The New Girl, 1 off 2


The New Girl, 1 off 2The New Girl, 1 off 2I’m a CEO of a company in Great Britain. Three months ago I lost my wife to a long illness. Yesterday was our company Christmas Party and I didn’t want to go.My PA, an attractive 45 year old brunette with an hour glass figure, goaded me into going saying being the ‘boss’ has its responsibilities.All the senior staff had rooms at the hotel and the remaining staff were coached there and back. Taxis were engaged to move the staff from home to coach and back. My PA is almost wearing a red figure bugging dress and nothing else. Every man wants to dance with her. Normally I would have too! I think that dress was to wake up my inner man!Sam, my PA bless her, did her best to get me up but I was being an absolute bastard. I deserved to be on my own.All the female staff are all wearing revealing clothes. Some, being bold, tried to get me to dance. Still being a bastard I refused all comers. Then the newest and youngest assistant cautiously approaches. She is carrying a few extra pounds and showing a large amount of bosom. “Mr Johnson would you dance with me. Please?” She is a redhead, squeezed in to a little white dress. Nipples clearly pointing her way and the dress stopping 4 inches above her knee. Thought to myself ‘she had better be careful bending over’ she has no panty lines showing. I guess she is the same age as my gr—daughter or a year younger.“No. Please leave me…….” I replied.“Mr Johnson. Please. The other secretaries have had a bet” the young girl informs me. As I’m about to make another fool of myself my PA touches my arm. Looking at her beautiful (the PA’s) face she says, “A least hear Joanna out.” My PA then provocatively güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri walks across the dance floor. Eventually tearing my eyes from my PA’s stunning ass I see Joanna’s innocent face.“Well?” I offer.She hesitantly starts, “They, the secretaries, have all tried to get you to dance and you rudely sent them away.” I just nod with a note to self to apologies to those ladies in the New Year. “I said I could get you to dance. When they finished laughing they all produce a £20 note each, except one who only had £10 on her. They said here’s £250 if you can just get him to dance one number. Just as I was going to accept your PA doubled it. If you will dance with me for one number I will get £500 and I’ll split it with you.”I had to laugh, “My dear that’s a very generous offer however £250 to me isn’t worth getting up for.” Her disappoint was instant. My PA then caught my attention from across the room. Her scowl is never to be ignored! Reluctantly I stand. Joanna’s face lights up when I take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.Just as the live band prepares for the next number I see my PA wave her hand to the band leader. After a quick change of plans the start a slow song. Joanna and I start dancing with 3 inches of air between us, her hands on my shoulders and mine properly on her waist. Before long the gap between us is gone. Her hands have moved to behind my neck pulling me closer. Now looking down between us I see her breasts squeezed, almost bursting out of her dress. My dick, having a mind of its own, starts to inflate. Joanna feeling my interest releases one hand and using it encourages my hand on hip to perabet güvenilir mi move down to her firm bum; no knickers for sure now!The song ends and as I’m about to retreat they quickly start up again. Joanna doesn’t release her grip. On hearing another slow number she slides her tongue into my ear. My dick begins probing her thigh. Feeling this she moves her groin over my enlarged and hard dick. In time with the music she rises and falls, grinding her clit onto my dick. My hand returns to her ass, pulling her even tighter onto my knob.Joanna starts panting only millimetres from my ear causing my dick to tingle and my balls to lift. Joanna slides one hand down to my ass, putting on more friction between us, while still hold my neck securely. The band stops causing Joanna to whisper, “Don’t stop I’m cumming.” The band is now playing a fast gigging song but we continue our slow grind. Seconds later Joanna moans in my ear and holds me tight. Her orgasm on my dick has her shuddering in the middle of the dance floor. I’ve no doubt that if I hadn’t got a good hold on her she would have collapsed.Looking at my PA across the room I see she is grinning like a Cheshire cat. Recovering her composure, Joanna pushes herself off of my dick. Embarrassed, she apologies.My PA is instantly beside me separating us as she insists on a dance. Without any hesitation she slides her bare thigh between my legs. Leaning back she looks me in the eye, “You enjoyed that didn’t you?” I inappropriately slide a hand down her perfect body and over her ass and pull her tight on to my groin. “Mmmm that feels good. So you didn’t cum as well?” Sam probes. “No but I need tipobet to?” I confirm.“If you leave now you should just be in time to bump into Joanna as she comes out of the ladies.”My PA releases me and leads me off of the dance floor. She guides me to the ladies and opening the door she pushes me in. “You have 10 minutes.”Joanna isn’t anywhere to be seen. I’m about to leave with I hear a groan and “Fuck me Mr Johnson” followed by a squishy sound! I knock on the door causing instant silence.“It’s Mr Johnson. Are you alright?” The latch is pulled back and I push the door open. Joanna is sitting on the loo. Her dress is up around her waist, legs wide apart with three fingers buried deep into her naked pussy. Her other hand is now squeezing her exposed breasts. “Stand up young lady and bend over.” She turns, legs apart and as she bends over her hand appears between her thighs. My dick is quickly exposed and as it nears her magnificent ass her hand takes hold and guides it home.Her tight wet pussy only allows me to sink an inch deeper with every thrust. Once I have her pussy full of dick, I fuck her firmly but slowly. I’ve not fucked in over twelve months so I’m savouring every thrust.Joanna soon start begging me to take her young pussy with more force. Hearing this my dick takes over and I fuck this teen; hard and fast. As I pump her pussy harder I’m excited further feeling her ample breasts swing below. “Mr Johnson. Please don’t cum in my pussy, I’m not on the pill. I’ll happily swallow your load.” I pull out as she kneels. She points my dick at her open mouth and pumps my dick swiftly. Just seeing this caused my balls to boil. Rope after rope of man juice sprays her face and mouth. I’m spent.I open the door to leave as my PA steps past saying, “I’ll help clean-up Joanna.”Minutes later the two re-enter the dance floor arm in arm.I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have writing and researching it. Thanks Sam for your help.Regard Jack

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