The first time with my dad


The first time with my dad

Dina Petro

My relations with my father was different than any regular relations between any father and his daughter, even before anything happens between us, we were so close to each other, we understood each other regardless of the age difference between us.

He treated me more of a close friend than his daughter, we opened up, talked, we used to have many things in common, I used to talk to him about problems I face with my friends, talk to him about all my friends.
He was the first one to know about my bisexual feelings, even before having relations with other girls, I told him how I felt towards women and girls, he understood, did not stop me or yell at me saying it is wrong or so, he is a total open minded person, he told me it is something built inside of us, not something we get used to by practice.

He was more of a psychiatrist to me than just a father or a friend, he was my guide, he never let the parental feelings interfere between us to make us hide things from each other, all of that together made us very close, I was even surprised we waited so long to have sexual relations!.

He sometimes helped me pick my clothes up when I go shopping, never rejected any piece of clothes I buy for the reason of being so revealing as some fathers do, he even commented on sexy clothes when I wore them, sometimes when he sees parts of my body while being dressed, he would say, “wawwww so sexy, if I wasn’t your father I would jump and attack you”

I always loved his comments, especially the direct forward ones about my body, even used to joke, walk proudly lifting my tits up or wiggling my ass to him, walking in a very feminine sexy way.

One time, most of my family was away for a few days, dad and I were the only two in the house, that night he had some of his friends over, drinking together and playing cards, enjoying themselves, having fun one way or another.
I gave them all the help and services they needed, as I was ready to go to my room and be on my own, I asked dad if they wanted anything else, he said “no honey. You could go sleep if you want”, then I went to my room as usual to read, write or watch TV alone in my room.

I changed my clothes, it was warm, so I was in my panties only, no top at all, as I was all alone, feeling comfortable that way, I usually play with my body when I watch porn movies or read sexual stories, so I like to keep my tits free.
At a certain point, I felt It was all quite outside, no more sounds, looks like they all left and dad was getting ready to go to sleep, so he probably wanted to check on me, as he opened my room door as of a sudden, he looked and sounded more than half drunk, but walking straight.

I did not do anything to hide my seminude body or change the way I was laying on bed, my back resting on my bed headrest, with my legs apart, the undies I was wearing were G-strings, not covering much…, I just stayed the way I was, it was not so strange for dad to see me like this.

But this time I noticed something different than usual, dad looked at me closely with a smile; he concentrated on my body, looking straight forward at my bare tits, glancing at my legs even between them, I know my panties don’t cover much of my pussy which was obviously showing behind them tight, shear and very little panties.

I had some dampness down there, may be clearly showing wetting the panties over my pussy, besides my nipples were hard pointing obviously upwards, due to the playing and hand touching I was doing when alone.
All of that and the alcohol effect on my dad probably made him act differently this time, he smiled saying “Honey, you are growing up so fast and getting so beautiful Miss Young lady, I am glad no one of my friends opened your door and saw what I am looking at”

I smiled saying, “dad, you say this because you love me, besides you are drunk”
He smiled again and said, “I may be a little drunk, young sexy lady, but I know I am looking at a beauty queen of mine” he looked at my body again, I felt I saw something moving under his very light shorts, a semi hard on, a bulge which was obviously deceiving him, embarrassing him in front of me.

He shook his head closing the door while saying in low voice “maybe I am drunk, so I am going to sleep honey” and left the room in a hurry, may be trying to hide what was clearly showing between his legs.

That move was giving me naughty ideas, I admit, I have always had fantasies about my dad’s body and having sex with him, I have sneaked and watched him making love to mom a few times, seen his cock while it was hard too, as mom would be sucking it or massaging it, that is where all the fantasies about having sex with dad came from.

Actually, sneaking on my dad and mom making love and having sex was my favorite game, I used to do it most of the time, walk on the tip of my toes, hide by their room door and watch all the actions, I get turned on watching even touch myself and play with my pussy or tits while watching, but they have never caught or seen me.

Somehow I decided that was it, the right time to get it done, to have my own dad for sex, I fucked my brother before, so why not dad?, he doesn’t seem so hard, half drunk, seduced and turned on by my seminude looks.

I heard his footsteps back and forth in the corridor in front of my room, so I decided to be naughty and flirt with him, try to turn him on, I made up some questions to ask him, lifted my knees up, making my legs like a triangle feet resting on the bed, knees up, legs a little spread, which made my pussy clearer to his eyesight, pulled the panties up making it tight on my pussy forming güvenilir bahis siteleri a camel toe between my pussy lips, spread my legs apart, and Yelled “Dad”
He opened my door again, this time only his head came through the door hiding the rest of his body behind the door, I knew why, he did not want me to see his obvious hard on under his shorts, he said “what is it honey?”.

I started talking to him in a low, very feminine voice, winking my eyes, as if I was a spoiled girl, my hand was on my tit, my fingers took my nipple between them making it as an unintentional act, but I could feel the effect of it on his face, his eyes followed my hand moves same time concentrating on my camel toe pussy looks between my legs.
I was sure, he would not walk in the room no matter what, as his cock would be so hard making a huge tent under his shorts, he was doing his best to hide it behind the door, but he was obviously seduced with no return, as he answered my question, he left immediately and closed my door behind him.

I waited a few minutes, to give him time to be settled in his bedroom, then followed him to his room, as the hallway was dark, I was walking on the tips of my toes, same way I was, panties only, lights were off in his room, but the light rays coming from the window made it very clear to see inside, his door was partially cracked.
I was hiding sideways, stretched my body for a look inside, shocked to find dad on his back, not covered, fully nude, his cock was so hard, pointing upwards and he was touching it softly, not really jacking off, but just massaging its length up and down so soft.

I knew my tits, hard nipples and the camel toe pussy of mine were on his mind, so I did turn him on, dad has about eight inch, nice cock, and med size in thickness, not so thick, I always envied mom for having his lovely cock, and always dreamed of sucking it and riding it.

As I was watching his lovely cock, he as of a sudden, put his pair of shorts on, pulled the cover over him, tried to go to sleep I guess, so I decided it is time for my attack, waited a moment, so he won’t suspect me seeing him masturbating.

I went back a few steps came back from the closed side of the door, knocked on his door, he shouted “who is it”
I said, very softly, innocently and a very feminine voice, “it is me, dad”

He said “What is it honey? Is there something wrong?”

I said, in the same seductive voice, so low, so soft “No dad, but I can’t sleep, can I come in to your room?”
He replied “yes of course honey, come on in”

I walked into his room slowly and softly, acting innocent, he pointed for me to sit on his bedside, rubbed my face with his hand softly tapping my bare back asking “what is the problem baby?.

I smiled saying “Nothing wrong dad, I just can’t sleep, I tried, but I just couldn’t, can I sleep with you here?”
“Sure honey”, he said lifting his light summer blanket side, for me to lie down next to him, I cuddled in his bed between his arms, with my back to him as he hugged me so close to his body, close enough for me to feel his semi, hard on, touching my semi bare ass, his hands around my waist, a little high almost touching my tits.

He rubbed his hands over my bare body, on my bare belly, back and forth, almost reaching my ass cheeks and back to my belly button, with the sides of his hands barely touching the bottom part of my tits, but he made sure not to touch any of the sensitive parts of my body.

He said “What happened? Was it something scary you have seen on TV?”

“Not really”, I just don’t feel sleepy and felt lonely as of a sudden, he pulled my body closer to his’, almost melting between his arms with the natural heat of his own body, he is much bigger in size than me, taller, thicker, he was in his forties and I was in my teens.

As he was rubbing my body all over, touching most parts of it, no sensitive parts yet, but close enough, and the thoughts on his mind of my bare tits and legs of mine he saw earlier, the playing with his cock, all together pushed his cock to harden clearly, I was feeling it so obvious pushing itself against my ass cheeks, and lower side of my back as I was shorter than him.

As of a sudden, I turned, around facing him, hugged him closer, pushing my bare tits to his hairy chest, he hugged me closer too, but this time his very hard cock was forcing itself between my legs pointing at my pussy area, over his soft material shorts, I was getting soaking wet already, very horny.

He got his head closer to kiss me on my cheek, when I moved my head sideways quick and got his kiss on my lips, we both laughed as I tricked him, but we stopped laughing suddenly and looked each other in the eyes, he was drunk but had so much desires for my body, so did I for his, it was clear and obvious.

Both of our eyes were so shiny, our heads getting closer and closer, our lips almost touched, he closed his eyes, I closed mines, our lips touched, we kissed each other on the lips for a nice short one, I let my tongue out to go into his mouth he did the same.

As of a sudden, he pulled his head back saying, “what got to me? Am I that drunk, sorry baby”, I looked him in the eyes, with lots of lust, eyes wide opened, shiny, lips still open and circled.

I said “Kiss me dad, please” bringing my head closer to his, he kissed me on the cheek.
I held his head between both of my hands, straightened it to face me told him kiss me on the lips dad, I locked my lips onto his, he tried to struggle and get loose of me, but did not use much force to do so, as he is much stronger than me, but his struggle was a very soft unconvincing one.

Then perabet giriş he gave up letting go, started kissing me on the lips with his tongue circling in my mouth and mine in his, he held me closer to him, his hand started wondering, rubbing my back side, going down to my ass cheeks, started rubbing my ass softly and slowly, as my hand went down to his cock, I touched it over his shorts, rubbed it over its length it was very hard.

He pulled his head back, stopped kissing me, held my head between his hands, pulled it backwards, looked me in the eyes, saying “What are we doing baby?, you are my daughter”

I said, “I know dad, you want me as much as I want you, so what?”

He did not show any resistance except saying “are you sure we want to go through this thing?”

I said “yes, I am positive, I want you dad”, by this time my hand was already under his shorts, pulled it down, got his cock out started rubbing it massaging it and moaning.

I did have some guilt to my mind at that moment, but a small one, I am not a strong believer, besides I am so much into family sex i****t, he is not the first family member I have sex with, all of that together made me pursue my needs with him, convincing him too, as I was the leader by then, I got him seduced, he was drunk, so he did not have much control over what we were doing.

He moaned on my touch of his bare, very strong, fully erected cock, hugged me closer, his hand was going under my panties’ waistband, pulling it down, he touched my bare, soft and hairless pussy, wawww, I felt as if a true electrical current was running through my body.

He cubed my pussy with his palm pushed up and down softly, then started rubbing my cunt, which was so wet, his fingers started wondering over my cunt lips, slit and cunt hole, I was moaning, spreading my legs wider to give him more access, holding to his dick rubbing and stroking it.

I got lose from his hands, got up, pushed him on his back, lowered my head to his dick, took it between my lips and wrapped them around it, taking its head into my mouth, feeling the pre-cum all over it, licking the salty pre cum then started sucking his cock in a nice soft rhythm.

My dad was moaning louder on the feel of his own daughter sucking his cock in a nice professional way, opening my mouth wider, taking more and more of it, straightening my neck to make his cock head go past my throat, pushing in and out, till I felt it passing my throat inside.

As I felt it pass my throat, I push my head closer taking more and more of it in my mouth, till I almost took it all, true I was so young, but I was a fully experienced whore by then, sucked many cocks one of which was my brother’s.
I knew my dad would comment on my way of sucking his dick, sooner or later, I knew it was coming, but I decided to hide nothing from him about my sexual experiences, especially after he fucks me. He stopped me, pulled his cock out of my mouth, held me between his arms without a word, helped me lay down on bed on my back, got on his knees over me, kissed me on the lips with his hands over my tits, rubbing and pinching my very hard nipples, kissing his way dawn wards, to my neck.

He got to my tits, took one in his mouth sucking on the nipple while his other hand circled my other tit rubbing and pinching, then he straightened himself between my legs spreading them apart heading to my pussy, he looked at it first, smiled, made a couple of comments, in a low voice how beautiful and gorgeous I was. He lowered his mouth to my pussy; spread my swelled, wet pussy lips with his tongue then passing his tongue tip over my slit between my pussy lips from my clit to my asshole, sucking, licking and caressing, making me moan loud and shake all over, his tongue was sinking in my pussy hole, while his finger was sinking slowly and easily in my asshole.

He tried to shove a finger slowly in my pussy, being very careful, he must have thought I was a virgin by then, but his finger was sinking without any resistance from anything, he looked me deep in the eyes with an anonymous question on his head without words, and I looked him back, deep in the eyes. I knew what his question was, I nodded my head with a yes, then I said “fuck me all you want dad, deep and hard, I am not a virgin”, it did not seem to bother him hearing it, on the contrary, he seemed happy to hear it at that moment, let out a smile, shoving his finger deeper in my flesh, then joining it with another, while licking and sucking on my hard clit.

The only thing that changed, once he knew I was not a virgin, he started calling me names, ones I love hearing which makes me turned on and very horny, like little slut, whore, bitch…etc., he seemed to enjoy using such names as well, it looks like it runs in the family.

He got up on his knees between my legs, spread them apart, lifted them up held his dick in his hand guiding it to my pussylips, pushed, till his cock head touched my pussy lips, i moaned louder, he leaned over me got his head closer to my face, whispered in to my ear, “I am not going to ask if you could handle my cock my little whore, I already know the answer from your pussy, which is so wet and dying for a fuck”.

I screamed loud “Fuck me dad, please fuck me, give it to me, I want it all in my pussy please”

He gave his cock a little push, the cockhead pumped in between my pussylips finding its way to my inner pussy parts without any resistance, I was so wet, much more than ready for it, he made me beg for this cock.

He pushed further in me, then out, must have repeated that move half a dozen times, till he was balls deep in me, perabet güvenilir mi finally, I felt his balls resting over my body, he pulled out of me all the way except for his dick head, then slammed his dick back in me, I loved his move, made me scream louder.

His words while fucking me, calling me a little whore, a bitch, a slut… etc., were burning my inner pussy parts making it wetter and more slippery sucking his cock in deeper, faster, enjoying every action of my dad’s cock in and out of my cunt.

Dad lifted his body up, arching it over me, making my legs spread wider, my cunt lips spread wider hugging and sucking his cock which was pumping in and out of me, he rested over me again, kissing my lips rubbing my tits, pinching my hard nipples, seems to be enjoying every thrust of fucking me, the thoughts going over my head were fogy, cloudy, to be honest?, the idea of having my own dad in between my legs over me fucking me so hard, was making me much hornier, enjoying it much more.

I admit being fucked countless number of times by different men, but having my own dad fucking me like that, was driving me to the walls, making me crazy, the special taste of his cock in my pussy, the feeling of it sliding in and out, was making me cum and cum countless number of times, tensing up and relaxing.

He stopped moving as of a sudden, relaxed on top of me, both of use made a twist and turn of both bodies sideways then flipped till I became on top of him during that move his cock popped out of my pussy, I was riding him this time, I held his dick in my hand between my fingers, guided it to my pussy, then lowered my body over it taking it in me all the way.
It was my turn to dance over his body riding his dick like riding a horse, while he held both of my bouncing tits in his hands rubbing and twisting, calling me all the names in the world, he was breathing harder, screaming, finally he said I am ready to cum baby.
I got off of his cock, got it in my mouth and started sucking it while jacking the lower part of it, up and down faster and faster, till I felt his thick warm cream pumping out, I kept his cock head in my mouth taking the first load, then the second, one after another while sucking his cock swallowing all I could of his cream.

He seemed to be loading it in my mouth faster than I could take, it was leaking from sides going on my face and chin, I swallowed all I could, then stopped moving, took the leftovers, shoved them back in my mouth, he relaxed on his back, I was laying on top of him, with my head lifted up, we looked each other in the eyes, both laughed loud, kissed each other.
Then as of a sudden he started having some guilt feelings of fucking his own daughter, but I kept hugging and kissing him, making him feel better assuring him, it is what I wanted, he admitted he thought about it many times before, but was kicking the idea out of his head, especially when he saw me that night, he said he was getting hard, I told him I saw it and felt it, it was what gave me the nerves to come and get it.

As we starting discussing it openly, admitting to each other how much we both wanted it, I felt life was coming again to his cock, I held it in my hands rubbed it and smiled saying, “it is betraying you again dad”

He said” baby, with that body of yours, no one could have any control over his cock near you, by this time his cock was gaining full strength again, he said “wait a moment bitch, tell me, at this early age of yours, having that experience in sex, who has been fucking you?”

I thought to myself oh God, not now, and then I told him “dad, you have fucked me already, it doesn’t matter now? I thought to myself, I know how to make you shut up; I got on top of him, facing his cock bringing my ass and pussy over his face, took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it.

He started mumbling “oh fuck, that looks gorgeous, you know how to keep my mouth shut” he started licking my pussy and ass, this time shoving more fingers in my ass, which was taking them deep and easy.

He got up, picked me between his arms, turned me around, till I was on bed on my arms and knees, doggie style, he got behind me, started licking my ass first, then fingering it while licking my pussy, I was getting super wet, screaming of joy.
He guided his hard cock again to my asshole, rubbed his cock head to my asshole trying to push it in, saying “can you take it in there?”
“Yes, fuck my ass dad” I replied
He screamed “and can you do that too?”
I said “shut up dad and fuck my ass” he started pushing his cock head back and forth slowly each time giving it a push till I felt his cock head forcing itself into my tight, stretching asshole.

Finally I felt his cock head pumping in, stretching my asshole ring as if it was a rubber band, he pushed in and out for a few times till he was in my ass all the way, he relaxed for a moment, got his hands on my ass cheeks, started rubbing and pinching my ass while ramming his cock in and out of my ass, I was screaming louder and louder, not of pain but of joy, I did not have any problem taking his cock size up my ass by then, as I was very experienced in that area.

He pushed his hands under my body, cubed both of my tits, rubbing and pinching my nipples while ramming his hard shaft in my back, love hole, fucking me harder and deeper, calling every bad name in the book, which was making us both hornier and closer to cum till we both came at the exact same time, this time I told him to cum in my ass, he flooded my ass with a little less cum than first time.

Both our orgasms subsided, we started coming back to earth, breathing normally, as I could remember, we both wrapped our arms around each other, did not have the power to kiss or make any other move, we fell asleep on the spot, did not wake up till noon of the second day.


Wishing you all the best
Dina petro

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