be so horny and worked up after my little bit of intimate adjustment of their tights!”Later in the day the four young mounted troopers were approaching a village, they had been riding for a few hours the weather was hot and humid and they needed a rest, the first house they came to had two women sitting outside, one was about 18 and was wearing a mini skirt and bra top, the other probably in her fifties, she was sitting with her legs apart and the mini dress she was wearing revealed the fact she was naked underneath, her ripe mature cunt on full show. The troopers dismounted and tied their horses to the fence that bordered the house. They then walked over to where the two women were sitting, the older woman smiled and turned to her young friend, “look at these lovely young cocks coming towards us!” Her friend replied “ I am I can’t take my eyes of their bulging tights, oh my god look at the glistening pre cum!”“How can we help you fine looking troopers?” The mature woman asked, the young soldiers explained they needed refreshments and a place to rest for a while, the woman told her younger companion to fetch some cold drinks for the thirsty young troopers, “sit down boys you all look very sexy in your crisp white tights, my young friend and I were transfixed by your impressive cocks and balls encased in those shiny shiny tights that leave nothing to the imagination, I’ve always said your Captain dresses you all in these riding tights to distract us village ladies, now we do offer sexual relief if you are interested, 40 crowns for full sexual intercourse, 10 crowns for a hand job and 20 crowns for a blow job, what do you think? We’ve just serviced two of your soldier friends that’s why our cunts are still gaping!” With that she spread her legs apart a little more opening up her very wet vagina and revealing the remains of one of the other troopers cum still dribbling out of her. The troopers went back to their horses to get their money from their saddle bags as they walked away the young girl came back out with cold drinks. “Look at their sexy arses! I hope you’ve offered our services, I’ve never fucked a young trooper before only the older ones like we’ve just done”The troopers came back to the table and the women told them to sit with them each woman had a trooper either side of her it wasn’t long before the women had their hands on the young soldiers shiny lycra covered legs every second inching closer towards the boys bulging cocks and swollen balls, the troopers desperately wanted sex but there was a problem, between them they only had 35 crowns, they couldn’t even afford a hand job each! The young woman looked disappointed but the mature woman had an idea. “Ok boys my young friend here really wants to fuck a young trooper and because you are fresh from training, I know that because your tights are too clean even though I can see you’ve all been leaking pre cum judging by the damp stains around the tips of your erections, I am prepared to do you all together, here’s what I have in mind, if my friend here picks one of you to fuck I will service the other three with my hands and mouth, the only stipulation is that my friend is in control of whoever’s she wants to fuck, tipobet what she says goes, she’s in charge!”The four troopers nodded in agreement and handed over 35 crowns, the eager young girl couldn’t help herself and started rubbing the cocks of the troopers sitting either side of her, running her hands up their hard shafts and then down over their testicles. The mature woman followed suit, I always love groping you troopers through your skintights. The young girl lead the way the four troopers behind her and the mature woman following last. “Oh boys you do have lovely bottoms!” She reached forward with two hands and squeezed two of the troopers firm slightly sweaty backsides.The young girl chose her trooper it was the one who had been forced to handle his friends testicles earlier that morning, he had been horny as hell since the intimate inspection from the Captain and had spent much of the morning rubbing his cock through his tights, his trooper friends had done the same though, massaging their erections through the silky lycra but trying not to cum. The young girl lead her chosen trooper to the bed, she skilfully removed his belt and slid her hand inside the soldiers riding tights and took hold of his hard throbbing penis, she massaged his pre cum around his swollen tip the young trooper closed his eyes as he enjoyed what the girl was doing to him, the mature woman spoke up, “if your not careful he’s going to cum before he penetrates you, he’s likely to spunk in his nice white tights!” The mature woman and the other troopers watched the girl as she pulled her troopers tights down to just below his ball sack and told him to lie on the bed, his erection was proudly pointing upwards, the girl arranged his tights so that they were just behind his full testicles, she then lifted her mini skirt revealing she was naked underneath. She straddled the trembling trooper facing away from him, then holding his hot cock in one hand she lowered herself down onto the soldiers shaft until she had taken his entire length. The young trooper was also aware that this girl had only just been fucked by another older mounted trooper, his penis was now mixing around another troopers cum which he found very arousing. She put her hands on the young troopers silky lycra thighs to steady herself and then she began grinding away on top. “Finger fuck my arsehole!” She ordered, the young trooper obliged.The other three troopers were so turned on they didn’t realise they were wanking themselves through their tights, “I guess you boys don’t need my help then?” The mature woman observed, “you’re all getting close to cumming on your own! Now I am in charge of you three I want you to stand in a circle facing each other then I want you to wank the cock of the boy to your left, do it through his tights!” At first the boys stood in shock but they formed a circle and did as they were told! Each trooper massaging the lycra clad penis of the soldier to his left. “Looks like you’re enjoying that boys!” The mature woman called over to her young friend who was riding her trooper hard and screaming like a banshee as she neared orgasm. “Look what these three are doing!” The young girl looked over and watched the three young troopers massaging each other’s erections, the very sight was enough to tip her over the edge and she had a huge squirting orgasm! She lifted off her troopers penis and squirted over him soaking his tights as she collapsed onto his legs, she then started rubbing her clit forcing her to cum over and over again! “Fuck look at how much is pissing out of you! You’ve soaked his tights, hows he going to explain that to his Captain?” The mature woman was laughing hysterically and furiously massaging her clitoris as she watched her three troopers wank each other. “Ok stop now I want some fun with you, pull each other’s tights down to the tops of your boots, the young troopers again duly obliged and stood in a line with their impressive erections now on full show, the mature woman walked over to them and pushed the troopers closer together so that their bodies were touching, she then knelt in front of the soldier in the middle and took him in her mouth hungrily gobbling on his hard young shaft, she then reached either side of him and took hold of the other two troopers cocks and started wanking them, she knew they were all close to cumming they were so worked up, their balls were swollen and they were fit to shoot their loads.Meanwhile the young girl had mounted her trooper again and was going for more this time though the young soldier underneath her couldn’t cope and he filled her tight young cunt with his hot spunk, the feeling of his warm cum inside made her cum again and this time she collapsed onto the bed her head down by the troopers riding boots, her young vagina oozing cum.The mature woman was about to achieve completion with her young troopers, not surprisingly the trooper who’s penis was in her mouth came first, the woman spitting the young soldiers cum back over his cock, she then focused on the other two, who would cum first? Then she had a kinky plan, she pulled the two troopers by the penis until they were facing each other, the tips of their cocks almost touching, “I love doing this let’s see which of you covers the others cock in spunk first!” The young girl came over to watch, she was done, her young trooper was well and truly fucked he lay on the bed his now flaccid penis dribbling the last few drops of his cum onto his cum drenched lycra tights, the young girl looked over to him and smiled she then helped the trooper who had been given a blow job to re dress pulling his tights up and tucking his soft wet cum covered cock inside, the soldier wanted to wipe his cock clean but the girl said, “no you must show your Captain back at your fortress that you have cum, she likes to know her troopers are being serviced and these cum stained tights prove that.”“I think they are close to orgasm!” The mature woman said. “Let me help” the young girl replied. She stood behind one of the troopers and fingered his sweaty anus, that did the trick the soldier shot his load over his friend and that made the other trooper cum, two satisfied mounted troopers covered in each other’s cum! The mature woman had spunk all over her hands but she too helped the troopers re dress pulling up their tights and tucking their flaccid cocks back inside before wiping her cum covered hands down the troopers lycra covered thighs.“You boys better pull your tights up properly as your Captain likes you to do.” The young girl said, she then went over to the bed were her trooper was dozing, she playfully tugged on his cock to wake him up. “Come on sleepy let’s get you up and your tights back on.” She watched intently as the young trooper adjusted his cock in his tights it was flaccid but it was held upright by his lycra riding tights, he carefully ensured his seam was right up his arse crack before pulling the tights up as much as he could, the young girl put his belt back around his waist and pulled the waistband up and over the belt tucking it in neatly. She inspected the troopers tights and made a few intimate adjustments to his seam. “There that’s better your testicles are now separated and the seam is straight at the back and I’ll leave it there because you’re getting erect again!”The mature woman had inspected her three troopers tights and yes she made a few adjustments to the soldiers testicles and seams and again she noticed the young troopers all becoming erect, hardly surprising when a sexy mature woman is manipulating your most intimate area through your tights.The mounted troopers left the house followed by the two women who again complimented the young soldiers on their sexy bottoms, the four troopers mounted up and rode back to their fortress, their white lycra tights now covered in cum and in some cases not their own cum! The mature woman turned to the young girl and asked, “did you enjoy that?” To which the girl replied “Oh fuck yes I almost had an orgasm when they first got off their horses and walked over to us, those riding tights certainly did it for me!” The mature woman then admitted “I would have made them all cum for free I really love making young troopers cum I always have done!”

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