SHE STILL LOVES THE TASTEMy wife Sarah due to poor health hasn,t fucked with me for sixteen years. It makes it tough as I still have sexual desires, the main reason I come on Hamster and surf the photos and videos And Of Course read the stories posted. The other morning I was in the middle of a self masturbation session viewing a hot video of a young blonde female gagging on heavy semen from a stiff cock and almost to the point of climax when suddenly a familiar voice intrrrupted mynthoughts and enjoyment: “What are you doing Joe?” “Jerking my cock off! Have you forgotten it needs relieving from time to time then?” “No I haven,t. But you usually do it when I,m not around?” “Normally you,re still asleep at 10 am too!” I replied. “I couldn,t sleep any longer. Look would you like some help there?” güvenilir bahis She looked interested in my stiff old cock which after using a pump on is about two inches longer and thicker than she was used to seeing. “Maybe it,s because we,ve not fucked for so long, but your cock looks yo have grown.” She observed. “I don,t think so. Probably just Seems to be bigger.” I lied. “Well just let me feel it then? She sat down next to me on the settee and touched my cock for the first time in years. “Oh Joe. I know your cock very well and it Has grown about two inches.” She sighed. “It feels real good.” “It should. I paid good money for a penis pump and surprisingly after a few months it worked!” “Well before I,d have said don,t waste your money, but obviously this one worked. Shall I see if perabet I can still suck it?” “Sure. Be my guest!” So for the first time in a long time she took me in her mouth, easily managing my extra two inches. Soon her head was bobbing up and down, her cheeks sunken as she gradually sucked faster and harder. Sarah Always swallows cum when she has a prick in her mouth, even when it doesn,t belong to me as she,s always found it a great turn on. As it was the novelty of her sucking my cock responded by filling her with my tastey cock cream which she eagerly gulped down taking her time enjoying the feel and taste. “You Still taste nice, a bit salty, but fresh and creamy. Do you feel like eating my worn out old pussy now?” “If you like why not?” I hadn,t tasted or smelled her hairy box perabet giriş for so long I,d nearly forgotten what it was like, but like riding a bike I was soon back in the rhythm using my tongue lips and fingers to bring her pleasures she hadn,t experienced for so long. Sadly no longer did she juice up like when we were younger, but some juices did pour forth and it took a little longer for her to climax, but when she did it was a louder more passionate one than I remembered and this time she even thanked me for making a seventy one year old woman feel twenty one again.” “Think your seventy one year old cunt can handle my seventy four year old nine inches Old Girl?” I teased. “Put some lubrication gel on first and we can see. I,ll let you know if it,s too dry.” She replied hopefully. Fortunately the gel Did help, but had to,use more before the end of our fuck. It Wasn,t the greatest fuck we,ve had, but we both climaxed and though we haven,t done it again for a few weeks I,m sure we,ll try again when we,re both up for it.

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