Step Sibling Encounters: Autumn leaves


Step Sibling Encounters: Autumn leaves
Why Teens don’t rake up autumn leaves

Step parents Delia and Ted; like any adults maintaining a home and trying to keep its interior and backyard and lawns presentable and tidy: insisted that the young college offspring under their roof occasionally pulled their weight with the basics and took their turn at raking up the goddamn endless autumn leaves from the screen of silver birch trees at the back of the property. All that remained of the original garden on the rebuilt block.

Seriously not too much to ask. Rake the frickin leaves once; please. You know the basics, hold a rake and use some effort and toss and pile the fuckers into a massive heap behind the shed. Then done. Well it seemed too much to ask of both J’Arnie and Hamish.

The blonde basketball star was well intentioned as per usual. Hamish had the big broad leaf rake out of the shed and had determined on a plan of action. You know the tactic, pick a spot to pile the fuckers where they won’t blow around, look where they are thick and clump them and rake big piles together. Hamish got right into the dry crunchy spongy golden, yellow and orange spread in the left corner and started towards a secure spot, if the wind picked up…behind the garden shed. He was grunting harder than he did in sex…he wanted this finished before he started. He had promised his dad, this was one job he would see through.

It was one of those Indian summer days however. Hamish was bare chested and looking buff. It was hot and the wind was picking up and swirling a bit. Hamish was fucking sweating like the proverbial pig. Fuck he needed to cool off but he was going to finish this. For once he was happy J’Arnie was out. She was meant to help. No distractions; this was good. He had his head down and arse bent hauling a big load of leaf litter on a tarp to the massive pile already building behind the shed.

Nearly breathless he raised the edge of the tarp and heaved and shook its edge… adding to the growing lush pile. He was proud of his immediate work. He took a shorter breather and would have finished the whole yard in half an hour or so…but…he heard his step sister’s J’Arnie’s voice behind him….

“Get an eyeful of this you prick”

Hamish turned around and was confronted by the flattering, fetching, male fantasy become backyard reality…frickin J’Arnie in a white tight wet cotton t shirt. No bra on the tramp. Soaked wet t-shirt breast heaven.

It’s just so goddamn enticing especially if you are already familiar with the naked flesh creating the eye candy tease for your thickening cock. Shit the brunette’s nipples were rigid and her pinkness was highlighted by the clingy fabric and the wetness adhered to and accentuated her delicious delicate titties. It was a fondling invitation. Well it became more as J’Arnie; the slutette, flashed her türkçe bahis gorgeous curvy melons. Her nipples seemed to mime: ‘Come play with us’

And the temptress step sister added a lustre of lust as she removed her top: “Fuck it’s hot…and boy do my titties need some fresh air and a pair of helping hands”

Hamish dropped the stupid rake…the leaves could fuckin blow where they liked…he knew what was really going to get blown fuckin fast…right here…behind the shed.

Hamish had her pretty cherry nipples between his fingers. J’Arnie murmured in approval.

The blonde had her perky nipples in his gob, sucking them out and up. The brunette moaned in appreciation.

The six foot stepbrother had his hand down the front of J’Arnie’s shorts, and a finger straight into her moist shaved slit.

His step sister pleaded instantaneously for action:
“You dirty bastard…straight to the cunt…you confident son of bitch…well get your tongue down there…we don’t have all afternoon”

Our five foot five lass wriggled out of her shorts and flung her body backwards into the huge pile of crunchy pulpy cushiony leaves. She pulled her high cut black skimpy lacey undies to the side.

“Yeah look you prick and don’t you get super excited when I touch myself…get your cock out…that’s it…stroke it for me…oh fuck that feels good….bet you want to lick my clitty…mmmm….nearly as good as your tongue …get your fuckin mouth over my cunny now”

Hamish was down between her legs and his body too was shaped into the springy spongy leaf mass. But his tongue was more importantly caught in the delight and trap of her spongy wet fem-lipettes. Geez J’Arnie had an attractive pussy and she frickin knew how to share it.

The brunette step sister was enjoying the risqué, unfolding, unrestrained morally bankrupt encounter. Shit her mum Delia was chopping up salad through the kitchen window on the other side of the shed. Though if she did come out…J’Arnie in her current pleasurable state…would have encouraged her to join in…really give Hamish’s balls a blast.

J’Arnie lost that thought in total clitty pleasure. Her pink budette was delivering big time under Hamish’s swift licking. Spasms of delight building so rapidly, centred on her sex bead. The sudden involuntary burst of sexual delight overtook her whole being momentarily. Fuck she felt good. Her own s**ttered golden glow flashes of personal pleasure.

She saw the golden leaves. Orrgh fuck she thought: let him have it and she showered him with her internal golden wetness arcing straight into his unexpected face.

“Bet that’s cooling you down” she got in and she controlled her spray to chase his retreating but happy face.

J’Arnie was now in: the fuck you feel good and need a big fat dick…good. And hard dick was immediately at hand.

Rigid and long….already pointing stiff; out güvenilir bahis siteleri of Hamish’s pants.

His pecker was looking for succour. It needed immediate relief, a helping hand, a keen tongue or a tight wrapping pussy or hopefully tighter arse.

It was J’Arnie’s mouth to his prick’s rescue. Fuck she had cock ministrations crafted to perfection. A girl either knows how to set up the blow or has no idea. The brunette knew all the steps.

Starting with take control and bloody enjoy it: step brother and all.

She gave the quick succession of rapid full gob strokes over his prick’s head and half way down the shaft. Make the prick demand the full deep throat.

She paused and gave him her devastating sexy eye flutter: “You like that…you want more…well you need to beg you bastard…ask for my slutty lips to lock around your cock…you want it ball deep…plead you bastard”

“Yeah …you bitch…I want it…but you want my hot fat pecker even more…take it deep you bitch…take it where it belongs…as the back of your trampy throat”

And J’Arnie went the full shaft. Easy and happy. Wow this girl knew mutual fun in sun.

Fuck their mutual arousal was amped up. She had him squirming in pleasure as she lingered under his sensitive cock head while her hand went up and down his saliva lubricated shaft and her fingers fondled and cupped his ball sack.

She treated his rock hard cock like a gear stick…”First gear…second gear… and overdrive…like that don’t you…”

Hamish just groaned and added groans to pleasurable moans.

“You want your balls licked don’t you; you kinky bastard…like this”

J’Arnie sucked his ball sack. Hamish thought he was going to blow it there and then.

“Oh you dirty prick…you secretly want your arsehole licked don’t you”

The brunette rimmed his sensitive back passage crack. Hamish was convinced that was the spurt trigger…but the bitch eased off…

“Not yet you prick…you are going to cum like a frickin fountain today…are you ready…”

Hamish was over ready but she left off the final big cock tease…

“Oh think i’m doing all the work and you get all the pleasure….noway…jam that hardness in my arse-hole now”

The tart had spun while speaking, slipped her virtually non-existent skimpy panties and was pink winking her rilled starfish straight back at his bulging meat.

J’Arnie took him an inch at a time…Hamish enjoying seeing his cock disappear in her arse.

The issue was this happened at speed. He knew she liked rough delivery like some bitches likes facial stubble over their silky pussy lips.

J’Arnie liked it in her arse like the grip of a free-climber digging his bare hands into the rock-face. No pain, no pleasure gain for this one. She liked cock catapulting inside her. Stretching her out. Pulling her pink puckered gape backwards. Basically having güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the life shagged out of her arse.

“OOOrggh….yeah”, the just reduced to guttural yelps and whimps. Full arse surrender to a demanded battering.

The more she whimpered, the frickin harder Hamish dug, burrowed and tunnelled into her corn-hole. It was nearly not possible, but it is , to use a cock as weapon of anal destruction.

God the bitch wanted it . Her usual anal cream-pie like a slushy dribbling ice-cream on an Indian summer day.

She got it. Deposited so deep, it was like it was sent back into last week.

And you can’t rake leaves while fuckin in, on and through them.

Oh man, what he did as his pecker remained near unnatural rigid in their mutual enjoyment was create a slush tube in her arse. Hamish’s dick was piston pumping her depths still. J’Arnie’s super tightness gave probably a millimetre, but the result was perversely perfect pleasure. She understood in an instance anal heaven. Hamish pumped her till he flagged and a panting brunette could no longer grind her hunched body backwards and forwards with; and off and to his cock.

The young trampette was in a rare sated moment as she lay in the leaves.

Hamish however, was not finished; he owed the btichette, big time.

He caught her completely off guard as he cleared his own pipe, with a streaming wet discharge of steamy warmth , from her face, to her tits, puddling and trickling down from her belly-button to runnel both sides of her girly lips and save some spray for her face including dribbled drops for her nose.

J’Arnie was initially shocked, and foul-mouthed the prick: “You filthy tosser, you depraved sod”…she started…then she embraced it. She was caught in a new sensation of warm, wet, streaming contact with her still hottish skin.

They rested for a couple of minutes dangerously exposed naked behind the shed. Then J’Arnie redressed and the heat had already nearly dried out her body and her t shirt and Hamish packed his satisfied pecker away.

They lay in the balmy shaded leaf litter. Two happy young beings. They could ask no more of the afternoon.

‘Fuck the raking’ thought a worn out, replete Hamish …’Maybe later’

J’Arnie grabbed him by the hand and whispered in his ear: “Let’s go skinny dip in the creek”

And they were out the back gate…playfully pushing and bumping into each other….

Mrs Rogers had a tall glass of cold lemonade and two cookies, on a tray, as she walked out of the back door and scanned the yard for hard working Hamish. Her step son who had been outside raking for more than an hour…

The rake was there … but supposedly piled up leaves were already swirling and re-s**ttering everywhere across the yard… as the wind picked up…

And Delia Rogers was left holding a chill lemonade and cookies and contemplating; ‘It’s a waste of your bloody breathe to ask teens to rake frickin autumn leaves…something else will get their attention….’

Yet she wondered what type of feral a****l had made the deep indentation in the pile that had been started…

Well if she had known the real feral pair…

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