the night my husband acted as driver


the night my husband acted as driver
The other night I had a chance to be out of the house for a while, so I tried to arrange to be fucked and come home filled up The logistics of arranging cock on the side are awful, though, so I was just left with a hungry pussy and one dude who was sexting me but unable to meet up.
I love sending naughty messages to other men, though, even when I can tell it isn’t leading to a hookup. It gets me wet to test out what dirty things they want to hear, to know what they hope to get out of me if/when they are brave enough to follow through. The other man was saying just the right things to keep me getting wetter and wetter as I sat at the bar, alone, in a dress with no panties, wishing I could find a way to come home fucked.

I rubbed that wet pussy with my feet spread wide as I drove quickly home. Hubby of course was waiting at home to see if I had managed to score any extra cock yet…and I let him know how desperate this attention-but-no-action güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was leaving me…and like the good cuck that he is, he got to work on sending out emails and trying to arrange what I needed.
Thank fuck he got a hit.

That night he got to fulfill one of his desires, the wish to be able to drive me to a man’s home, drop me off at the front door, and not get me back until I was used up.

After a few quick texts and seeing some hot photos from the “applicant,” (I refer to my men as applicants until they prove their ability to deliver what I need. Then they can move up in ranks.) and the promise of a 4-post bed, I was ready to put on sexy panties and make him drive me over. Hubby loves the part when he gets to make suggestions of which lingerie is the right choice.
This time since we knew I was going to be brought in and fucked with no waiting around, I chose my sapphire blue silk nightie with no panties to stop us. My warm güvenilir bahis şirketleri coat covered me up and lovely, loving hubby suggested that the easiest shoes would be my sexiest heels.

I left them on the entire time the applicant fucked me.

I grabbed the heels from behind me while I slammed his cock in reverse cowgirl for a few hot moments.

I’m so glad hubby suggested those shoes, making it possible for me to bend over at the waist and be tall enough for his cock head to rub my wet pussy while I reached down for my ankles.

I think I’ll wear red heels next time, and make heels a special trick for just this bull, to celebrate how sexy it was to use hubby’s suggestion for my advantage.

I didn’t get nearly enough of that sexy, young cock for my liking, and I’ll be checking in on my phone all day to see if he’s ready for his next round. He couldn’t take a lot of me, not the first time; canlı bahis şirketleri the applicants usually struggle with cumming early or going soft from intimidation. He was ‘nervous,’ just for a little while, but I have a talented mouth that can usually help to stir up a rally. He was able to get his hot, slick cock back into my hungry cunt, and I loved watching my sexy heels spread up in the air while he pumped away. He was only a few strokes away from needing to dump into me exactly what I came for. I told him I wanted it and needed it, and he looked so relieved.
After he filled my wet pussy up and I laid there so satisfied, my heels the only piece of clothing left on me while I stretched out on his nice bed, he told me it was hot that my husband would be on clean-up duty back at home. I looked him straight in the eye and said he just moved up in rank and I’d be needing his cock again as soon as possible.

Hubby was a whimpering slut as a he fucked me later, telling me how much he loved being the driver. Waiting for about an hour, watching a dark house, just waiting to watch me come back out with that big smile on my face. Sitting on his face and letting my pussy drip onto his hungry mouth is always a great reward for whatever work he has to do as my cum-hungry cuck hubby.

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