Summer Love With Mum


Summer Love With Mum
Dad had left us when I was five years old.

We owned a three bedroom cottage on four acres of land
that sat well off of the road and was bordered on one
side by a river. The road was in reality a dirt road
and we sat far back in the North Wales hills.
So we had our privacy. I kept my
I did all of the outdoor work, cutting the grass, repairs as needed.

Mum always found the time to make things fun for me to,
to keep me occupied.
She would invent games inside when it was raining or snowing and we
were stuck inside.
During the summer when it became hot, we would go down to the river and we would laugh
and splash each other. Sometimes we would wrestle in the water, she would lift
me and throw me back. As I got older I was able to do the same with her.

It was thirteen when I began to take notice of Mum.
It started one day at the river, she was
in her bathing suit in the water and I caught myself
looking at her. She wasn’t in anything special, a one
piece light blue suit that hugged her body. Not that she didn’t have
other suits over the years but this was the one I liked.

I remember the day I watched her dive into the water,
her legs slightly parted, I could see her pussy mound pushing
against the material of the suit. When she came up for
air I could make out her hard nipples caused by the
cold water. The suit was just shear enough that I could
make out her dark aureoles underneath. It was then my
young cock would twitch whenever I would look at her.

After that she became the object of my fantasies in bed
as I masturbated.
Her in her swim suit, the two of us in the water. My fantasies
would have me in the water with her, playing and at some point I would
hold her from behind, my hands holding her large breasts and then slowly
sliding her bathing suit straps down and off of her shoulders.

My hands would cup her full and ample 38D breasts and I
could fondle her nipples and kiss her neck. I would
feel her breathing so heavy and hear her gasps as I
slid the bathing suit down and from her legs as my
fingers found her bush of dark pubic hair!!. Usually I would cum by
this time and my juice would cover my hand.

I remember one summer day we were at the river, back in
the tall grass and we were drying off on the blankets.
Mum asked me to put some sun lotion on her back.
With trembling hands I took the tube and she turned and
pulled her bathing suit down to her waist. I was
instantly hard.
It was poking a hole in my shorts and I almost rubbed it against her by accident.

Slowly I slid the lotion, covering every inch of her
soft warm skin. Down her neck and across her back, I
even was bold enough to slide my fingers just a bit
under the elastic at her waist just above her arse.
God I was in heaven.
I could see the roundness of her breasts on the sides as she held them,
covering the nipples and aureoles.

I startled her when my fingers went across the fullness
of the sides of her breasts and she told me that would
be enough.
Not in a mean way but I always thought that she had become lost
in the moment.
It had been about seven years now that a man had touched her in any
capacity that I knew about. I could not remember her ever having a
boyfriend since Dad left.

I had to excuse myself at that point, I still had an
incredible erection and I didn’t want her noticing it
so I told her I was going to the house for something to
I actually went to the house and returned with some ice cold
drinks for Mum and myself.
As I came back through the grass I ducked down a bit and quietly
came up on the blanket.

Through the grass I could see Mum on the blanket,
her hips moving softly, thrusting up and down.

I wasn’t sure what she was doing, this was the first
time I had seen a woman masturbating.
Mum was on her back, her breasts bared in the sun and her hand under
the material of the bathing suit.
I watched as she licked her lips, I watched as she moved her fingers
inside of her hairy pussy. The suit slowly working its way
down past her hips until finally I could see her hand.

I sat without a sound as she whispered “O god, O god”

She was moaning so softly. Finally I saw her shudder and relax.
I thought she had passed out and was going to move closer in fear that
she had hurt herself. I really didn’t know what had happened.
I slowly backed up and went back to house again.
This time I slammed the door and screamed out,

“Mum! I brought you a cold drink, OK?”

I could see her rolling over and pulling her suit back
up as she called out OK thank you darling.
She was back in to normal as I sat down next to her. Mum drank the cold
can in and lay back down. I could see the beads of sweat on her face
and her blush as she noticed me looking at her.

“What are you looking at Darling?” she asked.

I smiled and said, “You look hot Mum, you’re sweating, do you want another
can or Maybe a dip in the water?”

For some reason she looked at my crotch and saw my
I also turned red and told her I was sorry and that lately this
happened a lot around girls.
OK, I lied but I didn’t want her knowing my fantasy. She smiled and pinbahis
in her motherly understanding way.
She took me by the hand and led me into the cold water of the
river. As we walked to the small bank over the rivers edge.
Mum was looking at me and telling me how handsome I was. I must of blushed
again because she got a kind of embarrassed look on her
face as well, almost a blush I thought.

I watched as she jumped in, coming up on her back in
about six feet of water. Her magnificent breasts
pushing against her suit, her nipples so very big. She
was looking me in the eyes and smiling, then I saw her gaze
go to my crotch again.
I wasn’t sure but was she looking at me or what? Then I jumped in and came up
next to her. I was standing on the bottom and I reached
out and began to tease her in a fashion that was normal
for our play in the water. But Mum kept pushing away.

Finally I grabbed her as I would when I was about to
toss her back. As I did her legs wrapped around me and
she held me tight. As we bobbed up and down in the
water I could feel her crotch sliding against my cock.
Her pussy was touching to my cock.
My hands went from her back to her arse as I pulled her tighter,
and then mum kissed me.
Slowly I let one hand go from her arse to her breasts and I started
to caress one.

Mum again was breathing heavier again as she was when she was on the
blanket playing with herself.
Her hands wrapped around my neck, giving me full access to her.
As I ran my fingers oover her flesh, feeling her breasts and nipples I
lowered my face to her neck and kissed her. My tongue
traveled up and down her neck and over her breasts as I
eased down the elastic on the suit. As I was doing
this, Mum took one hand and turned my face to hers and
she kissed me.

I could see Her eyes were clenched so tight. I pulled
my shorts down enough to free my cock under the water
and guided it to her between her legs and softly rubbed the
head against mums pussy over her bathing suit.
She put her head into my chest and gasped as I poked her slit through the
material. With my fingers I began to ease the edge of
the suit to one side and began to work my hard young cock over her
hairy pussy and between her lips.

As the head of my cock slipped past her pussy lips she whispered,
“No… this is wrong… stop it Mark…”

I was shocked and afraid. I had hurt her. I knew what
we were doing was wrong Mothers and Sons were not supposed to do this,but I
knew I wanted her.
Mum whispered in my ear, “I am so sorry Mark…”
As she pulled away from me I saw her tears and as she kissed my cheek
I could taste the tears on my lips. Quickly she gathered herself and swam back to
the shore and ran to the house.

Later that night I watched her as she walked around in her nighty.
Instead of the short silky one, tonight she had on a longer, heavier one. It went down
past her knees. The nighty did not allow the light to
pass through it as the short one did.

No longer could I watch her sweet thighs as she sat on
the sofa so close to me, her nighty hiked up and an
occasional glimpse of her knickers when she parted her legs as she got up.
Sometimes as she bent over her breasts would reveal themselves inside her nighty.
They would hang there like ripe melons waiting to be caressed and devoured.

My world came to a crashing halt as Mum withdrew.
Everything, she gave me the impression that I was no longer loved.
The intimacy was over. It took me weeks to realize that I was no longer
her little boy after she had seen my hard cock straining in my pants that afternoon.
I was no longer the sweet innocent boy where she could walk around in front of me
in her skimpy sexy clothes anymore.
All that changed after my cock had slipped into her hairy pussy.

I was now a man in her eyes and she had to be careful when I was around.
This new Mum stayed with me for about a few months.
I was 14 and while I knew she loved me, gone were the hugs and kisses
that Mums give their sons.
The nights together on the sofa watching movies and swims in the rivers were over.

At times I knew she would watch me, I would catch her
looking as I went across the yard doing my chores.
During the summer months I would wear only my cut off jeans.
I knew she looked at me.

There were times when I watched Mum as well. Which was
all the time. One night I heard her in the shower and
saw that the light was brighter then usual. I peeked
around the corner of my door and saw the bathroom door
open enough for me to look in. I saw Mum step out of
the shower with a towel wrapped around her and she then
started to dry herself.

As I watched her I saw her drying her hairy pussy. Her hand lingered
there for awhile and then with just a finger I watched her slide it
through her hairy bush,and over her clit.
I was hard again and there was Mum licking her lips and gasping softly
in the quietness of the night.

This went on for about a month, although not every
night did she toy with her pussy, me quietly watching
and her leaving the door open. One night she must have
heard me and came into my room just as I managed to get pinbahis güvenilir mi
under the covers. She called out my name softly and
asked, “Are you awake Mark?”

I just laid there with my tent pole under the covers to
nervous to say anything. Mum softly closed the door.

Another time I stayed late at the river, it was dark as
I stumbled and tripped up the trail from the river to the house.
As I came to the house I saw the bathroom light come on.
There was Mum getting ready for her bath. So quietly I climbed up
the tree across from the window and looked in.
There in the water was Mom, naked and rubbing the soap all over her body.
At times she would stop at her breasts, pinching her nipples and
massaging her breasts. I was really getting an education as to what Mum liked.

I stayed until she finished and had dried off. I saw her walk down the hall
to my room with the towel wrapped around her.
She looked into my room and entered it. I thought she was checking on me.
To my amazement, as she left, the towel was off and her hand was down
near her hairy bush.
I saw her slip a robe on so I dropped down from the tree and started
back to the front door and was opening it as she came to the door.

“Oh, there you are Mark, I thought you were in bed.”

“No Mum, I was down at the river having a late swim, It’s to hot, I
couldn’t sleep.” She was so close, I could smell her bath oils on her skin.

“Make sure you shower before you go to bed Darling,”
she told me.

“Okay Mum.” Like her, I left the door open a bit and I
hoped she would be watching.
But her room was not in a direct line to look in like mine was. Still sometimes
as the water splashed on my head I though I would hear
something close in the hallway.

It was during the middle of the summer that I moved into Mums bedroom.
I had been busting my arse working on the stables.
High winds had damaged the building and I had spent some long
hours working on repairs. It was so hot.
Mum had been helping as much as she could. She was out there in her tank top
and shorts on this hot day.

I almost fell off the ladder twice looking at her. She has been working hard
like me and all of the dirt that was sticking to her body.
We finished the work and was done with it.
That night I took an extra long shower knowing it was going to be a hot night.

Mum’s room had a lovely breeze blowing through the window, about the only one
in the house.
I had not slept in her room since I went from lovable boy to a young man.
So I was totally shocked when she told me to sleep in her room that night.
I hesitated but she said after a day like today and this is the only bedroom
with this nice cool summer breeze blowing through it would do me good.

I watched her as she got ready for bed. She gathered up
her long nighty from behind the door and went to the
bathroom to change. When she came back she finished
combing her lovely dark hair as she sat on the bed.
The gown was not to loose and as best as I could tell she had
nothing on under it.

She smiled at me as she turned on the TV and turned out
the lights. She gave me a peck on the cheek as she said
good night and rolled over.
I could hear her breathing become steady and regular.
I wondered if she had noticed my raging hard on as she kissed me good night.
I couldn’t stand it,

I had to have her. She smelled so good as she lay there in bed with me.

Slowly I lifted my hips and removed my pajamas. Then
even slower I rolled over and wrapped my arm around
her, my hand fell on her breasts and I gave them a
My face was in her hair and it was so soft and fragrant. My hard cock
was poking her in the leg but I didn’t care.
I moved my hand down over her waist and
onto her hips and I felt her knickers underneath.

Again, as slowly as possible I began to raise her gown.
Over her knees it came, up and onto her thighs and
finally one side was up over her hip.
I could see her knickers in the soft glow of the TV. I took my cock and
slipped it under the edge of the knickers, I had my cock
just touching her pussy lips and I was so excited I almost orgasmed.
I managed to control that urge and slid my hand under
the panties and began to slide them down

To my shock she rolled over. I froze. Her breathing
went back to normal and to my glee I was now able to
lift her gown up around her breasts and take her knickers off.
I eased the sheet down off of her and there was the gold at the end of
the rainbow.
A lovely dark triangle that to my surprise was so thick. I lowered my head
and breathed in. It was so sweet and musky in the same breath.

I managed to slip a hand between her thighs and I began
to spread them. Enough to slip a finger into mum’s pussy lips!,
gathering up her juice and then back out to taste it.
Watching her there as she slept.
The view of her parted legs and her almost naked body.
Softly I rolled over and kneeled between her open legs.

I supported myself on one hand and with the other hand
I guided my cock to her open slit and began to penetrate her.
At first she moaned, as it pushed in past her lips she moaned
again and moved pinbahis giriş her legs more apart. As I was almost half way in
she whispered out Dads name!,
and when my cock was buried in her, her arms wrapped around my neck.

I knew she was awake now, her hands were stroking the
hair on my head, she was kissing my neck and her legs
were wrapped tightly behind my back. In the light of
the TV I could see a tear running down her cheek.
She was shaking her head no,
whispering, “No, please don’t do this Mark.”

For some unknown reason, I for once did not care
about Mum’s feelings and I began to slide in and out of
her moist pussy.
Each time I thrust my cock in and buried it to my balls I would her
Mum let out a gasp.

As I fucked her hairy pussy I whispered in her ear,
“I want you Mum, being this close to you,
I know you want me Mum, I know you haven’t
had a man since Dad left.”

“Oohh God Mark.” Her nails dug deep into my back
as she screamed out in pleasure. I could feel her hips thrusting
back against me.
I cried out, “Oh Mum yes! Fuck me! Let me fuck you!”

Ahhh, ah, ah,” Mum was almost grunting

The harder I fucked her the wetter she became until I
was really pounding into her and listening to her
muffled screams into my chest.

I lifted up on my hands and watched her, her eyes were closed.
I watched her hairy mound as my cock slid in and out, my cock glistening with her
wet pussy juices.

“You are so hot Mum!” I said. “Look at your big nipples, do you know
how long I have wanted to suck on these?”

My lips found her breasts and her cherry like nipples.
She was very close to her orgasm, as I was to mine, the tension and shaking,

Mum was doing it right now and as she screamed out into
the night the name she was calling out was mine.

“Oh Mark. Yes Fuck me harder darling! Oh god
yes Mark!”

I was so excited. As I thrust away at her. I could feel the juices
squirting out of her pussy and over my thighs.

My balls were drenched and all Mum could say was,
“Oh god darling, fuck me Mark! Fuck me and make mummy cum. I want to
feel you shot your cum in me. Do it now Mark! Cum in
me darling, NOW, NOW NOW!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I came down on her,
kissing her and fucking her faster and faster until my
orgasm happened.
I could feel the juices shooting into her, I could feel her
twitch each time I squirted more into her.

Until finally we were done, or so I thought.
Mum rolled me onto her back and her kisses turned to licks
as she traveled to my chest and nipples. Over my
stomach to my still hard cock and taking me in her mouth
where she sucked every last drop until there was no more.
I jumped and rolled every time her tongue touched my young cockhead,
I never knew it was so sensitive after an orgasm.

She came back up and laid there in my arms afterwards.
I was waiting for the lecture but it never came.
She just laid there until she fell asleep on my chest. The
next morning I woke up early to find Mum still sleeping
with a smile on her face. That made me happy.

I got in the shower and was soaping up when I heard the
door open to the bathroom. Again, thinking that Mum had
had time to think and was mad,
I awaited for the conversation that I thought was about to happen. What
did happen was that the shower curtain opened and Mum
stepped in next to me.

“I was wondering what happened to you darling,” she said
with a big smile.

“Your not mad at me mum?” I asked.

She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight.
“No, not at all Mark darling.
We both have been fighting this for to long now.”

“A lot of people would not like what we have done Mark,
and if we are to continue to do this we can’t tell anyone.

I can’t fight this anymore.”

She reached for the soap and a wash cloth and began to
wash me down. I was quite taken aback by her boldness
and ran my fingers across her cheek and told her I
loved her. As she began to wash my legs she sank down
and kneeled in front of me. As the soap was rinsed from
my hard young cock and balls she took me in her mouth as she did
the night before and began to suck.

Every time, as my cock head was about to slip from her
lips her tongue would flicker over the head of my cock.
I had to hold the walls to keep from buckling.
Then she would push back in.

Finally I shot my juices into mum’s mouth and watched as
she swallowed the juices and then came up and held me
close. She reached up to my face and kissed me. A deep, long kiss.
I could taste my juices in her mouth, like she had saved some for me.

The thought and the sensation really started me going
again but she turned off the water and grabbed the
towel and began to dry me off.

That morning, after breakfast we drove into town and
went into one of the large stores there.
Mum asked me to go and pick out two pillows while she went to look
for some new sheets for the bedroom. I asked why
and Mum said that lilacs and Lilly’s were designs for
single women, not what a couple would sleep in.
I gave her a confused look and she said that I would be
sleeping in her room from then on.
I didn’t argue at all.

We were lovers that way for the rest of the remaining
time I was at home. We never drew attention to ourselves in public.
We did have sex in public places, but were very carefull.
We went skinny dipping and laid on the blanket in the tall grass
many times and had some very hot sex there..

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