The prancing horse


The prancing horse
If im honest. When i applied for my first job as a receptionist via a online application form i was completely chancing my arm. I had no relevent qualifications or exsperiance in that feild so when i got a follow up call from the company to come in for a interveiw i didnt have much hope of getting the job but i thought id give it a shot anyway.

It was a man i spoke on the phone so my main approach was to basically dress to impress and see if i could charm my way through the interveiw. I wore a slightly transparent white button up shirt that showed my cleavage nicely in my black wonder bra. A tight figure hugging stretchy black mini skirt with some hold up stockings and a pair of shiney black high heels.

At the interveiw i met a older well dressed man that introuduced himself as mike. Who i was releived to see was unable to resist the urge of letting his eyes wonder down to my breasts as he greeted me with a gentle hand shake before gesturing for me to sit in the chair opposite his desk. He stared down at my application form and with a bemused look on his face as he went through the motions, asking me various questions as i awkwardly stumbled though my replies.

At the end of his routine he sighed loudly before leaning back in his chair with his hands on top of his head looking at me with a unpromising exspression.. “you havnt got a clue have you lolly?”

I visibly cringed before forcing a big toothy grin. “no… i dont.. but im a good learner.. that is.. if you will teach me?”  He cut his eyes at me and smiled before leaning forward on his desk and speaking quietly “Can i be blunt with you lolly?” I nodded and braced myself for rejection as he continued. “We have alot of important clients who can be.. ha how can i put this? A bit shallow?” He chewed his bottom lip as he paused as if to gauge my reaction. I sensed that the interveiw might be turning in my favour so i leaned foward and nodded enthuistatily encouraging him to speak his mind “its okay.. im not easilly offended.. what do you need?

I saw his body phisically relax as he smiled. “Okay.. Im trying to convince these guys to invest in the company. They are not easilly parted with their money but with the right approach i feel that maybe you could get them to relax and let their gaurd down a little for me?.

At this point wasnt quite sure what he was asking me to do. I looked around nervously to make sure we was being over heard and quietly hissed “wait.. are you asking to fuck them?” His exspression turned to one of shock as he was clearly taken back by my blunt response “noooo of course not just.. make yourself presebterble and make them feel.. you know.. specail?”

I turned back in the chair and crossed my legs looking at him with a nervous smile as i pondered wether to except his offer as he gently tried to convince me “just a few drinks every now and then with rich guys that want to spoil you. its not the worst job in the world is it? In the mean time arswer the phone.. write down appointments.. its not rocket science lolly”

I leant forward and exstended my hand “okay.. im game” he shook my hand and the job was mine.

For the first month or so all i did was awswer the phone and do the odd meet and greet. I was the only female in 22 men so i spent most of my time sitting at the front desk thumbing though my facebook on my phone or playfully bantering with the guys that worked there. They was very fond of me and mike pretty much left me to do what i wanted. It was such a relaxed enviroment i really enjoyed it.

That was until one monday morning when the time had finally come to earn my keep. Mike had given me a heads up the week before that he had a potentail investor coming in and that i needed to have my game face on. I was eager to prove i was a valuble asset to the company and was keen to do my very best. I dressed to impress that morning in a daringly short teal colored mini skirt with matching heels sone hold up stockings and a short sleeve white and floral print button up shirt.

Id never seen mike so flustered as he rushed around the office yelling at people red in the face. He saw me as i walked in and immedietly approached me and held me at arms length “good you look fucking great… now dont fuck this up okay?” I reasured him i had everything casino siteleri under control before setteling down behind my desk.

I was touching up my winged eye liner in my compact mirror when the vase on my desk began to suddenly viabrate to sound of a loud engine. I leant over my desk and watched a bright red ferrari crackle loudly into the car park. I took a deep breath and stood up smoothing my skirt down my legs before tugging my shirt down and plumping up my breasts to show off my clevage “okay hes here”.

I walked around from behind my desk and offered my hand to shake as a 50 something casually dressed grey haired man walked confidently into reception “hello how are you ?.. im lolly.. ive been looking forward to meeting you” the man gently took my hand as he cheekilly replied “well helloooo lolly im archie” I released his hand  and exspertly guided it onto my hip as he leant in and kissed me on the cheek. I felt his thumb discreetly caress the waist line of my little thong through the flimsy material of my skirt while he blatantly looked down my top at my squashed together breasts in my push up bra as he reluctantly released his warm embrace.

I felt a warm feeling of reasurrance that id got his full attention as i stepped back and confidently stared back at posing with one hand on my hip and one leg slightly forward twisting seductively on my toes. He zoned out looking me up and down like food in a shop window licking his lips as if he was eager for a taste as mike appeared beside me and offered a handshake. “You made it.. how was the drive?”

He shook his head to snap himself back to reality and greeted mike with a embarassed chuckle “it was good.. thats some receptionist you have there”

mike winked at archie and rubbed my back as if to discreetly congratualte me “oh lolly ? Yes she is quite the asset” I saw archie glance back at me over his shoulder as mike ushered him down the hallway to his office.

I fist pumped the air to the other lads in the office as they all rolled around there desks in silent laughter and gave me a thumbs up. i grinned to myself with satisfaction as made my way back behind my desk confident that i had succesfully sowed the seed of desire.

I sat up straight and pushed my breasts out pretending to type on the laptop as the two men returned into reception in a chorus of loud laughter and back slapping. archie glanced over at me as mike thanked him for his time and wished him a safe drive home. I held eye contact as he cleared his throat and boldly suggested “actually id quite like to take lolly for a spot of lunch.. assumung you can manage without her for an hour that is?

Mike shrugged before nodding enthusiasticly “of course im sure shed be delighted to join you”

I immedietly stood up “id love to.. let me just grab my bag” i secretly shot a scowling glance at the lads in the office as they silently teased me behind mike and archies back by making sex gestures with their fingers and comicly thrusting their hips in a fucking motion as i walked past.

I grabbed my bag and made my way back to reception. I saw that archie was waiting in the car and mike was standing by the exit holding the door open for me. He whsipered in a serious tone as i past him “do not fuck this up lolly” i replied through a forced grin. “I wont” as i walked out to the car where archie was holding the car door open for me.

“After you my dear” i smiled at him and i settled down into the bucket seat and put on my seatbelt as he made his way excitedly around to the drivers seat and hopped in. I chuckeld nervously as i tugged the hem of my tiny skirt down my legs “Ive never been in a ferrari before” archie looked at me with a devilish smile as he placed his finger on the big red start button. my heart rate raised as he replied in a perverse tone “oh your gonna have the quite the ride”

I watched in awe as the roof folded over our heads before gasping in shock and jumping a little as the engine wailed loudly into life. I waved goodbye to mike as we rumbled out of the car park and out into the street. The noise was so loud I could barely hear my squeals of delight as i was thrown back into my seat each time the car accelerated. I felt like a celebrity as my hair blew in the wind and people pointed and held up there canlı casino camera phones every time the car stopped at the traffic lights.

The intense buzz of excitement was slowly overcome by nerves as i realized we heading out of town into the country side. I held my hair away from my face and shouted to archie over the loud engine “where are going?” I felt a little tingle between my kegs as he placed his hand on my knee and leant over towards me “its okay my dear i want to show you something at my place. Ill have you back in an hour” i gave him a reasuring smile and nodded in agreement”

I knew exactly what that meant. I felt my pussy lips relax open and my clit begin to swell as i imagined the scenerio of a rich millionare using the cheap little council eastate receptionist for his every desire and the wet spot that was forming on the gusset of my tarty little thong told me i was very ready.

We drove out into the country side for about ten minutes before we turned off into a long tree lined side road that lead up to a pair of iron gates which automaticly opened as we approached. The car popped and crackled onto a huge sweeping driveway until we pulled up outside a beautifull bright white victorian style mantion.

I noticed a stern looking grey haired woman dressed in a green body warmer and welly boots stomping towards us as archie walked around and opend the door for me. archie abandoned his gentlemanly duties of assisting me out of the car as he realized she was there and spun to face the woman with a guilty smile “helen my love meet my new work colleuge lolly”

The woman raised her hand and archie immedietly fell silent. She nodded over at me “Im not one of your dumb blonde toys archie !! ..must you insist on bringing these bloody undesirebles onto the property?” I stood with my mouth open forzen in shock as she continued “i trust your heading to the stables and not into my house?” Archie stuttered like a scoulded c***d “argh i.. i.. well yes” She shook her head in disproval “you are a discusting man” before turning and marching away

I looked at archie and burst into hysterical laughter “is that your wife?” He placed his hand into the small of my back and ushered me along the driveway as he exsplained “oh please dont pay her any mind shes a dreadfull snob but i assure you her bark is worse than her bite”

He held my arm and steadied me as i struggled to balance on my heels as we walked along a gravel path until we reached some stables. Archie nodded at a man who was standing as if he was waiting for us and the man opened the gate. He gestured with his hand “after you my dear” before barking at the stable hand “Bring the stud round”

I stood in the stable looking a bit bemused as a huge powerfull looking horse was lead in. Archie nodded again at the man and he nodded back before swiftly leaving. “Isnt he magnificant lolly” i stepped foward and cautiously stroked the a****ls mane as he stood obediantly still in front of us “oh wow.. yes hes beautifull” archie poked his tounge into his cheek and nodded downwards “and VERY well endowed” i glanced down at the a****ls huge member and chuckerled nervously “oh ha.. ya i bet mrs horse is very happy”

He walked around behind me and leant against the fence “well.. mrs horse isnt here if you cared to erm… indulge yourself ???” i covered my mouth with my hand and burst into hysterical giggerling at his cheeky remark as he stood looking at me in silence with a serious exspression.

My heart sank as i awkwardly stopped laughing and looked at him in disberleif. He nodded downwards again “go on lolly.. suck his cock” i swallowed hard as he put me on the spot before sheepishly pleading “but.. its a horse” he looked irritated by my response and slapped his hands on his legs impataintly “RIGHT WELL THIS IS CLEARLY A WASTE OF MY TIME.. ILL CALL YOU A CAB SHALL I?”

I heard mike telling me “dont fuck this up lolly” in my mind as i stared at him Blankly and what he wanted me to do registered. I took a deep breath before i reluctantly agreed “allright… allright.. fine” i turned to face the a****l with a big sigh “i gues ill… suck his cock then”

I slowly crouched down on the dirty floor as archie quietly encoraged me “good girl lolly.. go on its okay.. he wont hurt you.. nice and kaçak casino slow”  i felt my little mini skirt glide over my ass and up around my waist revealing my bright red thong and stockings as i shuffled on my heels until i was underneath him. I looked at archie with a concerned  exspression and he nodded at me reasureingly “go on.. its okay.. take him in your hand”

he snorted loudly causing me to flinch as my cold hand touched his hot huge heavy member and i began to massage him back and forth to archies encouragement “see you can do it. I bet youve wanked alot of cocks havnt you lolly? And sucked a fair few to”

I spread my thighs apart to keep my balance on my heels displaying my tiny gusset as my confidence grew and i grasped the massive cock with both hands and wanked it along its entire length from base to tip. I gazed up at his huge bell end and prepared myself as archie groaned in anticipation “yeees go on.. suck it.. suck that big cock”

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, cringing as i stretched my mouth around the massive tip. I glanced sideways and saw archie furiously masterbating as i franticly wanked him and bobbed my head back and forth. “Yeees yeees get that big cock in your pretty little mouth lolly”

I reached down and snapped the gusset of my knickers to one side and circled my fingers on my clit as i struggled to push as much of the monsterous member as i could into my mouth.  My jaw ached as i sucked up and down. Inhaling and exhaling furiously through my nose as i enhusiasticly wanked him hard and fast.

He stomped his foot on the floor and began to grunt loudly before a huge squirt of hot spunk instantly filled my mouth to the brim. I felt like my throat stretched as i involentarilly swallowed a huge gulp before a second squirt again instant refilled my mouth quickly followed by a third. My mouth was filled until my cheeks bulged out and i was overwhelmed by the sheer volume

My stretched cheeks exsploded open and a waterfull of spunk cascaded down my entire front coating my chin, throat and even my shirt. I was gasping for breath and reaching in discust as he unexspectedly squirted again and another huge load of cum poured down my forehead and run down my face sticking my eyes shut.

Blinded I scrambled out from underneath him whimpering as i stumbled to my feet. I stood there with my fingers spread in discust bouncing up and down sqeualing “uuugh im covered give me a tissue.. i need a tissue”

I felt archie grasp my forearm and guide me over to the fence. I gripped the wood as he demanded “stick your arse out” i obeyed him and bent over presentinf my behind as i clenched my glued eyes tightly closed. I felt him shove my skirt high up around my ribs before spitefully snatching down my knickers.

“Now lets get you fucked shall we?” I whimoered quietly as he delved his fingers into my wet opening from behind and disrespectfully pistoned them in and out. I stepped my feet wide apart and arched my back giving him full access to my hot slit while i patheticly begged him “give me your cock”

I gasped as he clapped his hand down onto my hip and sank his fingers into my flesh while guiding his cock into me with the other. My upper body hung limp over the fence as he selfishly rogered me. Methodicly sliding his full lenght in and out of me from the tip and then right down to his balls. I held my breath and gritted my teeth as he increased his pace. He held the cheeks of my arse and slammed into me hard and fast jerking my whoke body up and down.

I reached between my legs and stimulated my own clit as he grunted behind me “oooh lolly ooooh lolly”  before suddenly oulling out and spilling his cum over my bare quickering ass cheeks. I slid down onto the floor sitting on my hand as i furiously wanked my pussy. I let out little gasps as i played over in .y head whag id jhst done as little twinge caused me to shudder on the floor.  I oaused still and grianed out lohd as a long hard gush of juices spat out and i orgamsed into my hand.

I reached and fumbled blindly as i heard archie say “here .. clean yourself up” he placed a rag into my hands and i scooped the spunk form my eyes and blinked up at him “happy now?” He offered me his hand and dragged me up from the stable floor “that was splendid lolly.. now lets get you a cab”

i never saw archie again but the deal went through and my boss mike was happy allthough there was constant jokes and inuendos about me having sex with him i never admitted to anybody in the office what id done.

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