Smelling Dirty Gym Panties


Smelling Dirty Gym Panties
About 10 years ago, my ex wife and I were dating. She had just turned 18 about a month before and came home form the gym super sweaty. Since we were dating, she still did sexy shit for me all the time, so she stripped for me. Then she playfully ran off saying she stunk and needed a shower. I of course thought she smelled amazing. As soon as she walked into the bathroom, I reached over and picked up her sweaty pink panties. They were fucking soaked. I buried my nose in the crotch and inhaled deeply. The smell of her BARELY 18 year old pussy sweat filled my nostrils. It was pungent. It smelled like sweat, pee, and pussy juice. I smelled the ass of her panties and the strong smell of her sweaty asshole made my cock rock hard. It was the same smell I enjoyed as I fucked her doggystyle all the time. The scent that rose up from her crack was exquisite. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it.

Then she walked out. She forgot a towel.

“What are you doing?….” she asked.

“Um… smelling your panties.” I said.

“Why? They fucking stink.” She replied, obviously disgusted.

“I mean… I’m a dude. I like the smell of pussy” I said.

“I understand you like the smell of pussy, but I just wore those to the gym and they’re gross.” She said, still grossed out.

“I like the smell of your sweat. It turns me on. When kaçak iddaa we fuck really hard and you’re all sweaty and glistening, I think you smell amazing. There’s pheromones in your sweat.” I said, trying to sound smart.

“Ummm…. I guess, but I’m still grossed out.” She said, and went back to the bathroom.

I sat there, cock in my hand feeling ashamed.

Then she came back out and said “You really like it? So what parts of me do you think smell good sweaty? Is it just my pussy?” She asked.

“No, it’s all of you. But other parts just smell stronger. Like your pussy” I said

“What else?” She said with a confused look on her face.

“Your feet… your armpits… your ass…” I trailed off.

“MY ASS? You want to smell my ass?” She nearly screamed.

“It doesn’t even smell bad!” I replied.

“My fucking ass?” And with that she reached behind her and stuck her hand in her ass crack. Then she stuck her fingers to her nose and inhaled. “Gross!!” She yelled.

She stuck her fingers in my face and said “You like this?”

“Uhhh…yeah?” I said, not knowing if I was about to get dumped.

She let out along exhale “Ok, we all have weird things about us and I guess I’m glad you like the smell of me no matter what. But I still think it’s gross… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but would you like a lapdance before I shower?”

“Uh…yeah…fuck yeah!” I said, perabet güvenilir mi growing a little confidence.

She told me to take my pants off. She straddled my lap and began rubbing her smooth snatch across my cock. She leaned forward and I licked her nipples. They were salty with sweat. Then she turned around and shook her ass for me. I could smell it. It was heaven. Then she did something amazing. She bent over. I could see her dark asshole in between her cheeks. As she danced for me, I pushed her to bend over more. The smell got stronger as I was able to see the folds of skin of her asshole. I could also smell her stinky pussy scent waftin gup from beneath her ass. I tested the waters. I kissed her ass cheek. Then I kissed closer. I started at the top of her crack and inhaled her glorious smells. The I went for it. I pressed my nose to her asshole and inhaled. She flinched a little, but I felt her grasp my cock and start to stroke. She said I should lay down. I did. The she straddled my face in a 69 position, but moved a few inches down until her asshole was on my nose. I felt her soft lips wrap around my cock and the warm wetness of the inside of her mouth. Her tongue pressed against the top of my dick inside of her mouth. I inhaled deeply as she pleasured me. I kept smelling her ass. It was perabet giriş all too intense. “I’m about to cum.” I gasped. I could feel her suck harder as my cock spasmed and shot the first part of the load deep into her mouth. She squeezed my balls as I kept shooting my hot load onto her tongue. I was pinching her nipples hard now. I finished cumming and heard a loud gulp as she swallowed it all. She sucked out the last bit and squeezed the rest out with her hand. She licked it off the tip of my dick as I laid there breathing hard into her ass crack.

“Now I’m horny… do you want to lick my pussy?” She asked.

“Fuck…yess…” I gasped.

She turned around and put her stinky pussy to my face. I stuck my tongue against it and tasted her workout. It was salty and smelly. But smelly in the best way. I licked it and the taste of sweat, piss, and just pussy funk was really strong. But it got less smelly as I licked her clean. I licked and she started rocking her hips, fucking my tongue. She started moaning. She rocked faster and faster until she started shaking and jerking with a strong orgasm. She stopped moving breathlessly when it was over.

“Fuck…” She said with a sigh.

She got up without a word and slowly made her way to the bathroom. We didn’t talk about it again that day, but the next time she went to the gym, she came home and let me smell her ass. After that, she let me smell her sweaty ass and pussy most of the time after she went to the gym. She liked it because it usually ended with her getting licked and fucked. I liked it because I got to smell sweaty ass and pussy, duh.

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